A Hard Fall Is Coming


June 18, 2019: It appears that the first indication of the “hard fall” foretold below* has occurred. The first major crack in the armor of unconditional, and unquestioning, support for Trump comes from Michael Savage:


Original article, June 15, 2019

Playing with puzzles is no substitute for real thinking

I recently came upon this excerpt of a quote on Twitter:

“…people following Q are like seniors doing Sudoku or crosswords — their brains are getting daily exercise — hence they are (literally) getting smarter”

In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. For people who never learned how to really think and to correlate self-responsibility to every thought, feeling and action, it might seem that pondering cryptic messages, which posit Donald Trump as the center of the world and his every utterance as profound, patriotic and predestined from on high, is a productive use of one’s time that will yield answers to life’s most important questions.

But as much as doing things like crosswords, Sudoku, etc., can sharpen certain skills, they are not in themselves going to produce in-depth improvements in logic, critical thinking, etc.

The Suicides

A friend told me that the recent spate of (possibly questionable) suicides of prominent people, supposedly numbering over 20, were specifically foretold by Q/Qanon (whoever or whatever that actually is). They believed that not only were all of the suicides attributable to the “Deep State” but that Q had some kind of “inside information”, hence was able to forecast these events well in advance.

Even though they couldn’t substantiate their beliefs, they felt that they were somehow…participating in a cohesive, unique, revolutionary movement. While there’s no shortage of conspiratorial conjecture from online pundits and theorists, so far as I can tell there is nothing evolutionary, no consciousness-related content but only a “movement” that effectively…stops moving when you close your computer.

The idea that somehow Q had foreknowledge of almost two dozen suspicious deaths raised some concerns with me. I pondered what the reaction of bona fide law enforcement officials would be to learning that someone  was in possession of, and publishing, such information. Wouldn’t they be just a little curious and want to interview or interrogate such a person? That would seem to be pretty standard operating procedure to me.

The other question it raised for me was…why didn’t Q, the party supposedly knowledgeable in advance about what were presumably murders, forewarn the intended victims? Really! This apparently hasn’t occurred to any of the devotees of what is, in my opinion, a rather suspect source.

When I was asked why I wasn’t as interested in, or excited about, the Q material as Billy Meier’s prophetic information, I pointed out that the purpose of Meier’s prophetic information, much of which originated decades or even centuries ago, was to forewarn people, and direct them to the right way of thinking, so they could become proactive in changing the negative outcomes, not amuse themselves with puzzles.

While I don’t know many people involved with Q, those that I do know seem incapable of grasping the reality of the Meier material and its rigorous requirement of complete self-responsibility, self-honesty and unvarnished realism. I doubt that there are groups of people around the world meeting in person to discuss – and learn to act upon – the Q information, as there are many groups so doing with the spiritual teaching.

Many people have been reduced to entertainment-addicted, unthinking dabblers who vastly overestimate their own intelligence, capabilities and significance. They’d rather get caught up in the premise that there’s some benevolent cyber savior out there who’s going to help get rid of all the “bad people”, while they sit around and interpret cryptic messages from an anonymous source.  While they may think they’re involved in something, they’re really spectators in what amounts to a digital soap opera. And this brings us to…

*A Hard Fall Is Coming

The disasters Trump continues to bring about are not yet obvious to his supporters

The blundering of the Democrats to remove Trump by bogus means allowed and/or increased support for him among some conservatives and members of what’s referred to as the alt-right.

Rather than opposing him and his policies legitimately, including by focusing on attracting a credible challenger for the 2020 election, all efforts were made to effectively override the will of the people, those who elected him.

Having bought into the rhetoric and the illusions about “making America great again”, hardcore Trump enthusiasts don’t care to contemplate and consider the real facts about the deteriorating economy, or the inane and insane tariffs and sanctions, all being used to attempt to further bludgeon other countries into submission who dare to oppose and defy the push for global American hegemony.

While they cheer on Trump’s rhetoric about closing the borders, they also excuse his inability to do so. The suicidal machinations of the radical Democrats, leftists, etc., instead proceed and the country is flooded with illegals, many of whom are possible carriers of diseases, and/or criminals, terrorists, etc.

All of these factors contribute to the polarization of the opposing partisan forces, not a person among them who demonstrates reason, rationality, the capacity to think…or to prioritize principles above power, profit and personalities, etc.


As Meier told me during our recent conversation in Switzerland, there is nothing that he nor I (or anyone else) can do now to change the coming events. These include the destruction of America, which he said would really be due primarily to America destroying…itself.

Nonetheless, and as also long suspected by many people who’ve studied the information, prophecies, predictions and spiritual teaching, we must persevere and continue to develop our own consciousness.

And so, the great and painful irony that may be recorded in the brief history of the United States of America is that, despite having no natural highly armed enemies to either our north or south, and separated by oceans to our east and west from any potential well-armed aggressors, this country embarked on a painful and futile push for global domination, squandering untold trillions of dollars in its greedy, power hungry pursuit, while the health and well-being of its citizens deteriorated and the vengeful descendants of many of the victims of American imperialism were among those finding their way into the country as sleepers and terrorists dedicated to destroying it as well.

So, it is for the…survivors of what is to unfold over the coming months, years and decades that those who have the wisdom and the will, study, apply and preserve the spiritual teaching, being of good cheer and embodying peace, love, freedom and harmony in all of our actions and interactions.

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30 Replies to “A Hard Fall Is Coming”

  1. Hi Terry, so sorry to hear your situation. It’s going to be tuff in life regardless of good or bad if your living alone and have nobody to help. Independency is good and healthy but we always need help from others, as truly nobody is 100% independent. You should try and build a study group and get together every so often, and at the same time build valuable relationships with the group members, a real friend will always help you regardless of the situation. Hope you get by in general not just when America falls. Take care, Salome

  2. Happy Father’s Day to Billy Meier, Michael Horn, and all Fathers out there! I want to share a Youtube video that I find interesting. The channel is Sadhguru, video “Parallel Universes Exist. Here’s How They Affect You – Sadhguru | Occult & Mysticism Ep5. Saalome!

    1. Hi Belinda,
      I have seen a few videos of Sadhguru and some of it reminds of what Billy has talked about. However, there are some videos where he talks about gods (e.g., Shiva, etc.) which does not make any sense. I stopped watching his videos because I can get the whole truth from Billy’s books that listening to him. Thanks

      1. Hi Jessy,
        Thank you for your response! I have enjoyed Sadhguru’s videos up until the one I mentioned. He claims that there have been 84 Big Bangs, and that when the 112th one comes, then all will BE in BEING. I am familiar with a lot of Billy Meier’s contact notes, but I don’t know if he talked about that. Semjase discussed with him the structure of Creation. If there is a contact note about how many Big Bangs happened, then please let me know. Thank You and Take Care!

  3. Happy Fathers Day to everyone. Here is an issue that I just thought of. You mentioned +the Q or Quinon which is also the Deep State. I think the Q,Quinon,Deep State is a very very sinister dark force which is a very very predatory entity like the Gizas that prey on innocent backwars worlds such as Earth for the sake of wars, religions, politics, money, corporations, militarizes, crime, diseases, etc,etc,etc. These so-called sinister preditlory entities prey on primited backwards unsuspecting worldslike Earth for the sake of wars, crime, poverty, diseases,etc likr the Giza Intelligence with this guy who attacked Asket years ago but no longer exist Iforgot that guys name. My point is this This Deep State or Quinon want nothing more than to wring dead any world that wants anything to do with peace etc for the sake iof wars and killing anything they can get and find so they can take over Planet Earth and elswhere say above Earth, the moon, Mars,etc an distroy anyone and anything that gets in their way and their path just like the Giza Jerks! I wonder if this is what is dividing the US into two wars and WW4 and even WW5 and beyond like the Borg of the StarTrek Universe? I may be wrong but this is just my guess? This is something to think about.

  4. If we are moral and ethical of which I am this should be our moral and ethical responsibility to educate the people of Earth about just who the REAL GOOD ETs are who have for thousands of years have tried to bring us the gift of the spiritual teachings and the knowledge that will help us to realize who we really are. Yes these GOOD ETs are out there but these GOOD Ets are forbidden to just travel anywhere in these big vast universes due to the fact that there are also primitive savage bad ETs too! We need to learn to grow up like the GOOD ETs Plejarens who are our forfathers and formothers tio learn the lesons they learned from civilization very far in advanced morally,ethically,spiritually, and so on otherwise we wil end up with the REAL FALL of these horrible predictions NOW! Earth is STILL a very young childlike world who just can`t get itself out of the diaper stage of evolution chasing its own stupid shadow! As I’ve said and I`ll say it again “Its time for the Earth people to GROW UP!”

  5. If only we could solve the puzzle of overpopulation. As to the celebrity suicides, that is more a factor of not knowing the truth as can be gleaned from reading the spiritual teaching which is in just about every book by Billy Meier, well, at least the ones I’ve read anyway. Folks are swayed and influenced by media to be Jason Bourne or before that James Bond and think it’s cool to kill just about everyone for money or Queen and Country… when indeed we should help each other and also pay attention to others using who may meerly be using us for our talents or financial saavy and not fall prey to this false dream our dear friend in Schmidrüti warns us about and instead trust the truth more that what you think it might be by reading. Many have no leader anymore because they don’t know who to follow, the media is not laser focused as it once was and folks don’t trust the religions and governments who falsely represent them. I can tell you: follow the spiritual teaching available in the books that Michael offers and you will walk peacefully through the coming times in harmony and love by knowing the reason for life and the true nature of human’s BEING. It is a wonderful source of information that even the most voraciaous reader will find unexaustable. These books will be worth a house each in value and Billy and Michael will not be around forever to provide them for you. My advice is for you to get one of these packages (I like #1) and prepare yourself to evolve in consciousness to deal with this coming catastrophe, which BTW will not happen the same as with those well versed in the spiritual teaching, they are prepared and calmly watch in knowing. I do not make a penny from these books but from the information my personal freedom and understanding of how to live and understand human nature and the folly of The Materialists are not in my consciousness other than to inform you: this is what is going to be the rageing sea of confusion that the materialists and the telephone/ computer and media zombies will suffer. We have to hold on to their outstretched hands and pull them from the sea of confusion to our spirtual house (Psyche AND Gemüte) built on and surrounded by rock unfettered by the crashing angry sea. Many will suffer due to this inability to recognize the truth. Read and find out the truth, any of the above books will tell you, guide you give you freedom of thought and abilty to resist the impulse and compulsion stired up by those looking for a means to an end or advantage for themselves. Many do not know who to listen to although reading these books containing information by folks who have not had a war for almost fifty thousand years and have a plan we can impliment or not… (I.E. Overpopulation) to correct the problems that have been going on for thousands of years and are now coming unfortunately, to fruition. The evolution of consciousness is indeed the purpose of life, and each life we gain more but if you follow tin gods and the prophets of doom you will have a very hard time in the coming years. We still have hope and we still have a choice to fix what the materialists have so badly messed up. Learn how, buy these books that Michael offers and you will find yourself with a freedom of thought using advanced awarness!


  6. Will the forthcoming destructive consequences from overpopulation give humanity the lessons to finally pass birth-stop legislation?

    Everyone on Earth suffers from a false sense of security (and cannot not see the danger that will come) save the FIGU community, and perhaps some of the powers-that-be and some in the sciences realize the forthcoming danger that will come, but the latter two DO NOT warn the people. The people will wake up from their slumber whether they like it or not in perhaps as soon as 10-20 years, and the people will be furious they were not forewarned.

    There will be massive uprisings if the powers-that-be and the sciences do not warn the people pre-emptively. Use television in every country. Tell the truth.

    As for the fall of the United States, we did it to ourselves because I have been warning to form the Trilateral government with Russia and China for years with multi-generational peace accords. It could have been gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit, or at least the start of it, as other nations could have joined in 40-100 years.

    I’m not going to say it’s too late, but now perhaps the United States will collapse worse than the Soviet Union collapsed and fell, and there will perhaps be destruction that could be the end of my people.

    Save my government and my people, turn over a new leaf and immediately form the Trilateral government. Perhaps the US government will still collapse, or be forced to collapse somewhat, but perhaps we can still save the people, or at least some of them, which is what a country should really be about.

    Averting destruction should be everyone’s task.

    Perhaps in two centuries there will be better centuries,

    Corey Müske (Mueske) USA

  7. Here is a very serious ominous article from counterpunch.org for Wednesday June 19th, 2019 by John W. Whitehead “`The Omnipresent Surveillance State”

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