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Friday, September 17, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

US Navy Releases New UFO Information!

Dabblers and hobbyists delight in being misled and feeling self-important 
Recent US Navy reports pertaining to UFOs, as discussed by disinformation spreading intelligence operative Luis Elizondoare among the latest offerings designed to further seduce gullible people into worrying about “a potential threat” from “aliens”, etc.
For those who don’t know, Elizondo is one of the spooks associated with the fraudulent, disinformation spreading TTSA, which also convinced a dope named Tom DeLonge into believing that he’d been made privy to some exclusive, inside information about UFOs and recruited him to front for the latest cynical effort to mislead the public, especially young people, etc.
I briefly spoke about this sudden rush to “openness” by the Navy at the Contact In The Desert event. I also featured information about the origins of the UFO cover-Up:
The CITD event had many of the usual liars, phonies, profiteers and charlatans, aka “UFO experts”, who I also referred to by name, while I pointed out that none of them had a single piece of evidence that had been authenticated as being of extraterrestrial origin or manufacture.
It doesn’t matter for the most part because the entire field of UFOlogy is completely without any scientific standards, etc., which has allowed it to become a safe haven not only for the numerous frauds and hucksters peddling their nonsense but also for dabblers and hobbyists who delight in being misled, feeling self-important and leading the very costly escape from reality.
Nonetheless, I remain optimistic that I’ll come across some people, seriously interested in knowing the truth about the topic, who also possess logic, reason and self-honesty.
I recently came upon this blog containing information about, what else, a UFO sighting, this one from…1973. As you’ll see, I posted several comments there, including this one, which (as of this writing) hasn’t been approved:
I opened my comments here with:

‘I do hope that some vigorous discussion about the Meier contacts, and their singular authenticity, will proceed here.’
So far I’m disappointed in the lack of responses, i.e. the lack of specific challenges, questions, follow-ups, etc.. and…scientific curiosity.
Unfortunately, it confirms for me that this topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials has been badly…trivialized, with people, who have ZERO actual qualifications to do so, making all sorts of irrelevant comments. I can’t simply blame the many people who do this, they’ve been misled and encouraged to treat the topic like some form of entertainment, distraction, etc.
The huge irony is that the truth about actual contact with an extraterrestrial race by a man on earth is really the most important true story, development, etc., in all of human history. And it’s been ‘handed over’ to legions of online dabblers and hobbyists, who have no regard for the truth but only for getting some feeling of…self-importance, and phony ‘UFO experts’ seeking profit.
The actual cost – to HUMANKIND – of this deception, marginalization and disinformation is immense. It will, in due time, become apparent to people, as the impeccable accuracy of the prophetic warnings and the inescapable consequences to the people and living creatures on earth take their unrelenting toll.”
Reveling in Irresponsibility
In a number of ways, the “UFO crowd” isn’t much different from those who follow Qanon. They both eschew real self-responsibility for illusory, misleading and dubious information/evidence…and revel in doing so.
The dabbler at TTD freely admits that he reports on “hundreds of genres, UFO’s just being one of them”, hence they are really unqualified – by their own choice – to do anything more than react to my presentation of facts as an attempt at “indoctrination”.
Among the many things TTD  reports on is Morgellons and, consistent with the idiotic  trend among Q “anons”, everything’s due to the conspiratorial machinations of the evil elite, Deep State, etc. – even when more reasonable explanations from trustworthy sources can be found with just a little searching…in the right places.
Why Bother?
I’ve already done plenty of grousing about people caught up in the pointless pursuit of UFOlogy. And as I’ve said to numerous people who get all excited about the latest event, or conspiracy, many of us have “read the script, seen the movie and know how it ends”. This is taken to be a glib, know-it-all attitude and…maybe it is.
Or maybe instead of it being know-it-all, it’s just know-enough on the part of the slowly growing number of people who do know enough to prioritize finding the truth over being entertained, distracted, depressed and dumbed down. Finding the truth doesn’t automatically make one immune to the ongoing onslaught of negativity. But it opens up whole new worlds of possibilities in self-awareness, in consciousness, creativity, self-responsibility and resourcefulness.
Finding the truth makes one  hungry for…more truth and ignites a desire to find other like-minded people, other spiritual teaching people with whom to study, discuss and implement the teaching. It helps to very much change one’s perspective from being some kind of “victim” of events, dependent on outside “saviors” to rescue them, to being the hero in one’s own life.
The Workshop
In addition to a packed room presentation on the Meier contacts at CITD, I also did a modified version of the Consciousness Awareness Workshop, tailored to the concerns of the participants at the workshop.
I’d very much like to be busily occupied doing these workshops for interested groups everywhere and it was Billy Meier’s request, years ago, that I do just that at every opportunity. In the meantime, a very inexpensive and convenient way to engage in the process of self-discovery is to utilize the DVD, or the downloadable version of the workshop.
It’s a good way to whet your appetite for the extensive, in-depth spiritual teaching in Meier’s books, like The Might of the Thoughts, The Way to Live, The Psyche, The Goblet of the Truth, The Decalog, etc.
So, if you read this blog because of the headline about the US Navy and UFOs, or any other reason, and grasped the essential message about self-responsibility and the spiritual teaching, etc., you now know the real truth, the actual reason for the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts…which is to help us assure our very own threatened future survival.
And that threat doesn’t come from any “aliens” but from our own ignorance of the immutable law of cause and effect, with its now unstoppable and ceaselessly fulfilling events and upheavals.
Now that you know…what will you do?


Speaking of the Spiritual Teaching People, see this about a new crowdfunding effort for a new documentary by Dubhaltagh O Hearcain!

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Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
June 17, 2019 5:39 am

I think Peter Devenport,George Knapp, Nick Pope, Steven Greer etc are just not making things any better by dishing out such galable gile and gutless UFO nonsense since we all know that what the people of Earth are really watching are military aircrafts and drones trying very hard to spy on unsuspecting gutless human beings who are trying to search for the real truth! Salome

todd markus
todd markus
Blog Member
June 17, 2019 4:51 pm

Mr. Horn have you tried contacting high profile democratic and republican congressmen and senators. People like nancy pelosi, chuck shumer, nadler, mitch mcconnell, cotton, trump pence etc with the billy meier procphecies directly.? Or maybe our own congreesmen and senators in the great state of arizona, senator sinema and martha mcsally and your local represenative in congress? ive been sending stuff to trump, pence etc for a while.Not sure if they take billy meier and his warning of civil war in US seriously enough. But i think the military industrial complex will become believers when civil war happens. Maybe they can get pelosi to back off . Meet with the dems in private and warn them of the chaos that will occur if they even try to impeach trump. And just wait for another year to see if the people want trump or not in office. Of course the american people are going to have to keep a vigilant eye on voter fraud in 2020. The deep state and political radicals love to corrupt the vote and will of the people.Arrogantly assuming they know whats best for everyone else. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I for one am still voting Trump. I know he has his flaws, we all do, but he still represents the people the best i feel.You put a globalist puppet in office and im afraid there wont just be a civil war , but a apocalypse type like nuclear war with russia. Just as Billy warned would happen if crooked hillary were elected. I think Trump is doing his best to prevent war.Even when he talks shit with North Koreas Kim. Its all grandstanding for the most part. But in the end progress is made with Trump and his techniques and nobody really gets hurt or is the worse off. I have to admit I love it and am entertained when he goes off on one of his twitter rants against the deeply embedded and corrupt globalist controlled deep state who are trying to enslave all of humanity. And the media hate the fact he uses twitter so they dont have as much power to control the narrative.

Bill Ter Burgh
Bill Ter Burgh
Blog Member
Reply to  todd markus
June 18, 2019 4:45 am

Todd; unfortunately, Drumpf has become just as much of a corporate controlled swamp monster he railed against during his campaign as Hilary would’ve been should she have been elected. Whatever autonomy he had is now gone. He is an unwitting tool of our corporate oligarchy.

On “impeachment”; that won’t be the only cause of our coming civil wars as the votes needed to actually impeach him are non-existent. So, logically, the, “impeachment” is irrelevant when it comes to civil war.

The real reasons for civil war are all around us and have been for quite sone time; political/ideological polarization, racial/economic inequality, religious tensions, but above all else, a realization that corporate control of this country is literally killing tens of thousands a year.

Now that the fake populism of Donny is done, this country yearns for real change but the powers that be won’t go silently into the night. Marie Antoinette as a CEO telling the masses to stop asking questions of the status quo and to just “eat your cake”.

Those are my two cents as to how/why we will end up in civil war and it has very little to do with Drumpf.

Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
June 18, 2019 4:37 am

My Hi MH Two things run through my mind 1. My other organisation wespac has alot of people from Iran who used to get together to discus how we can help the pepople from Iran and the US can cooperate, discuss issues in a friendly nonpartisan peaceful manner. 2. This is a very very serious issue that needs to be dealt with because Trump refuses sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and all of the Cops on Global Waming and Climate Change to do away with dirty fossil fuels and nuclear power to say nothing of nuclear weapons etc. Just how are we here on Earth going to deal with any politician who refuses to sign onto these two extremely serious issues when any politician says one thing and turn around and do the exact opposite? I always say “Politicians lie! people die! No politician should ever ever be above the law!” If I were you or anyone else here in the US,EU, NATO, Russia, China or anywhere else on Earth, you need to think about these serious issues if we want to avoid the two civil wars in the US and nuclear wars here on Earth!

David Casteel
David Casteel
Blog Member
June 18, 2019 12:20 pm

As always, your blog is a breath of fresh air in a very polluted media environment. Thank you!

Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
June 19, 2019 5:49 am

Hi Bill I think I remember when Trump was in London when Teresa May decided to resign there were protest against Trump with signs that read “Dump Trump” Drump is just getting so nasty that I keep jearing that in 2020 1. Drump will just rig the 20220 census here in the US. 2. Rig the presidential election in his favor. and to top it all off Drump will if he loses the election in 2020 Drump will TRY to CRASH the Stock Market to make the 1930s look like Disneyland 2 year old baby stuff! As far as I`m concerned Drum[p says one thing and does the exact opposite “Quite personally most if not al politicians are al a bunch of frauds! I`m getting to the stage now where even on the internet it`s just not worth reading the news anymore let alone on the local news on TV! How can this barbaric savage primitive world survive on such stupidity as the news anymore? My father always said ” No news is good news!” otherwise if the news were good it woun`t be reported on the news. There is also the saying that goes “If it bleeds it leads!” Go figure. Saome Terry

Melissa Osaki
Melissa Osaki
Reply to  Terry Carch
June 19, 2019 6:34 am

Trump is behaving stupidly for sure, but some of the nonsense they write about him is so absurd. The media propaganda machine is a big part of the problem. Folks are too brainwashed to think clearly and rationally. They believe whatever is spewed at them which sends them into a frenzy and causes the divisive atmosphere we see today. It’s unreal how gullible the masses have become.