Regarding Iran from Billy Meier 2006

Added topics for tonight’s live show

A quick note to let you know that, on tonight’s show (new link!), we’ll also address information from Billy Meier, from 2006, about the US agenda to start a war with Iran, which would be another step towards an eventual world war.

Here are excerpts from this article:

Regarding Iran from Billy Meier 2006

Should the attack against Iran, planned since the year 2002, actually succeed, then this would therefore be secretly prepared though an SOG team in Iran, as was also the case in Afghanistan and in Iraq.


The CIA does not only lead a secret war to achieve world control and world domination for the superpower USA, rather also in regard to petroleum, because one of its efforts consists of snatching as many oil fields as possible under its control, and under the control of the USA.

Also, to this end all intrigues and other such machinations, extending to murder, are par for the course.

Through such intrigues and photo falsifications of an alleged armored deployment of Saddam Hussain’s on Saudi Arabia’s border, they seduced the then Saudi King Fahd, to allow “disbelievers”, respectively, US soldiers, in the country and in the vicinity of the holy state of Mecca so that they could attack Iraq from there.

And naturally it came to be as it had to: once the US Yanks were in Saudi Arabia, then they also stayed there, which has remained that way until today.

Yet that was not enough, because since 1990 the USA not only controlled the oil fields in the re-conquered Kuwait, rather also those of Saudi Arabia, whereby the control of the oil fields in Iraq came in the year 2003.

Therefore, only missing in this circular dance of Orient-oilfield-countries is Persia, respectively, Iran, for which plans for a military takeover have already existed in the USA since 2002.

And there is no doubt that that is also being worked out today because the CIA as well as the government of the USA wants control, under all circumstances, over all Arabian oil fields, no matter what the cost.

Thereby, namely China could have the oil spigot turned off if it should dare to want to raise itself as a superpower, and as a matter of fact one such crisis is coming about.

Such a war would ultimately find America also defending itself against an alliance of Third World countries:

224. Not only will America, but also all other Western industrial countries which still live at the beginning of the new millennium in the delusion that they could dominate and rule over underdeveloped nations, i.e., Third World countries, will not only soon lose influence over these but must defend themselves against them.

…and not just Russia:

272. America and Russia will have the most terrible weapons of mass destruction at their disposal—a fact which is already the case to a certain extent today—and will clash with violent force against each other at that time of conflict, whereby Canada will also be dragged into this conflict.

…or as we now know Russia and China.

Of course, by that time America may no longer be the USA, i.e. United States of America, as Meier was told by the Plejaren in 1975 and 2012:

“the superpower USA could come to an end after 2020, if nothing in this country changes for the better by then”

Debate with Skeptic

I’ll also be updating on my challenge to Jim Kerr to debate me and substantiate all of his long disproven, defamatory attacks against Meier the evidence and me, etc.

Better Late than Never

I just found out that my press release about NASA discoveries confirming the Meier contacts was picked up by a writer for a UK tabloid:



Note: Here’s the UK Express article with the advertisements.

46 Replies to “Regarding Iran from Billy Meier 2006”

  1. Oh my, does anyone have the inclination to spare me a whole lifetime to discuss the implications of and values of religion in relation to: “Through such intrigues and photo falsifications of an alleged armored deployment of Saddam Hussain’s on Saudi Arabia’s border, they seduced the then Saudi King Fahd, to allow “disbelievers”, respectively, US soldiers, in the country and in the vicinity of the holy state of Mecca so that they could attack Iraq from there.”
    Despite us being spared the ALL OUT EVIL of Killary and the inevitable having been orchestrated sooner as a result of it’s control, we find ourselves at the business end of the same EVIL with Donald and his and their love of power and money over his and their fellow Beings.
    Best of luck with your future, my fellow Westerners, from Downunder.

  2. When will humanity learn , war doesn’t solve any problems. We must co-exist on this planet despite our petty differences. War leads to degeneration, history is replete with this hard lesson. I so wish the plejaren could directly intervene…

    1. Hi Barry You’re not alone. “I too wish the Plelarens would intervene!” “Trump is now turning into a REAL Nazi!”

      1. Terry, speak about the actual stupid things these politicians are doing, but let’s not start calling everyone we disagree with a Nazi. There are actually real Neo Nazis out there with racist and authoritarian views. I think you would quickly know the difference if you were in their midst.

  3. I find it fantastic that Mr. Martin picked up your press release. He may not know exactly how important this information is, but I commend him for having the courage to delve into the details and write the article.

    On the down side of current events, I hope Trump understands just how stupid it would be to attack Iran. Russia and China will not sit idly by while that happens. We must get a grip on reality. We need an international team to investigate and decide on a just and peaceful resolution for whoever attacked those tankers near the Strait of Hormuz. Retaliation doesn’t work–it has never worked–and it will continue not to work.

  4. How about if we send peace loving thoughts towards President Trump with thought images of a destroyed planet. Maybe he will recognize the impulse for peace?
    Peace, Scott.

  5. Scott Remember one very important thing “Trump says one thing,turns around and does the exact opposite! Actions speak louder than words! “Trump is A FRAUD who borrows money and dosn`t even pay it back,heck Trum,p doesn`t even pay his taxes! Trump thinks he is above the law so he can do what ever he wants even joining the NRA and the Neo-Nazies,etc,et,etc!”

  6. The Express article is at least in my opinion a little misleading because Billy is not in contact with “aliens”. He is in contact with extraterrestrial human beings. Probably the person who wrote that article doesn’t know much about the Billy Meier UFO case. To show a picture of an “alien grey” is wrong. Also Michael Horn is not a “Paranormal theorist”. He is the American Media representative of the Billy Meier UFO case.

  7. Andromedan High Council
    “Contact Report 182 – rewritten in summary:”

    “…The High Council grasps the essence of an important time immemorial matter regarding the difficulties maintaining objective unity faced by the Plejaren in their position of neutrality toward all group members. It has often been rather difficult for the Plejaren to behave neutrally toward these Earth people for various reasons. In some of them there is a strong feeling of coldness that permanently prevails against the Plejaren. Nevertheless with the Plejaren the same loving thoughts and feelings of sensitivity prevail toward these group members, which often gave them difficulties with their decisions. At the beginning of their relationship with Billy things were different because they were perhaps too focused on pure logic and thus strongly neglected their feelings, but as a result of BEAMs teaching, they were brought into recognition that without these feelings, everything would be different, incorrect, and too strict. In accordance with BEAMs instruction, all of the Plejaren people involved with Earth changed their relevant actions and conduct, and since that time, a lot has changed to their advantage. But they also had to recognize from these incidents that when a certain freedom of feelings is granted, many problems become larger, and from the resulting strong attachments to such freedoms of feelings, difficulties in terms of objectivity also appear, which are very often of a far-reaching nature and which can be inhibitive. That is the main reason why they, against all reason and in spite of the frequent, very detrimental faults of the wrongly conducting group members, were always willing to resume the communication with Billy and engage the mission, always with the hope that along the path of these false actions, insight would yet break through and that everything would take a turn toward the better and thus take a large step toward the greater goals of sustainable peace on Earth. [10]”

    “However the High Council advised the Plejaren that they should withdraw themselves, in order to hand this task over to other powers. [11]”

    1. Well hello my fellow travelers…..we live in an open air insane asylum and some of us are just crazier than others….. The psychopaths are incharge and have no feelings for the dirt people… humans we have 40 conscious thoughts to 3 million unconscious thoughts ever moment…..hardly anyone is aware of what they are doing….
      Clear your data….. Hawaiin prayer….

      I am sorry
      Please forgive me
      Thank you
      I love you….

      Say it as much as possible…. clear your data…it works miracles

      One love Terrance

      1. Hi Terrance, instead of “clearing your data” and asking for forgiveness, let’s start taking personal responsibility for all of our actions. There’s no need to be sorry and beg for forgiveness when we learn how to live in accordance with the laws and recommendations of Creation.

        Also, use your first and last name when commenting. Thanks.

        1. Hello Melissa… we are all related and have overlapping memories… what I witness I have created…. so I take full responsibility for everything I am aware of…I say that I am sorry …. please forgive me ….because most of my awareness is unconscious….I am asking the divine for forgiveness…. do you ever notice that whenever there is a problem that you are there…

          1. Who is this divine entity that wants your apology…and why?

            It sounds illogical to me that a “divine” entity would be sitting around waiting for your apology when the whole point to life is evolution development which is directed by the law of cause and effect. Making mistakes and learning from them are a core part of evolution and no forgiveness is needed because judgment is never issued.

            I would say that there are many problems where I’m not there. Humans entertain ideas that are so far out there, it boggles the mind.

      2. So, Terrance, you found your way around wanttoknow, now find your way around , will chat again in about 5 years.
        Before then, do me a favour and give me what you currently think is the definition of love? I am open ears and open minded!

      3. Hello Melissa…. logic can never comprehend the ineffable…yes, there is no sky daddy….. the divine is within
        We only stream a small amount of consciousness through our bodies…. our incarnations are all happening at once… there is no reincarnation, it’s concarnation….

        1. Hi Terrance,

          I also want to comment. Where do you get these unsubstantiated platitudes, such as: “logic can never comprehend the ineffable” “our incarnations are all happening at once… there is no reincarnation, it’s concarnation”, etc.?

          Are you aware of the definitions for divine: of, from, or like God or a god.?

          All these things, which also exude false “humility” – and self-importance – actually don’t make any sense. They may be your beliefs but they’re religiously tinged. illogical and not very helpful. I would ask what you’re actually trying to say and…how it relates to the topic.

          1. Hello MH….do you believe in spirit?.. there is no time… only event horizons….we live forever….raising the vibrational level is all I try to do everyday…false humility… no way
            In this particular time and space most of us are sleep walking and easily controlled by the powers that be….
            When that first bomb drops on Iran, the financial markets will collapse and world war three will fully commence….yea it sucks, however we agreed to this cosmic game or we wouldn’t haven’t incarnated during this space and time.
            Our spirits are beyond and greater than our logical comprehension….good luck with your logic

            1. Hi Terrance,

              No, I don’t believe in spirit…or anything else, certainly not for long. If I become aware of a belief, I want to determine if it’s true, etc.

              So, you are presenting me with your beliefs without substantiating them:

              there is no time
              only event horizons
              we live forever
              When that first bomb drops on Iran, etc., etc.

              They could also be your opinions, including the unctuously New Agey: “we agreed to this cosmic game or we wouldn’t haven’t incarnated during this space and time”

              You’re certainly free to have and express your beliefs and opinions, some may be right or wrong, etc. But it might serve you to actually study the spiritual teaching, to learn about the importance and might of thoughts, as well as…LOGIC, reason, neutral-positive thinking, etc.

              Perhaps you’ll let us know why you are participating here, what interests you about the material we reference, as well as your background, studies, etc.

              1. Hello MH…ok. I have studied many different prophetic words from many different sources and they validate many of Mr Meiers words.
                It is a tenet of contemporary physics and a mathematically proven reality that the universe is composed of mind-stuff and that it is thought born, according to the physicists themselves.
                Here is one source that validates Billy…..

                1. Unfortunately our scientists are still very far from understanding how the Universe works. They might be on the right track in some areas, but it will still take much longer before they unravel the mystery. If you’re an occasional reader of the Meier material, I think it’s a great idea to look further into the spiritual teaching as Michael suggested. There’s also a plethora of scientific information if your interests lie there.

                  When it comes to the blog community, we aren’t interested in beliefs from the various new age, religious, or UFO industries. We have already proven to ourselves where the undeniable truth lies.

  8. It saddens me to see Joe Rogan interview Bob Lazar because in my opinion he is a liar when he claims to have worked at “S4” and tried to reverse engineer an “alien craft”. I myself have tried to contact Joe Rogan not once, but several times to interview Michael Horn about the Billy Meier UFO case but he never replied! At least when it comes to UFOs Joe Rogan unfortunately interviews the wrong people!

    1. Hi Joseph, I saw that too. Some of us here have been trying to contact Joe Rogan, but he never responds. Maybe if we all keep trying it will eventually bear good fruit.

      1. Been trying to get Joe Rogan to interview Michael too, but, it appears the lighters are on, but, no-one’s home(-y?). Think the topic of UFOs is just a way to enhance a high for some folks, rather than the very serious topic it should be.

  9. Joseph:

    I consider Bob Lazer as a real deal and he have worked with some unearthly technology. On the other hand, Billy Meier’s claims that he have time travel in the past and met Jesus Christ. That’s claim is a big stretch.

    1. Where is Bob Lazer’s verifiable evidence for all the claims he’s made? To my knowledge, none of his claims have ever been verified. And even more important, what do you gain by knowing anything he says? It’s all completely irrelevant UFO nonsense. So we know UFO’s exist—now what? What’s the point of all the hoopla other than to keep you entertained and away from the actual truth.

      On the other hand, Billy has provided voluminous amounts of verifiable evidence for decades. Most of his life has been documented. To date, there are well over 200 verifiable scientific, environmental and world event related corroborations that Meier published long before “official discovery”, often by years and even decades. His character and reputation is what holds weight when put up against the great UFO industry of frauds, charlatans and swindlers. You don’t get to enjoy a reputation of integrity and honest character without actually establishing your truthfulness and honor.

      The sci-fi UFO drama is there to keep you mentally lazy. One would have to be asleep at the wheel to not see what is going on here.

    2. If LAZAR had security clearance to work in the supposed area there would be non-disclosure signed with very serious consequences for breaking it.

    3. Craig,

      How can anyone compare evidence that can’t be proven either way? However, if you took away Lazar’s “testimonial” from all his available evidence, nothing would remain, but, if you did the same in the Meier case, including his account of meeting Jmmanuel (not Jesus), you’d still have hundreds of UFO photos, Super-8 films, metal studies, UFO sound recordings, supporting eyewitness accounts and their UFO photos, passed psychological stress tests, professional investigations showing no hoaxing, scientific and predictive information by copyright, books, biblical research, etc., to test.

      Real judges know the difference:

      Maybe he’s making you pay for his illegal lights in the sky:

  10. Hi Belinda, This last paragraph is so very depressing to me because any other power might just be very detrimental to the well being of planet Earth do to all the wrong thinking of most of the people of Earth due to the religious political military,corporate structure of Earth. It would be very unwise and wrong to rely on extraterrestrials who would not have our backs spritualy, intellectually etc who would get the people of Earth out of their stupid blind faith in such nasty primitive religious faith in a god, Jesus stupidity statues that are so false and fool of make believe nonsense. The real truth is out there in the stars, planets, flora amd fuana and humans from other worlds(Plejarens). “I just only wish that the Plejarens would finally really show themselves to the people of Earth to prove that they are human beings like ourselves who maybe more advanced but they too realize they are not perfect ether. Then mabye the people of Earth would finally wake up and realize that the Plejarens are the REAL extrarestrals human beings just one step over and above us in the next dimention over. The Plejarens are not saviours to be worshiped and envied but a good does of reality might finally kick in and from there people of Earth would finally learn the REAL truth from the spiritual teaching, Billy and the Plejaerns etc. Mabye now the Plejarens would be willing to intervien to put the people of Earth on the right path to grow up and learn from Billy and the pejaens and evolve in a more peaceful loving compassionate caring society of kindness,geriousy and soon.

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