UFO Liars, Fakes, Phonies and Frauds Revealed!

To honestly acknowledge and inform people about Meier would end their careers and render them irrelevant

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Here, in my opinion, are some of the people and organizations claiming factual knowledge about and/or contact with extraterrestrial beings and their craft, who are liars and frauds:

David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Richard Dolan, Barbara Hand Clow, Steven Greer, Paola Harris, Michael Salla, Stephen Bassett, Emory Smith, Barbara Marciniak, Jacques Vallée, Tom DeLonge, James Gilliland, Alex Collier, Leslie Kean, Linda Moulton Howe, Mary Rodwell, Jordan Sather, Ryan Sprague, Nick Pope,  Grant Cameron, Bob Lazar, John Greenewald, Jeremy Corbell, MUFON, David Icke, Peter Slattery, Michael Schratt, GAIA, IUFOC, OpenMinds, TTSA,  etc.

This includes and applies to the equally dishonest and delusional people doing inane and unscientific “hypnotic regression” on victims of supposed “alien abductions”, those claiming to be “channeling” any extraterrestrials, inter-dimensional or other entities, it includes those who merely want to profit from writing about, promoting, and/or providing public venues for, such charlatans without having demanded, seen and presented actual, verifiable, authenticated evidence to support their lying claims.

Hot Under the Collar

Sure, I’m begging the question:

“Hey, why so hot under the collar? Everybody knows UFOs aren’t real.”

And that’s exactly the problem.

Many people now view the UFO topic as a curious bit of entertainment, good for a moment’s diversion, like many other things in their lives.

But what else is new? Human history is filled with such people but never before has there been actual, singularly authentic evidence in abundance to warrant serious consideration. What would in fact be the most important development in all of human history has been so marginalized and reduced to ridiculousness by a pack of self-serving, profiteering charlatans that any possible sense of legitimacy has been largely obliterated.

And also gone is any sense of awe and wonder, any real hunger to learn and know more about such a paradigm-shaking revelation as the existence of other intelligent life forms in the universe, and consequently there’s no gaping mouthed curiosity as to the…reasonthat they would actually contact us.

So, every lying fraud, every bogus “UFO expert” has willingly contributed to the thing they all claim to want to reveal, the so-called “UFO cover-up”, which we now know is solely about the Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing in Switzerland for more than 77 years.

Yes, the disinformation campaign against the Meier contacts is the work of various intelligence organizations and other powerful groups who want to proceed with the total control, the effective enslavement, of humankind. They have found among the self-seeking, profit and fame hungry “UFO experts” a willingly complicit crowd who also dutifully ignore, attack and suppress the Meier contacts.

They All Know

And this is the point. Through the efforts of many interested people, including myself, every one of the aforementioned (as well other here unnamed) parties portraying themselves as UFOs experts, investigators, researchers, etc., has been provided with ample evidence and information about the Meier contacts.

They all know.

Those who don’t openly attack Meier and his evidence ignore and/or suppress it for the obvious reason, i.e. to shine a spotlight on themselves for their own profit. To honestly acknowledge and inform people about Meier would end their careers and render them irrelevant. And, of course, to kill their cash cows.

This is also why the field of UFOlogy is such a miserable, standard-less, unscientific joke, ripe for marginalization and dismissal by most intelligent people.

Our Future Survival

As I’ve said before, if the stakes weren’t so high it would be unworthy of comment. But they are incredibly high. As plainly as can be stated, the Meier contacts contain the key to our future survival. For that to even make a dent in one’s consciousness requires that one has awareness and recognition of the reality of threats posed to humankind’s survival, plainly evidenced now in the “news of the day”.

These include the now unstoppable environmental destruction, the ever-deteriorating geopolitical situation, the looming global financial collapse, the spreading terrorism, societal breakdown and degeneration, etc. – all of which have been specifically foretold in the more than 45,000 pages of information provided to, or written, and published by Billy Meier for over 70 years.

The Solution

The solution is the same as it’s always been, 100% complete self-responsibility for our own lives, seeing things as they are and living in accordance with the laws and recommendations of Creation.

The study, application and implementation of the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching is the clearest – and actually fastest – path to liberating ourselves from the futile, dead-end plunge into oblivion which, according to the immutable law of cause and effect, is otherwise to be our fate.

The course correction for our society, our world at large must start with the individual. First, we must learn how to improve our own lives and relationships, the consequence of which is the eventual course correction and improvement for humankind as a whole.

Under the best of circumstances, should we avoid complete self-destruction, it will still be…hundreds of years before humankind as a whole has come to its senses and is capable of living in true love, in peace, freedom and harmony with each other and all other life on the planet. This must happen first, before we will ever interact openly with other intelligent human beings that exist in the universe.

In the midst of all the grim realities, that is the good news. While we must know and be aware of the external realities, we are completely free to pursue the course of study that will yield positive results in our own lives – here and now– without coercion, cults, leaders, belief systems, saviors, superstitions and rituals, etc. Just our own efforts and study, learning how to actually think and apply the might of thoughts in our own lives.

Perhaps now you’ll also understand why I express such utter contempt for those who have contributed to suppressing this invaluable knowledge from humankind from…you.

Arahat Athersata

“After several cover-to-cover readings of the Arahat Athersata book, I became able to neutralize or eliminate my migraine headaches within seconds.”
Eddie M.
“I just finished reading the newly translated Arahat Athersata and I must say that it is the most helpful book I have ever read. The book puts it in simple and easy terms how anyone can change their bad thinking nearly overnight, a manual for a healthy mind if you will.
And a human can not only eliminate pain, anxiety, doubt, desperation, etc. but also real illnesses by just thinking as nature intended it for the human being.”
Anthony A.


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92 Replies to “UFO Liars, Fakes, Phonies and Frauds Revealed!”

  1. Of all the names mentioned above, the one that surprised me was Bob Lazar! That’s because I had bought into his claims that he had worked reverse-engineering extraterrestrial space craft. Although I thought that his friendship with John Lear was a weird coincidence (even Bob Lazar has said that John Lear makes up stories)
    Ironically, it was in a video that Lazar made around 1989-1990 that I first heard about Billy Meier, where Lazar stated that the UFO he worked on looked ‘remarkably similar to the one in Billy Meier’s picture.’

    1. Hi George,

      Welcome to the blog.

      I think the really ironic part is how Bob Lazar is able to, for several decades, talk and write about alleged “Top Secret” military information without any harm coming to him or his family. This is very bizarre considering that Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and many others have had to live in fear for their lives or have been sent to prison for less. Once one thinks about it and applies reason, you really have to ask yourself: would Bob Lazar be allowed to go around discussing his top secret work of reverse engineering a spacecraft from another world without being apprehended immediately by those friendly secret service guys and being nicely convinced to keep his mouth shut?

      1. I don’t consider it ironic that Lazar is left to walk and talk compared with Snowden and Assange because the former, as Billy pointed out has no proof, and does not name anyone who could be compromised, whereas the latter do. Many powerful people see Snowden and Assange as a personal threat and having convincing evidence, whereas Lazar has none, just his personal talk. Others who can similarly only talk are left alone because they are essentially no danger to anyone. Countless more people are convinced of Snowden and Assange’s “truth” than Lazar’s. Lazar leaves us, at most with something to consider; he has no knowledge that he can impart. Although he did predict element 115, which was later proven right, which might be the most he actually did. He did lead some to Meier though he could have helped many more there. He rekindled my interest in Meier when he came out at a time when finding English info from Billy was very difficult where I was. I was also able to recently point a student towards Billy due to information on Lazar that they had found. I can understand people’s frustration with Lazar, but he has been a bit of help to some, albeit meagre and far less than he could have been.

        1. Hi Chris,

          That’s my point. If he was telling the truth, regardless of physical evidence, he would still be considered a major threat. This was alleged top secret military information he was writing about in books. If he was actually working on alien spacecraft in the capacity he claims, the “men in black” would have been all over him. My point was that he was lying or deliberately misinforming whereas Snowden and Assange are obviously telling the truth. Lack of physical evidence and name dropping doesn’t change the fact that he was free to spout classified information for decades. How would they know that he wouldn’t eventually name drop or show pictures? There is obviously an agenda at play.

          1. The “men in black” let Albert Bender live, although they done something to him that assured he wouldn’t talk or his body would “expire” as they put it. Bender claims they told him that he could say what he wanted after they were gone, and he would know that had happened when a small disc like thing they gave him had dissappeared, which then actually happened according to Bender.
            If you want a fake alien invasion to take place, you need people to but into it on some level, so I do not think the overall plan is 100% silence, although when it comes to Meier 100% silence is obviously the goal.

          2. “If you want a fake alien invasion to take place, you need people to buy into it on some level, so I do not think the overall plan is 100% silence, although when it comes to Meier 100% silence is obviously the goal.”

            This is exactly the point. Whether it’s a fake alien invasion or a cover-up of something far more threatening, the whole point is to divert attention over here so you don’t look over there. You can bet the farm that they are only going to tell you what they want you to know.

            If we think about the far-reaching implications of even 5% or 10% of the global population finding out that the Meier case is real, you have to realize how this would destroy the control and power of those in charge. The world religions would surely collapse in a far shorter time. It has always been the goal of religion to keep us in ignorance, mental slavery and servitude to the system. According the Plejaren, we would have been in interstellar space years ago if we would have been allowed to evolve naturally without any religions.

            The bottom line is that Bob Lazar has been allowed to release guided information for the sake of keeping people stupid and chasing stories that lead nowhere. It’s a dead end. In 30 years, what has anyone gained from Bob Lazar’s story other than a desire to storm Area 51? Nothing.

          3. Yes, I agree, and may the religons of the world crumble away as soon as possible so we can have a True existance.
            Maybe Lazar was not permitted/allowed by Earthly intelligences to give away highly sensitive information about their most secret test bases and secret craft.
            The release of information by Lazar may actually be traced back to ET intelligences.
            It seems the world new nothing about Area 51 or the other secret facilities before Lazar spoke of them, so I wouldnt agree that the purpose was to “keep people stupid”.

          4. What would you agree the purpose was then?

            Area 51 was known about long before Lazar. It has long been connected to the Roswell incident of 1947 and also many UFO reports in the 50’s and 60’s (Project Blue Book).

            I just have a hard time understanding the need to have this conversation with folks who work towards the mission and study the Spiritual Teaching. It baffles me.

          5. I too fail to understand why anyone thinks there’s even a speck of benefit and and value to humankind regarding Lazar. In my opinion, its only worth writing about to show how it’s used to distract from the Meier material.

            It’s doubly mystifying that anyone with real familiarity with Meier’s content would even bother to conjecture about the evidence-less tales from Lazar. It’s been said over and over and it’ll be said again, if he had an iota of truly valuable, classified info, he’d be dead for having shared it.

            If anyone thinks their life is really going to benefit from that farce, they’ve entirely missed the meaning and value of all of the Meier information and evidence and especially…the spiritual teaching.

          6. I see some possible value in it in that it helps to stir the UFO controversy, and this is what the Plejaren wanted and this was discussed by Ptaah in a contact report from the mid 90s.
            The UFO controversy serves as a path to help people grasp other higher developed life forms advising/teaching us in matters of Spirituality. Maybe Lazar is a total fraud, and if he is I’m sorry I spoke up for him here, but if not then the UFO controversy continues.

          7. Really, at this stage of the game it “helps to stir the UFO controversy”? This isn’t the mid-90s and…what’s the so-called “controversy” now?

            Anyone with half a working brain who comes upon the Meier material certainly doesn’t need the Lazar idiocy to “help people grasp other higher developed life forms advising/teaching us in matters of Spirituality.” Where is there even a hint of that connected to Lazar?

            Let’s make it real easy. You’ve read this:


            Now how does the Lazar gibberish compare to it?

            I guess I’m to blame for writing about Lazar and the other jokers but I hardly thought anyone versed in the Meier material – and the spiritual teaching – still entertained that kind of crap.

          8. Hi Paul,

            This sounds like we’re trying to reconcile competing ideas and pretending the UFO field is somehow different than any other subject where we are approached with competing ideas and values. We tend to handicap ourselves when we have self-imposed rules on what should and should not happen because we believed in the in-expert opinions or stories of other people on how things are supposed to work and took their idea and values thinking we know something more and became wiser. Well I agree with Mike here and ‘the coddling’ the UFO in-experts do should stop before we all become Dunning-Kruger subjects. I will post you a link about competition which you can apply directly to the UFO subject which I will post a snippet from.


            “The coddling stops here. You must now understand the cold, hard truth of competition. This is the difficult part to accept. This is the part that will upset you. You will have many defense mechanisms that will tell you that I am wrong, but I assure you with certainty that on this point I am delivering divine truth directly to you.”


            A note about Dunning-Kruger from John Cleese:

        2. See Chris this is also dancing around making assumptions about black projects, funding, top secret, special access, and other techno-babble that decorates many stories with an undeserved air of seriousness. So, when I look at what folks talk about other black projects like the one I linked earlier, which mentions over 45,000 working on B2 and not one talked about it prior to it being public knowledge, I find other issues with the scenario surrounding the Lazar story.

          Another quote from the documentary:
          “The more you know, the more deeply you have to bury what you know”

  2. Lazar and the other UFO “leads” are, as all of us here know, dead ends. Lazar had his interesting line of allegation decades ago. However, it couldn’t and doesn’t go anywhere — except on to the Meier material. When one goes on from these guys, as one must quickly do because they have nothing of real substance, the only move on goes to Meier. Meier is always the last man standing, and for me where eventually all these other byways — and even attempted distractions — lead.

    For those who seek the truth, all UFO roads, and other roads, lead back to Meier. Others present only narrow twists and turns going nowhere, and almost all are such painful distractions that one wants to toss them in the garbage can, but occasionally one can be a useful stepping stone to Meier for those out there who cannot jump in what they perceive to be the deep end. Unfortunately, of course, some get lost permanently in the distractions, but if upon being introduced to the Meier material they reject it these types are probably never going to get into or benefit directly from it in this lifetime.

    Even if all these distractions are purposely intended to lead people away from Meier’s material (and I can accept they may be), there are times when we, or at least I, can turn that energy around and use it to lead people toward Meier’s material. Maybe I experience it this way due to my position working with younger, slightly more open and receptive minds, rather than someone working in the throes of UFO media outlets where reticence seems aggressively and negatively inbred.
    We all have our unique experiences and situations.

    While there is no benefit from discussing Lazar and the others, and while of course, I do not hang around there, as I mentioned earlier, I have found Lazar a great help in leading people to the Meier material. I cannot see what is so troubling about that.

    1. It’s certainly true that negative publicity, attacks, etc., also help the positive, as Meier has pointed out. The problem now is that there really isn’t that much time for, or benefit from, people walking around in circles with ever-diminishing chances that they will thereby find the truth.

      Those who know it (the singular authenticity of the Meier extraterrestrial contacts), as Lazar surely does, have an obligation to openly inform, clarify and direct people towards the truth…but they continue to show that there are other things they value more than honoring that duty.

      1. Yes, and we also have to stop pretending all other “UFO story/cases” have an ‘equal spot’ on the discussion table when they clearly don’t, are very frequently terrible in both context and content, and fail to pass as a tragic comedy. It’s pretty clear the UFO-field is ridiculed for its lack of seriousness routinely displayed at these conferences for the very fact all the so called speakers sit equally a long a large table and have a fun time taking turns talking about one non-nonsensical story after another. So the audience is supposed to give crutches to these stories because it *might* be true? It just further promotes the UFO field as a massive waste of time relying on the disbelief of the audience to carry the story like we’re in an interactive dime novel. Meanwhile, Mike has to give air time to these clowns that routinely ignore everything Mike says at these conferences. It’s pretty interesting to see Jan Harzan do the Bozo dance along with Mister Steven Greer trying to salvage his abloblob skeleton and yet everyone else there is speechless after Michael’s lecture.

        The UFO subject clearly lacks a competition of ideas that usually stimulates an audience willing to hear out evidence and learn something if there is value to be present. Instead, the UFO subject has as much entertainment value as watching Joe Rogan’s pod casts which frequently resembles sitting at a pub/bar and just having a friendly bs discussion about whatever. Notice we never have any wizzos (WSO) at these conferences? There is a lot of other 40K+ thousands of people that could potentially be working on this supposed UFO stuffs but we seem to only have the Ripley’s volun-crutch crowd.

    1. Hi,

      I don’t know who you’re referring to, please be specific. Your logic is a bit faulty, the credibility of anyone’s claims rest on the…evidence they provide, not what they supposedly didn’t do (whoever you’re referring to).

      Please also use your full name when commenting.

  3. Whaaaat! … John Greenewald , Richard Dolan , Nick Pope. These guys to me are the most honest people in ufology. Am i missing something?

    1. Hi Mark,

      I think Michael hits the nail on the head in his explanation:

      “Yes, the disinformation campaign against the Meier contacts is the work of various intelligence organizations and other powerful groups who want to proceed with the total control, the effective enslavement, of humankind. They have found among the self-seeking, profit and fame hungry “UFO experts” a willingly complicit crowd who also dutifully ignore, attack and suppress the Meier contacts.”

      Also, use your first and last name when commenting. Thanks.

    2. I’ll add to what Melissa quoted by letting you know that each of those so-called “UFO experts”- and virtually every other one you can name – have all been provided with evidence of the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts, yet not a one of them will even mention it publicly, lest they direct people to the truth at their own expense.

      Also, what evidence and/or information of anything of extraterrestrial manufacture, of anything of actual…significance, have these people ever presented? So, ask yourself why you’re surprised and maybe also answer your question about what indeed you have been missing.

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