BREAKING: Must Read from Medical Whistleblower About the Surge

Forward to ALL medical personnel and heed seriousness of warnings

The information from this whistleblower is also necessitated by the still not fully understood: nature of incubation periods of up to THREE MONTHS, resulting in asymptomatic carriers spreading the disease, all of the factors concerning airborne transmission, the role of children as main hidden spreaders, the lack of hermetically sealed quarantines and hazmat suits, and the inadequacies of the CDC protocols that have already put many medical personnel, patients and the public at risk, as we have been publishing since February 25 (see all blogs from then until now). The following is the unedited information from the whistleblower:



ER & hospital workers are taking it upon themselves to do the right thing in preparing and dealing with coronavirus DESPITE their leadership not understanding the dangerousness of the virus or having any idea what is coming from the pandemic crisis. Like the Plejaren recently said, authorities have been irresponsible.

1. Have separate areas for triage and treatment of suspected covid patients to reduce infecting other patients. You should have tent triages set up LIKE A WEEK AGO.
2. Minimize contact with suspected covid patients by using telemedicine or phones to get history. Ordering things once to reduce nurse exposure, no visitors (underscoring the realization of how highly contagiousness coronavirus is).
3. Demand a safe work environment, no coughing patients walking around or in the halls. This is airborne, as the Plejaren said, so remember that when you’re just trying to get a breath of fresh air too.
4. Mobilizing all services (surgery, ortho, neuro, ob) and employees from all departments to maximize efficiency and give relief to the ER so they can better handle the covid onslaught coming. Consider this a shout out for “all hands on deck” this is real not an episode of ER.
5. Despite the CDC’s guidelines (incorrect as per the Plejaren info), wear everything you can to protect yourself, including goggles/hair cover/etc. – the whole nine yards because – as the Plejaren said – this is ebola level.
6. Instituting strict protocols (as recommended by Meier info) for coming to the hospital and going home to minimize virus spread, i.e. stop bringing unnecessary things, plastic bags, etc.
7. Realization that Coronavirus is definitely not the Flu…which Italy tragically assumed.
8. Do not wait for the tsunami of covid cases to come, prepare today, because the surge could be here tomorrow.
9. Covid patients can decompensate very quickly, don’t hesitate, intubate, DON’T HESITATE INTUBATE.


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6 Replies to “BREAKING: Must Read from Medical Whistleblower About the Surge”

  1. Hi Michael as usual the powers that be, do not know what to do.

    The reincarnation of King Canute talks to Britain

    Masked raiders take 130k face masks destined to NHS uk.

    Again too little too late

  2. As the US slowly but surely shuts down all businesses and companies from coast to coast, everyone is acknowledging, at the very least, the fact that we are heading into a very serious economic downturn. Soon, 30 million people in America will be out of work, out of money. Originally, many experts were warning that this coronavirus pandemic could spark a recession, but now many are actually starting to use the “d” word. Yesterday, I wrote on this blog about the government planning document that envisions an 18 month pandemic, multiple “waves” of infections, and “critical shortages” of important supplies. If that scenario actually plays out, which I think it will, what we will experience will be far, far worse than the “Great Recession” of 2008 and 2009. So lets be realistic and truthful that a way will not be found to slow down the spread of this horrific virus, or to stop it, for a long time, and prepare accordingly.

    Never before in US history have we witnessed such a widespread economic shutdown. On Thursday, the governor of Pennsylvania ordered almost every business in the entire state to close up shop. That’s 6 states doing the same thing so far, and if this pandemic does end up lasting for 18 months as the government is now projecting, it will paralyze our society to an extent that we have never seen before!

    The US economy has fallen off a cliff, and I have a feeling that it has a long, long way to go before it hits bottom!

    Some of you have wealth, please be prepared to help out many who will not have enough money for basic necessities. I know what that is like. I spent 7 years in college, every year I barely had enough money to make it. Many days I did not eat well. Please have brotherly love and compassion for those in need. In my opinion, we are approaching the worst economic crisis in US History. Millions of Americans will be poor and needy through no fault of their own.

  3. I spent 2 years at a special US Marine unit called CBIRF (chemical, biological, incident response force)

    Our mission was to protect government officials in Washington DC in the case of any emergency, natural disaster, terrorist attack ect…

    I can tell you from experience that no expense was spared and no preparation overlooked, we were told it was not a matter of if but when.

    I can tell you from experience that the federal government has done and is still doing is completely against what they trained us to do when managing a highly infectious virus. Local authorities are mindlessly following CDC testing guidelines which are preventing them from the mass testing that is absolutely necessary to contain the spread and give people a reason to take isolation measures seriously, if they had neighbors, friends, family and coworkers all testing positive weeks ago, all the forced lockdowns could have been avoided as the reality of mass numbers of positive diagnosis can affect the behavior of the masses.

    Even if the local governments increase their testing capabilities (with no help from federal agencies) they are still being limited by the CDC guidelines.

    My family and I are experiencing symptoms and I went out of my way to wait 3 hours in a special testing operation for first responders and healthcare workers but was turned away because I am not actively working as a first responder.

    Although I have an (expired) national EMT-B certification and 2 years of experience at the worlds finest disaster response unit they turned me away, even after I explained that they would need people that have fought off the virus and are immune to it to help them when they start getting tired and sick themselves. Once again they denied me because “CDC guidelines”

    Ive already made the determination that when they start begging for volunteers and no longer care about whether or not we have training that I will simply stay home and protect my family instead because I don’t know for sure if I my family and I simply had the cold or flu and will not put myself or family at risk for a system that has already been abandoned and refuses to acknowledge it.

    I recommend the rest of you do the same, especially if you have others that depend on you.

    If the federal government had the foresight, for the last 20 years, to stockpile enough testing equipment for themselves but no masks or testing equipment for the rest of us, if they had the foresight to stockpile billions of rounds of ammunition (including banned by the Geneva conventions hollow and soft tip rounds), riot control gear, thousands of militarized armored vehicles, riot control weapons, body bags and plastic coffins but no personal masks or testing equipment for us, then we can safely assume that what they did plan for is not in our best interests and we should prepare for the worst if you haven’t already..

    1.6 billion rounds (which is on top of all the other millions of orders before and after this reporting) is enough ammo for every single armed federal, state and local employee to train at the range like a navy seal for hundreds of years (well past the time when projectile weapons will become obsolete) or a 20 year continental war with the same expenditure our deployed forces were using at the height of the war in Iraq/Afghanistan. Since none of our armed government employees can put a whole magazine in the head of a target at 25 yards I can tell you with certainty that those billions of rounds of ammo were not for training as they have claimed..

    I have posted information like this all over the internet only to see it deleted and my accounts banned..

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