NY Post, WHO Confirm Meier on Asymptomatic COVID-19 Carriers



There’s more corroboration of the information provided to Billy Meier by the Plejaren about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The agonizing fact is that we’ve been warned about all this since February 25 and…EVERY single media, scientific, official source, ETC., has REFUSED to publish the ironclad information we’ve been sending them ever since.

So, as far as the Meier information regarding asymptomatic carriers:

86% of people with coronavirus are walking around undetected, study says

This is just out, from the foot-dragging imbeciles at the WHO:

WHO recommends ‘airborne precautions’ after coronavirus found to survive in air

And it’s also related to this unfortunate example of how medical personnel are being put at risk because of garbage information from the CDC:

New Jersey doctor in critical condition after testing positive for coronavirus

What do these items all have in common?

Well, certainly the abysmal ignorance about the real incubation times – up to THREE MONTHS!

And of course, since they are finally recognizing that the disease is also airborne, certainly the need for Ebola-level protective suits and respirators for medical personnel.

Also, the implications for widespread contamination – AS  ALSO SPELLED OUT BY THE PLEJAREN – must be considered. But don’t wait for your stupid bureaucrats and delusional “leaders” to tell you, they’ve SUPPRESSED all of this life-saving information from you.

Does anybody really need more evidence that an advanced, extraterrestrial race is trying to help us survive not only this rampantly spreading disease but also the unrelenting, willful stupidity of the mass of humankind it would seek to help?


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32 Replies to “NY Post, WHO Confirm Meier on Asymptomatic COVID-19 Carriers”

  1. The virus is spreading like wildfire even though we know about it, people are washing their hands, using their sanitizer, avoiding crowds, etc. Our officials are helpless. Only when when 70 % of America is infected , maybe they will ask who is this Michael Horn fellow ? It will take another 2 to 3 months before the scribes and pharaohs of the 3rd millennium begin to admit THEY HAVE NO SOLUTIONS. Ptaah said HERMETICALLY SEALED breathing apparatus and full body suit is the only real protection.

  2. Milan’s post of 3/14/20:
    The virus lingers on all surfaces and materials of the wardrobe and is transmitted up to 2-4m distance, so it is enough to touch a bench, doorknob, door, basket in a self-service shop or anything touched by someone who is infected, then touch your nose , mouth or eyes, and you got the virus. It mostly stays on smooth surfaces.
    The disease has 2 phases. The first phase is either without symptoms or mild symptoms, the second phase is a steep deterioration in 24-48h where the lungs can be completely covered by the virus and the inability to breathe.
    NOW, on current patients, doctors try therapies, discover how it reacts, how it develops .. only now, because no one knows about this virus so far, and with the help of fellow Chinese doctors who went already through it, they gather all the information they convey to people. We have 2000 more infected each day, 200 more dead each day.
    Throughout the city, the police punish by jail anyone they find on the street without a very justified and listed reason for being out of the house.
    Beware and don’t play smart and brave as it is not the time for that. You are smart if you understand that this virus does not care about the age and love yourself and the people around you and protect them so that you do not get infected, but be careful.

  3. I just wanted to let everyone know i just read an article that some Doctor saying pets can’t get infected urging people that your pets are not and can’t pass this virus to humans. We are really in trouble now. Everyone stay SAFE!

  4. …scientific news about coronavirus:

    Coronavirus Pandemic Update 39: Rapid COVID-19 Spread with Mild or No Symptoms, More on Treatment

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