New Scientific Discovery about Greenland Ice Melt…Published by Billy Meier Two Years Ago!

A so-called new “startling revelation” by scientists that the melting of the ice taking place in Greenland, that they attribute to global warming, is leading to a rise in land there confirms information published two years earlier by Swiss prophet Billy Meier.

The information discussed by Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings on February 3, 2009, also indicates that not only a rise in the sea level is resulting from the melting but also that this will precipitate volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. [...]  READ MORE

I Couldn’t Have Said It any Better

I recently posted a new article about The Silent Revolution of Truth now being online with two other films that are primarily about UFOs.

Below I have reproduced a post from the FIGU online forum, by Tony_q., regarding how the Billy Meier evidence was deliberately presented so as to provoke interest and controversy without giving people more than they could handle. He speaks about the possible, very destructive, consequences that could have otherwise occurred…even though many people assume that they would welcome such overt, incontrovertible proof of extraterrestrial contact. [...]  READ MORE

UPDATE: New Information on 5,100 Year-Old Iceman

Scientists reported new findings in the case of Ötzi (or Urk, as he was referred to by the Pleajren), the 5,100 year-old iceman whose mummified body was discovered in 1991.

The scientists now say that, based on newly discovered evidence that he had eaten a large meal within an hour of his death, previous conclusions that he had been involved in a long, intense chase before his death appeared to be incorrect.

The new conclusions could support the information from the Plejaren given to, and published by, Billy Meier. According to the Plejaren, who gave Meier the information several months before the iceman’s body was found – and 10 years before the cause of death from a skull injury and an arrowhead in his back was discovered – his death was accidental and didn’t involve any form of conflict. [...]  READ MORE

BREAKING: IIG Skeptics Retract ANOTHER Claim against Meier Case!

NOTE: Please see the UPDATE below*

On November 20, 2011, I received the following information in an email from Jack Sarlo, pertaining to his correspondence with someone named Ivan Alvarado, who is affiliated with IIG. I have waited to post the information, since Ivan indicated that IIG would update (correct) their information.

They have not done so to date, so I am including their admission, which effectively retracts IIG’s claim. Additionally, I am including links to the Preliminary Investigation Report – a book they somehow failed to research – that clearly states, on pages 424 and 425, that Marcel Vogel also used x-ray diffraction and spectrographic analysis in determining the composition of the metal samples. [...]  READ MORE

Part Two: Drawing back the Curtain on the UFOs

Of course it was all of Billy Meier’s amazing UFO evidence, the photos, films, video, sound recordings and metal samples, etc., that created a huge controversy. While Meier was relentlessly accused of presenting photos that were “too good to be true”, or that skeptics believed just had to be some kind of models, the subject of UFOs became more widely discussed. Though no hoax was ever shown to have been perpetrated by Meier, and no comparable evidence was ever brought forth, the world was flooded with an endless supply of questionable individuals making claims of contact with all sorts of so-called extraterrestrials. [...]  READ MORE

As the Time Fulfills

It was at the time when the ancient prophecies began to fulfill themselves, when the upheavals started, that people were especially fascinated with UFOs. Of course not everything that was seen in the sky was an object of extraterrestrial origin as most thought and hoped they would be.

And most didn’t know at all that at the heart of the matter was a mission that began thousands of years ago on Earth. This mission would span many, many thousands of years and was intended to help set right the disastrous course that humanity had embarked upon, aided by very advanced, powerful, space-traveling human beings who portrayed themselves to the primitive earth peoples as gods, as the creators of all life and everything in it. [...]  READ MORE

When Will the “UFO Community” Disclose the Billy Meier Case…to Itself?


Please, No More…UFO Petitions!

There’s now yet another UFO petition being circulated to “…demand a full congressional investigation of UFO/ET Disclosure efforts by the Clinton OSTP – the Rockefeller Initiative.”

As someone who’s been involved in the field of UFO research for 33 years, why would I ask people to not participate and/or support it? I do so simply because it’s a huge waste of time that will produce exactly the same results that the last one did. And because it is completely…irrelevant to the real, pressing concerns of the times. [...]  READ MORE