Regarding the future of the USA

In Part 1 of this new interview series, former Navy Seal, Bob Wiegand, and Michael Horn discuss the prophetic information pertaining to the election of Donald Trump.

It’s pointed out that Billy Meier was first told by the Plejaren that Trump would win the election on June 30, 2016, just one month after he made these comments about the election…and the two coming civil wars.

They had even discussed the anti-democratic actions of the Democrats and others, which are now clearly ever-increasing in terms of their attempts to delegitimize the election, demonize Trump, intimidate people who disagree and those who would even dare to participate in the inauguration, etc.

The Henoch Prophecies

In following parts, the discussion will progress to an analysis of the relationship of the Henoch Prophecies to current events. We’ll discuss if Trump will succeed in forming a coalition with the Russians to eliminate the IS, or if pressures and machinations from the insane, war-mongering elements of the American government, intelligence agencies, military, religious factions, etc., will force the fulfillment of a life-extinguishing world war with Russia, China, etc.?

We will also discuss how the answers to these questions also rest in part with the active participation of willing individuals to take complete self-responsibility to study, learn and apply the core principles of the spiritual teaching.

Prophecies vs. Predictions

Prophecies are warnings of what will occur if people don’t prioritize helping to change the course of events to a more positive, life-sustaining one. Should we continue to fail to respond to them, the prophecies take the form of predictions, meaning they become certain and unalterable. As has also been repeatedly stated, no outside forces such as imaginary gods, angels, saviors, saints, etc., are coming to save us. The responsibility for the fate of humankind rests solely with us, the human beings of planet Earth.


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104 comments on “The Donald Trump Presidency & the Henoch Prophecies

    • Hi Freddy interesting in the last interview from Bob and Michael, Michael talks about what Billy said that the celebrity worship in the US makes people unable to think for themselves. It appears the California secession is the celebrity tail wagging the dog.

      • Hi Sheila, yes I heard that interview. You get to understand more how “dumb” those celebrities really are, yet people idolize them and see them as role models.

        Regarding the interviews of Bob and Michael, It was a delight hearing them speak, all common sense and 0 rubbish. I hope you guys do more interviews in the future.

        • Hi Freddy, I had to find out what the flat earth crap was all about. Apparently Shaquille O’Neil is a flat earther. His logic is that he drove all the way across the United States and it was flat. LOL he didn’t make any 360° turns so that proves the earth is flat. That boy took one too many basketball hits to the head.

          • No surprise, there are still people who believe the Earth is flat. More surprising is that they still believe in a “God”.

  • Hi Michael,

    Regarding the conversations between Billy and Ptaah about Donald Trump, Hillary, etc. that you read aloud to Bob Weigand in the youtube audio, do you have the text of the contact report(s) so that I might read through it? (link?)

    • Hi Sean,

      With all that we’re doing right now things are a bit of blur, so it would be helpful if you could quote me some of the lines so I can find the CR for you.

  • I saw ‘ The Story of Billy Meier’ with great interest and signed on to your blog site. Can you tell me if Mr. Meier is still alive and would he see visitors? if so, where and how can I make an appointment?

    • Hi Matt,

      Billy Meier is alive and well at 80 years old. He doesn’t set up meetings with visitors but you certainly can go to Fugu, in Switzerland, and be assisted by the people who help him with his work. It’s well worth it.

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