It’s Not Just Ebola…It’s Us

Hopefully, it will now be realized that all of the brain dead conspiracy theorists, who see an evil plot behind every misery like Ebola, and coming epidemics, are wasting their time and, of course, neglecting the real, underlying causes, i.e. overpopulation, mass tourism, illegal immigration, etc. The core of our problems is human ignorance of how life works, of the law of cause and effect and of our submission to false ideologies, religions, sects, beliefs, which we’ve allowed to make us passive and powerless. It’s not Ebola, or “evil aliens”…it’s us.

An example of what will become a growing concern is the following unofficial English translation, by Jacob Smits, of an excerpt of Contact 592* and which may contain errors.

Contact 592 of July 27th 2014 20:14 (8:14pm)

Also through global climate change and the warming of the northern hemisphere, for which the degeneracies and criminal activities of the people with their overpopulation are to blame, opens up probably more and ever more northerly settlement areas for the Asian tiger mosquito in Europe.

Presently it must be assumed that since the dissemination of the first predictions in the 1950s until today, there are worldwide 20 serious new diseases and illnesses.

The most important is the rampantly spreading AIDS disease , as well the rampantly spreading SARS disease, which, as I have read, is cause by a virus of the family of coronaviruses, which not only damages the respiratory tract, but also the spine, spleen and the nervous system. It also constantly mutates and becomes more dangerous and resembles the so-called anthrax spores. Then there is also the ‘new flu’ to mention, which is referred as the ’swine flu’ or ‘H1N1’ virus, as well as the bird flu with the ‘H5N1’ virus.

Additionally of importance to mention are other illnesses and rampantly spreading diseases, such as Dengue-fever, which amongst other things is spread by the Asian tiger mosquito.

This mosquito is originally native to the South and Southeast Asian tropics and subtropics, which as a transmitter is also responsible for diseases such as Chikungunya fever, and is very significant for people in regards to health damages.

Since the 1990s, these mosquitoes have also spread in Europe, from the south, where we’ve have been singing a loud sad song of their presence and venomous bites at the FIGU Center.

Because contrary to the claims of the Swiss entomologist, respectively the insectologists who still claim that no tiger mosquitoes have been found in our region, these critters make problems and wreak havoc for a little more than two years in the FIGU center. Especially last year they were with us en masse at the center, and this year they were very active on warm days, whereby Kunio even had to go to the doctor because he got serious health problems caused by the bite of such a mosquito.

NOTE: Meier answered that pure unrefined coconut oil was one possible  means of protection against insect bites.

The Goblet of the Truth

As situations like this unfold, I suggest reading the Goblet of the Truth and in particular begin reading “What the truth knows to say”, on page LI (Roman numerals ). Proceed to read “What must be made known comprehensively in a prophetic and predictive wise for the third millennium…” as this leads to an extensive section of very specific information.

In fact, the specificity of the prophetic and predictive information spelled out by Meier in this 2008 document far exceeds anything in the Henoch Prophecies (where Meier predicted the Ebola epidemic, in 1987), or any of the other prophetic information.

And Meier specifically exhorts people to rise up and take action before it’s too late. In regards to the bio-chipping already underway he says:

“And it will be increasingly the case that you human beings will be treated like animals for the slaughter, implanted with electronic data chips by means of which you will be completely controlled and robbed of freedom by authorities, public offices and governments, although in your ignorance you will think that you live as free human beings although you are in fact servants of the governments. So public authorities, official bodies and those in government will rule over you in a wise that has never happened before, meaning that you will no longer chart the course of your own fate in the collective, because this will be done by those who exercise total might and control over you. In this wise, every one of you will be a servant and slave of authorities, public bodies and governments, i.e. of those mightful ones and their vassals who possess might in this respect. Still, in the early part of the third millennium, there might be time for you human beings of Earth to prevent this if you would unify as humanity and rise up against these threatening future machinations of governments and the scientists and technicians who obey them, in order to prevent the threat named in this regard from occurring.”

The Dark Order

While we already touched on information about the secret societies, Meier elaborates (page LXIX) on what is meant by the Dark Order – and the pathetic, sheep-like state of human consciousness that has allowed its ever-expanding control.

The Courage to Fight

We are long past the time when we should focus on things like UFOs, extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories, etc., for it’s the spiritual teaching that must become the focal point of our understanding. The Goblet of the Truth exposes and illustrates how we have absolutely no idea, no real understanding of just how lost in consciousness we are. The effects of millennia of degenerate, mind-enslaving, truth-suppressing religions, having resulted in humanity’s complete ignorance of and lack of regard for how life works, how it’s governed by immutable Creational laws, is so extensive that it may take an unimaginable 800 years before we will emerge as true human beings. If we have any hope of mitigating, diminishing and avoiding what is otherwise unfolding then, as Meier spells it out:

“And all you human beings of Earth who have the courage to fight against evil, negativity and the ausgeartet must provide help through your sharp rationality and your intellect, through your love, peace, freedom and harmony and only use these as weapons.”


* Original German text:

Auch durch die globale Klimawandlung und die Erwärmung der nördlichen Hemisphäre, an der die Ausartungen und kriminellen Machenschaften der Menschen mit ihrer Überbevölkerung selbst schuld sind, erschliesst sich die Asiatische Tigermücke nunmehr wohl weitere und immer nördlichere Siedlungsgebiete in Europa.

Heute muss davon ausgegangen werden, dass seither, eben seit der Verbreitung der ersten Voraussagen in den 1950er Jahren bis heute, weltweit von etwa 20 schweren neuen Krankheiten und Seuchen zu sprechen ist.

Da ist am wichtigsten die AIDS-Seuche, wie auch die Sars-Seuche, die, wie ich gelesen habe, durch ein Virus aus der Familie der Corona-Viren hervorgerufen wird, das nicht nur die Atemwege schädigt, sondern auch die Wirbelsäule und Milz sowie das Nervensystem. Es soll zudem ständig mutieren und gefährlicher werden und den sogenannten Milzbrandsporen ähneln. Dann ist auch die ‹Neue Grippe› zu nennen, die eigentlich als ‹Schweinegrippe› oder als ‹H1N1›-Virus bezeichnet wird, wie auch die Vogelgrippe mit dem ‹H5N1›-Virus.

Ausserdem sind an Wichtigkeit noch andere Krankheiten und Seuchen zu nennen, wie das Dengue-Fieber, das unter anderem durch die Asiatische Tigermücke verbreitet wird. Dabei handelt es sich um eine ursprünglich in den süd- und südostasiatischen Tropen und Subtropen beheimatete Stechmückenart, die auch als Überträger von Krankheiten wie Chikungunya-Fieber verantwortlich und für den Menschen in bezug auf gesundheitliche Schädigungen sehr bedeutsam ist.

Seit den 1990erJahren verbreitet sich diese Mückenart auch in Europa, und zwar von Süden her, wobei wir im FIGUCenter schon seit rund zwei Jahren ein lautes trauriges Lied von deren Gegenwart und giftigen Stichen singen können.

Denn entgegen den Behauptungen der schweizerischen Entomologen resp. der Insektologen, die noch immer behaupten, dass in unseren Gegenden noch keine Tigermücken gefunden worden seien, machen diese Viecher bereits seit wenig mehr als zwei Jahren im FIGU-Center Probleme und treiben ihr Unwesen. Besonders letztes Jahr waren sie bei uns massenweise im Center, und auch dieses Jahr waren sie an warmen Tagen sehr aktiv, wobei Kunio gar zum Arzt musste, weil er durch den Stich einer solchen Mücke schwere gesundheitliche Probleme bekam.






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  1. This guy is an unfortunate example of how religion time and time again produces hatred, revenge, retaliation, potentially degenerating into murder, blood-lust horrendous destruction of any kind, so on and so forth. And you know what, it all starts with a single thought… Marellus is just faithfully doing his duty, trying to make sense of all the contradictory information in the bible, which is obviously driving him insane. In a downward spiral he is caught, stuck like a fly in a spiders web, a web of lies. Because the evil that he represents, is only the lack of knowledge, lack of truth, lack of love, which pushes him deeper down, into the filthy pit of ignorance…

  2. Tabarnak! What’s the matter with those religious freaks!
    Damit, Martellus?!?! Do you realise what you have wrote?
    Wow, I though when I was at high school that religions was about to fade away… now these days we encounter more and more totally delusional people who are completely lost in their strange beliefs. It’s sad. It is really sad. It would merit a good knock on the head. No one is controlling you, you are solely responsible for your nasty deeds.

    what’s the matter with you guys?

  3. I agree but if he or somebody else threatens you or uses threats and harms you then you might want to consider those ideas such as I suggested. You once stated you wanted to keep the blog clean,etc. You don`t want malevolent unfriendly people around you.

    1. Well yes there Terry maybe we should all hide in a cocoon and if someone says anything, call the cops. Since there have been no threats of physical violence, what exactly do you think the cops are going to do? Nothing. You need to get out in the real world and see how it really works.

  4. All of religion is threatening and violent in many different ways in my opinion…. Yet, how will we change and create something better on our world if we don’t at least try and correspond with those within its degenerative inhuman grasp.
    Including and by no means limited to those closest to us!
    I cant speak for anyone else but its vibrations(religion) are strong and hard to completely ignore while being within humanities grasps. How do we change these thoughts, feelings, actions, words, into something meaningful towards the good, better.
    It is respectable within my own two feet to see this here… as everyday is a struggle/battle against the degeneracy of our world created beliefs of servitude. Some know absolutely no different…

    1. Little add on…
      One would think I would already be there for all the times I was told I would smelt in the eternal fires of hell for even daring to you some fake name in vain! Let alone the violent threats given to me some do actually follow through with it on our world…. a chance us truth seekers must face in knowing the real truth!

  5. This is my own opion, I think this world is so deterating,degeneratingg, immoral and unethical. Seems to me this world is getting worse not better. A prime example here is the mid-term election on Tuesday Nov 4th,2014 for example. That is why I think we should ask the Plejarens if we could become members of their federation and ask the Nebulanders for advice NOT lower vibration politiacians and therir cooperate lovers etc.

    1. No one’s coming to save us. We’re eons away from being ready to join their federation and they’ve already given us all the help they can, we were warned in the prophecies and predictions and given the wisdom of all ages in the spiritual teaching.

    2. It was several years ago that your congress allowed unlimited corporate donations to your political parties. Maybe you should work on getting that reversed.

  6. “…In the Christian world, the blame for this undoubtedly lies fairly and squarely at the door of the Roman Catholic church. Christianity, as a monotheistic and strictly autocratically oriented religion, is guilty of developing completely new, evil and directions of thought and forms of state after the fall of the despotic Roman Empire, which spread all over Earth and under which all human beings are suffering in the new time. It was in particular the Roman Catholic church that inherited the practices of the inhuman Roman Imperium, establishing an evil, consciousness-conditioned tyranny in the place of the former Roman military tyranny, which reached its accumulation in the Inquisition, but has continued uninterrupted since then – even if in a reduced form. Christianity in general – and its numerous sects – imposed a vast narrow-mindedness by dictating monotheism, a philosophy which hatefully excludes anyone who thinks and believes otherwise.
    Within the whole of Christianity and its sects, as well as in all other religions and their sects, absolute servitude reigns with regard to the obligation on believing the fallacious religious and sectarian teachings, therefore no consciousness-based liberty is tolerated but is instead condemned and dealt with as an outrage and heresy. A liberal thinking predicated on the Creation and nature with no religious divinity anchored in it or to be prayed to is not allowed, which means that the human being who has lapsed into a religious belief cannot either find or follow the way to the effective truth of the creational and therefore to the creationally given laws and recommendations. Fear and terror as well as threats of divine punishment bar the way of devout members of religions and sects to the real truth of the Creation and therefore also the way to the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the spirit, the teaching of the life, making this into a crime against God and the beliefs.”
    GOTT p.LII

    1. The Latins were bright folks but they didn’t invent completely the nuttiness of the religion mentioned. They more or less inherited it by taking Greek World Order Culture established since the day of Alexander the Great.

      Billy elaborates here:

      “In their level of consciousness the Hellenists themselves had never been on even footing with the Minoans and so, over further centuries, they remained on the same level of consciousness to which the Minoans had brought them. They lived in accord with that and made no progress. And until around two thousand years ago they glorified their half-gods whose highest god was Zeus, who allegedly is supposed to have lived with his sub-gods on Mount Olympus. Then came the Jewish prophet Jmmanuel’s (Jesus’) Galilean disciples, who preached Christianity. The Greeks promptly fell away from their belief in their half-gods and turned towards the new teaching.

      In later times the Greek Orthodox faith was constructed from that and essentially represents the true origin of the entire current Christianity in Europe: a religious false teaching, which indeed finds no equal in the civilised world. ”

      It’s all … GREEK TO ME! (that is ironically attributed to a one Julius Caesar)

  7. Michael, I just read this article on the internet from AlterNet. just clic on Chomsky: A World in Crisis from Isil to Ukrain subtitled Q&A with Noam Chomsky. You might find this article very interesting. Chomsky seems to be sounding the alarm for WW3. Check this out. Tihis sounds very reviling and alarming to me.

  8. In other postings I was reading Terry mentioning how hard it is to find time for meditation, and I coincide with her in that very aspect, the always busy days of life makes it almost impossible to dedicate quality time for meditation, among the long hours of work and life related work that has to be done everyday, I somehow manage to squeeze time for reading Billy’s materials, today I was reading CR 156 and 157 where Billy and Quetzal discussed the amount of time of manual work that the Earth Human should be preforming and based on that the gain of knowledge that manual work help us to aquire, in CR 157 they mentioned that a 20 minutes of daily meditation should be done and how that help us increase knowledge in a faster speed. Really interesting if anyone would like to indulge in it.

    1. I personally, am of opinion, that real meaningful meditation happens only, if we are free of any emotional baggage. When brain and body are free of all thoughts and feelings that make mind dull and body filled with anguish, pain and discomfort. Billy calls it “smoke and fog” – and that should be taken literally, as that emotional energy acts like a fog, which obscures real view of things as they are. It is like colored glasses (pink, blue) on our noses that make the world look different than it really is. We take illusion (desires, opinions, beliefs) for reality. Since it is electromagnetic energy (swinging waves) it cannot be seen with eyes, but it can be felt. That electromagnetic energy of thoughts and feelings, like smoke (from fire) has a REAL choking effect on the body, when recognized by oneself. Fear for example makes us cough. I would add to it, that all that garbage within, makes body feel like in a vise, or a strait jacket as muscles are in constant gripe. Only when all that garbage is removed, brain balanced (neutral, innocent, not conditioned) – we can see who we are, have access to true intelligence, act as a whole and not as a fragment. Meditation should lead to that. As long as our body is filled with emotional garbage, what we call meditation, even when it is done in specific designed for it time – is not a REAL MEDITATION (just my opinion). To be ready for Real Meditation, we can use all the time in our waking hours to prepare ourselves for that time. No specific time is needed. Every minute, hour of the day counts. I call that time meditative state, mindfulness, which is just watching our toughs, feelings and world around us, constantly with REAL INTEREST. How ? First by UNDERSTANDING. Setting the goal. TRUELLY wanting it ourselves – desiring it – converting other desires (for material wealth, fame, better job … etc) into that one. All of that can happen ONLY if we see ourselves the NEED for it. Then, when desire for it is there – comes required ATTENTION. With that attention, which will grow in time along with removing interior “glasses – fog” (desires, opinions, beliefs). These can be dropped ONLY if SEEN ourselves, while we act in the world. Otherwise, we run on subconscious programs, are blind to them, and for most of the time do not have a clue that we are not truly conscious.
      To summarize – we do not need specific time to be in meditative, observing state. All the excuses why we cannot do it, are just rubbish – that is seen later in time, after finally we have acted rightly. We just prefer to believe in mental garbage that keeps us in a state of being lazy, happy with being unhappy, frustrated, very busy or plainly we delude ourselves that everything is just ROSY. If on the other hand we see the bad, the ugly around us and within, we just are in a state of apathy, which is underlined by fear and lack of self worth. We wake up usually if a sharp PIN (serious sickness, loss of job, material passions) is driven into our butts. That changes our priorities. What got me to change priorities in my life was a PIN like that.

      1. For a long time I suppressed and mentally called away the constant control of my thoughts, and world around me. When I was younger I consciously tried to hide my ever present thoughts constantly playing out at every second of the day. I tried to use the power of these thoughts to not think about them and to silence them for the better of my perceived material environment.
        Now I see the truth of there presence(post Billy Meier’s earth human life) and can understand that the Might Of The Thoughts is something to cherish if we are willing to see…. every second of the day. The hard part as you have stated is zeroing them in to see past the smog and vibrations, find that ever constant neutral positive state that shows the real truths of ‘creation’ and its laws and recommendations.
        Another good expression Andrew:)

  9. “Some people assume that I believe that all these developments are part of a microscopically orchestrated “masterplan” devised by invincible Freemasons. But the cryptocrats are just highly informed weathtermen possessed of extraordinary daring. They had a sense of what direction the wind of time, the ‘spirit of the age’, would take, but that doesn’t mean they control the wind, that they are the wind.” – Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

    1. Haha everyone knows that freemasons are not invincible, they die like the rest of us. I just don’t like how they pad their fellow members pockets and pretend they are doing it for the community, at a cost to everyone else in the community. Thankfully they are a dying breed and no one wants to go through the weird ass initiation to become one. Former Premier Ralph Klein often said – find out which way the wind is blowing and then get out in front of it. It’s not a new concept as leaders have been doing it for eons.

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