Prophecies or…Predictions?


Russia warns Denmark its warships could become nuclear targets*

For those of us who have eyes to see, ears to hear and minds to reason with, the only question  now is how to prevent the prophecies from becoming predictions.

As most regular readers now know, in 1981 Billy Meier first published his warnings regarding Russian military movements (“red storm flood” “Bolshevism”) against Scandinavia*, the US, Canada, etc. In fact, because the Prophetien document is owned now even by avowed skeptics and attackers of the Meier case, it’s even easier to prove Meier’s foreknowledge of these events than it may be in regard to the 1987 Henoch Prophecies. We started to discuss the situation on this blog in 2011.

Now with Russia’s and also Canada’s latest military movements, it appears that unless more people wake up it will be ever expanding, as Meier said in as the time fulfills.

As is also now known, Meier and the Plejaren warned about the seriously underestimated, worldwide dangers of the IS, about which we created a petition as well. Of course Meier actually spelled it out succinctly and specifically in 1958, along with many other things:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

This assessment is now being echoed in current, financially focused news media. Maybe the buck has finally found a place to stop,

So for those who want to nitpick and/or contest the exact provable date of every single one of Meier’s prophetically accurate pieces of information let them be left to indulge their luxurious folly. For those of us who have eyes to see, ears to hear and minds to reason with, the only question is how to prevent the prophecies from becoming predictions.

Theyfly had its first visitor from Fiji, the 147th country.

Thanks to Chris Lock, Greg O’Brien, Jacob Smits, and others who sent me links to these stories.

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  1. In the long past in a place known as Scotland a crafty shepard had the perfect pasture for his herd. And he could predict every one of his sheeps move for he had grown very wise. So in his need for relief from boredom he took his shaft and started chipping balls of animal waste into holes. Now many years after this lost since of attention to purpose, vast tracks of land have become a sheeps garden of eden with large groups of herders predicting and betting on each swing of a stick. The sheep are long gone from the care of the wise an know not what was. But without the villagers cheering them on the wise ones would not have lost their true purpose for so long. Now only the will of the watchers can change the effect, or keep cheering them on an the mismanagement will go on. Any positive path can be chosen by one or many to set a course to a more balanced outcome.
    Every one of Henoch Prophecies are massive, but each has smaller foundation stones that when chipped at by many can cause a shift if not a total change. In my circle everyone acts like the frog in the frying pan with the heat turned all the way up. But they will let me touch at least a finger tip, no more than that. So all I can do is keep pushing on what they think they know about Golf.

    Thanks to all

    1. so there we have it, Sky Daddy plays Golf, who would have thunk! 🙂 Good story, Billy! We will keep plunging those little balls into the sheep dung, knowing that prize is here now for all to know.

  2. Existentialism.

    To get our heads into existentialism, we need to get a bead on nineteenth-century Hegelian Absolutism, the philosophical point of view that the only true picture of life is from the outside looking in. Comedy man Rodney Dangerfield said, “Much of the best comedy can be found in the tension between the Hegelian Absolute and man’s existential estrangement?” Probably not. But if he had, the following classic joke is probably what Rodney would have meant.

    A man is making love to his best friend’s wife when they hear the husband’s car in the driveway. He dives into the closet. The husband comes in, goes to the closet to hang up his jacket, sees his friend standing there naked, and says, “Lenny, what are you
    doing here?” Lenny sheepishly shrugs and says, “Everybody’s gotta be somewhere.”

    That’s a Hegelian answer to an existentialist question. The husband wants to know why Lenny of all people is in this particular existential situation—naked and in his closet! But his putative friend, Lenny, for reasons of his own, chooses to answer a different question: “Why is anybody anywhere rather than nowhere?”— a question that only makes sense if you’re a lofty German philosopher like Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

  3. The most recent statistics shows that the US police killed more people in the previous month of march 2015 than the UK police killed in the entire 20th century (thats 100 years by the way)

  4. Totalitarian dictatorship is very much alive in the western countries. Dictatorship of media, propaganda, dictatorship of so called “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS”.
    Just look at the recent case of the Ukrainian-born (Kiev born) pianist Valentina Lisitsa. She lost her job in Canadian National Orchestra, after twitting some comments on Twitter, regarding neo Nazis activities in Eastern Ukraine.
    Michael you say wars can be averted. I DO NOT THINK SO. Western countries, their elites, their banking interests, their business interest, their Geo political interests ARE FUNDAMENTAL IN MAKING A STAGE FOR THE COMING THIRD WORLD WAR. And people in this countries are heavily brainwashed, in so called ‘WAR DRUMS’ as Nazis were before the second world war. Democracy is used in ORWELLIAN sense, with the disgusting motto ‘Either you are with us, or against us”.
    In reality, third world war will be REACTION of the aggression of the west toward, THE WHOLE WORLD, mainly Russia and China. Russia and China will not aloud to become Arab Bombing Playground of NATO, as the whole Arab world has become after carefully prepared so called “Arab Spring”.
    This situation can be resolved ONLY BY WARS. Why. Because Breton Woods Agreement is Dead. Because Dollar is dead. Because western banking system is dead. Only brutal military force of the trillions of expenditures spending nato army is well and alive. Therefore, as Billy stated even with all financial difficulties US will engage itself against the eastern countries bombing and destroying everything in its path. THEREFORE REACTION OF THIS ACTION WILL BE THE COMING WAR.
    And it will not be some Frankenstein ISIS, but more precisely ARAB LIEGE, or later on United Islamic States, together with China and Russia, that will be bases for so called EASTERN COALITION.

    1. Hi Boromir,

      Wars should be avoided because we are now at the point historically and technologically where only utter destruction can be the result. But never underestimate human stupidity, as you’ve pointed out as well with all the drum beating, etc.

      You can read more about the prophesied developments here:

    2. c’mmon Boro, IS was created by US, trained and armed by US and funded by your best buddies, Catrarrh and SA to Balkanize Iraq and Syria.. for control and pipelines. Open SANA or FARS or and get up to date.

  5. I have wondered about Russia for some time and regarding sanctions against country. Have anyone noticed how similar is todays situation and events right before ww2?
    If one thinks about sanctions against Germany on these days and how fertile the ground was to incite war. Looks like the history will repeat it self.

    1. Nah, no war.. The Yanks are terrified of a real war with anybody not wearing sandals. Also Europe has had enough kowtowing to the yanks.. and thus destroying their economies. Nearly all dairy farmers in Scandinavia, France, Baltics etc about to go belly-up. They’re hoping their weak politicians will drop sanctions, but it’s too late for them now, as Russia is both becoming self sufficient and switching suppliers.

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