Michael Horn on C2C to Discuss New Film & Meier Prophecies

“WHEN TRUTH PREVAILS” documents historic first presentation of Billy Meier UFO case at major American university

Michael Horn will be on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory to discuss his new film, “When Truth Prevails”, which documents how he overcame the resistance to the Billy Meier UFO case from universities with the help of a…skeptical professor of anthropology.

He will also speak about how Meier’s specific prophetic warnings about the Islamic terrorist attacks in France and Europe date back to 1958 and are now being fulfilled.


The historic first presentation of the Billy Meier case at a major American university, Northern Arizona University (NAU).

This film documents how Michael Horn’s attempts, over many years, to present the Billy Meier case to university students – despite outright censorship and banning from places like Arizona State University – was finally realized with the help of Prof. Scott Antes, a skeptical, but intellectually honest, professor.

You’ll see Michael inviting the participants at an all-day skeptical event to learn about the Meier case, with fascinating footage of the reactions of Ray Hyman, a world renowned professional skeptic, who was courageous enough to examine a new book full of Meier’s UFO photos.

And you’ll see Michael’s entire, fast paced, information packed, enthusiastically received presentation to Prof. Antes’ anthropology class. Michael also answers numerous questions from the students about how:

  • God was based on extraterrestrials who ruled over primitive human beings millennia ago
  • Our religions and fundamentalism will bring conflicts and disasters
  • The contact the Plejaren offered to the US government, in 1979, was rejected
  • The great dangers of atomic energy that plagued the Plejaren also now face us
  • Meier foretold the radical Islamic attacks on France and Europe, etc.
  • …and he introduces the students to elements of the spiritual teaching, including the Talmud Jmmanuel

The reaction to this unprecedented, historic presentation showed that the students are interested in, and can handle, the truth.

The purchase of this film helps Michael to continue to bring awareness to students in universities, the generations that are inheriting this world with all the dangers and damages that Billy Meier has long – and quite accurately – forewarned about. This information, so long suppressed by SETI, MUFON, academia and the various powers that be, holds the key to our future survival. That key belongs in the hands of the coming generations who’ve been burdened by the irresponsible behavior of the preceding ones.

Most importantly, this film is a testament to how one can apply the might of their thoughts to persevere until the desired goal is reached. This is what can happen…when truth prevails.

Also included: Segment from “The Meier Contacts – The Key to Our Future Survival“, from 2004, showing Meier’s specific warning about Islam attacking France and Europe.

Running time: 1 hour 17 minutes

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35 Replies to “Michael Horn on C2C to Discuss New Film & Meier Prophecies”

  1. MH, just finished watching it. Good job even though I heard the basics of the case many times. I still enjoyed it! 🙂

    Just curious, did you have a time limit imposed on you because you seemed to be racing through it?

    1. Thanks Dennis,

      Yes, the class was about 1:10 in length and I wanted to put as much info out as possible that at least touched on all of the categories of information. I would prefer to do a two-hour presentation so that we could go a little more in depth on the various elements.

      I did notice that the students were very attentive and we actually ran out of time at the end for more questions.

  2. I bought the video via stubbly… Paypal came back in French claiming I lived in the Netherlands… got it all straightened out via the phone… Am enjoying the movie… seconds after purchasing it… This is a good basic knowledge of Billy Meier… and probably banned in Southern Arizona! Enjoy the film and share or it makes a great gift for Xmas time… My relatives will see it on Thanksgiving!


    Randy Arena

    PS Michael has been to visit Billy 18 or 19 times in Switzerland and is the only authorized media representative of Billy Meier… Enjoy the video, very good time for a video Michael!

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks for the link Joseph. That was a great interview Michael. The second caller George’s doppelgänger George sounded an awful lot like Stanton Friedman. The guy that wanted to know if travelling faster than the speed of light puts you in the future. I sure hope George Noory follows through with his offer to put up more information about Billy Meier on his website.

      1. Hi Sheila,

        I spoke with his producer today and if I get a document to them next week it should proceed. Maybe Stanton is looking to go into the future since he’s now pretty well botched up the present.

    1. Joseph,

      No, I just got on my computer. We may be in different time zones, etc. I try to check regularly throughout the day…and night so that people’s posts will appear in a fairly timely manner.

  3. Great work Michael !
    If you got at least one of the students hooked, the truth will continue to spread on.
    The students are the most capable to check for the truth of the case. It just depends on them.

  4. I hope that this is fruitful, but from having young ones working on the teachings it is almost impossible to get them to slow down and smell the roses. From working with young ones in last few years with the BEAM materail they do not want to enjoy the warmth of the water before wanting to kick the jet to full speed ahead. If they come forth remember to slow them down for the sunrise is worth waiting on.
    Billy Wilson

  5. MH,
    My apologies for not disclosing my full name, perhaps at a later time. However, if you decide to indulge me I give you thanks in advance. From time to time and since its inception I have passively enjoyed your blog as an observer. Thanks to all participants.

    Very good interview with MH found at youtube: Coast To Coast AM – November 23, 2015 Mind & Heart, Billy Meier Prophecies. Start time mark – 4:02:33


    Everyone, salome and enjoy!

  6. Here is the article I sent you before but this bears repeating in light of the Henoch Prophecies that seem to be happening thanks to Billy`s predictions Elon Musk and Y Combinator Plan Plan to Stop Computers from Taking Over By Steven Levy DEc11 11min read from the website Medium.com You can also llok this article up in the c2c Hot Topic for Sun day December 20th,2015 too. Seems to me I still don`t have Gmail and found out these NSA FBI guys are spying on everyone for prophet so I`m going to dump the Gmail until my privacy is realkly protected and without the spam and advertising. “IDON`T like what this world is turning into!”

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