The True Freedom Project

Providing prisoners with books like The Way to Live and the Might of the Thoughts so that they may reeducate themselves and become truly free

I was inspired to create this project because my friend Sam forwarded this video to me. The video is actually quite mild in regards to what really goes on in prisons, solitary confinement, etc.

The only real way out is in, as we often hear said. And so I am suggesting The True Freedom Project. It’s a project that each interested person participates in independently and co-creates by helping to provide Billy Meier’s books, DVDs and publications on the spiritual teaching to prisoners, including juvenile offenders, so that they may indeed learn the way self-responsibility, the law of cause and effect, etc. This project will have no central offices, website, administrators, etc., unless and until there’s really a need for it. Self-responsibility here is again the key for those wishing to assist others, not creating bureaucracies, etc. This is not a FIGU-created project and it’s open to anyone to participate in.

It’s to be done without proselytizing or missionizing.

How to Do It

I suggest contacting the appropriate personnel at any jail or prison in your area, or elsewhere, that has a library. Tell them what you’d like to do, with a brief explanation that the materials are a non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching for the benefit of the prisoners. Get their approval to send the material, along with the name and mailing address of the appropriate person in charge to whom it should be sent.


When you order the material, put the institution’s mailing information in place of your own address. This way you’ll save additional mailing costs when I mail it directly to them and I’ll provide you with tracking information so you can be assured that the materials are delivered to the right persons. Of course you’re free to let them know that the materials were ordered by you.

Another Option

If you can’t afford to send any of Meier’s books, consider making copies of the various free spiritual teaching articles on my site, including the ones linked to in the Translation section, including in other languages. Be sure to see if there are any copyright restrictions or other requirements for reproducing the articles. I suggest printing them up and putting them into a protective binder. You may also want to put each page in a protective plastic cover (good quality double-sided printing is recommended to keep paper costs down), etc.

You can also include a copy of this article to introduce and explain the project.


Some recommended material from the shop:

The Way to Live

The Might of the Thoughts

The Goblet of the Truth

The Psyche

The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life

The Consciousness Awareness Workshop








164 Replies to “The True Freedom Project”

    1. I found it interesting that the powers that be made it mandatory for pregnant women to receive the DTaP/TDaP vaccine at 20weeks gestation.

  1. Donating Meier’s books to jail libraries is a great idea!Is the Goblet Of Truth a good book to read if one is just starting to read the Meier information for the first time??

    1. I think that The Might of the Thoughts and/or The Way to Live would be excellent and easier in a number of ways. For one, the Goblet is a very big book, weighing 4 1/2 pounds.

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