Billy Meier’s Warning of US Collapse Now Echoed by Financial Analysts

Russians heed Meier’s advice on asteroid protection; new X-Files featuring Meier’s UFO photos

Financial analysts and futurists like Bill Bonner, and others involved in various areas of finance, are now issuing rather dire warnings, some of which are somewhat Johnny-come-lately echoes of what Billy Meier was first told in 1975, and reiterated to him in 2012, about how and why the US may no longer be a superpower by 2020. The more mainstream information also makes Meier’s warnings about two coming US civil wars no longer such an improbable reality either.

We also published information in September 2014 pertinent to what’s called the Law of Provision and to discovering what true wealth really is. Of course Meier’s terse, cryptic warning about the looming financial collapse coming to the US was uploaded in this brief video report, 10 years ago.

Russians Endorse Meier’s Asteroid Protection Advice

While we here in America seem preoccupied with our delusional “We’re number one!” state of mind, as the proverbial sky is falling, the Russians are concerned enough with what will actually fall from the sky and impact their neighborhood to apparently heed Billy Meier’s and the Plejaren’s advice on how to prevent asteroid impacts, such as will otherwise occur with Apophis. Several years ago, we even illustrated the Plejaren extraterrestrials’ warning for the benefit of the younger generations most likely to affected by the event and also for so-called “experts” who may benefit from a somewhat more graphic representation, lest their concerns with funding, tenure, cocktail parties, etc., distract them.

New X-Files Features Billy Meier UFO Photos

Speaking of things that come down from the sky, the folks who, in 2008, brought us “I WANT TO BELIEVE” are not only back but they asked for, and received, permission from Billy Meier to feature two of Meier’s famous UFO photos in the trailer for their new season (at :07 and :29 seconds). They will also feature more of Meier’s photos, books, etc., in coming episodes.

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Thanks to Libby Smith, David Holmes, Joe Ayoub, Bruce Lulla, Eric Foster, Andrew Grimshaw

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  1. Michael when Meier issued the warning of the collapse how much time until it really happens I know he wont say the day or time but I see he give little warnings here and there. More of a timeline like 6 months 1year or so… Thanks Armando

  2. In that first X files episode of the new season it pretty much summed up what the government media has been doing as far as the UFO propaganda is concerned.At the end of that episode I believe it shows the government’s true hostile alien invasion agenda.. using reversed engineered alien technology against us while keeping the masses docile and obedient..and how the media is priming the public for a false flag alien invasion to complete the NWO’s goals.

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