See what happens when pudgy religious hysterics try to out weep each other!

Rarely have we seen such irrationality from passionate political pundits as the recent Cheeto self-dermabrasion facial by Glenn Beck. But Beck’s ablution didn’t go unnoticed by Alex Jones, who tried to one-up him by using one of Beck’s own signature emotional breakdowns, baby babbling and crying-on-camera while invoking Sky Daddy to protect this great (presumably all-Christian) nation, and Jones and his children. It was an anti-matter moment as Jones broke down, nearly unintelligible himself, as he called Beck demon-possessed. Demons, in case you didn’t know, are the equally imaginary, equally human-created, dirty tricks team of the equally imaginary Satan, the nemesis of the equally imaginary God Guy.

Perhaps Beck and Jones are both playing follow-the-weeper to John Boehner, who’s public dementia-on-demand performances included a turn-on-the-faucet moment when the Holy Papa met the Podium Plumber. Of course meeting so many men in chic (but modest) Italian-designer dresses could have been enough to move Boehner to prove he was some kind of potentially portable baptismal font himself, which would make a lovely addition to the Pope Mobile, and a thereby logical post-congressional position.

It seems that there’s something about Christianity that really does infantilize many people, indeed many men. The whole “God’s children” thing seems to have produced a number of prominent public figures whose responses to moments deserving of thoughtful responses instead produce torrents of tears and kindergarten antics.

God Overruled

But I digress. Beck proclaimed that Ted Cruz was “anointed by God” to become the next president. Even with the support of both of the former presidents Bush, God – who you may remember from blogs like this – is still having a hard time of it, having now been overruled by masses of his impudent, upstart, apparently not-content-to-be-weeping, Republican kids. And of course it’s not the first time the Big Fella didn’t get his way. Countless sporting teams, armies and countries can attest to that, if they haven’t already succumbed to convenient amnesia, certain though they once may have been of his unconquerable support to slay their opponents (a strangely pervasive element throughout religious history).

Such overwhelming disappointments may in fact be why these weeping weaklings break down when they’ve failed to conquer all opposition through irrationality and intimidation, all but crying for their mothers, as the presumed will of their Cloud-bound Father is easily negated when other people simply take responsibility for their own preferred actions and choices.

Risking the wrath of the Original Smotester, the genocidal terrorist and Merciless God of Love and Mercy of the Old Testament, who magically morphed into the more benign, Son-sacrificing Sadist of the New Testament, many people are separating themselves from the supernatural, superstitious sects and cults, with their irrational rituals and ridiculous, fear-inducing beliefs and teary-eyed tyrants.

The Spiritual Teaching

For those who do prefer love, peace, freedom and harmony over histrionics and horror, who value rationality over rage, they can refresh themselves with the consciousness-cleansing clarity of books likeThe Way to Live and The Might of the Thoughts, found here, along with films like And Did They Listen? and When Truth Prevails, which I am proud to say are being represented at the 2016 Cannes Film Market.

P.S. While she may be a tad delusional, as well as psychic, at least Ann Coulter got it right.

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65 comments on “An Anti-Matter, Right-Wing, Crying Fruitcake Competition

  • why have a number of core figu members leave the group? When did this happen and how does it affect the mission>? Can anyone leave any info please?

    • All that I know is that some people have felt that they didn’t want to be core members anymore, that they felt others were domineering, that the group was no longer embodying the same ideals, etc., that it had before. There’s a video posted by them here:

      • The video comes across as self-pitying to me.
        Hans-George even him mentions that Ptaah said they were under a “massive negative influence” – maybe in part the CIA mind-control/Dajjal? I don’t know, but this sort of egocentric self-pity seems unjustified.

      • Let’s not forget the similar “he is a real prophet and I have seen the UFOs” followed by slanderous accusations by the apparently labile and childish/immature Methusalem. Many people apparently live only inside their own ego and do not see the consequences of their actions, i.e. are “realitätsfremd-naive”.

        • I’d also like to add that this is very disloyal to Billy, who himself probably only has 5 -10 or maybe 20 years left to live given his present health. Taking 3 years away from that participation is to take away 3 years that can never be bought back. And Hans-Georg mentions -his- health as a factor for his 3-year break from FIGU. Very disappointing.

          • Michael, I don’t know that it is that important to translate it. I have pretty much summarized it here, and there don’t appear to be any specifics. Also, I am still working on the translation of the much more important book, etc. I don’t want to waste time with these self-pitying ramblings. My general impression is that these people thought they would “rise up the ranks” by being in the FIGU and are envious that someone else has what they perceive as a higher position than them for “unfair” reasons, but actually for entirely understandable practical and psychological reasons. I don’t know the details and the facts, however, as they are sparse regarding these.

      • I have a particular lack of tolerance for this self-pitying behaviour, as the complaint is basically having his opinions criticized (by both Billy and Ptaah, mind you) when they were – wrong. I’ve received the Billy-slap myself before, and it was good for me. He was simply right. When you learn from criticism rather than persevere in your ego then we call you mature. This has nothing to do with “groupthink” or belief, but simply an honest assessment of the facts and one’s own true abilities, etc. It actually might take years to find out where Billy was really coming from when he criticized your opinion, simply because his level of knowledge is so much higher than the standard on Earth – but it is worth it.

  • Congratulation MH for ‘And Did They Listen?’ and ‘When Truth Prevails’ being chosen to be shown at Cannes. Very good news indeed.

    • Thank you, they’re actually being represented by a company for international distribution. They’re not part of the festival where they show the films for awards, etc. Also, please feel free to post here and use your first name too.


  • Christianity literally demonised happiness.

    The Greek root word for ‘demon’, εὐδαιμονία (eudaimonia), literally means happiness, or, good-spiritedness and δαίμων (daimōn) denotes spirit power, much like the Latin genius, or, numen. Apparently, Plato used ‘daimon’ to describe the divine inspiration of Socrates.

    Billy’s many 7’s of the Universe, (Belts, Forces, Senses, evolution levels, etc.) may have once been common knowledge that could only survive a Christian world as the demon, ‘Archon’; a Gnostic concept of the universe, where the seven world-creating ‘archons’, known as the Hebdomad (ἑβδομάς), are semi-hostile powers, and are reckoned as the last and lowest emanations of the Creator; below them—and frequently considered as derived from them—comes the world.

    “The human must, according to his own will and from his own reason, abandon the religious, sectarian belief because the being God as well as angels, demons, religions and sects correspond to a work of human minds and are only an unreal fragment of an unreal reality.”

    • Interesting. I would take the translation a bit further as language itself has a thing of religious tampering like with certain Greek words and language derivations. For example, Euphrates being the biggest one on the map has a certain, let’s say old-religious connotation, to an otherwise benign sounding name for a river. Also, be really careful with the way Earth Humanity has treated “good” and “bad” and it’s terminologies. After all, the Meier material comes off as neutral-positive as it was stated as such to be while all Earthly religions and their error prone concepts, whether past or present, continue to hold us back.

  • “the genocidal terrorist and Merciless God of Love and Mercy of the Old Testament, who magically morphed into the more benign, Son-sacrificing Sadist of the New Testament”

    That was flipping hilarious!

  • I hope this world is getting Billy and the P`s message at the Canes Film Festible,that`s the most important message for this world called earth to learn and to stop beieving in god and religion which to me is nopthing more than total fiction like fairies,knomes and elms etc. Creation is the normal way to go because Creation is what really matters. “Creation is life giving and natural and unadulterated and simple, doesn`t fuss with nuns,rabbies,priest pasters and sing-song stupidity and people dressing up to please a non exsting god and a fake Jesus, after all we really know who Jesus is,Immanuel. I just only wish this world would just get over this ridiculous fake nonsence and grow up faster! “YIKES!”:(((( I hope the people at Cannes and elsewhere finally get the REAL message!

  • If I may; that misterious “Cloud-bound Father” concept comes from the ancient pagan beliefs that our Sun, which has in ancient pagan religions been called also as (AMUN-) Zeus, (AMUN-)Ra, (AMUN-)Sol(AMON) , (AMUN-) Baal – Allah, (AMUN-)Bel, etc., is that “father figure” (creational force of the solar system) in christianity; and thus percieved as father of other “gods” – planets and other deities in the sky (“Heaven” = “Olimp” = “Zion”). So it is not like it (“father” – the sun) does not exists, but rather its function is misperceived and is given contributes that have nothing to do with reality, particularly not dealing with human affairs; which ancient primitive people believed it does! Ancient Pagans also believed the sun can incarnate on the planet as a human being or concieve a human child (“son of the sun” = “celestial son” = “Ye Zeus Christos” = “je-Z(e)u(s)-it” = “Ra-bin”= “Pha-Ra-oh” = “Ka-lif” = “Ce-sa-Re” = “Ra-M(o)ses” etc. etc.). Thus this “heavenly father” concept remained till today in “modern” religions which all came about from the ancient pagan ones. Of course calling upon is completely useless, as such huge organisms (planets ie. stars or any other larger Universal organisms) do not react in any way to human worship, calling uppon or praying.

    Other thing is that to may knowledge Donald Trump is never going to be allowed to become the last US president, as Killary Killton has been decades ago chosen to be the last US president. Bush family and other ruling coconspirators are certain to order assassination of Donald Trump before or just as he becomes a president, if this at all is going to be allowed to happen. If necessary they plan to declare Martial Law and suspend elections. This has been decided even before 1992, or possibly even before 1974; very likely as a part of a detailed instructions given to the rulling class by Bafath, before they were deported from our planet. All these instructions given to the ruling “elite” by Bafath have been depicted in 1992 by Steve Jackson in his “illuminati playing cards”. In one of those cards also Killary is depicted just as well as assassiantion of Donald Trump, and just like other past and future staged events, where also fake invasion is depicted as one of the plans/instructions.

    Donald Trump pre planned assassiantion:

    • I’d be careful about buying into the idea that the Baath gave “instructions” about Hillary Clinton and Trump, etc., before being deported. I don’t think had time to pack their bags or make phone calls, etc. In those cards, it’s not unusual for Hillary to be depicted if they were made around the time of the Clinton presidency. I didn’t see the assassination of Trump.

      It’s not at all out of the question that there are parties that would either want to stop Trump by any means…or “help” him like they did Obama, should he gain the presidency. The real powers, the string pullers are mainly behind the scenes and people still need to realize that their destinies aren’t determined by others…unless they let them.

    • Anthony, this sort of thing happens all time. It’s usually either coincidence/postdiction or collective subconscious in nature, or a combination of the two based on general mass-psychological trends, e.g. the Simpsons, Back to the Future, &c.

    • By the way, the “son of God” B.S. has many sources, but one of them is that Nokodemion’s spirit-form is really the only one in the universe to return from Arahat Athersata into the cycle of reincarnation. The “son of God” belief is a total distortion and falsification.

  • The Swiss core-group 49 (along with Billy) are all of our heroes (and role models) to look up to, I just wish they would reconsider this, and stay unified and strong.

    Salome/Corey Müske

  • MH, its awesome to hear that your film is getting attention , your passion and your work are very inspiring.
    Regarding religions, god delusional disorder is very profound. When you think about the magnitude of billions overrun with this concept to me its very sinister and a pointed crime. Toiling with the minds of billions of humans is undeniable and catastrophic for the entire planet and species. In fact could it be the greatest crime on the face of the earth still running amuck and ongoing? Even imagining and end of it is difficult to fathom.

    • Salome David,
      There are not many who want to hear about, let alone trouble themselves with the necessary thoughts and accompanying feelings about “things” that would have them requiring themselves to change their actions even one iota away from the status quo. That would take their “concentration” away from their “thinking” of ways of how to get an abundance of never to be realized hordes of MAMMON!
      I am “wasting” my life (per my christdom mother) because I am not amassing material possessions that I don’t stand a chance of taking with me upon my death; yet am amassing a veritable treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom that will have me passing the “finish line” along with all “contestants” in the scheme of conscious evolution into eternity.
      Your fellow student,

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