Six Years Later They Speak Again

Mel Fabregas revisits the Billy Meier UFO case

Six years ago, Mel Fabregas interviewed me about the Billy Meier UFO case. I think it’s fair to say that even though he conducted his characteristically classy interview, he was somewhat skeptical of my overall claims of the singular authenticity, and importance, of the Meier case.

We have a new interview you can listen to here that goes into many things, such as Meier’s voluminous, independently analyzed and authenticated UFO photos, films and other evidence, his abundance of specific, prophetically accurate information, the failure of the best of the skeptics to debunk, or duplicate, Meier’s evidence, the importance of the spiritual teaching and even how the Plejaren essentially predicted that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t ever become president – eight years ago.

Whatever Mel’s position on the Meier case may actually be, he certainly knows how to conduct a fair and thoughtful interview, asking good questions and certainly allowing plenty of time for the answers .

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25 Replies to “Six Years Later They Speak Again”

  1. Michael,

    In the interview you say that back in 2006 a man by the name of Garick Moore, or however you spell his name, had approached you and admitted to you that he had helped Kal Korff to basically discredit the Meier case. You said that all the information regarding the incident can be found on your blog. But I can’t find anything about this Garick Moore that you mentioned in the interview. Could you please give me a link to this story?

  2. Hi all, hope everyone is doing well!!!
    I have been reading these blogs and following Mike and Billy for quite sometime now. Regardless what topic that people are talking about there seems to be a common thread with all of them. It seems anything that benefits humanity but rubs mainstream the wrong way, it gets attacked. For example aside from Billy which speaks for itself, I know of doctors that are having major success in helping people to rid themselves of lets say cancer. But instead of mainstream medicine saying how did you do that they ridicule the patient and the doctor of record. Now I understand why the pharmaceutical companies attack them, but why would a simple doctor do that. Why wouldn’t they say, “hey, how did you do that?”. This above all things is what frustrates me the most and I have racked my brain as to why people are like that and I truly don’t get it. You have a doctor that will help reset your body and then on a larger scale we have Billy who’s basically given us the answers to all that ails us and how to save us from ourselves and how do we repay him, we try to kill him. Maybe we don’t deserve Billy, I mean you can only be over the head a number of times before you say hey what’s going on? Is it that the human EGO has gotten so big that nothing of truth matters anymore. I know we here on the blog all want the same thing but I can’t help seating back sometimes and imaging I was a P and watching from afar and I would be just shaking my head. Maybe we deserve what’s coming down the pipe. It’s gotten so stupid that I just don’t know what to tell my kids anymore!!!

    1. Yes and it also holds true for this guy, Dutchsinse, who has an uncanny record of predicting the location, time and magnitude of earthquakes:

      They routinely shut his site down when he gets another one right, like he did with the recent big ones in Italy, the Solomon Islands, etc.

      The USGS should ask how, or read his information, and thank him profusely for doing for free what they can’t do, even with their funding.

    2. Hi Joe, the reason behind the cancer doctors cure not being available is due to Pharmaceutical Companies Big Money and cancer generates lots of money. Kevin Trudeau’s book “natural cures they don’t want you to know about” goes more in depth. I also talked to a doctor who has a cure but cannot sell it outright otherwise they would pull his license to practise. Even one of his patients wouldn’t tell his cancer doctors what he was taking but he had a laugh when they told him his tumours were getting smaller and they took credit for it.
      It’s the same with Billy. The information is bound to discredit so many institutions and they will lose a lot of power and money. Can’t wait for that day to happen.

  3. Let me add one more thing as Mike stated above in response to Terry, if we can’t figure it out with the wealth of knowledge and information Billy has shared with us, then nothing more will make a difference in my Opinion.
    P.S – Mike, you didn’t reply to my reply about my dilemma, was that done on purpose because you want me to figure out for myself or would you rather not want to form an opinion on it.

      1. It is really difficult and I agree with you that everyone here has the same tendency and thread for the search for truth and clarification of the themes. Discussions should always be seen as normal and positive. Why should we be afraid of whoever makes to an objection or doubt? Would not it indicate that our certainty is insufficient? Thank you.

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