The Quiescent State

Attaining and maintaining internal peacefulness in a chaotic world

The new spiritual teaching people arise in a world of great external chaos and conflicts, they will need to learn how to gain access to, attain and maintain, their internal peacefulness. We see various meditation groups and so-called mindfulness programs appearing, so many people are already recognizing the need to cultivate peacefulness within themselves.

There is very specific information from Billy Meier on individual, as well as group*, meditation practices that help the individual deal with negative conditions, feelings, emotions, traits and behaviors that have taken a foothold in their memory, or subconsciousness.

The Quiescent State

The two following excerpts from Meier’s writings (emphasis added) explain more about how to work with these situations, as volatile as the internal content may be, in a still or quiescent state.

From The Way to Live, page 394, verse 452:

“If one is still unaccustomed in regard to meditation, but is able to attain a state of deep stillness, then often this does not last very long, because, again and again, thoughts, feelings and emotions or impulsations, and so forth, arise. Such manifestations should be neither oppressed with Gewalt (violence) nor rejected; rather, they should simply be accepted in the flow of the pure awareness. It is the stillness which is important and the all-embracing, peaceful state of meditation done with dedication. All that which arises and manifests is nothing other than the everyday consciousness’s own radiation, which can be brought under control through a further dedication to the meditation, whereby, however, coercion must not be exercised, rather stillness and pure perception in the peaceful state. It can thereby be advantageous to immediately follow the arising constructs back to the root of their origin in order to dissolve them there. If the unshakable stability of the perception and view is really embodied, regardless of whatever arises, then, in the meditation, everything becomes fathomed in truth without the possibility of distraction; consequently, delusions no longer come forth from any kind of things, and none can occur anymore.”

From And there shall be peace on Earth:

“Problems of any kind, be it fear, hatred, revenge, cowardice, terror, lust for power and retaliation, or whatever else, cannot and may not be simply filed or buried in one’s memory or subconsciousness, with the hope that they simply disappear. In fact, the problems remain existent and maliciously push into the foreground again and again causing uncontrollable harm. In the worst case the consequences will be war, hatred, vindictiveness, murder, greed for power, and striving to gain power; as well as terror, fanaticism, or homicide of the most evil form. To fight against these evil forms of degenerations is more or less unsuccessful. Thus it is not possible to simply file away these problems in one’s memory or subconsciousness, for they need a clear resolution and dissolution. The only way that this can happen is by leading the existing problems into an acute state, where their particulars and subtleties can be consciously examined, analysed, cleared up and dissolved. Putting problems into an acute state means that problems -whatever they are, whether they relate to themselves or to a single fellow-human being, or to several of them, or to an entire nation, the environment, or even to the whole of mankind – are tackled in the way whereby they are consciously brought forward and made to exist in the present where they are recognisable and acute. In this way they become highly active and break forth like an explosion. However, that has to happen in a quiescent state, in where the problems that are becoming acute become mobile only in the thoughts and feelings and do not break out externally. The problems, therefore, are not becoming externally effective but are only directed inwards, towards the thoughts, feelings and emotions. And as the problem’s eruption takes place consciously occurring only in the inside, since there were no external factors present such as other people, activities, situations, etc., this is called a quiescent state; because quiet prevails externally and the fight only takes place internally. The problems don’t have to be fought and overcome in an external condition that is unreal, for they are not externally existent. Thus this process only takes place internally acute in thoughts, feelings and emotions, and can be consciously controlled, analysed, worked upon and dissolved iota for iota. Therefore, all emotions as well as problems of any kind are in an external quiescent state when they are placed into an acute condition in the innermost self. Which is why it is also taught that emotional problems and any other forms of problems can only be worked upon and dissolved in their quiescent state.”

A Personal How-To Instructional

In 1990, I created the Consciousness Awareness Workshop based on these principles (though I hadn’t read and learned them from the spiritual teaching yet at the time). I began doing private and group sessions in this process, which I originally called Standing in Spirit. I was also invited to teach it to corporate and government leaders in Europe, by a consultant to Princess Diana, because of its stress-relieving and clarity-enhancing benefits. Some of the participants corresponded with me for years afterwards.

When I asked Meier if I should separate this work from my representation of the case and the spiritual teaching, he requested that I include it and instruct people in the process at every opportunity. This instructions, which is now available on a DVD, promotes the attainment and practice of the quiescent state, leading to it becoming more of the daily norm; a preferred state to live in the more familiar we become with it.

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So, I invite you to get the Consciousness Awareness Workshop and you’ll also get a FREE bonus DVD, The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life. And certainly, The Way to Live is a profound and beautiful book that instructs, with great clarity, in exactly what the title portends.

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*The Salome Peace Meditation

You can also join the growing numbers of people who, for many years, have been practicing the worldwide Salome Peace Meditation, which occurs on two weekends every month.

Thanks to Kenneth Smith for the excerpt from The Way to Live.

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  1. ‘Lead me not into temptation and confusion, but deliver me from error.’ I understand this as a guide to restraining yourself from materialistic outbursts towards your fellow human beings which can only lead to confusion which is wrong/deliver me from error.

    1. Hi Michael,

      The workshop is one good method. It can be helpful also because
      it’s in an audio/visual format and you also get to see and hear other people’s experiences.


    All seven prayers that trace back to either Nokodemion, or the 2nd to last Henok, or the last Henok (all former personalities of Billy out in space [this is the great Nokodemion-Henok mission after all: see Nokodemion book]).

    The link above is for a downloadable PDF that includes the German/English of all 7 prayers. To assist with the German prayer (Gebet) pronunciation, one can utilize an online German dictionary that then gives one an audio track of the word, but even if you mispronounce a few words, your inner world (consciousness) knows what German you are trying to say because of genetic memory.

  3. Hello Dolly and all others who may be interested in the “retreat”. Your response to this thought is encouraging. The ranch setting in Colorado seems like a good idea to me since I have been known to travel to Colorado on business. My Ziele in this endeavor is to make it a Meier case/ Meier material/FIGU type of event and not just a “spiritual” event. The best location for convenient attendance is an important factor, although not the only factor. I would like to know more of the details of this setting. Anyone who is talented in bringing together and organizing the right people, places and things for such an even, please come forward! I’m truly hoping to hear more and get more response. I don’t want to broadcast my email address at this time but perhaps Michael Horn can provide contact information to the interested parties ?? Much Thanks! Steve Suggs

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