Even Alex Jones Has His Price

Won’t reveal Meier prophecies because he doesn’t want his cash cow gored

Americans Are VERY Slow Learners

In addition to conservative commentator Pat Buchanan, now even prominent military people are also finally commenting about the coming American civil war(s), which of course Billy Meier first predicted…36 years ago. This information has been sent, repeatedly, to not only the MSM but alternative news sources, including Alex Jones.

But – exactly like the MSM – Jones won’t reveal Meier’s information because he doesn’t want his cash cow gored. He knows that his largely highly religious audience has basically turned the power and direction of their own lives over to imaginary gods, saviors and saints, and to dare to let them learn the truth would risk seeing his fortunes crumble.

Some time ago we also said – among other things – that it wouldn’t be the right-wingers who’d be the first to hit the streets and precipitate the civil wars. And, of course, we sent all that to Jones too. Americans, indeed, are very slow learners.

Newsweek and Yellowstone

Now Newsweek is reporting on Yellowstone, which must certainly be reassuring. I’ve sent them this information in case there’s an accidental slip and someone with actual investigative skills, and sufficient interest, happens to see it. Ironically, this is one thing that human beings can’t do much about, as Sfath plainly stated.

New from Billy Meier!

Here are the 10 questions and answers from my recent visit with Billy Meier. Certainly, some of Meier’s answers may be controversial.

Regarding the question about the connection between autism and vaccines, this new information seems to corroborate what Meier was told by Ptaah, regarding the complexity of the issue.

Predictions of the Prophet Jeremia

The original translation that had mistakenlycredited the prophet Elia (Elijah) with some of the predictions has been corrected, as Jeremia was the sole author and the also corrected translation is now available. We recently referred to his predictions here.

Close Your Eyes and Pick a Number

It seems that everywhere you look, another element of Meier’s prophetic and predictive information is being corroborated, some more dramatically than others. We know that Greece has already fulfilled this, from 1958:

39.) The fire of maladministration spreads itself constantly, also in the inept governments which, likewise driven by maladministration, manage their own countries into ruin when they accrue such immense debts that they rise in such a fashion that the country must be declared bankrupt.

And it’s already becoming evident here in the US, as the state of  Illinois is now on the verge of bankruptcy. The population of Illinois is approximately 17% larger than the entire country of Greece.

As It’s Always Been

The answer still is as it’s always been, look to the spiritual teaching and let the wisdom in these excellent books be a trustworthy companion for you…as the time fulfills.

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Michael Freesmeier

I don’t think the problem with Jones is the fear of loosing his cash cow, as you put it…I think he, like many of his listeners, is a slave to religion. That, as you have witnessed many times, is a road block that will cloud factual information to the point of rejection. I believe he is doing good work, and yes it could of course be even better…but the power of religion is still strong and as was said here before…this is gonna take some time to open peoples minds and flush the junk.

Melissa Osaki

I think the answer to number 8 is interesting. I’ll go with Ptaah spoke with him in private for a $1000, Alex. The hostility in this country is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. Although a part of it is related to Trump, I think the driving factor is hatred of people that think differently, along with a lot of racial, gender, and religious hatred on all sides. I honestly can’t see people in this country reconciling their differences. We’ve had it too good for too long, which leads to a spoiled, self-absorbed, lazy citizenry. The ignorance on display is astounding and I’m sure that some parts of the world are taking bets on the next American civil war.
On a side note, I’ve noticed that some of my meditations have been producing negative images/scenes lately. The images I see are not the normal peaceful things I am used to seeing, instead, I see images of war, fighting, chaos and destruction. I quickly chase them away, but I wish they wouldn’t come in the first place. Anyways, that’s just my two cents.

Sheila Clark

Hi Melissa the over 171,000 psychopaths and those of a psychically confused nature sure let out a strong negative vibration. Hug those psychos with your thoughts, they won’t know where all the love is coming from.

Melissa Osaki

Good idea Sheila.
Sometimes I’ve been so startled by the scenes that my body just naturally jolts me out of my meditative state. If it happens again, I’m going to see if I can observe it a little longer so I can get to the bottom of it.

Terry Carch

Hi Melissa and Sheila, Lately I`v been having trouble meditating because there are alot of thoughts on my mind and I can`t seem to concentrate meditating so I occasionally do what I call contemplation meditation which is just thinking and analyzing the what if next? There are lots of meditation videos you can watch and listen to on youtube which I sometimes do especially when I can`t think and or meditate to clear and quiet my mind. but most of the time I like to listen to clssical, light classical music, easy music(what I call Fred Astair music) but mostly soundscapes on cable TV that has no news,commercials etc no interruptions just strait music but the sound has to be very low barely audible in order for me to meditation. These are four of the 50 music channels from Opptimum TV which also has rock,jazz, show music latin,seasonal,etc,etc,etc but lately I`v been having trouble concentrating so I`ll just watch meditation videos just to contemplate if I can`t shut my mind off. I`ll just watch ambient space meditation videos or ambient nature videos prefeably with music.

Ian Perry

What brought down building WT7 would have been a better question to ask Billy then the Pentagon imo. I was surprised to hear the plane hit the Pentagon though.

Ian Perry

Thanks! At least I know Meier won’t say a plane actually also hit that one too! 🙂


I would definitely like to hear the rest of the story, since the video the government released on the strike, clearly doesn’t look like a plane impacting the building. I’m still trying to figure out where the wings went, because I don’t see them in any of the debris photos. Also, from what I’ve seen, no pilot could replicate the flight path that had to be taken in order for that plane to strike the Pentagon. Very strange indeed.

Brad Foster

Sorry, forgot to do that.

Wyatt Clancy

Don’t forget Meiers answer to a question concerning events of 9/11… http://www.theyfly.com/newsflash4/blltn_30.htm

At bottom of linked webpage

Thom Ebner

This link is an extremely helpful source of information, in light of what people think what the government does and doesn’t do.
When I think of the possibility of civil war and the country splitting into sections, I wonder what would become of the agencies behind the government.

Wyatt Clancy

I also wonder what the CIA/USAF will do with their secret aircraft. Use them against their civilians or stay underground?

Sheila Clark

Currently the TR3B are being used to keep infrastructure safe…but that could change.

Wyatt Clancy

Where did you hear that Sheila?

Sheila Clark

Try an experiment Wyatt. Go out in the middle of the night to a petrochemical plant and park your vehicle as close as possible and see what comes along to check you out.

CS Swalby

The Billy Meier case has generally earned media silence. Alex Jones and infowars crew rant about mainstream media (MSM) being Fake News or liars by omission, while also claiming to be the true, new media…and yet no Billy Meier info? Slow learners indeed.

Dolly Worby

I was just reading an article on RT News that Johnny Depp has signed a petition to assassinate Donald Trump!? This tells me the logical thinking of humans in this planet has becoming atrophy. Why would anyone even wants to think this way. It’s so sad to think that we as human beings are heading on this direction. For those few of us who are seeing behind the veil, participating in a worldwide meditation with our Pleijran friends is an utmost importance.
I just feel very sorry for the babies who are born in this planet as this time. The future is not pleasant.

Sheila Clark

Hi Dolly, good find. Johnny Depp obviously drank the kool-aid. Weird that none of these celebrities are ever charged with inciting violence. But then he was probably paid to say it and start the petition because paid actors always pretend their idea comes from themselves. Johnny Depp is an overpaid tool.
Yes the peace mediation is crucial to our survival. Now is not a good time to have children. The UN recently said that by 2050 there will be over 9 Billion people. They are probably off by 30 years as I’m sure we’ll reach that number within the next 3 years.

Wyatt Clancy


At 15:25. These mentally unstable, probably radicalised young people are holding assault rifles in broad daylight!


I wanted to ask about Ted Nugent who joked multiple times about assassinating President Barack Obama, who said Hillary Clinton should be hanged.”

Nussbaum continued, “He was invited to the White House for dinner by President Trump. Do you beleive that was appropriate and if Trump was offended by this incident why was he not bother by all of Mr. Nugent’s comments?”

Nathaniel Migneault

I listen to Alex Jones, and I dont like his constant god references but he is more on target than most of the MSM, but being a avid study of the Billy Meier contact notes, I have to laugh to myself when these so called know it all’s bring up things that they claim are new information or findings, when Billy stated these facts 20-30+ years ago.
I have also been fallowing you work MH and have to give you the up most props for your patience with people when explaining and educating the unknowing on the truth that Billy has given us.
Keep up the good work MH!!