Over 200,000 and Counting

Billy Meier reveals true number of ISIS terrorists now in Europe

Billy Meier was recently informed by Ptaah that, at the end of July 2017, there were already 200,316 terrorists, criminals and felons that had entered Europe, due to the idiocy of the degenerate psychopath, Angela Merkel, and her EU cohorts, and the naive and spineless weaklings of the European governments and security services.

A Checklist for Chumps

Let us recap the specific, unheeded warnings of how the fall of Europe to radical Islamists will unfold, now apparently unstoppably:

1958: “83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for the earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.”

1981: France will be conquered from within by Islam

1987: “175. And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver”

1995: “Islamic fundamentalism will become more extreme…”

2014: The Only Way to Stop the IS

2014: URGENT: Another Prophecy Fulfilling

2015: The Reason for the Paris Attacks: Billy Meier, 1958

2016: 17,461 Terrorist “Sleepers” Now in Europe

2016: First hand corroboration that Billy Meier’s warning about IS presence is real and underestimated

2016: ISIS Confirms “Sleepers” in Europe as Billy Meier Warned

2017: Misguided: 131,476 terrorists now in Europe

2017: These Are the Real Numbers, 172,407 total terrorists in US

2017: 200,316 terrorists now in Europe

Lawn Order

While the terminally stupid, religious deluded, politically infected masses contently keep chewing the grass, no gloating is in order; the sleepers are already ensconced in the USA and, quite obviously, Canada as well. Lest we forget – which we will anyway because it’s more convenient to keep denying the truth – the USA has also been warned, including the cause*:

219. With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220. *As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

How the WTC Twin Towers Fell

Speaking again of 9/11 and the WTC attack, while there’s also certain to be assertions by various conspiracy theorists that Meier must be wrong, as you can see, Ptaah also explained just how the WTC Twin Towers fell on 9/11.




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  1. Hi Terry,

    We could use special detention facilities specifically designed for the rehabilitation of terrorists, or at the very least they could not harm anybody else, not the general public, ie remove them from their damage inducement, until we get the banishment thing operational.

    The problem is the terrorists delusion is seated in the temporal and parietal lobes of their brains, and I don’t think we have the ways and means of “undoing” that, short of educating the general public that all religions are false, which would have to be done carefully and calmly or this would create mass uprisings. Mankind would have to be educated that it is beneficial to turn to the laws and recommendations of the Creation taught by the prophets of old in the Goblet of Truth for anybody that felt the calling, but the terrorists would have to be dealt with first (and then congruently) because breaking the truth to humanity would be a delicate operation.

    In countries like the US, where there are a hundreds of thousands of lone-wolves, and mass shootings, there should be a public hotline people can call, where they would be treated by the best mental health professionals instead of massacring innocent civilians.

    Corey Müske~

        1. Hi MH I heard that the Mandaly Hotel had good surveillance but somehow they could`t catch this lone wolf,how do you explane this Mandaly lone wolf case that just slipped by without management knowing just who entered the Mandaly Hotel?

  2. Rehabilitating terrorists is one thing we have to do, but remember that terrorism is a very high crime because the terrorist wants to take down (or at least inflict harm to) a host country because it’s a different culture then theirs, and the terrorist falsely sees his or her culture as superior, which is a form of fascism, but this works both ways if you consider Neo-nazism (modus extremis) which also has to be undone.~

    The world’s greatest counterterrorism operation would have to be smart, logistical, on point, intelligence sharing across country lines, an efficient use of resources, have the greater good in mind, and at times be undercover.

  3. Hi Corey What if this were in the US,would this include going between one state to another here in the US too? Thanks Salome Terry

  4. Bombs or missiles were planted inside the plane is what I recall Billy mentioning in the QandA I think.
    Never has Billy and the plejaren mentioned the pentagon as one of the three powers of US as possibly the culprit so this is a real possibility.

        1. Billy’s answers about explosives in the planes…

          “No, it was the terrorists who took the liquid explosives into the planes, not the US.”: http://forum.figu.org/cgi-bin/us/discus.cgi?pg=next&topic=12&page=7601

          “…there were explosives (was explosive?) in the planes.”: http://forum.figu.org/us/messages/12/6295.html#POST21406

          “As far as Billy knows the explosives on the plane were in liquid form, but he does not know how the explosives were brought on the planes.”

          Christian translates Billy’s answers, so there are two possibilities: The Plejaren previously mentioned liquid aluminium exploding after contact with water and Billy couldn’t mention this, only allude to it and the questioner and Christian filled in the gaps, or, additional explosive was placed in the plane by terrorists.

          1. Yeah it’s fishy if you know what I mean. Look, He’s sworn to a lifelong concealment of the dates many dates of the next nuclear weapon detonated in anger as well as a 15 year partial disclosure promise about 911, the mega hurricane, he’s also forbidden to disclose various other interesting things, but look look about 911, he is not allowed to discuss the wtc7 building and how it had no aluminium in it hot enough to implode etc. I respect him for that honour he has and boy let me tell you some of the secrets he’s sworn to keep would make you forget 911 overnight. But keep hunting Matt, you’ll work it ALL out, your a contender.

  5. After reading the 688th contact with Billy and Ptaah dated: July, 31 2017 it appears the aluminum skin of the airplanes liquefied upon impact and the buildings’ sprinklers set off the successive explosions. It was supposed to be kept secret for 15 years and Billy in a previous comment said we would never know who perpetrated these terrorist actions.

    I just wanted to mention this and other happenings of terror like the recent Las Vegas shooting the other night: This world is effected primarily by: overpopulation and the psychological and physical stresses that wears upon the minds of those who live here, stresses on the structure of the earth,, climatic unbalances, pollutants and lack of arable land are all due to this primary cause. At 3.9 babies per second we are increasing. Now at ~8.9 Billion when earth’s most collaborative population for a planet this size is a half billion! If we have a worldwide birth-stop right now, we will still feel the effects of catastrophic overpopulation for 16 to 20 years before this trend reverses. This is not a conspiracy theory but is an obvious artifact created by greed, avarice and those that make money from these worsening conditions.

    Overpopulation creates conditions conducive to ausartungen (the very bad getting out of the good behavior that is a being human). These we put into a big bag and collectively call terrorists. We can solve this problem once the “great minds” of our population understands the primary cause of nearly all of the negative conditions we are now experiencing.

    Salome: be greeted in Peace and Wisdom.


  6. Terry, here in the US we could put some terrorist rehabilitation center(s) anywhere we wanted to put them, although they should likely be isolated places. And remember “Goblet of the Truth” is for criminals too as part of their overall “rebalancing” as part of their banishment cycle (cycle of banishment).~

  7. Terry, although some states might want jurisdiction to start, but we might have to revolutionize our whole entire penal system to more of a planetary system for the banishable offences (murder, terrorism, etc) which would require unification of our penal codes.

    In the future, natural catastrophes will strike anywhere on the planet they want to, we all will share the same planet (Earth) and suffer the same fate as one people, why not share the same penal codes when it comes to banishment?

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