Billy Meier reveals true number of ISIS terrorists now in Europe

Billy Meier was recently informed by Ptaah that, at the end of July 2017, there were already 200,316 terrorists, criminals and felons that had entered Europe, due to the idiocy of the degenerate psychopath, Angela Merkel, and her EU cohorts, and the naive and spineless weaklings of the European governments and security services.

A Checklist for Chumps

Let us recap the specific, unheeded warnings of how the fall of Europe to radical Islamists will unfold, now apparently unstoppably:

1958: “83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for the earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.”

1981: France will be conquered from within by Islam

1987: “175. And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver”

1995: “Islamic fundamentalism will become more extreme…”

2014: The Only Way to Stop the IS

2014: URGENT: Another Prophecy Fulfilling

2015: The Reason for the Paris Attacks: Billy Meier, 1958

2016: 17,461 Terrorist “Sleepers” Now in Europe

2016: First hand corroboration that Billy Meier’s warning about IS presence is real and underestimated

2016: ISIS Confirms “Sleepers” in Europe as Billy Meier Warned

2017: Misguided: 131,476 terrorists now in Europe

2017: These Are the Real Numbers, 172,407 total terrorists in US

2017: 200,316 terrorists now in Europe

Lawn Order

While the terminally stupid, religious deluded, politically infected masses contently keep chewing the grass, no gloating is in order; the sleepers are already ensconced in the USA and, quite obviously, Canada as well. Lest we forget – which we will anyway because it’s more convenient to keep denying the truth – the USA has also been warned, including the cause*:

219. With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220. *As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

How the WTC Twin Towers Fell

Speaking again of 9/11 and the WTC attack, while there’s also certain to be assertions by various conspiracy theorists that Meier must be wrong, as you can see, Ptaah also explained just how the WTC Twin Towers fell on 9/11.




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  • hello there 2nd of october here

    where can we find again the information where Ptaah explain how the tower fell or the clues about it


    have a nice October

  • While Ptaah’s information is fine, it doesn’t mean that every part of Europe (or America for that matter; IE – Arizona) is bad, even Germany, which I heard spoken of so poorly majority of the times. I stay in Germany and it’s a lovely place, and there is a lot of good about it, despite the flaws. Granted, there are specific happenings occurring at specific locations.

    There are good and bad places everywhere in the world, including the ‘bad’ press places. It really depends on where you live. I say this because it could be easy for those who aren’t living in these countries but hearing all these bad reports about it to give into hysteria and condemn etc. (See what Alex Jones and his team does for example)

    • According to the Meier material it’s actually a media blackout so citizens are unaware of what’s going on in their own community.

          • This is why I posted my original comment. If you think an entire country is bad because of what I’d happening then you are being hysterical, especially when you haven’t a clue what the country itself is like if you do not live in it.

            Naturally media is posting disinformation but there’s also self information and being in / living in the mentioned places.

            PS: Media disinformation goes both ways. It can also be used to cause panic and hype such as right wing extremists

        • One bad apple doesn’t mean that all the apples are spoiled, but, given time and if you are only considering your immediate environment, then I would suggest you are not a native, i.e., concerned for the well being of your most impoverished and vulnerable. Hardly spiritual.

          • …and fear of “Pitchfork raising, xenophobia and panic” shouldn’t prevent one acting on those concerns, even if accusations of racism are an inevitable result (see the public response to Trump’s border controls for more info).

          • You should refrain from assumption and take the words at face value, unless, of course, you condone xenophobia, panic and pitchfork raising? This isn’t the proper way to go about fixing things which can only be through a neutral approach.

            Somewhat reminds one of the witch hunts where if I recall, millions were killed? Hardly, neutral spiritual. Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.

          • Stop the assumptions and don’t try to drag this into another unrelated topic. My comment is simple. There ARE good places in Europe and America, and there will continue to be good places, even as the state of the world regresses. That’s reality.

            I posted this comment because often times I see comments here that remind me no better of the idiotic alt-right and sometimes, the snowflake left, along with the conspiracists losing their minds and sometimes, just plain ole’ panic. All of these approaches are useless. They are not neutral and they will not bring the proper change we hope for.

            You want to know what will? Individual change for the better; which is only possible through self initiative and following of Creational laws and recommendations, which more or less reflects (at least a good portion of it) from the things being said here and the people saying them.

            It’s fine to make mistakes as long as one is able to learn, and many things that are happening today we need not make the same mistakes of our forefathers (See the witch hunts for example)

            I have a solid guess that Michael does not post these blogs, topics etc. for people to rally their pitchforks, go down the street and start hating everyone who is different from them or to cause panic, fear and paranoia about the world ending and all the chaos etc. but rather to promote the ONLY cure possible — which are the spirit teachings. The point Michael pretty much always comes to at the end of almost every blog.

            This is the ONLY cure.
            This is the ONLY hope.
            And is neutral.

            Not through being pro-right or pro-left. Not through discriminating or hating, and not through a lack of spine to do what is right. It won’t come from trying to change the world without scoping self. It only comes from self, which ironically is the only way to change the world. This is precisely why change in our world is so difficult.

            The idea that folks need to go out and change the world is foolish, because to truly do this, it can only start from within and likewise, we need everyone to do that. The sooner we all do that, the quicker our world is saved. THAT is the ONLY way.

            PS: Most folks think they ‘know’ what ‘neutral’ really means, but they don’t. Neutral isn’t pacifism, it’s clarity. The only way to truly appreciate the value of neutrality, and to walk in it, is through meditation.

          • What assumptions are referring to? You mentioned pitchforks and xenophobia. I’m referring to the theme of this blog. It’s not all about you Jed. Calm down or get some face time as needed. Be neutral.

          • You have serious ego issues you need to sort out and maybe, stop projecting. You divert from main points just to prove yourself right about something, even if sometimes you have no knowledge of other things.

            You still have no clue what neutral remotely means.

            The Way to Live is a fantastic book to learn from, along with many other spiritual teaching books. Your outlook and responses will naturally change as you develop new cognitions, understanding and wisdom about life, Death and the forever.

            When you profoundly understand this you will see what I mean.

          • Yeh well your attempt to patronise and assert things about me that aren’t true didn’t answer the specific question, but, never mind.


      • Absolutely, Sheila, [media blackouts] have obviously been an advantage to any so-called ‘powers that be’ many times over. We can likely expect [such] to never go away, including the myriad efforts of disinformation by ‘the controllers’. As I continue to ingest the Meier info, I find it difficult to hold to a positive attitude re: the welfare of our species on this planet, yet I feel the Earth will always regenerate.

        • John, digest the spirit teachings and it becomes a lot more easier to live a great life with a positive attitude, regardless of the state of things.

          Give it time with the teachings and you’ll see. Even if the world is ending, the teaching of life, the teaching of spirit helps one to become whole, free and truly neutral positive.

        • I feel like what I’m posting is pretty obvious but for those who still don’t get it…

          Billy, for example, lives in Europe. Would you say the particular place he lives in is “bad”? I’d think not. He lives in a good location, even though there is still stuff happening around the country and surrounding countries etc.

        • Hi John media blackouts work. Remember a couple years ago the 2 murdered camp cooks at Fox Creek, AB? Haley was one of the victims, also a former school chum of Darcy’s (Darcy from this blog). The murderer was an IS goon who actually ate part of the other victim. That came out in court but was never reported by media. The murderer Daniel Goodridge had been fired a few times then rehired. Why was WCB so quick to pay the family for all funeral costs? He’ll probably get off scott free like that Degrood kid (mixed race leading to devolution?) in Calgary who stabbed 5 university students to death. Our judicial system is broken. Degrood’s dad was a cop and I can only find someone who works for AHS with the Goodridge name.

  • Very interesting info on the properties of liquid aluminium and its potential when introduced to water. I think it’s always worth remembering that the Plejaren filter this type of info in accordance with their directives. At face value that can be seriously annoying, but you can see the wisdom in it.

    So the Black Knight is real then? I’d love to know what that’s really all about. Might be a wait, but the truth always comes out at some point.

    Some great snippets of info here. Thank you!

    • The heated Aluminium and water combination is indeed very interesting, and it somewhat ties in with what is reported in the following BBC story:

      Grenfell fire: ‘Water may have sped up spread of flames’

    • Liquid aluminum is so hot it can crack water into pure hydrogen and pure oxygen the heat along with the catalyst aluminum, spontaneously combusts, and ignites into an explosion of molecules that burn.

  • Terrorism (or willing to commit terrorism) is a banishable offence, pure and simple, the problem is many of the radicalized extremists won’t likely listen to reason and logic to give up their fake religion which fans the flames of their harm-inducing ideals seated in their brains.

    From what I can tell Europe has a complete dragnet watching as many terrorists as possible in counter terrorism operations, the now the job moving forward is to save Europe, the US, and everybody else in the world by forming the world’s greatest counterterrorism operation known to mankind (the West conjointly with the East) that one day very publicly enforces banishment practices for each offender, for the time being we may have to use standard jail cells.~

    Banishment taught in the “Goblet of the Truth” by the prophets of old: 2:197, 2:233-2:335, 2:388, 3:146, 3:214-3:215, 4:04, 4:25, 4:33, 4:47, 4:54, 4:58, 4:82, 4:83, 4:122, 4:220, 5:33, 5:50, 5:55, 5:137, 6:125, 7:04, 8:68-8:71, 9:99~

  • The authorities in Europe, Russia, China, and the United States need to learn to work together for the sake of all of Earth humanity to create the most successful counterterrorism operation known to mankind.~

    The countries of Russia, China, and the United States should form a trilateral partnership (with the US side a highly monitored detachment) with the authorities in Europe (INTERPOL included with all affected EU countries) a willing subsidiary to take down all terrorism in Europe for good.~

    I think this would be the most successful counterterrorism operation in modern history with a very high success rate, the future of Europe could be very bright for all Europeans.~

    • ” The authorities in Europe, Russia, China, and the United States need to learn to work together for the sake of all of Earth humanity to create the most successful counterterrorism operation known to mankind.~”

      Respectfully, Corey, great suggestion, but would never happen on this planet. We’re ruled completely by masculine mindset, call ’em kingships. ‘Peons’ obviously still exist in servitude to kingships. Even females who hold so-called ‘time-honoured’ positions of power generally operate from their masculine aspect. There’s wayy tooo muchh apathy on the part of those who form and/or find themselves in positions of power.

    • Hi Corey, Will standard jail cells be enough for all those terrorist organization or do you think something much stronger is needed to prevent all these terrorist from escaping and doing harm to all of humanity here on Earth? Thanks and Salome,Terry

  • So the population of Earth has to be corrected? Okay … in view of the tragic situations observed worldwide, and YET TO UNFOLD, maybe the variations on American gun laws will actually contribute to decreasing the wear and tear on Earth! I’m really kidding, as I respect those who went through the Los Vegas event! I`m a Canadian reader of this blog, and I have always shunned the U.S. constitutional `right to carry arms`. – … Tell me, what good is the department of homeland security? HOW DOES ANYONE GET 10 GUNS INTO a Mandolay Bay Resort?

      • The media continues to add further details, so, I apparently my earlier question is edited to read, HOW DOES ANYONE GET 23 guns into the Mandolay resort? It seems quite odd that a retired accountant, with no police record, would construct an assault on a music festival. I don’t consider myself a ‘conspiracy theorist’ but this incident appears somewhat related to other scenarios where an irrefutable, genuine, media-sourced explanation has rarely been the closing word.

  • Hi John, I totally agree with you. I think it` s high time the Second Amendment to the US Constitution should be totally through out all together. There are just too many people today walking around with guns and other weapons in secret. It`s high time to stop this insane violence and insane attitude that it OK to carry a gun in a concealed pocket etc. To me the US is the most violent country ion this planet thanks to all the warmongering going on!!! I don`t think the US government,Deep State,Shadow Governmnet has learned it lessons nor do I think it ever will!!! It`s high time we need to put a stop to all this insane implacable above the law attitude once and for all about weapons of such magnitude etc!!! “This insane violent attitude has to stop NOW, not tomorrow, next month,next year and so on!!! Salome Terry

    • I’ll turn my guns in just as soon as Billy turns his in…oh yea, he was issued fully automatic weapons from his government too, Mine are only semi auto’s and I had to purchase them myself. If you look at the evidence coming out on this you will see a false flag, but hey the Fema camps are all fake even though there is one just up the road from my house…there is no deep state or military industrial complex, ET’s are not real and Europe is not being flooded with Muslems by design.

      • Billy’s response to the question regarding firearm ownership is very interesting in regards to the rational requirements for ownership, which would include substantial training, psychical fitness, etc, as well the imperative avoidance of anxiety as a reason for obtaining weapons.

        However we also have to recognize the realities associated with hundreds of millions of firearms in possession and circulation around the United States and how strictly large portions of the population think and act very defensively regarding their firearms (whether that is assessed to be irrational and delusional or not). Rather than seeking change through coercion by directly assaulting the 2nd Amendment, we must consider how to use the Spiritual Teaching to initiate a positive change in our culture regarding how the “right” to collective or individual self-defense and firearm ownership, if it exists in that form, cannot be separated from responsibility for ownership and use, including effective and rightful use of Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit. Certainly not a quick or simple task, but it seems to me that it would ultimately be a critical one if a US Landesgruppe is to be successful in the future.

        • I agree Stuart. Guns are a part of American culture, which has taken centuries to cultivate, and it may take decades or more to reasonably address this issue. I wonder how many will die before the conversation becomes action.

    • Think it’s 0.027% Matthew. Significantly, no one country in Europe has more than 200,000 actively serving in their military.

      Any estimate for Oct 2017 would have to take into account the territory that has been taken from ISIS in the past month with many ISIS soldiers escaping into Europe.

  • Hi Terry,

    We could use special detention facilities specifically designed for the rehabilitation of terrorists, or at the very least they could not harm anybody else, not the general public, ie remove them from their damage inducement, until we get the banishment thing operational.

    The problem is the terrorists delusion is seated in the temporal and parietal lobes of their brains, and I don’t think we have the ways and means of “undoing” that, short of educating the general public that all religions are false, which would have to be done carefully and calmly or this would create mass uprisings. Mankind would have to be educated that it is beneficial to turn to the laws and recommendations of the Creation taught by the prophets of old in the Goblet of Truth for anybody that felt the calling, but the terrorists would have to be dealt with first (and then congruently) because breaking the truth to humanity would be a delicate operation.

    In countries like the US, where there are a hundreds of thousands of lone-wolves, and mass shootings, there should be a public hotline people can call, where they would be treated by the best mental health professionals instead of massacring innocent civilians.

    Corey Müske~

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