Life has pushed us into the pool and for some it may feel like the deep end

When one reads this rather sobering information, it’s very easy to fall into denial, despair, hopelessness, depression, etc.

But instead of succumbing to that, it’s better to view this as the opportunity to really put into practice the spiritual teaching.

While many of us read and discuss the teaching in terms of broad stroke aspects of our lives, reflecting on how and when we first found it, the improvements we’ve made in our personal lives because of it, etc., we now have the opportunity to make a quantum leap in both our own understanding and our application of it.

Much of society suffers from what’s called normalcy bias, perhaps in a sense all of us do. Our country has never been invaded and bombed by outside forces, we’ve never seen or endured what many other people around the world have…often as a result of our own country’s institutionalized violence and aggressive policies.

So, for those who understand the no-nonsense nature of the information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, and the spiritual teaching, we can think of this as an unannounced, unexpected…graduation.

The time is past for simply having long drawn out theoretical discussions, pity parties and hand-wringing sessions. As we often pose the question to people who have recently found the Meier material, let us address it to ourselves, “Now that you/we know…what will you/we do?”

Our studies of the teaching aren’t just meant to prepare us for some vague, distant, future events and challenges. As the saying goes, “It is now – and we are here.”

I suggest that we do prioritize self-reflection and self-awareness*, as we consider this information, these warnings, from Meier. This is a perfect opportunity to do some “inner work”, i.e. contemplation, meditation, etc., on the issues that he’s raised…and the issues that they raise inside of us.

Whether we like it or not, whether we feel “ready” or not, life has pushed us into the pool. For some it may feel like the deep end.

However, there is no better time to observe and control our thoughts, feelings and actions. We need to be inwardly clear, realistic and aware. We need to…see things as they really are. In other words, here’s the perfect opportunity to practice…Neutral-positive Thinking.

We know from the spiritual teaching – and please notice it’s also again in the new warnings from Meier – that each individual must be completely self-responsible and now that includes and pertains to discovering howthey/we will support and participate in a worldwide effort to take back the reins, the control of the direction of our national and international policies, through the might of our thoughts…and the appropriate actions that will follow.

Clearly, we are called upon to resist any participation in the warmongering, aggression, violence, etc. But we can go far beyond just resistance, be it in thought or deed, if we prioritize attaining inner clarity and proceed purposefully in our lives.

Of course, the internal processes should not become exercises in procrastination, nor do we have to feel that we have completely “resolved” any and all personal reactions, feelings, etc., about this ominous information before we begin to take action.

Nor do we need to be “perfect” to interact with like-minded people, in our community and others, online and in person, in order to create the positive changes we want to make.

Our “graduation” bestows upon us great responsibilities, especially in the way we think and…express our thoughts, through words and actions. Rather than futilely waste our time and energy bemoaning the situation and succumbing to feelings of overwhelm, we need to deal with the situation in manageable bites.

Without minimizing the seriousness of what we face, we can put even these formidable challenges in perspective. Meier has written about how to make a large problem smaller and more controllable. That is a good idea for the tasks, and the times, now at hand.

So, acknowledging the inner work that needs to continue to be done, we also have to interact with each other with accountability. Think of it like being on a vessel on the stormy seas, where each hand on deck must have a clear understanding of their part, their capabilities, etc. And, as Meier has so eloquently explained, each of us is of…equal value, no person intrinsically more important than the other in a truly interdependent, cooperative effort.

This isn’t about having to take big, dramatic actions in order to be effective, or to feel worthy. Small, consistent, ever-refined acts evolving out of clear, focused, fearless thinking will prove more important in the long run, individually and globally.

As pointed out before, we need to withdraw our attention from all of the distractions that have us jumping from one video to another, from one sensationalized post or commentator to another, and back to the foundational elements of the spiritual teaching, based on complete self-responsibilities for our own thoughts, feelings and actions.

If we want a different, better future it will only come from such personal efforts in concert and harmony with other like-minded people,


There are video meetings now being held by members of TheyFly Productions. These will expand and develop for, and along with, all those who choose to participate and contribute for the purpose of creating a cohesive, effective contribution to the overall goal.

As with every graduation, a new beginning, often into the unknown is encountered. But that’s why we have studied, and will continue to study, the spiritual teaching and now more vigorously apply what we have been learning.


*The Consciousness Awareness Workshop can be a very useful guide for facilitating such issues, etc.


Consciousness Awareness Workshop


TurnThat Wheel Together

It’s the time for coming together

to do what’s never been done

there’s a new game to be played

a new world to be made

where there’s more than enough

enough for everyone

We have lived here together as strangers

never knowing we were notes in the same song

till someone needed help

and we gave of ourselves

and we put our hands and hearts

right back where they belong

As we turn that wheel together

nobody turns it alone

it takes the strength of every brother

to turn that wheel along

Now we’re a world of nine billion voices

each one with something special to say

and now the day begins

when everybody wins

and each of us can give

we can give in our own way

As we turn that wheel together

nobody turns it alone

it takes the strength of every sister

to turn that wheel along

As we turn that wheel together

nobody turns it alone

it takes the strength of everybody

to turn that wheel along


© 1986 Sounds Eternal Music

Words & Music

Michael Horn & Jai Josefs

50 comments on “It’s Graduation Day

  • Some more information on the Peace Initiative…

    Along with participating in the Peace Meditation, this is also a great and doable example of “action” we can take, to help either prevent, or lessen the effects, should the dire prophecy of WWW4 fulfill itself.

    The below link is in German only (there may be an English translated version of this on another FIGU related website however). I at first thought there was a post by Michael re. “Peace Initiative” on They Fly somewhere (in the archives?) but both Michael and I could not find it on doing a search. In any case – if you are in the meantime able to translate the German for yourself, to English:


  • Jedi/Melissa… For some reason my comments aren’t posting … tried twice now to post a link to the “Peace Initiative” … Please see if they went into the junk filter (and no need to post this comment – just communicating the issue to you moderators-persons) 🙂


  • Who knows depite what billy said about Trump he could’ve been one of the old gods who’ve had ancient ties to the mission.
    It may be revealed much later by billy about Trump just as he revealed the truth about Obama much later when people started attacking him for his policies which were never his.

  • The end goal to all this truth disseminating effort is for the masses to self willingly take up the truth and live their lives according to the Creational spiritual laws hopefully to change the course of history and avert the prophecies from happening.
    But no matter how much effort you expend on presenting the truth if the people don’t accept it and take it up then its next to useless.
    The fact is it starts from a small group of truth knowers and hopefully the snowball effect catches on but this is what the truth is up against.
    The greatest enemy of the truth is mass ignorance.
    Right now it is the task of the small group of knowers of truth to unbury it from the piles of s*** on top of it drop by drop of truth, one axe blow by axe blow of truth after another.
    What we must understand though is that we all live within the greater world at large dominated by the external human conditions bourne out of billions of ignorant people’s thoughts, attitudes, feelings and actions.
    The current social and political forces are very powerful that it requires the masses of grassroots people to self willingly do the right thing for anything to change for the positive.
    Now this collective force is a very powerful reality that cannot simply be changed overnight nor was it meant for the small numbers of people who have recognised the truth to do so not that they have the means to do it nor the power to influence it in any significant way to change the course of history in the immediate foreseeable future.
    I think that because the Creational spiritual truth isn’t a religion nor a cult it is very uninspiringly unpopular to the current mindset of the masses by the shear fact that it has none of the glitzy attention grabbing wham bam element to it not to be insipid and boring.
    So essentially the status quo will remain because the process of the masses to recognise the self obligation to be responsble for themselves and to self willingly change themselves for the better requires so much time.

  • Free will can be a real bitch even at best of times.
    Obviously in the matters to do with disseminating the truth there is the danger that even with the best of intentions you could create evil without knowing it and this is why we are warned about missionizing and proselytizing.
    But when you are stuck between a rock and a hard place namely the near destruction of earth and billions dying as opposed to forcing the truth on the masses with them ‘believing’ and guranteeing that the prophecies don’t happen (although there is nothing guranteed in life) I would choose the later and ram the truth down people’s throats any day.
    I mean we have to face the reality of how the teaching works anyway right?
    By the shear wisdom contained in it people will naturally unfree themselves gradually from belief to real knowing anyway as they progress with their studies.
    Not all of course as some would treat it as a form of religion but by the shear nature of the spiritual teachings with preventative measures put in place that prevents people from turning the teachings into another cult religion and enough of those people having recognised the truth to call people out incase some do, forcing the truth onto others may not be as bad as people make of it.
    There is a fine line between forcing the truth and presenting the truth anyway.
    Some would deem it force just from other people talking about it when they didn’t ask for it.

  • Matt Remember one thing,if your ram and or force the spiritual teachings down a persons throat,this may basckfire and cause people to run for the hills out of fright and or scare tactics etc. Billy doesn`t recommend that you do this. Better to try “gently” to nudge people away from cults and relgions as I`v tried to do with a Russian friend who is so devoutly Russian Orthodox Church who almost always wares a cross around her neck fir the life of me most of the time:-(((

    • Terry so far as of present I haven’t witnessed nor heard about anyone running for the hill s### scared from the meier material not least you, me or anyone participating in the blog.
      Maybe they watched the movie ‘the hills have eyes’ and ran down that hill faster than flash gordon.

  • I am going to need all graduates to, calm down!
    If, as Semjase told BEAM on Thursday, October 19, 1978, there is still a human being with Nokedemion’s spirit-form alive on this here planet in 3999 that is going to leave, then whatever happens between now and then can’t be all that “WE ARE DOOMED, WE HAVE NO HOPE, KISS YOUR $#&@ GOODBYE!”

    And if BEAM is teaching P’taah in certain aspects of life, I know who my money is on as being our King of Wisdom! 😉

  • Reading all the comments I’m beginning to think that folks are missing the point…. the very important message that Billy is trying to give us.

    Let’s put it this way – Billy and the P’s don’t talk frivolously – when a public contact of the nature of 704 is released then be assured that it is very serious indeed.

    Yes, it’s an AS-YET unfulfilled prophecy.
    No – it’s not a DOOMSDAY prediction.

    YES if we complacently sit by and DO NOTHING to change the DIRE situation the current world events are turning into the prophecy WILL become self-fulfilling.

    When there is a raging fire outside threatening to consume every living thing and the firefighters have been battling the blaze and warning and warning residents to evacuate and still a few dead dumb and stubborn ones refuse to leave, and now the firefighters are yelling “get outside, get away, do what you can to save your own lives NOW before it’s too late….

    In a situation like this would any reasonable clear-sighted intelligent thinking person remain sitting in their comfy armchair in their comfy house, telling themselves “I don’t have to leave, the fire will pass me by and I’ll just keep living and doing as always… it’s not as bad as they say, surely..” or will an intelligent person pay attention, heed the call and do everything practically and reasonably possible to protect themselves and others from any potential serious impending destruction, ahead of time?

    Please think about it.

    Yes, we know that eventually things will turn around for the better on this planet. Eventually. In the meantime, is it really ok for us to play Russian-roulette with our and others lives? Do any of you truly have any idea of the absolute misery and devastation that a world wide nuclear conflagration will cause on this planet, for generations into the future…. where most of human kind and nature will be wiped out? Are you really ok about reincarnating for several lives back onto an irradiated planet?

    It’s really simple…. Billy gives very clear instruction on what we should be doing at this time to AVERT this prophecy from fulfilling. So let’s lose the complacent thinking – and start thinking like rational intelligent clear sighted human beings who are able to see reality for what it is.

    Salome (Peace in Wisdom)

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