And Did They Listen?

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The Adventures of Billy Meier!” is a comic strip type presentation of certain information in the Meier case that is especially important for humanity to know about.

It is hoped that many people who may not otherwise see, or read, this information will find it more accessible in this highly visual format, leading them to a deeper level of discovery. Continue reading “And Did They Listen?” »

The Religious Atheists-Skeptics on the Sam Harris Forum

This article is for the benefit of any readers interested in the thread I started on the Sam Harris forum. It pertains to information that I posted and linked to that clearly shows that numerous examples of specific, prophetically accurate information were published by Billy Meier long before “official discovery”.

The veracity of claims of prior publication are established by copyrights, our internationally recognized and accepted, legal standard of proof of prior and/or first publication. While copyrights establish the date that something was first published, the content itself must then be evaluated for accuracy and relevance.

In the case of Meier’s information, its specificity and accuracy can be determined by any interested person. Some specific examples, with relevance to challenges posed on the Harris forum, are listed below.*

The fact that a court of law would recognize that the copyrights constitute the existence of ironclad, irrefutable proof that Billy Meier’s information was published prior to the foretold events, is intolerable to pseudoscientific skeptics because of their rigid, religiously based belief systems. They will go to great lengths to still try to discredit that which they simply cannot tolerate. And make no mistake about it, many of those who consider themselves atheists-skeptics are among the most fundamentalist in their behavior towards, and rejection of even the possibility of the reality of, Meier’s evidence and information.

They possess an irrationality and fervor that is second to no evangelical of any other faith and in fact it can be every bit as much – if not more – blindly irrational in attacking what they’ve presumed to be so easily dismissible.

In the case of documents where the originals are no longer available, such as for the 1951,1958 and 1987, etc., prophecies and predictions, all one has to do is to ascertain when the documents were first published in German and/or when they were first published on the internet. Then, if one is patient, they will start to find evidence in the form of information that is corroborated even after the relatively more recent online dates. Such was the case for Dr. Sanford Weinstein, the formerly skeptical physician/physicist for whom Meier’s information, from 1987, regarding Russian military movements (and subsequent Canadian activities) compelled him to call Meier’s information “astonishing and amazing” and that it warranted the serious attention of our own military.

What is actually revealed in the persistence of skepticism to Meier’s prophetic information – especially since there can be no doubt at all when staring in the face of the various copyrighted books and documents – is a cynical, fearful inability to accept anything that lies outside of the primitive materialism of the skeptical reality. First, character assassination and derision will be employed. Since the skeptics automatically assume that Meier is some country bumpkin who (magically, of course) “hoaxes” everything, and they assume themselves to be far superior to him, they have no trouble trying to laugh him off and dismiss him as lacking any credibility.

Point to any of the numerous credible scientific experts who’ve analyzed and authenticated Meier’s evidence and the catch-22 argument from the skeptics is that you’re “appealing to authority”! I’m sure you can appreciate the irony of so many anonymous online “experts” trying to attack the various scientists they would themselves be citing if they’d disproved Meier’s evidence and claims.

Naturally, the skeptics will move goal posts; avoid admitting their factual inaccuracies, wrong assumptions, etc. A great case in point is the anonymous skeptic on the Harris blog who came out guns blazing as he tried to state that Meier’s claimed prior contacts took place in 1975, when it’s long been documented that they occurred in 1942 and even 1964. The very fact that such cowardly wannabes are so insipidly spineless as to anonymously attack and try to assassinate the character of others is an indication of societal decline, the real magnitude and significance of which is not even barely understood in this and every other crumbling society in which it finds acceptance.

Because of my respect for Sam Harris’ intellect and eloquence, I had hoped that opening a discussion about the Meier material on his forum would bring it to the attention of some real freethinkers and, ultimately, Harris himself. I even asked the moderators to bring the information to Harris’ attention. I have a feeling that Harris wouldn’t approach the Meier material, its evidence and claims with anything resembling the denial and religiosity I encountered from some malcontent who’s ineptitude leaves him/her with no other options than trying to bait and insinuate, while avoiding every single specific answer and example that substantiates the accuracy, authenticity and honesty of Meier’s evidence and claims.

Should someone of Sam Harris’ stature decide to engage in the discussion I think it could produce an outwardly rippling wave of increased interest in, and awareness of…the truth.







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The BP Disaster: Science slowly Catching up to Billy Meier

In a new op-ed piece in the New York Times, two concerned, highly qualified science writers, S. Elizabeth Birnbaum and Jacqueline Savitz, express their concern for the damage done by the BP Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, four years ago. They also express concern for the possibility of new damage from present and future drilling, etc.

Of course soon after the disaster, Billy Meier published information given to him by the Plejaren that already revealed the true extent of the damage, much of which still remains unknown to, or suppressed by, scientists today. The now being reported effects on wildlife are still not fully understood, as is the damage that will continue to the environment, human beings, the food chain, etc. (Meier was also immediately informed of the true extent of the damage regarding the Fukushima disaster, which also is now only beginning to be revealed.)

We are now seeing more and more of the effects of human irresponsibility despite the decades of specific warnings from Meier about the consequences of manmade damage to the environment. His unheeded information, from 1976, about the terrible consequences of extracting petroleum, gas, ores, etc., from the Earth has no led to an irreversible chain of circumstances and events, including the increased frequency and intensity of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, exactly as he first predicted in 1951 and 1958 as well.

And while scientists absolutely abhor any mention of “prophecies and predictions” – although they and others such as weathermen, stock and sports analysts, engineers, pilots, astrophysicists, etc., make “projections”, theories and estimates based on known data all the time – the inescapable fact is that the majority of humankind has abrogated it’s self-responsibility, relied on imaginary gods and delusional religions, false, power hungry leaders, and dead-end political charades, all of which has led to additional Orwellian consequences.

And no, pushing “Delete” will not make all of this go away.

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Prophecies & Predictions


Thanks to Gregory O’Brien for the information.

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Bringing the Prophecies to Fulfillment for the Happily Enslaved

In 1958, Billy Meier warned of the diabolical plans of the US and the EU (a quickly burgeoning dictatorship that didn’t even exist at that time) to biometrically chip and enslave…everyone. In the same warning he foretold how the brain-dead, dumbed down, hypnotized masses would have so willingly allowed themselves to be seduced by phantasmagoria that they’d no longer be able to distinguish between the real and the illusory. This was in the same prophetic information in which he also foretold AIDS, plastic credit cards, portable telephones and the internet among other things that have now come to pass.

So, in a blatant demonstration of how real “conspiracies” are carried out in full view of the already happily enslaved willing masses, whose intelligence is never overestimated, the plan is presented in the form of a tantalizing…invitation, which every trendy, convenience seeking mark is sure to enthusiastically and proudly accept.  The mad rush to reduce oneself to the status of “lost pets” will probably rival that of crowds lining up for the newest iWhatever or Air Jordans, etc.

While we’re at it, let’s look at a few other things that that Meier foretold that have recently been, or are on their way to being, corroborated.

In 1987, Meier warned that France would fall to Islam before being taken over and used militarily by “aggressors from the outside”. New reports seem to indicate that the French are moving right along to show that they are also well on their way to dutifully complying with the prophecies.

Knowing that the “virtual” generation is too busy texting, tweeting and rummaging through porn to satisfy their so-called lives, the Russians are cheerfully moving right along, just as Meier said they would several years ago, in preparation for their military attacks. One militarily oriented site seems to have a slight but untroubled sense of the reality of Russia’s strategic moves, which of course Meier first foretold in the Henoch Prophecies.

And what would we do without at least one story confirming Meier’s warnings – from 1976 – about how petroleum extraction precipitates earthquakes? At least some people – of course in another country – are concerned about fracking, one of the things that cause the Earth to collapse from within.

While Meier first warned about, the nefarious activities of the NSA, Microsoft, CIA and other entities many years before Snowden, and bumbling skeptics inadvertently corroborate Meier’s information, we now read that scientists have discovered “primordial gravitational waves”, so perhaps at least we won’t be surprised when they discover ones that originate on Earth and run out into space at a high speed, as Meier has already published five years ago.

It’s now old news that Meier beat NASA by over 30 yeas when he published the cause of contraction of Mercury’s outer surface. And “new research” about Mercury’s origin, and recent information about water ice existing at its poles, can be conclusively established as first having first been published by Meier – in 1978*. But don’t expect even our most cutting edge scientists, including Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku, to have the courage and intellectual honesty to publicly acknowledge that the greatest true story in all of scientific and human history is still ongoing for over 72 years. And certainly don’t expect them to seek out Meier so that they could learn valuable things first hand…and bring the benefit of that knowledge to humanity.

Why should they bother, why should they run the risk of any public ridicule, loss of funding, tenure, status, celebrity, etc., etc. when, after all, the masses are busy rolling up their sleeves – and bending over – so that life will be more convenient, entertaining and blissfully happy with their nifty new biometric chips shoved into them?

The people were warned. And Did They listen?


*From Existentes Lebens im Universum, pg 83; English translation by Benjamin Stevens: “The initial stage of Mars, at its time, corresponded more or less to that of the planet Mercury, which came into being in truth not where it draws its orbit around the Sun today; rather, its cradle was located beyond the orbit of Mars. The planet Mercury, which today is about 400 degrees Celsius hot at its equator and around minus 230 degrees Celsius cold at the icy poles, formed from huge accumulations of planetesimals (planetary matter) which orbited the Sun – a process of planet formation, as is usual with other rock worlds. At the same time, Mercury as a medium-sized formation had the luck that it was not swallowed up by larger stone planets and transported into their interior, as is usual with such processes where the smaller one is “eaten up” and “swallowed up” by the larger ones; rather, it was able to survive by escaping the cosmic witch hunt. However, this still did not mean security for the small planet because it was not very long before another and very large planetesimal came on a collision course with it and threatened to destroy Mercury. Due to the tremendous force of the collision, some of the outer layers of Mercury were torn away, and the small planet was hurled from its orbit of origin and was downright catapulted into a new orbit between Vulcan, the planet closest to the Sun, and that solar satellite which formerly drew its orbit around the Sun in the place of Venus, before it was displaced a few millennia ago by Venus, when this was transported to its present orbit in tow of the traveling planet, “Destroyer,” which tore it from the orbit of Uranus. The events surrounding Mercury, when it was catapulted next to the Sun, took place around 4 billion years ago. As for the aforementioned Vulcan, it is a small planet which draws its orbit around the Sun closest to it and which, to this day, still has not been discovered by human beings of Earth, although there have long been suspicions that it actually exists.”

Thanks to Blake Parnell, Karumudi Mahesh Chowdry, Jim Deardorff, Dyson Devine, Anton Hahnekamp, Benjamin Stevens and others who contributed to this information.

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