Get the new film here!   “The Adventures of Billy Meier!” is a comic strip type presentation of certain information in the Meier case that is especially important for humanity to know about. It is hoped that many people who may not otherwise see, or read, this information will find it more accessible in this… Read More

Try becoming a true human being first I am no expert in the subject of transhumanism, so if I tend to misperceive it as something other than the predictable and nearly inevitable outcome of our trendy over-fascination with technology at the expense of real consciousness related evolution, forgive or correct me. I think this entire… Read More

With a simple retitling by MUFON of the link to the page pertaining to the Billy Meier UFO case as “1964 – present”, it appears that a major step has been taken towards their inevitable, official acknowledgement of Meier’s singular authenticity as a UFO-extraterrestrial contactee. While the more than 120 previous posts were mainly answers to commonly posed… Read More

While we’re going to focus less on the evidence in the case, the corroboration of the prophecies, etc., and more on our own thinking and the thought processes by which we create all areas of our lives, we won’t abandon all interest in these other areas. So let’s look at what kind of thinking some people apply to… Read More

There is barely any professional astrologer around the world who has the required information in order to reckon the character of any individual, or the outcome of any happening, or even to predict the future, etc. As a matter of fact the information and the basic knowledge respectively, that the astrologers always referring to, in… Read More

The  information in a recent blog pertaining to the dangers of methane is augmented by this still inconclusive but highly troubling report and this article, which also links to this scientific report from Stockholm University. Again, please read the information from Billy Meier in the 494th Contact, first published on May 11, 2010. Perhaps sharing this information with… Read More

The unsurprising recent “news” regarding the damage from the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, which of course was already long ago told to, and reported by, Billy Meier in the 495th* Contact Report of June 14th, 2010, may be soon overshadowed by even more human stupidity.     It apparently isn’t bad enough… Read More

Let’s all reach out to Elon Musk, a brilliant person, who could quite possibly help wake people up and, in the process, save millions of lives. Elon Musk Elon Musk, is the cutting edge entrepreneur who also has given some thought to the dangers of robots, etc., which echoes information from Billy Meier’s in Contact… Read More