Get the new film here!   “The Adventures of Billy Meier!” is a comic strip type presentation of certain information in the Meier case that is especially important for humanity to know about. It is hoped that many people who may not otherwise see, or read, this information will find it more accessible in this… Read More

This particular blog will be a place, or forum, for discussing meanings in the various texts in the Billy Meier case, including from the spiritual teaching, contact notes, etc.  People can interact here to offer their opinions, attempts to clarify, agree or disagree about the meanings. This will allow a bit more digression from other… Read More

A text from the spiritual teaching by Billy Meier In order to focus more on the core of the Billy Meier case, the spiritual teaching, I’m posting The Seven Principles text for discussion and comments: 1) You should not trust the impulses of your untrained material consciousness, because your consciousness is still untrained and inadequate… Read More

A glimpse of where the techno-toy trend and mindless preoccupation with transhumanism is leading humanity Prominent scientists are now expressing concern that, “ it is only a matter of time before the weapons end up in the hands of terrorists and warlords,” referring to the dangers of robotic weapons. So people who make and utilize… Read More

Human beings not even worthy of their own names  attack the character of others Years ago, a friend of mine who was a theatrical director pointed out an interesting thing that is of an even greater magnitude of relevance and importance now. He noted that actors and other live performers run the risk of failure,… Read More

Hip-Hop magazine, Nation19, interviews Michael Horn on the Billy Meier UFO case The Billy Meier UFO case is now spreading into the world of hip-hop via a classy, glossy, bossy magazine that caters to the tastier elements of music, arts, culture and …controversy. Nation19 founders, Queen Muhammed Ali and Hakeem Khaaliq, spent several hours interviewing… Read More

Because our future survival trumps political correctness There is a new blog from the Asteroid Day promoters where the danger of incoming objects is being discussed. I have posted a comment there pertaining to the information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren regarding the real danger of asteroid Apophis. I suggest that all people who share the… Read More