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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

More about the COMING San Francisco Earthquake

The following information, documentation and translations are courtesy of Larry Driscoll.

They significantly augment and update the previous information contained, and linked from, here.

Date:   January 1, 2014

To:      Dr. Lucy Jones

525 & 535 S. Wilson St.

Pasadena, CA 91106-3212

Re:       Larry Driscoll Information Submittal in regard to your lecture presentation, “Imagine America      without Los Angeles” to the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.

Dr. Jones,

I enclose herein information for your awareness, knowledge, review and comment, as per your subject matter lecture as described above. The enclosed information originates from the Billy Meier with Pleiadian-Plejaren Extraterrestrials Contact case occurring in Switzerland beginning on January 28, 1978 with the First Contact and continuing on presently as Billy Meier has had the 566th Contact on June 23, 2013. I have studied the Contact Report information contained in this Contact Case for 34 years and consider it to be a factual reality. There exists approximately 6,000 pages of Contact Report information in dialogue form from which the enclosed Excerpts have been selected.

Information herein submitted to you describes the future San Francisco Earthquake, see 104th and 106th Contact Excerpts, a potential for a Greater California Earthquake, see 437th Contact Excerpt and as well, a future Off The Coast Of Oregon Seaquake, see 392nd Contact Excerpt.

With reference to the section after the 104th Contact Excerpt with heading THE SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE PHOTOS by Wendelle Stevens, note that he states: “I did see smaller cars with smoothly rounded corners and no external projections and some of these had half-glass and others full glass cabin tops”. The importance of this statement by Wendelle Stevens is that the “car roofs” description  provides a small evidence clue to estimate a potential time for earthquake occurrence. As example, from a short internet search, I came to learn that the Ford Mustang offered a partial glass roof option since from 2008. I reason that more and more cars in the near future will offer similar options.

The GEO Magazine painting done in September of 1977, presented after the 106th Contact Excerpt does not show this type of car.

Additionally, as per the 437th Contact Excerpt regarding “the seaside part of the Andreas Trench tearing away bringing a long, drawn out island into existence” presents an even greater potential stress for  California than just the city of San Francisco as per its central quake location.

If desired by you for your use, the postal submitted information sent to you can be email sent to you, as well, in attachment form.


Larry Driscoll

10827 Mesa View Rd.

Williams, AZ 86046

cc  American Geophysical Union

Excerpt from the 104th Contact of Wednesday, March 1, 1978 from the Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports, Block 3 book, pages 131-133.

German to English translation by Larry Driscoll       December 14, 2013

Note 1. The book “Message From The Pleiades 4” by Editor Wendelle C. Stevens was also used as a reference source.

Billy    … But tell me Quetzal, can you also penetrate with this old box into other dimensions?


    82.   Your question is not logical; what do you want to ask?

Billy    I have to wonder, whether you can also perform travels with Menara’s ship into the past and into the future?


83.   It is possible, but why do you ask?

84.   Whenever you ask such questions, then a certain purpose is behind them.

85.   Do you want to ask me, whether I am to undertake a travel with you into the future or into the past?

Billy    Exactly, my son.


86.   Sooo – … for that you reason you have taken with you this large apparatus for photographing?

Billy    Exactly, my son, but this is not such a complicated thing, as you assume, but quite simply a damn normal camera.


87.   That’s the same thing.

88.   However — where then do you want to go?

Billy    To Frisco, my son, to San Francisco, but into the future. Namely to that time when the city is destroyed by the earthquake.  I would be interested in how everything looks, when the first severe quake is over, and exactly this I want then also to photograph. This will surely be possible to do, won’t it? And surely it doesn’t matter, if I then also publish these photographs, if they come out well, is that okay?


89.   Surely there would be nothing to object against this, for thereby very many people would then leave San Francisco and settle elsewhere before the catastrophe arises.

90.   This would save very many human lives.

91.   Certainly, I do agree with this, but it requires several hours if I should take you there.

92.   This old ship in fact, and presently I have no other ship at my disposal, needs a longer time for preparation, if accordingly you are to be back here again in normal time at first dawn of the morning.

Billy    This is not too difficult, because you can bring me back here again to roughly the same time, as when you had taken me out from the bed.



93.   This would be possible.

Billy    Good, in fact, then I would still be able to sleep a little. So let us go.


94.   As you wish, but in the meantime we cannot have any conversation.

Billy    It makes no difference to me, let’s just go; I am strained like a string before breaking.


95.   So be it then.

96.   You truthfully are tireless.


97.    Here we are about 300 kilometers away from San Francisco.

98.    Down there, you see the fissures of the earth as they already exist from long ago.

99.    What you do see are the extentions of Andreas Fault which have risen up to the surface of the Earth.

Billy    Can I photograph them?


100.   There is nothing to object against this, but, you could also capture this scene on your film in the present time, the year 1978, because the changes are only extremely small, and not likely recognizable in the photographs.

Billy    Nevertheless, I would like to photograph them.


101.   Then do it.

102.   Come here, look – here this floor hatch, so as you see, after shifting the plate aside, there is freed this very fine pointed sight-plate, through which you can look outside.

103.   Through this you can photograph.

Billy   That’s all right, Quetzal, but do you know that when I take photographs from inside of the ship, they are always afterwards very fuzzy and blurred. Is there then no other way, you know, that I can perhaps, walk outside?


104.   You have your best overall view from above, here from out of the ship.

105.   On the other hand, this time you will get sharp and clear images on your film, because the propulsion of this ship will not harm your film by radiations.

106.   You only have to then pay attention that you do not photograph directly down through the area of the propulsion, because the very strong irradiation of light could harm your film.

107.   The smallest damage of the film could be that the finished images would appear to be lightened by a light source.

108.   In the worst case an overexposure would happen.

Billy    Is this the light, which reaches there so far downward and looks like a search light?



109.   That’s correct. So then take care, that these masses of light do not reach into the area of your photograph limits

Billy    I will try it.


110    Are you at the end of your work?

Billy    I am, my son. Perhaps I still have not been careful enough regarding the light. Somehow it appeared to me, as though I would always have seen a shimmering of light in the lens.


111.   So try it once more.

Billy    No, let us go to Frisco first, because I have only one film with me, and besides it is only a standard negative-film.


112.    As you wish.

113.    Walk away from the hatch.

114.    So, – good,  it…

Billy    Man, this is indeed crazy, just look, all is smoking there in front.


115.   There lies San Francisco.

116.   So then, we are here, now take your photographs.

Billy    Man alive, Quetzal, this looks much worse, than I have imagined. Yet listen now: somewhere must be a building, which should be known as the America-Building or similar; so get me there. This I want to photograph above all, so that no one can come and claim that I would have taken photographs of the last great quake at the turn of the century.


117.   Now, we are here, my friend, but this time pay more attention to the light beam.

Billy    I will try for that.

Billy    Thanks Quetzal, this suffices, rush still back a little …… Good, okay — moment. … Good, now fly still a bit to the right side there — Good, okay, thanks. Man alive, this is gigantic, the horrifying destruction. … Thanks, Quetzal, I have again several photographs. This should likely be enough. So please do fly back again towards the strange bulges of the Andreas Fault.


118.   As you wish, but bear in mind, that we are already slowly exceeding our time and I have to make preparations for the flight back.


Billy    All right, Quetzal, you can start with them at once, when we are at the place. I want to see everything one more. But how so quickly a half hour passes in the future.


119.   The time is the same; it only seems very much shorter to you because of your attention to the  events which you have seen.

Billy    Of course, this I know. Ah, indeed, we already are here. Now just do your work.



120.   Well, my friend, here we are again.

121.   We are here by around 30 minutes earlier, than when you had left your warm bed.



The mysterious “time’ photos of the future destruction of San Francisco in a great earthquake have always been highly controversial. We, that is, Lee Elders, myself and Brit Nielsen, were at the farm in Schmidruti one evening in 1978 when Mr. Meier mentioned time travel and a “trip” he had taken with the Pleiadians to view the great San Francisco earthquake predicted for the future, which he said he had been allowed to photograph with his own camera. We of course insisted on seeing the photographs, and continued to do so until Meier left the room and came back with one of those photo shop return envelopes in his hand. It contained the pictures still in it, together with the negatives. He had taken these pictures on negative film in contrast to his earlier photographing of the spacecraft on ASA 100 positive slide transparency film.

He opened the envelope and spread out eleven color prints on the kitchen table there. He said that they were pictures of the future San Francisco quake. Then he passed them around the table one by one to all of us to examine. There were at least nine to ten people sitting around that table at that time, which included his wife Kalliope, Engelbert and his wife Maria, Jacobus, Bernadette, and a couple more whose names I don’t remember.

I carefully studied each picture as they came to me, trying to recognize familiar landmarks and buildings, and any prominent new structures I had never seen before. I looked carefully at cars shown in the streets below for style and any configurations not familiar at the time. I did see smaller cars with smoothly rounded corners and no external projections, and some of these had half-glass and others full-glass cabin tops, making them look more like bugs than boxy cars.

I saw the World Trade Center Building cracked through its steep pyramidal shape from upper right to lower left, from the viewer’s angle, and another big rectangular building with higher rectangular towers on either end, collapsing in the middle and taking the two towers down with it. There was shooting flame, black and light smoke, and water and gas spewing from broken pipes, and there was a lot of dust roiling out from the collapsing rectangular building.

We passed the pictures around a second time and we all studied them again, and then Mr. Meier collected them up, put them back in the envelope, and took the envelope back out of the kitchen once more. We were all in shock at what we had just seen, and discussed it only briefly before that meeting broke up an all went to bed for the night.

A few days after that, Meier was summoned to a new contact and was asked to bring the photographs with him which he did. The visitors wanted to have their scientists look at the pictures, too, and they took the negatives and prints with them. When Meier tried to get the pictures back, he was rebuked for showing them to us without their approval, and against their instructions not to do so until after the event. Those pictures have never been returned to him. Thus today we do not have any solid evidence that those pictures were ever taken.


A year later, on another trip to Switzerland, our attention was called to an article in a copy of the European edition of GEO Magazine, which carried a painting of the future destruction of San Francisco that was remarkably similar to one of Meier’s photographs, the one showing the steep pyramidal World Trade Center building coming down. I was amazed at the close similarity to the one I had seen in Meier’s house the year before, but could not re-visualize the detail seen well enough to make a valid comparison. I later obtained copies of the GEO magazine and then remembered that the article there only one painting of the destruction bled over two pages whereas I had seen eleven pictures in Meier’s house. Now, where did he get the other ten if, as his accusers say, “He copied the pictures from the GEO magazine article”.

When Meier asked the Pleiadians about this, they said that any artists or real sensitives seeking such information could tap into the same reality and get the same pictures, because they do now exist in our future time.

I don’t think a great many people actually saw those dozen photographs in Meier’s house, which looked very real to me, like real photographs, not photographs of paintings, and maybe no more than the few around the kitchen table that night. All others would very likely come to the conclusion that those pictures were one and the same. But there are at least ten people who do know otherwise and I am one of these.

Mr. Meier sincerely believes that he took a trip in time during this contact, but this was not the first, and so he was not entirely unfamiliar with the phenomenon of time travel.

There are two schools of thought concerning this exotic condition. One is that time is a structured, inflexible, linear phenomenon that can not be altered or changed. Those will choose to believe that if this is not an outright falsification, then it is at best a manipulated condition like the virtual realities we are just beginning to experiment with, or that it is a very real projection from stored memory using quite sophisticated 3-D viewing systems.

The other concept is that time indeed is a flexible, non-linear phenomenon that is navigable like space, and that once we know what time is and how to use it, we can really go backward and forward in time and perceive events there.

In another discussion of time and space, Mr. Meier was told that just like there are milestones in space, there are confluences in time; and just like we can get to a given destination in space by many routes, we can get to a given point in time by different confluences.

It was suggested that space and time are opposite aspects of the same phenomenon, like matter and energy, and that once we understand the phenomenon we can navigate time as we now do with space. When we learn its nature we will be able to convert space to time and time to space as we choose. In fact it was suggested that an understanding of this phenomenon will be necessary before we can really undertake interstellar travel. We live between the extremes of time and space, and we can not travel in one without influencing the other. When we move in space it takes time, and any movement in time shifts space.

A new book, “ASTRO-METRICS of Undiscovered Planets and Intelligent Life Forms” by Dr. Yuri Danjo and Col. Ron Blackburn (USA Ret.) attempts to apply new formulas to understand these relationships and other exotic phenomena such as size and other apparently limiting conditions. You will need to be a very good mathematician to understand these concepts.

Excerpt from the 106th Contact of Monday, April 10, 1978 from the Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports, Block 3 book, pages 148-149.

German to English translation by Larry Driscoll       Date:   December 14, 2013

Note 2. The book “Message From The Pleiades 4” by Editor Wendelle C. Stevens was also used as a reference source.

Billy    … . Let us go on to another theme: Do you perhaps know a magazine by the name of GEO? As   I gather here from my notes, it concerns a geographical magazine about culture, which is issued by the Heinrich-Bauer Publishing House in Hamburg.



40.   This is not known to me.

41.   But why do you ask?

Billy    In the autumn of last year, I believe in September, in an issue of this magazine shall have been a picture by a painter, who painted San Francisco in future form after its destruction by the earthquake. Now look once at these photographs here, which I took during our journey to Frisco, when you brought me into the future. These photographs here are now to correspond very exactly to parts of that picture, which this painter has made for the Bauer Publishing House. Such at least was it explained to me yesterday. This means, when this picture exists by this publishing house painter, I am again to be made out a liar and a cheater, when another time it is to be said, that I would only have taken photographs of a picture, in order to want to prove some things.


42.   Your question has a certain background.

43.   Something must have happened, since you ask me about this.

44.   And how have you come to know about this picture just now, which really exists?

Billy    Oh, I see, well then, it was mentioned to me yesterday. Kurt had gone to a restaurant in Zurich, where someone was just reading through this magazine, and then he saw the picture, because it was shown in this. Now of course he went and explained to someone behind my back, that I likely would have photographed parts of this picture.


45.   This is very unfortunate.

46.   I did not know that this picture, which was inspirationally given to this man, had already been  published.

47.   Here, there must have been a slip-up, because not until the autumn of this year should it reach the public.

Billy    Well, this is likely bad luck for me, and quite lousy, because now again I have to go through the same performance, like at the time with the photograph of the universe door. However, who did actually transmit this impression to that painter?


48.   These were those of the Baawi-Intelligences, who work together with us here on Earth, and who are responsible for many inspirational transmissions.

49.   But there must have been a mistake suffered by them in respect to the publication of the picture, because in connection with certain coming events, the picture was not to reach terrestrial publication until the autumn of this year.

50.   On my part, I thought, when you had asked me for this journey that this just very well would connect to your photographs.

51.   However, under the circumstances it is likely better, if I take the photographs, as well as also the negatives of the film, in order to protect you from further attacks.

Billy    But these I do not have, because I have given them to the photographer, so that he can produce new reprints for me.



52.   Then I will destroy them or take them with me.

53.   To whom have you given them?

Billy    To the Photographer-Radio-TV Man at Wetzikon. But each time he sends them to Wadenswil to a large laboratory.


54.   That is enough for me. I will take away the material and store it.

Billy    And what shall I say to the people? After all, I have to stay with the truth.


56.   You tell the truth.

…….. continue on to the  page 8  below to view the GEO Magazine picture …….


Illustration from Geo Magazine of the coming San Francisco Earthquake
Illustration from Geo Magazine of the coming San Francisco Earthquake


Commentary by Editor Wendelle C. Stevens as taken from the book “Message From The Pleiades 4” regarding the above painting in GEO Magazine:

This picture reproduction from the right hand page (comment by Larry Driscoll, right hand page should be left hand page and additionally I further add that the picture is contained in the Nr. 9, September 1977 issue of the GEO Magazine two page spread), shows some of the features revealed in the series of pictures photographed by Meier onboard Quetzal’s ship on the time travel into the future. As I, and those members of my team and Meier’s group who saw them remember it, the dozen or so photos Meier handed us to examine that night, showed the Trans America Building, the triangular one, breaking diagonally from upper right to lower left, completely through the building. The rectangular building in the mid-center was collapsing in the middle and the two towers on either end were falling into it, Also, there was not as much rubble in the streets and surrounding area as is shown here.

Excerpt from the 437th Contact of Saturday, November 18, 2006 from the Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports, Block 11 book, pages 52-53. 

German to English translation by Larry Driscoll       December 14, 2013

Billy    Then to something other. With Quetzal I was in fact at the great quake in California, respectively   in San Francisco which already is overdue. Have you some new information to offer, or does it remain as Quetzal has already said to me about this, that the earthquake in the near future is to be expected and that in human thinking it will be the greatest natural catastrophe ever?* In fact, the quake will not only affect San Francisco, but also Los Angeles, San Diego and various other places in the surrounding area. And Quetzal has said, that it is possible that the seaside part of the Andreas Fault will tear off, as a result of which a long, drawn out island is created.


46.   You have seen the enormous destruction in the future which however only relates to the initial potential.

47.   The total will however be much worse, if the great quake occurs at the same time as the one which Quetzal has named to you.

Billy    Therefore, everything remains as per prediction and by that, as I have seen it at the time through the travel into the future.


48.   It was at that time a travel into the real time of the future of actual events, consequently also nothing can change about this.

Billy    Of course – how stupid of me.           

Excerpt from the 392nd Contact, June 25, 2005 from the book Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports, Block 10, pages 93-94.

German to English translation by Larry Driscoll.      Date:   March 10, 2010, estimated

Billy    ……. . Yet, still I have a question, if you would allow.


7.    …….

8.    Then, about what does it concern?

9.    However, what question do you still have, which seems important to you?


Billy    It concerns tsunamis. – On December 26, 2004 occurred, as you know, the large seaquake,- respectively, tsunami catastrophe in Indonesia, where from, as you have explained, ultimately 359,796 human beings lost their lives. Differently to this, is officially maintained, that the number of victims amounts to only around 300,000. The process of the sea bottom fault, respectively, the seaquake has built up for more than 2700 years, as you have stated. Is this correct?


10.    Your information is correct.

11.    Exactly, it was 2714 years.

12.    And as for the number of victims from the catastrophe is concerned, such is our information correct up to the last digit.

Billy    I have no doubt about this. Now, however to my original question. In an unofficial conversation you said, that such seaquakes with enormous sea bottom faults always occur over large time periods, because the stress builds up in the earth crust often over a very long time, where over a century, or one, two or even three millennia, would not be rare. As well, so you have explained, quake waves move along at around 15,000 kilometers per hour through the interior of the Earth, and with strong quakes also surface waves become evident, precisely such, that the Earth surface visibly moves in regular wave form. Now, have I understood correctly, what you have said?


13.    You succumb to no misunderstanding.

Billy    Then, I want to ask you, when was the last large seaquake catastrophe equal to or even worse in extent before the tsunami catastrophe in Indonesia, respectively, in the Gulf of Bengal in Sumatra and Thailand, etc.; Do you know something about this?


14.    The last catastrophe like this occurred on January 26, 1700, in fact, exactly, at 21.00 hrs in the    northwest Pacific in front of the American northwest coast.

15.    It was such an enormous seaquake, that it raised up in the sea a very large fault and originated a tsunami, which spread out and wreaked havoc in all directions.

16.    Especially, the northwest coast of America was devastated far into the inland, wherein also large forest regions were destroyed.

17.    The tsunami water also rolled further southwards and reached the islands of Hawaii to Micronesia, where on the islands also large destruction and human lives were claimed, like this was the case in North America.

18.    However, the gigantic tsunami also rolled over the Pacific to Japan, where likewise great havoc was caused by the wild water, as well as to certain parts of the Chinese coast, etc..

Billy    Was this the only large seaquake with large tsunami, which has developed since 2714 years ago up to the seaquake catastrophe in Indonesia?


19.    No, for there are to be listed still others in similar size.

20.    So it is recorded in our annals, for example, that occurred in the Pacific similar radiating large occurrences 2600 years ago, thus 600 BC, as well as 400 AD and 700 AD.

Billy   And are further such occurrences to be expected?


21.    Undoubtedly, for mega seaquakes like this, through which enormous tsunamis arise, are already being created.


22.    Probably, the largest one will also occur in the northwest pacific – in addition to more in Indonesia.

Billy    You are again sparse with information and explanations.


23.    According to our forecasting abilities, there will arise though a seaquake of strength 9 on the Richter scale, in the area of the north Pacific not far in front of the American coast, from Portland and in the south California, up to Washington in the north, a gigantic fault of several hundred kilometers, as a result of which an, up till now never to have occurred there, seaquake tsunami breaks out in ring form and causes enormous destruction to the mainland and to islands and will claim many human lives.

24.    The seaquake will last around 5 minutes long, after which then many further and smaller quakes follow and also even a smaller tsunami is released.

25.    Some facts concerning this threatening danger are known to Earth scientists, but they are unable to grasp the actual threatening catastrophe.

Billy    I can understand this myself, for our scientists are, as a rule, narrow minded and moreover live with incorrect ideas. Now tell me, when will this monstrosity occur?


26.    It will occur on …, however, about which you have to keep silent.

Billy    It goes without saying, my mouth is sealed. Thanks for the information.

*MH: One can ponder if this is the event that was specifically forewarned about in the Henoch Prophecies:

“But not even all the terrible happenings will hinder the USA in continuing to proceed with her actions against all countries. Even when the North American continent will be stricken by the most terrible catastrophe which has ever been recorded, evil military powers will wreak havoc with computerised and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, whereby it will also happen that computerised weapons become independent and cannot be controlled any longer by human beings. Overall, this is the most important part of Henoch’s prophecies.”


I hope the two color GEO magazine left and right pages as attachments, as well as the “SFBest’ photograph I have found to date, visually arrive to you successfully for your awareness and study.

Wendelle Stevens’s statements regarding ‘rectangular building with towers collapsing …’ is not easy to locate and corroborate as per regarding GEO magazine painting and his THE SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE PHOTOS comments.
Anyway, the “SFBest” photo is the ‘best’ photograph  I have come upon that aligns to the left page of the GEO magazine painting.

GEO magazine left page
GEO magazine left page

GEO magazine right page
GEO magazine right page

Closest corresponding image
Closest corresponding image




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Amor Garcia
Amor Garcia
Blog Member
February 27, 2021 6:36 pm

I mean Coit tower

Blog Member
Reply to  Amor Garcia
February 28, 2021 3:51 pm

Hi Amor,

That large illustration (which looks to be a composite made up of aerial photos and painted on buildings), which was published on 2 pages of GEO magazine, shows a view of the Transamerica Pyramid building from a more easterly direction than Coit Tower, which is squarer on and to the direct north of that. Here’s a view from ‘Ina Coolbrith Park’ which appears to be close to the angles and positions of the buildings in the illustration.