Will all of the scientific “experts” please put their egos on a crash diet and acknowledge these still ongoing contacts with an advanced, space-traveling human race?

A new report by NASA concludes that Mars once had “more water than the Arctic Ocean.” As we reported eight years ago, Billy Meier already knew, almost 40 years ago, about the vast amounts of water once present on Mars. In fact, he was given even more detailed information by Quetzal, in 1986, which could further explain much about the actual distribution of the water.

It should also be noted that Michael Malin, the principal investigator for the Mars Orbiter Camera on NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, said in his analysis of Meier’s UFO photos, “I find the photographs themselves credible, they’re good photographs. They appear to represent a real phenomenon.”

So not only did they come here but they also took him there. The question is, will all of the scientific “experts” and other know-it-alls be able to put their egos on a crash diet, look through the proverbial telescope and acknowledge these still ongoing contacts with an advanced, space-traveling human race?

The IS Rampage and Fukushima: As Meier also Foretold

The latest rampages by the IS involved setting fire to oil fields, destruction of an ancient city and the destruction of priceless artifacts. Even as this lengthy article notes all of the medieval aspects of the IS, Meier had already warned of the Dark Ages that they were bringing upon the world.

But still the world blindly plunges on, oblivious to the helping hands long extended to humankind. We seem to want to assure our own self-destruction. New reports now surface about the real extent of the Fukushima disaster, born of human greed and denial. But it’s only news to those who are ignorant of the warnings from Meier and the Plejaren regarding catastrophes from these toxic technologies that also continue to take their toll from below the surface. If we don’t see it, if it’s covered-up, it can’t be real, it can’t hurt us…right?

What do these things have in common if not ignorance of the law of cause and effect, in our blind, greedy pursuit of power, control over others and energy for an irresponsibly overpopulated world?

The Henoch Prophecies

There are journalists who now see the unpleasant reality of how US policies are further driving the world to war and how these policies have helped to bring the IS into existence. Of course in 1987 Billy Meier foretold what bitter fruit the US would also reap from this institutionalized insanity in the Henoch Prophecies (221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.). And Meier specifically pointed out, last November, how our invasion of Iraq produced the destabilization that led to all this.

A few years ago I also pointed out how trying to outsmart the prophecies, instead of grasping that self-responsibility and an understanding of, and respect for, the law of causality were essential for our survival. Mention was made of the two civil wars coming to the US. And in the 544th Contact we are even specifically warned that our country will be in anarchy around 2020 – only a few years from now – if this sleepy, trendy, overly entertained, distracted and disinformed populace doesn’t awaken and change this dead-end course.

For those still capable of and interested in thinking, we see in Meier’s vast and varied specific examples of prophetic accuracy a foundation of unparalleled credibility that assures us of the high knowledge and broad expertise of the source, sufficient to warrant our consideration of the advice and recommendations contained and offered within the spiritual teaching and the unprecedented call to arms for the people of Earth to save our world from being thrown back into the Dark Ages.

So if you still just can’t help texting and tweeting your life away, at least make this information the subject of it…for the sake of your own life.

P.S. If you want a real good joke, read pseudo-scientist Stuart Robbins’ post about the water on Mars discovery. And hey, don’t try to comment there because he makes sure that no information about Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate scientific information sees the light of day on his blog…which apparently doesn’t get much exposure to daylight anyway.

Thanks to Chris Lock, Dubhaltagh O’ hEarcaín, Blake Parnell.








98 comments on “NASA’s “New” Mars Report Published by Billy Meier DECADES Ago

  • Darcy Carlile
    I’m quite aware that the Fukushima problem is radioactive in it’s nature but to dismiss because of a lack of information is rather unfortunate because you are depriving others of the truth . Perhaps you would like to challenge Bearden on this . He is a good guy and knows alot about scalar physicis ; do you ? Talking of good guys , Greer , Kaku , and many many others even though they have not yet accepted Meier yet , they will eventually , but personal put downs will only keep people away They in their way are helping to bring people to the reallity of extraterrestrial peoples .

  • the Earthlings already have hundreds of atomic power plants and atomic reactors built and operating worldwide, and were these now suddenly brought to a standstill, then there would be a worldwide, drastic energy shortage. In fact there are far too few power plants which are operated by renewable energies for the whole energy requirement to be met thereby. Therefore, other power plants must first be created and built, with which all the atomic power plants can be replaced.


    The time for $ to flow into deep geothermal energy production plant infrastructure was YESTERDAY. Demands to finance and build new energy infrastructure needs to happen TODAY in the US and the rest of the world – there’s no lack of manpower (look at unemployment numbers) or money (look at $ funneled to the financial sector of the economy).

  • curlymoses, Ptaah has stated there should NOT be ANY nuclear power plants AT ALL on this planet called Earth. Using Nuclear power for energy consumption is like a child playing with fire. The people of Earth do NOT know how to handle nuclear power, Look what happened in Japan when Fulkishima exlploded on March 11,2011 four years ago. The Indian Point nuclear power plant is not very far from where I live in Westchester County NY,as a matter of fact I found out that where I live is close to a fault line and Indian Point is right on a fault line which means anything can happen here where I live. As far as deep geo-thermal energy is concerned,from what I`ve heard it`s expensive. A friend from WESPAC and I have been trying to get our realty to switch to solar energy but they refuse to and would LOVE to join the Koch Bothers AXEC Citizen United Cabal which means switching between gas and oil. “I`m very upset and unhappy with this realty`s stupid game plan etc,etc,etc”! Whole Foods uses solar energy why can`t we use solar energy in our apartment complex?> Whole Foods is only a few blocks from where I live. “This world is going to hell in a bucket of cancer and radiation sickness because these corpiorate political nefarious cabals just NON`T give a good damn about ANYTHING! All they want is money,oil and power,they think th`re gods and they think they can push us around and stash all their prophits ELWHERE AND HIDE THERE CASH et,et,etc”!

  • Dennis
    Lights in the sky is where you might feel he is at but in fact he knows alot more than just lights in the sky , you really have not taken a good look at this guy . If he rebuffed Michael that is understandable as Meier has not had good publicity in UFO circles in the past ; but if things evolve through Michael’s work , then that should change for the better . Please take note that if it were not for lights in the sky , many people would not have wondered what stars were and people like me would not have queried why some stars moved rapidly , turn sharply or come to a sudden halt . This behaviour brought many people to study UFO’s and for some eventually lead to the work of Billy Meier . It also lead me into research into electro-magnetic (free energy machines ) , anti-gravity , electro-medicine ; scalar weapons I have not experimented …. yet , and these may be needed to remove Islamic State .

    • The point being Greer may well be a smart guy but I do not agree with his ethics. Charging $2,500 a pop to see flares in the sky? The fact that he’s skimming people, although I’m sure it can be said that they ripe for the picking, does not excuse this type of behaviour.

      • I find this interesting. If Bearden is linked with Steven Greer, and he’s linked with the rockafellers, what does this mean? Seems he is really sincere, so is this all a scam for money? Is Greer perpetrating a grand hoax or disinformation plot against real disclosure of free energy, and the alien situation? Is the purpose for money, or steering people in the wrong direction?

    • That is not a solution to stopping the IS, rather the leaders of Earth need form together a humanity agreed thought to fight back and destroy those criminals ASAP. All your thoughts Jaqui are very strange and they are ludicrous but you seem to have feelings that state you want to do something correct.

    • Yes and then I would be the super rich billionaire if it was true. I would do the experiments and invent how to stop radioactivity and corporations all would want to share in the profits and make me super rich.

  • All this high tech scalar , dark energy , anti-gravity , etc is already in the armories of many countries for some time . Meier has already mentioned this and some of those lights in the sky are not just Plejaren but UFO.s / Anti-gravity craft built on this planet .

    • Jacquil, Most of those UFOs are mostly military craft trying to fool us and spy on us so they think they can get away with murder. I`d be very wary if I were you. “Be careful for what you wish for and watch your back,so much for lights in the sky.

  • Hi Sheila .
    Thanks for that , it’s good to see another person with interllect and it’s a woman too .
    What Bearden is showing is a baby step in electro-propulsion and it is day and night between it and anti-gravitic propulsion . The anti-gravitic reaction leaves no doubt on what you see the first time you see it , the vertical acceleration is stunning and follows the unique movement as described by Thomas Brown . My study of Beardens book ” Energy from the vacuum ” gave me the eventual understanding of why the experiment was successful and why the secret services , corporations and cartels keep this repressed due to the lust for power and control . Domination !

    • So we have a couple of Tom Bearden cheerleaders/proponents and Darcy is left behind trying to varify Jacq’s belief that nuclear radiation can be extinguished and made harmless even after the fact that Fukishima has been continuously poisoning our planet for exactly 4 years now give 3 days.

      • That link was showing how “null drive” has already been discovered as per the Plejaren who use the same technology, but I am sure the human technology still needs major tweeks. So it had nothing to do with cleaning up the radiation, although at some point I hope it does happen. But if it makes you feel better: ra ra sis boom ba, go Darcy! We missed you on the weekend.

        • Thanks Sheila, but Jaqueline and I were in a different conversation about how Bearden can make nuclear radiation harmless and she wanted me to prove him right rather then she do the actual research herself.

  • “9) Optimism and conscious evolution demand a neutral-positive-equalized, progressive, creative and constructive thinking, regardless of how dark and negative things are, or appear, and how much they constitute, or appear to constitute, set-backs. One’s outlook and consciousness, together with its thoughts, must always be directed in a forwards direction and towards that which is higher, whereby also all the possibilities for progress must be seen, recognized and striven for.

    10) The human being must always comprehensively know that, solely by means of his/her own power and help, he/she can confront all difficulties of the life, full of courage and readiness for success, and can overcome everything solely by means of the might of the thoughts if they correspond to a right and evolutive and positive pattern of thoughts.”

    p.206, Might of The Thoughts
    buy it here: http://www.theyfly.com/might/might.html

  • I certainly do not write to freak people out . I try to introduce factual information that is stuff I have confirmed and is important to know about . The days of old are simply over . Its to threatening globally right now to just spoon feed our friends and family . My friends and family are totally lost . Entirely uninformed and I am the guy with the tin foil hat . And the truth is recognized as the ultimate goal and the ultimate burden regarding adaptation and realization . Its the most difficult time in human existence in my opinion . Nobody is coming to save us . We have had a huge amount of assistance and savings so far . Yes the hydrogen bomb and some of the nukes will not stop when it comes to the thermonuclear reaction . We can relate because Fukashima is still melting down . How bad . Well it hits me home this week . My good friend Bruce Dickenson is a pilot . He flies more than anyone I know commercially . He is a non smoker , drinker and now has tounge cancer . Its a direct effect of the cabin recirculation of the aircraft and the airborn radiation from Fukashima . Its not fair , because Bruce is also a musician with over 50 million albums sold world wide . He is the singer from a group of friends called Iron Maiden . Worldwide following of over a billion . Now he can’t sing , fly , speak , eat , live . I pain over these things . Microbes could be used to revive lost soils and free energy like the Tesla units could bring forth . I hope you read my Tesla comments . It makes more sense than ever . We have the technology to go where no man has gone before . Its the Luciferian influence that wants to cull the population and use the technology in the recreation of the society Luciferian style . The internet is about to be sensored and the free flowing truth will be stopped . And all the conspiracy tags I have been labeled with in short sight will become true . And I hate for that . You are running out of options . Learn about it . Read my links . Involve yourself with your community and have a plan for the SHTF . Its here . Nukes do not indicate world war . Because we are amidst a world war . Just try to think that all our China debt is actually a sale in a share of the slice of USA.INC. They own a lot of our country from abroad aside from static debt . Oboma is a KGB communist operative , although he is just a puppet these days . The Muslim Brotherhood , The Brotherhood , The Rothchilds , The Rockefellers all Luciferians push the agenda . You in a world of only 500 million left ? probably not . Then all the technology will be used . To clean up the mess , restore the big blue marbel . Look closely , its all their , and I gave it all in pieces to you . Like I said , jut waiting on a bullet . And I was not kidding . Obama is now a dictator . He is operating under the decleration of emergency act . Filed every year . Allows him to sign executive action into law every time . Bohner and all the puppert are going to be prosecuted for whatever , when they do not go along . Kiddie porn , boom . Search the NSA database that is 30 plus years deep . Oh , we found something . PROSECUTE ! So its all fixed up quite well . And the worst example is in Florida , my home Fema Camp has an ALL ABOURD as the buzz for the supertrain . To take the people from the city to the camps . Gassed , shot , starved ,abused , worked to death . All abourd . All these illegals are the country within a country making up to 75k in benefits for crossing the border , ugh finish line . A PIECE . I am going south , changing my name and coming back . That’s the gravey train right their . Free school ,free medical , tax bump of 20k , Ebt card , woo hoo . Really though , and their are no protests ? Shame on us . Remember mass events of 5 thousand people just showing up from social media to dance or do stupid stuff . Well IS is not sensored . But we are . So mass coordination of the IS , NOW . BOOM . So sad . I am just rambling mad . So sorry .

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