Apparently The Pain Isn’t Great Enough Yet

Or the leaders, officials and authorities would’ve implemented the Plejaren protocols

The ever-mounting death toll testifies to the consequences of ignoring the warnings from the Plejaren and Billy Meier, which we verifiably published, on February 20thFebruary 25th and March 16.

The callousness, arrogance and ignorance of the press, leaders, officials and authorities is…hardly surprising. After all, they have been, from the beginning, more focused on the economic and political considerations and not the facts. As just updated from FIGU:

“There are already 9 to 10 times more infected people than is reported.”


Apparently the pain isn’t great enough yet, or the leaders, officials and authorities would’ve implemented the Plejaren protocols. Because, as it’s well known, people only change when the pain is, in fact, great enough.

Understanding immunity

Of course, conscientious medical scientists are trying to determine the reasons and factors for the way in which immune responses differ:

Haywire Immune Response Eyed in Coronavirus Deaths, Treatment

But, they lack the awareness and understanding of the Plejaren information pertaining to the variations in responses from people because of differing immune systems, racial mixing and other factors, such as contained in these brief excerpts and in the rest of the accompanying, relevant information:

“a) Furthermore, in the coming times, globally a great number of human beings who have negatively changed immune systems due to damaging blood line mixing between members of different peoples, will be infected and will die, something about which the terrestrial immunologists, medical practitioners and virologists and so forth have no clue whatsoever…”

“13)  The mentioned fact of the different immune systems among the Earth’s human beings, that is to say, their peoples, groups, tribes, genera and peoples mixings, is not known to the terrestrial physicians…”

“17)  Our observations and cognitions also show that the coronavirus, which occasionally changes genetically, behaves very aggressively or fatally in the human organism, depending on the corresponding immune status, but, on the other hand, also behaves in a restrained form which leads to a recovery, but this does not correspond to a complete annihilation of the virus…”

Apparently The Pain Isn’t Great Enough Yet

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Robert forrest

This is a bit off topic, sort of. I said something about tea tree oil and the Black Plague. This was completely wrong and none of what I said even comes close to the truth. I was recalling a broadcast that I heard some years ago. It was a doctor that broadcasts everyday. You may have heard him on c2c. I have learned that this doctor, can bend things in his broadcasting. Just to sell his products. There is no shortage of those using this situation to sell, sell, sell. The only place you get the truth regarding, what to expect. Is here at this blog sight. Thank you, Billy and his friends and Michael horn.

Chuck Torbyn

Melissa. As cynical and fatalistic as I usually sound, I’m basically hopeful, positive, and curious so I was so glad you posted the site for nutrition guidance. It’s great!!! Oddly enough, I’ve been doing all that for years but it really frustrates me when I try to advise others to do likewise. Actually it should be a MAJOR teaching for all of humanity! If we cared as much about life and each other as indicated in that guidance, humanity really could have a chance for a hopeful future. Maybe someday.

Melissa Osaki

That’s a great idea regarding teaching nutrition and healthy lifestyles to everyone. It should be taught starting in the very early grades of school. I get what you mean about the frustration when giving sound advice. A lot of folks just can’t seem to accept facts and logical advice for some reason. If it offends their beliefs or ideology, they rather ignore it or fight against it than accept it as fact. It’s baffling.

Melissa Osaki

I actually think that parents should teach it to their kids, but I have a bad feeling that many kids would not get educated in nutrition and healthy habits.

Sheila Clark

So true Melissa. Just yesterday on Canada’s MSM a doctor claimed taking vitamins and minerals does not help build up the immune system. I wanted to reach out…and slap him. Doctors receive less than 6 months training in nutrition. The soil in North America is depleted of almost all minerals and nutrients. And apparently the good doctor never heard what the cure for scurvy is.

Tony Vasquez

As I said before, Billy Meier is world famous, this blog is world famous. I think Trump actually reads this blog. So, we possibly do have a chance to influence him in the right direction.

I just watched his daily press conference. He said a number of things that are incorrect, but I want to emphasize one. He continues to say that he wants to re-open the country soon, as early as May 1. According to Billy’s projections of up to 500 million worldwide COVID-19 deaths, that is way too early, and would be exceedingly dangerous.

Trump said that keeping people home will cause deaths too, he didn’t specify – he’s probably referring to suicides and deaths due to poverty. But there is no comparison with that and the millions of deaths that would come from the virus with new infections. He had better not open this country back up too early! He would directly cause millions of deaths, and the economy, which he’s trying to save, would still not return to normal, because most Americans would not go out as long as the virus is out there.

So, it’s all about listening to the Ps and Billy as to what is the correct way to handle this thing. We will see what happens, but right now Trump and his gang are on the wrong path for sure. The Ps and Billy are always correct, so I am very doubtful that any of the governments in the world will do the correct things for a long time to come. I think the deaths will have to reach into the millions before they do!

Someone asked, “What can we do?” As if he is overwhelmed by all of this. What you can do is make sure you and your family do not contract this disease and spread it. Follow the guidelines the Ps have given us. Good luck, be safe.

Robert Stewart

Thanks it’s good to hear other voices. I have my doubts about the current batch of leaders. However I can be lucky.

It’s great to read again advice on staying internally healthy. This I “believe” is good luck. Stay safe.

Terry Carch

I didn`t listen tio c2c last night but Lisa Garr had Bruce Lipton on last night talking about how the immune system with trillions of cells respond to negative and positive thoughts in a pitri dish . “This explains why the people from Erra are so correct with good positive thoughts healthy immune systems, good sphychyes with NO bad vibrations, etc. When will the people of Earth EVER learn to do and follow those wonderul Creational Natural laws of Commandements, and do as the people from Erra have done for 30 million years! Are the people of Earth STILL living in the Type Zero Stage of evolution , STILL wearing dypers and messing up this savage world with fossil fuels and nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs,aggression negative thoughts and we can`t even find a cure for all these viruses and diseases to say nothing of crime and wars,etc,et ,etc!”