As Arizona COVID Cases Rise by 2,400 the Cowards Keep Silent

Political and economic considerations prevail above all things, including life itself

I just saw an article by an Arizona journalist, Blake Morlock, exposing the cynical, politically motivated polices of the governor that are costing human lives:

 Eating Az alive: Ducey’s coronavirus inaction is killing Arizonans for political purposes

I congratulate Mr. Morlock, though I don’t know if he has what it takes to deal with the information we publish. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that whatever skepticism may initially arise when reading this, and the linked to, information (including the foretelling of coming US civil wars, breakup of the country, 2020, etc.) he should know that I’ll gladly respond to his questions, challenges, etc., and, in fact welcome them.

The Daily High 

As COVID-19 cases in Arizona hit a daily high of 2,400, there’s been nothing but silence from all of the failed governmental bureaucrats, media, scientists, medical, educators and other parties, who were first specifically forewarned about the real facts regarding this pandemic, beginning on March 5th.

So low has professionalism, integrity, civic duty, morals, character, human values, conscience and…rational self-interest sunk that not one of the long list of people contacted* has dared to utter a word. Obviously, political and economic considerations prevail above all things, as the cynical, spineless profiteers hedge their bets that the public will remain stupid and uninformed and that a new breed of voters, buyers and sellers will arise…from the dead.

At some point, the weak and pathetic failures will have to look in the mirror, providing they are not among the ones who have already paid the price for their own incompetence.

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7 Replies to “As Arizona COVID Cases Rise by 2,400 the Cowards Keep Silent”

  1. Always believed the virus would run it’s course given the lack of cooperation and inept leadership across the globe. The effects aren’t just felt health wise now but economically and socially (among other things). This just points to the lack of planning by inept leaders who failed to take action from the beginning. With monsoon season in effect in Arizona you can expect a lot of dust and winds being spread across metropolitan areas.

    “THIS AMERICA, THIS A FREE COUNTRY!” while businesses shutdown again.


  2. Whoa MH Mabye you better move to Colorado Where the Creational Truth with Bruce Musky is.,at least yo`ll get people who might be more sympathetic to Billy Meier and the Plejaren cause. I have a nephew who lives in Boulder, Colorado who loves Colorado due to skiing there who loves the outdoors. This is just another idea you may want to think about. Salome

    1. Respectfully, Terry, you have a unique sense of humour [humor in American] so, to help keep things ‘light’, I see that there is a small unincorporated community in southern Arizona named ‘Salome’. It’s west of Phoenix on a secondary route 60. And so, while the Arizona fires make their presence known … Salome!

  3. I dion`t remeber if it was Bruce Musky or Bruce Lula? But there is a FIGU passive group in Colorado called Crational Truth and there was a Bruce who blog here a long time ago and another Bruce who also was part of the main mother group in Smiddutti, Switzerland? But mabye living in Arizona now is not such a good idea because I heard years ago that Arizona turned into another Mississippi and now Arizona is turning into west Texas cow country,raw ready to drive,fast shoot first and hope you survive without getting killed,think the wild west aka western movies,I don`t know about you MH but I think parts of the west are going backwards into the 19th century etc but don`t take my word for it. this could be just the tip of the iceberg a,ka the first of the 4 or 5 territories if this keep up who knows. I think Colorado might be more Neutral Positive from a Creational point of view. Who knows I1ve never been out there,this is just my guess.

  4. As the famous saying goes “Silence speaks volume”. Let’s see if that will speak about him as well.

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