Another COVID “New Discovery” Billy Meier Published Months Ago

Despite the impeccable accuracy of the Plejaren information, the suppression continues while the disease spreads

There’s a new study about the virus affecting the brain but, not surprisingly, the Plejaren already informed Billy Meier about the damage to the brain from the virus, on January 6th.

One more thing that can be predicted with certainty is that – despite ongoing efforts – the always impeccably accurate information about the disease, received first from the Plejaren, will continue to be suppressed and ignored, leading to many more infections and deaths.

The scandalous, criminal behavior by incompetent officials throughout the state of Arizona is a screaming example of the cynical, greedy, shortsighted behavior that’s already resulted in over 209,000 cases and over 5,300 deaths since I began sending out warnings, on March 5th…when there were only five cases  in the entire state.


It’s time for our next visit and to expand the scope of the information and focus on how best to safely navigate and surmount the ever-increasing challenges.

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Andrew Grimshaw

I couldn’t afford the first FREE! Web Seminar… where could I watch it for free?

Terry Carch

I tried to log on to the last wecam but this time Il have to opt out not just forthe small charg but I stilkl cant get zoom nor doIeven know how to use zoom. Would it be possible to eventually have all your webcams on youtube. Thanks,Technically chalanged?:((( Salome

Melissa Osaki

Hi Terry,

The webinar is free. All you have to do is click on the link below and register. You’ll receive an email with a link to the next show and you don’t need a webcam to watch.

roger brown

Hey Michael,
Gotta love those free webinars !

Norm Smith
Greg Dougall

New Billy Meier Corroboration:
this story is in all science news outlets, even on mainstream general news outlets…published by Meier…31 years ago.

Shiva Balu
Al Jedd

Hi Michael
In the online Mirror UK is this quote from Dr Pagel –

“It’s the parents of the young people who are getting infected.”

Just as Billy published months ago.


Al Jedd