Don’t Mean to Be HAARPing on This But…

There’s no shortage of conspiracy theories about things like HAARP but this scientist may indeed be on to something. Leaving aside things like time travel, he points to some of the same highly damaging effects that Billy Meier warned about, quite specifically some 14 years ago.

There is already such  wealth of corroborated scientific information that Meier verifiably published well in advance – sometimes even decades – of “official discovery”. Feel free to search this blog as well as for more information. [...]  READ MORE

Well I Don’t Know about Kenya But…

While the latest concern about President Obama’s birthplace has his foes all up in arms, perhaps we should contemplate a few questions that don’t get much public scrutiny:

How many American jobs have been shipped to India, the Philippines, South America, Mexico and other countries? How much of America is now owned by the…Chinese?

How many U.S. corporations – and politicians – have sold out their country (including military technology) for profit?

How many small and even large businesses have been plundered by good ol’, native born Americans with their compulsively insatiable greed? [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier’s Information Regarding Life on Mars now Corroborated

As we first reported in August of 2008, Billy Meier’s information – from 1976 -about the discovery of evidence of life on Mars has received further corroboration in recent analysis of 36-year-old data from NASA. As more information becomes available, the authenticity of Meier’s extraterrestrial contacts, and the prophetic accuracy of his information, cannot be questioned by rational, thinking people.

Highly suggested viewing for in-depth background on the Meier UFO contact cases and the machinations of the CIA, etc., in trying to prevent it from being made widely known. [...]  READ MORE

Numb-Nut Skeptics Stumble Again

Apparently not content to have made utter fools out of themselves with their inept, inaccurate attacks on the Billy Meier UFO case and its evidence and information, noted pseudo-scientific skeptical poseurs and wannabes, Stuart Robbins and Derek Bartholomaus, seem to have self-administerd their own coup de grace.

Since, as this blog states, Bartholomaus has had 11 years in which to perfect his bumbling incompetence, which he indeed has honed and polished to a “T”, his confused, meandering musings are both comic relief and an indictment of the inane skeptical movement itself. [...]  READ MORE

It’s like Watching a Movie after You’ve Read the Script

Well what do we have here? It looks like Pakistan doesn’t want to be left out of the “we’re too stupid to pay attention to any old prophet’s warnings” club. They seemingly can’t resist seeing to it that the Henoch Prophecies are fulfilled right down to the very last letter, or destructive detail. I guess they chose not to see that Pakistan is clearly mentioned in the very same paragraph as the previously referred to one about India:

“And China becomes dangerous, especially to India, as also at this time China maintains uneasy relations with her. China will attack India; and if biological weapons are used, around 30 million human beings will be killed in the area of and around New Delhi alone. However, this will not be the end yet—because the effect of biological bombs and missiles, etc., used cannot be controlled at that time, and terrible epidemics unknown up to that point in time will arise and will spread quickly to many areas. Also Pakistan will allow herself to be misled to instigate a war against India, which will be especially dangerous in view of the fact that both countries are developing atomic weapons.” [...]  READ MORE

Wow, Good Thing No One’s Read the Henoch Prophecies!

Today’s little note of reassurance that the mass of humanity is deaf, dumb and blind to prophetic warnings, and clearly incapable of seeing the steady progress of their fulfillment, is accompanied by the roaring sounds of an intercontinental, nuclear-capable missile, test-launched by India.

Based on the information in the Henoch Prophecies, published by Billy Meier, about India’s eventual near annihilation by China, perhaps outside observers who are aware of other current corroboration of the progressing fulfillment of the prophecies would advise India to soften up on the “China killer” label, kinda, sorta, just to be nice. [...]  READ MORE

Remember, It Isn’t Happening if You Don’t Know about It!

It was shortly after the Fukushima tsunami and nuclear plant disaster occurred that Billy Meier was told by the Plejaren extraterrestrials that the super worst-possible case-scenario had already occurred.

Now, new detailed information surfaces that isn’t being reported in the mainstream media, which in our peculiar world means that it isn’t happening, right? After all, if you don’t know about it, it can’t be happening, it can’t be real.

However, it was already real enough to the Plejaren who accessed all of the correct information about the about the actual magnitude of the disaster and foretold other “manifold deadly consequences”, right down to details about cooling related problems such as are now reported in the April 7th article. [...]  READ MORE