UFOs and The Washington Post: The Cover-up Continues

Disinformation once again replaces the vitally important truth, imperiling our future survival

An Open Letter to Ben Terris

I recently sent an email to Washington Post writer Ben Terris*, regarding his article on the limelight seeking UFO huckster Stephen Bassett. I decided to write this follow up as an open letter since I hadn’t received a response from him.

The real “truth embargo” mentioned in the article is the reason that Ben didn’t know (up until now) that there’s a singularly authentic, 73 years long, scientifically proven UFO contact case still ongoing in Switzerland. So successful has the disinformation cranked out by the intelligence services been, assisted by various organizations like the fraudulent SETI, MUFON and the quacks in the UFO community and industry like Bassett, that the the real UFO cover up  has proceeded unimpeded – at great risk to our future survival.

Ben mentions the “$1 million dollar donation from a Canadian believer” (Tom Clearwater), who funded Bassett’s fake congressional hearing to buy the attention of some former US Congress members, so that they could be regaled with everything but the truth. Weep if you will at the squandered opportunity…all for the sake of a con man’s ego and who knows what motivation for a deluded deep pockets donor.

Hounding Bassett

Since I’ve spent many hours with Stephen Bassett over the past decade trying to get him to include – let alone deservedly feature – the Billy Meier UFO case in his various X Conference and so-called Disclosure events, I’m very familiar with his real, self-serving agenda. A few years ago he told me that he knew that “the Meier case is authentic but it’s not time for it yet.” He felt it was “more important to get people to send faxes to Washington to force disclosure of the UFO cover-up.” And the cover-up, according to Bassett, is about the absolutely imaginary “alien abductions”, “alien-human hybrid babies” and “millions of contactees” for which he’s never produced even one piece of evidence.

If Ben isn’t aware of just how nuts the people in the UFO community are, he can suffer along with me as I attempted to bail the relentless bilge out of the boat in this Q & A.

Ben is a very good writer and it’s a shame that he wasted the space on a charlatan. So, in regards to this quote from Ben:

“One small problem with the theory: Both the Clinton campaign and Podesta’s office refused to comment for this story.”

…the only question is if Ben will also “refuse” to comment on the real story, or if he indeed has sufficient journalistic integrity and intellectual honesty to confront the fact that they came here to help us assure our own very threatened future survival.

Certainly the Washington Post will ”allow” the truth to be spoken, if Ben’s up to the task…as well as his fellow writer at the WP, Joel Achenbach.


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*Dear Ben,

While you were “allowed” to publish information for which there is zero remaining evidence, it’s doubtful that you’d be able to publish an article on the only scientifically authenticated and still ongoing UFO contact case of Billy Meier, now spanning more than 73 years.

I’d be delighted to be proven wrong but I doubt that you’ve even heard of this, despite your position in the media.

I am sending you a link (separately) to freely download my most recent film, WHEN TRUTH PREVAILS. As you will see, it’s because a truly skeptical university professor took four months to vet the information that he then invited me to present at NAU, a groundbreaking experience to say the least.

And I will provide you with this information, which is very pertinent to the events of the day…and those that are now inexorably going to unfold.

You can determine for yourself if this is an impenetrable hoax – spanning almost three-quarters of a century – or if indeed they came here to help us assure our own very threatened future survival.

I very much look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts





  And Did They Listen?


  as the time fulfills


  The Silent Revolution of Truth

  Michael Horn & Davida Horn


  Breaking the Silence

  The Blog!

  The Adventures of Billy Meier

“But, to reflect on the statement that’s in the film, I also remember seeing a shot on the Super8 reel that showed a UFO circling around a fairly tall tree. According to that shot, we said that we can’t conclusively say whether it’s real or not, but it seemed impossible to stage that kind of a shot with a miniature (it would have to be hanging on a very tall crane, with wires – but even then the movements would be hard to achieve.) So, yes, in regards to that shot, we mentioned that we could definitely do it today with CG, but at the time these were supposedly shot – it would have been very hard, probably even impossible, to fake this kind of shot.”

Volker Engel, Marc Weigert – Uncharted Territory 
Academy Award-winners, Special Effects for “Independence Day”

Recent Presentations by Michael Horn:

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

Lillian Smith Library, Toronto, Canada

International UFO Congress, Hong Kong

Rainbow Lounge, Flagstaff, AZ

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Saw Shop Bistro, Kelseyville, CA

Community of Infinite Spirit, San Jose, CA

Alien Cosmic Expo, Brantford, Canada

Sedona MUFON, Arizona

Bay Area UFO Conference, Santa Clara, CA

Space Cities, Mountain View, CA

Texas Station Hotel, Las Vegas

Barnes & Noble, Flagstaff, Arizona

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ASPE Conference, New Mexico

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University of Alberta, Canada

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University of, Victoria, B.C.

Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles

NEXUS Conference, Amsterdam

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Art Institute of Los Angeles

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Here is just a sample of what the media is saying about Michael Horn:

Even nationally syndicated conservative talk radio host Michael Medved had to admit “… Look, I’m intrigued by this because, again, some seemingly very bright people seem to believe this. Michael, I appreciate your spirit of openness and sharing all of this with us and your willingness to bring us all up to date on the Billy Meier controversy involving flying saucers and extraterrestrials.”

– Michael Medved – National talk radio host

“I enjoyed visiting with you on the air very much and the audience enjoyed it as well judging by the amount of positive e-mail. We should do this again some time and I look forward to meeting you in person out there where the weather is so much nicer!”

– John B. Wells – Coast to Coast AM

“Thanks very much! Our audience loves this topic.”

– Alan Colmes Show – Fox News

“Michael Horn has appeared on Kevin Smith Show several times, and he is always a fascinating guest with a powerful command of his information.  He does not demand that others believe his information, but very politely presses them to know his information and investigate it.  One thing he does that makes his appearances stand out is that he provides a lot of corroborating evidence from other sources.  It is always a pleasure to have Michael Horn on the Kevin Smith Show.”

–  Kevin Smith, Host – Kevin Smith Show

“… And that is without a doubt the best show that I think I’ve ever done on the Meier case. Actually, I didn’t do it, I just hosted it. Michael Horn did it so he goes down as the best spokesman for Meier that I’ve ever had on.”

– Art Bell – Coast to Coast AM (after interviewing Michael for four hours)

500+ Radio Stations 5 million + Listeners – the largest late night talk show in the world

“You’re a fantastic guest!”

– Ian Punnett – Coast to Coast AM (after interviewing Michael for three hours)

And, typical of the effect that Michael is making nationwide, mainstream talk radio host Karen Grant summed it up perfectly “Michael is a phenomenal guest. Whether you are a skeptic or not, he brings information that is fascinating and keeps the audience glued to their radios. The responses I receive after he has been on my show have been overwhelming. The one guest you want to have when it comes to the Meier case and contacts in general.”

– Karen Grant – National talk radio host

“Michael Horn, always a fascinating guest when he appears on Coast to Coast.”

– George Noory – Talk radio host

“Thanks again for doing my show a few weeks ago. I rarely get email from listeners but I did get a few that really enjoyed hearing you and wanted your website info.”

– Arielle Ford – Talk radio host, leading publicist

Regarding Michael’s presentation of the scientific proof for the Billy Meier UFO contacts, and the prophetic material (documented and published by Billy Meier in 1975, 1987 and 1995) that specifically gave advance warning of the destruction of the WTC, the upcoming attacks by the USA and the president, and other events unfolding right now…legendary, conservative talk show host Barry Farber said:

“… I didn’t dream I could ever enjoy a discussion of this nature, but Michael, you amaze me. It’s supremely enjoyable…If you can prove one of them…then you’re gonna change the world. I’m sitting here as a fascinated listener and talk host having a good hour. But if you can prove that anything [like that] came down…then I’m telling you pal, you’re wasting time on the Barry Farber Show. You can change the world… It was a delight! You handle skepticism well and kept things going briskly. I’ve already put your material in the “volcano” file” meaning hot guests who are welcome repeatedly on the show.”

– Barry Farber – Talk radio host

“You were great! You are very articulate and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and I hope you did, too. Would you like to come back on in the future? I appreciate you coming on and you were such a gentleman and very charitable about the questions. Thank you so much.”

– Gianni De Vincent Hayes – Christian talk radio host

183 Replies to “UFOs and The Washington Post: The Cover-up Continues”

  1. This has been by far the sharpest learning curve for I, this here conversing. A big and heart warming thanks to Eric (especially; I have been thinking about how to make electricity from downwardly pressurized water for years now, with cogs driving cogs, etc, only obstacle I foresaw was the levity of said water to repeat), Billy, Tyler and not least, George.
    PS. Love ya MH :->

    1. Andrew Grimshaw, You ask a question that is really off topic for Michael’s blog, but you deserve a answer. Research what a water hammer is on youtube and vise solar panels look at the oldest works on using magnifying glass add to a solar tracker and you have a laser to heat a boiler for steam. As in the contact notes nothing that a human can invent in his/ her material consciences is out of the realm of reality.
      Billy Wilson

      1. UFOs and The Washington Post: The Cover-up Continues
        And I’m off topic.
        And a statement is defined as a question.
        And I’m out!

      2. G’Day Billy, It’s high time that I pulled my head out of you know where and apologized for my little tantrum. Sorry about that! I was thinking along the lines of turning the copper windings around the magnet like the old paddles steamers or mills with water jets and many at that to drive a larger one (or however gears and electricity generation works, I admit a lack of education in this and a lack of research on my behalf) and then using the flying craft mentioned in a Victor Schauberger video that was being tested in the early 20th century that shot up and hit roof and was destroyed, to get the water back up to the holding tank. I envision an electricity generation device for every building being built into itself. This is only a daydreaming of mine, which comes from my biggest desire of designing buildings from my time of poring over house floor plans in the Saturday paper which was the only paper I saw as a very young child in outback Australia.

        1. Andrew Grimshaw, I do not have thin skin when it comes to energy projects and the sticker shock that comes even with using junkyard parts. Google Hitler’s Flying Saucers by Henery Stevens most all of it on the book search page may clear up some things for you. We are learning so much more now about what energy is and some are willing to understand that the way they live has to change to learn all the different arts/crafts it takes to be off the grid as an Alein Visitor Craft has to be. One new person to step on the stage has no energy back ground but knowledge he is giving away is ground braking. His name is Ken wheeler and his video’s start here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfRmq2gvpUM&list=PLnilnjUumFqDMOeh3DVHd7QjZdObXBxxE&index=1
          Billy Wilson

  2. A small window of time has open for a few to look at the Henoch prophecies unfolding and playing out just this year alone. Without missionizing, sharing the links I last posted before the year is over will raise awareness without any negative blow back from friends on that email list, google page, facebook or ones in a public office. Shortly the media will start stories on the past years effents so join in by sharing what they will not touch. Michael Thank You for this forum has been something to be a part of this year.
    Billy Wilson

  3. Recently I heard that the people inJapan will eventually come down with thyroid cancer thanks to all that radiation leaking out of Fulkishima. Not only that if theyu decide to have children,they wil be deformed so severly like what happened when Chernoble the radiation will affect these Japanies children too and these children will be forever very very severly handicapped etc. “I`ts high time we STOP using nuclear energy no matter what the excuses are be weapons,power plants or otherwise etc!”

  4. “It`s back to NO NUKES again or else get those pro-nuke thugs lik Shisu Abel should be OFF the podium and take his quill and OFF! Anybody with a mindset like that doesn’t deserve to run in politics with a mined set like that is a sicko!”(sick in the head)!

    1. George M, Thanks about the “Joe” reference, nothing I have posted is outside public knowledge and freely open to anyone with a computer to learn about. Now if we use nature and our own eyes to prove items in the contact reports are real, that too is already public knowledge. Just the right people are not looking and understanding what they are seeing. Some things fell the news feeds, images of 1000’s of sharks off the US beaches, they are running from the process you described to Matt in your post. Since they have scales it only takes 1.5 volt field change to charge the capacitor plates that this scales form and they run like mad from it. (How magnets are used as a shark repellant).
      Billy Wilson

      1. Hey Bill now that’s a first for me.
        Magnet shark repellent?
        How about Neodymium Magnets do they work?
        BEAM stated that having magnets close to the body is harmful to health but I guess it beats being eaten alive by a shark any day.

      2. Billy Wilson,

        I know that what we are saying is public knowledge, but I don’t want to give the wrong kind of person too many ideas. Generally speaking, people who are smart and motivated enough to dig up and figure a lot of this out are also smart enough to know how not to misuse information.

        Thanks for bringing up the topic of shark skin. I am totally unaware of its architecture and how it works. No doubt there are many interesting things to be learned, and so I am going to go and have a look 🙂

        Electric sharks. Who knew? 🙂

        1. George M, Smart and motivated by everything except the truth is what got us here, where even real pictures, video and even material proof of UFO’s can be highjacked and made into a delusional UFO empire of greed. We have so much we can and will learn, but thanks to smart and motivated being miss guided we all will have to wait till no money or egoist desires can be found in being a weed in a garden.
          Billy Wilson

  5. Guys here is an article from the website Truthout You may find this very infiormative as to what is really going on in the oceains. “Global Opposition Is Mouting Againts the Latest Environmental Abuse-Deep Sea Mining Tuesday 29,December 2015 By Tom Lawson,Occupy.com/Report. Here is the REAL PROOF of why the sharks are running away from all these polultents and why our seas are also turning into iron thanks to all the nukes on this polluted planet what with all the plastics and such!

  6. Being a paranormal researcher and investigator for 40 years now, I do believe that UFO’s and aliens do exist and that their intelligence and technology is way beyond the human mind. Why Governments are trying to cover up the truth of UFO’s and aliens, will stay unexplained and totally wrong. Throughout the years so many sightings of UFO’s have been seen by many people, and even with proof, these people are still made out to be liars. The fact is, some time in future, whether soon or later, there will be an UFO/alien invasion and I believe Governments know this, but refuse to expose the truth of this. On many occassions, I have had clear dreams of UFO’s, which I further believe, were given for the reason of truth. Instead of keeping humanity in the dark, Governments must abide by the rule; “People have the right to know the truth of UFO’s.”

    1. Hi Charles,

      I think you’ll find that most of us here already know that there’s been a singularly verifiable UFO contact case, which is still ongoing, that now spans 74 years. The Billy Meier case is effectively what the REAL UFO cover-up is about.

      UFOs per se can be, and most often are, secret military craft, natural phenomenon, etc., and only quite rarely of extraterrestrial manufacture and origin. You can find numerous articles here: http://www.theyfly.com/news-archives and other places on and linked from my site, as well as this blog.

      As for an invasion, history shows us that we have only to fear the violence of our fellow Earth human beings, long before any worries about beings from outer space.

    1. Certainly there are people here who may be interested in sci-fi but I personally don’t and have no interest in it, as the focus of this work is about real, factual science.

      Please use your first and last name when submitting future comments.


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