Scientists continue to corroborate Billy Meier’s scientific information and warnings

It seems that scientists have confirmed the existence of Nemesis, the so-called “evil twin” of our own sun. While not yet having found its location, acknowledging its existence again gives credence to the information provided to UFO contactee Billy Meier, in Switzerland, in 2012.

From the 544th Contact, September 1st, 2012:

Billy: … you make me embarrassed, my friend. I would rather have you explain to me a little more precisely why, for some time now, in the Oort cloud, which is located at the outermost edge of the SOL system, there have actually been enormous changes taking place, as you explained to me in a conversation on my Great Trip in 1975 when you allowed me to see the Dark Star. In one of our most recent conversations you also privately indicated again something regarding the changes taking place in the Oort cloud. You said that due to the dark planet floating around out there, changes are taking place that will affect the whole SOL system. To my knowledge, the terrestrial scientists suspect something along those lines that the Dark Star exists out there, but for them everything is still based pure conjecture; to my knowledge, they use the name Nemesis for the alleged Dark Star. But the whole thing has nothing to do with the dark planet, which moves along its trajectory on the other side of the sun and cannot be perceived from the Earth and floats through the system, because I think that this has nothing to do with the Dark Star Nemesis, does it?


174. That is right.

175. The SOL system is a binary star system, whereby the SOL twin is a so-called Dark Star, as you say.

176. Its size is around ten times smaller than the SOL itself, whereby this twin also has its own planet orbiting around it, as you have known since 1975.

177. The radius of the Dark Star to the SOL encompasses more than a light year, thus more than 9.5 million million kilometers, and the circumnavigation of the SOL’s center’s mass, that is the SOL’s own orbit amounts to around 26 million years.

Billy: SOL’s own orbit – what does that mean? I don’t understand that.


178. The Sun, that is SOL does not stand still in outer space, but rather it turns; namely in its own sweeping circle, around an imaginary midpoint.

Billy: Aha, I did not know that. And why have the terrestrial astronomers not yet discovered the Dark Star?


179. The existing technical astronomical equipment and devices are not suitable up until now.

180. But it is only a matter of time until a corresponding discovery occurs.

181. The currently existing technical devices are not yet capable of capturing the extremely faint light of the Dark Star with its satellites however.

182. And regarding the changes that are caused by the Dark Star in the Oort cloud: they are based on the enormous movement taking place in the uncountable – and existing in a thousand million – numbers of smallest, small, large and largest rock, ice and metal fragment formations, and sometimes large objects are hurled out as meteors from the Oort cloud into orbits of the inner SOL system.

183. A large chain of these meteors has already been underway into the inner SOL system for many decades and has partly already passed the Earth or exploded high in its atmosphere.

184. This is happening because the Dark Star has penetrated directly into the effective range of the Oort cloud already long ago and has evoked severe disturbances since then.

Billy: Then new and still unknown comets and meteors might reach into the inner solar system from out there and into the area of the Earth from out there, as is also indeed the case with respect to objects in the asteroid belt? And as I am already at this, I ask myself whether it is also the case with these projectiles from the Oort cloud that some are circling in twos and threes, or that some are circled by small satellites like moons, as is the case for larger asteroids, as I was allowed to observe from your Great Spacer in 1975 on my Great Trip. But what has happened to that very long, dark meteor chain, which emerged from the Oort cloud and was on course for Earth, which you reported to me privately at the start of 2001? Are these meteors still underway into the inner SOL system and to Earth?


185. It was and is really a very long chain of meteors, which was catapulted out of the Oort cloud, and which found its way into the inner solar system, and therefore also to Earth.

186. Some of the larger meteors of this very long chain, as I have just explained, have already passed near to or more distant from the Earth; smaller ones have crashed or exploded at great heights above the Earth, and indeed over a number of years, because they were stretched so far along their path and still are.

187. The first meteor exploded in late July 2001, high over the region of Kerala in India, with which you are familiar.

188. Another meteor from the same chain exploded once again at a high altitude over India, namely in the year 2007, while the next two meteors from the same chain penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere and exploded in 2008, high over Colombia and New Mexico.

And from this very elongated meteor chain there are still more and more underway and on course to SOL and the Earth, which, as the previously mentioned meteors, were catapulted out of the Oort cloud by the Dark Star, that is the dark twin of SOL.

189. Also, there are still four objects, which were hurled out from the Oort cloud by the Dark Star, which belong to the category of comets and are likewise on a course into the inner SOL system.

Billy: Then this meteor chain is therefore still very long, and it can, depending on the velocity of the objects, probably stretch out for years and decades until the last of these space satellites come into the further or closer area of the Earth, if I understood you correctly? And perhaps, in addition to those from this meteor chain, which exploded over the Earth, are there any others from the same chain which have passed by the Earth?

Nemesis 2

Speaking of Nemesis, I am pleased to say that Luke Gohegan is helping the Meier case to be the nemesis of poseurs, skeptics and charlatans everywhere…not just in the scientific community.

Luke, who’s a blogger and host of a podcast, had written an article critical of the Meier case. Then, when someone commented  positively about the case,  Luke demonstrated the kind of integrity and intellectual honesty that is rarely seen these days by reaching out to see if I’d be willing to do an interview and answer questions and challenges, which I of course agreed to do. You can hear the just posted interview here.

NASA and Apophis

You may have already seen this information in the news about the famous Johnny-come-lately-but-better-than-never space agency, NASA, and it’s reluctant realizations about asteroid Apophis.

You may remember NASA as the agency that completely downplayed to the point of dismissiveness the danger that Apophis poses, which of course Meier long ago not only pointed out but beat NASA in identifying by some…23 years, as nicely illustrated here.

Nemesis 3

It looks like Rob McConnell is spearheading a petition regarding the latest revelations about corruption at MUFON, as you can see and participate in here.

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Thanks to Stefan Mitterdorfer for the Nemesis translation.

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  1. Hi Gordon, I think the Ps said somewhere in the last week in April 2036 but I don`t remember the exact date. Perhaps Billy or MH might have the correct answer. The Ps didn`t give a date for 2029 though?

  2. Contact Report 475

    PTAAH advises to use a sun sail “drift” option against Apopthis. Beam and PTAAH seem to be with in an understanding of the method used against apopthis to protect earth (I say this because Beam didn’t reject or argue the defense option). But at the end of the report PTAAH empathizes the urgency. Something to note, one of the reasons it hasnt been stopped already accorsing to Ptaah is due to the earth scientist have yet to come to an agreement as to which method to use against Apopthis. On the other hand BEAM and PTAAH critical thought and discussed 1 the solution provide (the sun sail/drift method) in one contact report.

      1. From my understanding(s) of the contact report 475 below

        BEAM recommended the sun sail principle or atomic explosion towards Apopthis

        PTAAH added and affirms to take into consideration a atomic explosion towards Apopthis

        Reference contact report 475

  3. If the scientists use nuclear explosions,we need to consider just how far away from Earth to keep the nuclear explosion to destroy Apothis! You DON`T want to destroy Earth and all life on Earth do you? Better ask Billy and Ptaah about that,there could be very very serious consequence here about saving humanity on Earth when the time comes to destroy Apothis,I`d think about that first and formost if these scientists are willing to entertain that thought otherwise there won`t be ANY life left here on primitive Earth!!! If ANY of these scientist are smart enough and brave enough they will start to think about the SAFEST way to destroy Apothis NOW and not wait until all hell breaks out in 2029 and 2036.

  4. The practical solution, is the one that’s offered by BEAM & PTAAH to take into consideration clearly. Of course sooner rather then later to stop the skipping stone apopthis that’s within our scope is desired…the challenge for the world scientist is come to an agreement of acceptance and overcoming their own cynisim. PTAAH empathizes the urgency as does BEAM to take action against Apopthis in a punctual timely manner. In other words the Swiss Man points to the clock again.

  5. I think Apophis will probably hit April 13 2029 because if you divide 2029 by 3s you get the sum of 676.3333333333. I am just guessing however. I also disagree that the dark star is an evil twin, on the contrary I think it is a good twin just like black holes are good too.

      1. And it just so happens that I just put my bumper sticker on my car now, to inspire others to to get rid of their pesky cranial mops.

    1. 13th of April, 2029 if Apophis being 350 meters (according to PTAAH calculations reference contact report 475). That’s 382 yards long, because meotors are instable, Just as PTAAH recommend using the atomic blast to create a sun sail but not to close to the astroid. The ONLY logical, reasonable rational…is stopping apophis before it’s gets closer. NASA seems to be “cutting the Mickey Mouse Nonesense” (ask Ernst Stuhlinger’s wife she has the letter I personally asked her for it to come clean with it she refused). They seem to have created Dart (asteroid delfection mission)…should they be cooperating with the Russians…absolutely. Now is the time cut the Mickey nonsense and stop Apophis.

      Reference dart:

  6. I think we need another sun like the same one we already have but NOT an artificial sun as Billy and the Ps are predicting in the Henoch Prophecies because an artificial sun will not last very long where as a nearby REAL NATURAL sun like the one we have will last forever like like the one we have even though our sun will last for another five billion years. We NEED a good permanent NATURAL sun that will give us unlimited solar energy that will help us get off of nuclear power and fossil fuels.

    1. When it come to the arrival sun we create. And even the correcting of the PI calculation we actually CONCLUDE and accept (a by product artificial sun). We shouldn’t feel bad about the “NOCTURAL DAWNING…when we are in the NOCTURAL DAWNING we will achieve what was not achievable for other generations of the past.

  7. Want more bad news? I just heard on c2c that if we don`t take Un out in North Korea soon, we will have to live with this the same way we did with China during the 20th century with Mia Sid Dong for some decades back then when China was just as dangerous as North Korea is now which mean North Korea has 2 orbiting satellites low in the southern equator which might just trigger an EMP attack that could wipe out our entire grid!!! Better check with Billy and Ptaah on this scary scenario quick!!!

    1. Hi Terry, you don’t need to check with anyone to know that calling for someone “to take someone out” is both illegal and immoral. Give your head a shake.

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