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Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

End of June: Over 10 Million Infected People Worldwide!

End of June: Over 10 million infected ones worldwide!
The first wave is only approaching its peak, contrary to alternative claims

741st Contact, Saturday, 30 May 2020, 20.22


You are already here, dear friend. Welcome and greetings, Ptaah. You said that you were coming because you have something important to discuss.


I thank you for your greeting and your welcome; and greetings to you too, Eduard, my friend. Yes, there is something to discuss that is not to be postponed, because it is really something important to talk about; in fact I have something to say again about the rampantly spreading corona disease, although we have decided not to talk about it any further. Unfortunately, some unpleasant things will arise in the coming period, about which I still have to inform you.


Then it is probably because all the airheads in the world are going haywire and no longer care about the security measures against the rampantly spreading corona disease.


This is indeed the case; therefore I want to go back to my previous explanation and talk about that which is to be said.


Of course, but what is it then precisely that you must say again?


I will explain that to you.


Okay, but please do not talk using technical jargon, because I do not want to always have to query technical terms in order to understand something.


Of course. As a result of low intelligence and irresponsibility, in Europe, among many state leaders, municipal officials, and also among certain virologists, immunologists and physicians up to general practitioners and so forth, the irresponsible opinion prevails that the time and the current state of the rampantly spreading corona disease, by and large, now allow for loosening, reducing and largely ending the already inadequate safety regulations. However, the real situation of the rampantly spreading disease does not allow for this, because, on the one hand, not everything necessary has been done to really contain the terrible things and, on the other hand, its peak has not yet been reached and the whole thing is only heading towards it in this respect.

What I have to explain now, however, relates to that which concerns the state leaders, local authorities, virologists and other supporters, as well as the majority of all peoples, with regard to the relaxation of the curfews, which has been announced for weeks, and the lifting of the obligation to wear protective masks. This corresponds to an unparalleled irresponsibility which already today leads to a wave of coronavirus infections and many corona deaths worldwide.

Our earlier calculations that there would be 8 million virus infections by the middle of the year are changing already for the second time, namely due to that part – that has low intelligence and is irrational – of the responsible ones of state and local government, fallible virologists and immunologists and so forth, as well as the majority of the uneducated populations which is incapable of intellect and rationality. The figures resulting from our projections will be exceeded by far by the end of June as a result of the inadequate and irresponsible wrong decisions that are of low intelligence, and the wrong actions of those responsible in the state governments and local governments as well as the part of the fallible virologists and so forth, as well as the majority of the populations. According to our latest calculations, this leads to more than 10 million infected ones worldwide by the end of June, while the number of corona deaths will still be around 500,000, as we calculated early on and as I have explained to you on several occasions already. In addition to everything, I have to repeat the following explanation for the last time:

1) The fact that, as a result of low intelligence, unintellect, commercial thinking and greed for money, the otherwise already inadequate protective regulations regarding the ban on going out and the wearing of a protective mask are now to be largely lifted worldwide and even declared to be over in two weeks’ time, corresponds to an unparalleled irresponsibility and will bear serious consequences. This is based not only on the carelessness, low intelligence and illogicality of the state leaders and local administrators, but it also goes against all intellect and rationality and additionally proves the absolute inability of those responsible with regard to a correct assessment and ability to act in difficult and dangerous situations. This, in turn, clearly demonstrates the irresponsibility of all these persons, who consciencelessly accept that, yet again, as a result of their low intelligence, hundreds of thousands of coronavirus infections will occur, and by the end of June there will be more than 10 million of them. Correspondingly, the number of infections and corona deaths in various countries will also in- crease sharply, as will the number of infections of newborn babies, because the embryo in the womb will already be infected by the virus.

Increasingly infections will arise without them being able to be medically-virologically proven, whereby, however, an infection can be transmitted nevertheless.

It has been shown that the male sex in particular reacts in a more susceptible form to the corona virus than the female sex.

It is becoming more and more evident that the virus causes brain damage as well as visual impairment, bleeding, balance disorders, language difficulties, organ failure, cardiac complications, that is to say, heart related complications, and throat diseases as well as various other diseases and ailments which arise as … and also …, but which you are to keep to yourself and not disclose. Various things about it, however, will be recognized in the course of time and will turn out to be fact.

Reiterating, I want to explain what I already explained in our earlier talks, that there is a constant danger of being infected with the insidious rampantly spreading disease by persons who are infected by the virus but do not show any symptoms themselves; consequently they also have no inkling at all that they themselves are carriers of the virus and therefore, unsuspecting, have an infectious effect on their fellow human beings and can therefore pass the coronavirus on unnoticed.

Furthermore it must be said, as I already explained earlier, that the coronavirus results in a form of disease that allows recovery but not an effective cure, because the virus – in a form unrecognizable by medical-virological examinations – continues to exist in a purely impulse-based form and, depending on the circumstances, can sooner or later become acutely effective again. It is not that condition which arises when recovery takes place and then, after a certain time, a reactivation takes place, because in a case such as this the effect of the virus continues to exist despite recovery, namely through the inclusion of a viral deposit in antibodies, whereby however, this possibility is still unknown to terrestrial medicine and cannot yet be researched by it.


But it is not only about these diseases and ailments that arise over time, nor is it only about the lifting of security measures regarding the curfews and the wearing of protective masks, because there is very much more behind all this.

The irresponsibility of the state leaders, local officials, virologists, immunologists and other advocates and the majority of the populations, in relation to the loosening of the ‘lockdown’, that is to say, the curfews, and the lifting of the obligation to wear protective masks, which has already been announced for some time, will have serious consequences. However, there are still other aspects to all of this, such as the fact that, due to the irrationality of the governors, among other things the commercial thinking, the greed for money and large-scale economic mismanagement are supported. This is done by means of completely wrong support of ailing small and large companies and corporations and so forth, as well as by keeping superfluous ‘professional’ sports organizations alive through the injection of thousand-millions of dollars. And this concerns, for example, football, tennis and organizations that carry out car races, air shows, motorbike races and boat trips and so forth – which poison and destroy the atmosphere and climate with exhaust fumes – the executants of which are worth millions and would be better off having steady jobs, which does not suit them, however, because they do not carry out decent work and rather let themselves be paid and made rich for their pleasure by the spectators that are of low intelligence. And as you said just recently, criminals also profit from this nonsense, which you have noticed in Germany, for example, where criminal family clans receive support money by means of lies and deception, against which the authorities who are responsible do nothing. You have also ascertained that companies, corporations and organizations are making a cupped hand and that ones in government are willing to pay millions and thousand-millions to them in order to allegedly save jobs. But the fact that these companies, corporations and organizations are mismanaged and do not create any securities to be able to survive times of crisis is of no concern to the ones in government, because they act in the same style, are not frugal and do not invest in reserves, but only run up debts and borrow endless amounts of money from banks, accumulate more and more debt and therethrough not only overburden the state coffers, but then burden the taxpayers with new taxes.

The misery of the mismanagement by that unrighteous part of the government, municipal and social service officials and so forth, which are incapable of office, is that – as must be mentioned again and again – horrendous tax money is senselessly squandered, which has to be worked hard for by the taxpayers. And with this hard-earned money of the hard-working taxpayers, also all those governors and civil servants who are fallible and unfit for their office are provided with horrendous salaries, and effectively do not deserve the overpayment they make sure of getting and consequently therethrough enrich themselves wrongfully. It would be right that they should all be remunerated solely according to their effective performance, as is the case also with all hard-working and tax-paying citizens.

The fact is that now, as a result of the corona crisis and due to that part of the illogically thinking ones and the ones incapable of government and municipal management, the mismanaging companies, corporations and organizations and so forth are given a hand with millions and thousand-millions dollar amounts in order to save them from bankruptcy, or to ‘support’ private individuals who swindle aid money from social services and insurance companies.

If one carefully examines the airlines and the cruise ship companies and so forth world-wide, as well as coach companies and so forth, which are profitably equipped with sometimes hundreds of their airplanes, with huge city-ships and with countless big cars, then their endless craving for money becomes recognizable.

The travel companies and travel corporations bombard the travel-delusion-befallen masses of the overpopulation with dumping prices for holiday travel, excursions and world travel as well as for holiday flights and so forth, just as they also make cheap offers for all sorts of purposes and therewith entice the earthlings to travel foreign countries and the world at minimum prices. And all these offers are taken up only too gladly by those earthlings, who later on give themselves airs with it, boast, brag about it, show off, blow their own trumpets, open their mouths widely, fill them up and make a show of where they have been during their holidays or on their trip around the world, where they have travelled to and where they have been. However, they have no idea or insight into the life of the locals, their mode of living, mentality and opinions, just as they know nothing about their problems and worries and so forth. In general: basically, they know nothing with regard to the ‘travelled’ countries, just as they have no idea about the nature there, its fauna, flora and ecosystems and so forth. And that through this kind of traveling, the environment, the oceans, fresh waters, lakes, ponds, streams, forests and the mountains up to the highest peaks as well as landscapes all around, are polluted with thousands of tons of plastic, other synthetic materials and with manifold garbage of all kinds, does not bother a single person of all those indifferent ones befallen by the travel-delusion. In addition to all this, the exhaust fumes of all motorized vehicles used to transport the travel and holiday maniacs also negatively affect and poison the atmosphere and destroy the climate more and more, which does not bother the earthlings who have fallen prey to the travel and holiday delusion and due to whom thousands of tons of CO2 are blown out into the atmosphere, wherethrough the climate is more and more harmfully affected and destroyed. Through the tourism – to which count- less earthlings of the excessive overpopulation give themselves over without thinking and without conscience – the environment worldwide is thus filled up with tonnages of plastic and other dirt, wherethrough countless natural life forms die and even become extinct, namely by plasticizing, poisoning and polluting every-thing and by polluting the atmosphere with poisonous greenhouse gases through the immense exhaust fumes of airplanes and giant ships as well as all other thousand-million vehicles, and by destroying the climate more and more and finally driving it to collapse.

All those who mismanage and who profit from the state coffers in the millions and thousand-millions, are nothing but criminals, just as various other ones are who crave for thousand-millions, who are supported by state funds – for which the workers also pay taxes and have to account for again. And they also have to do so now for the horrendously paid governors, who are revealing their inability to lead through their wrong decisions and so forth, especially now, during the corona crisis period.

Everything that will arise in the future as a result of the new problems mentioned will now damagingly spread like a wildfire to all countries around the world. And it will be, as I said earlier, that the thousand-millions of dollars squandered will be dumped all around on the shoulders of the working class and that these taxpayers will be burdened with new and increasing taxes in the coming times. This is because those in government inconsiderately and recklessly throw millions and thousand-millions down the throat of the mismanaged companies, corporations and organizations and so forth, which in turn become stultified and daft. However, this will not change anything for the better, because the mismanagement problems of the money-greedy, which lead into the abyss, and of the money-squandering managements of companies, organizations and corporations and so forth, will continue in the old style of wasting money, because, just as before, nothing other than new debts are made. It will not happen that in the future there will be proper budgeting, because as always, finances and money and all capital will be squandered senselessly and therefore no reserves will be built up for times of crisis and times of need. However, if a good power, a woman or man, comes along who knows how to organize, manage and handle finances such that no debts are incurred but the existing ones can be reduced that other incapable elements have accumulated, then all efforts will be ruined again for her or him. This is exactly the case as it happens here with us in Switzerland with our Federal Council and finance minister, Uèli Maurer, who is making an effort to put the state finances in order, while the financial squanderers in the government mess up his work and unravel all his efforts by imbecilically blowing the money he has saved and additionally accumulating new debts instead of reducing the existing ones with it. This is of no concern to these sad, useless characters because it is not their personal money that they idiotically squander, but the tax money that has to be worked for by the hard-working people and has to be handed over to the state, whereby additionally the people are also held responsible for the wages of these useless state-money-squanderers.

The whole of the state-financial mismanagement, which irresponsibly results from the inability of the elements of the money squanderers, hap- pens at all because of the reliance on the low intelligence of the majority of those in government who – at the expense of the taxpayers – pump millions and thousand-millions into the ailing companies, firms, corporations, organizations, student bodies, as well as foreign aid, irrational events, buildings, senseless support, horrendous wages for the governors, for war material and so on and so forth. In this form the whole thing in- creases in relation to the growth of the excessively increasing overpopulation and leads on and on. Therefore everything is increased by the low intelligence of the majority of all those who are incapable of government, who are elected to the rudder by the approval and the pro braying and hurray shouting of that part of the majority of the population that is of low intelligence, and they can then do and allow whatever they want. Once at the helm of the country, the government can be certain that it, on the one hand, will continue to be supported and cheered to the highest heights by the majority of its supporters of low intelligence, and that its mismanagement will be endlessly praised and, consequently, amidst the shouting and cheering of its supporters, it can do as it pleases, namely up to the point of harassing and exploiting the population, creating unpeace and inciting war against other countries and so forth. And this happens as it always has since time immemorial and it will continue to happen far into the future. And as this is done by the part of the unrighteous majority of the ones in government, so it is imitatively done in the same form and in the same mode of behavior by the majority of the populations, namely just as the fallible part of the governments themselves do it. This also happens endlessly with regard to incurring debts; instead of budgeting rightly and directing every- thing solely according to that which the tax revenues allow; consequently, no debt must be incurred under any circumstances. However, all those of the governments and local governments who accumulate debt are unfit as governors and civil servants and simply, already as a result of their incapacity in this regard, belong neither in government nor in local government positions. And the fact is that the misbehavior of the incapable ones who senselessly squander money and who cannot manage state finances in an either right or economical or reserve-producing frame, but who, on the contrary, indulge in the misconception of debt making, as is done by governments and local governments, serves as an example to the peoples. Therefore the whole of the squandering of taxpayers’ money and the accumulating of debts of governments and local authorities and so forth, sways and spreads as a model to the companies, corporations and organizations, on the one hand, who act in the same form and, on the other hand, to the populations.

It is therefore not surprising that the majority of those sections of the population which are of low intelligence are enthusiastic about all nonsense that is harmful in any form and shout a laudatory pro and cheer for all the nonsense that is harmfully organized and executed. This happens, on the one hand, because they believingly hang on the populist lips and lies of those incompetent ones in government, who act just as mismanagingly and wrongly-decidingly as fools who believe that the injection of millions and thousand-millions of francs, euros, dollars and pounds would change something about the wrong financial management methods of the incompetent management of companies, corporations and organizations and lead to that which is better.


You have said it and you have got to the heart of it, but your words – with which you have clearly and precisely explained the facts of the effective truth – will neither be understood nor accepted by the simple-minded ones of the majority of those leaders of states, local government administrators and by the populations in their low intelligence. The governmental populism with its untruths is, as ever, inconsiderately given belief and approval, while a true word that describes the reality and truth is not worth a damn – as you sometimes say – with the majority of the uneducated part of the people. But now, Eduard, I still want to talk about why I have come here.


That is also clear to me. But if you now want to say something about the coronavirus again, it will probably be necessary to repeat some things that have already been said and explained – I think.


This will be the case because, as a result of the irrationality and irresponsibility, as well as the inability and incapability of the majority of leaders of state and local government, we repeatedly ascertain that they are incapable of making the right decisions and imposing the right actions, safety measures and modes of behavior, as well as the right instructions for carrying out the necessary measures. Therefore, due to the rampantly spreading corona disease, much suffering will continue to befall the human beings of Earth. Also the real danger of the coronavirus is not being revealed to the peoples, including the fact that the virus can persist for a long time in waste water and ventilation systems and call forth terribleness, as well as that it can establish itself on certain open food, that is to say, cut food – especially on meat – and have an infectious effect.

The coronavirus, called coronaviridae, belongs to the virus family in the order ‘nidovirales’ and keeps particularly well where there is a certain coolness, that is to say, coldness, whereas in warmth it tends to become rather lame, less aggressive and therefore has lower aggression. Our research has shown that this virus appeared as a pandemic as early as 1889 and 1890 and caused over one million deaths worldwide. This rampantly spreading disease, which also corresponded to a rampantly spreading corona disease and mutated from the Chinese horseshoe- nose avian mammal and spread from China, was erroneously described as ‘Russian flu’. This virus mutated several times since then and survived until the 1970s, and then in the mid-1970s, as a result of the boundless hatred of the USA by the American … in like-mindedness with the Chinese ruler, Mao Zedong, it was decreed by the latter as a secret matter in order to develop an annihilating rampantly spreading disease in a laboratory by means of the virus, which was to be used against the United States of America. However, this no longer happened during the lifetime of Mao Zedong and the hate-filled American, but his hate-affected behavior is now being fulfilled nevertheless, if one thinks about the USA having the largest number of corona deaths in the world to date.

Furthermore, with regard to the coronavirus it must be said that, at least for the time being, no herd immunity is in sight, and moreover, not only adults but also children and adolescents can be infected by the virus and an overreaction of the immune system can be triggered by it, whereby various inflammations can also occur, while direct-acute corona diseases are however less frequent than in adults.

That which I have already explained several times in earlier conversations, I will now repeat as follows:

1) It is absolutely to be considered and insisted upon that the relaxation planned by the state and local governments and the abolition, that is to say, termination, of the national and local precautionary measures, which have been in force and prescribed so far, ought to be disregarded and not followed. This is because therethrough the already poor security precautions, which have been in place from the outset, will be rendered all the more useless and consequently infections from the corona virus will again increase rapidly, as will the deaths. Any relaxation, abolition, that is to say, termination, of the security measures for protection against the corona- virus corresponds to an irresponsible, disorderly-reckless act that is intellect-less and rationality-less with regard to the health, well- being and life of the population.

The coming time requires all conceivably necessary security measures as before, which will continue to have unfettered validity and ought to be complied with, because the relaxation of the otherwise already inadequate security regulations, such as those is- sued by state leaders and local authorities, corresponds to carelessness. Therethrough much terribleness will continue to arise worldwide and many more deaths will be mourned due to a new raging of the rampantly spreading corona disease. Therefore the tried and tested safety precautions, as I recommended some time ago, shall be continued unchanged.

The decision already made by the state leaders to widely end the measures against the spread of the corona virus, which in any case were implemented only half-way correctly, is completely irresponsible and those responsible should be held accountable for it. If the right safety precautions had been taken and implemented, the rampantly spreading corona disease could have been largely contained and hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been avoided. However, the lax approach of the responsible ones of the state and local authorities has called forth much terribleness and only made the pandemic possible.

The planned, irresponsible and reckless relaxation of the hitherto only halfway right safety measures will continue to bring much terribleness, namely also everywhere there has been a reduction in corona infections and corona deaths as a result of compliance with the safety precautions.

The opinion that now or in autumn a second corona wave will follow is completely erroneous, because what has happened so far and is still happening has not ended in any form, consequently the outbreak phase and spreading phase is still going on and still has a fully acute effect, which will continue to be the case. And only when this first phase comes to an end can a further, that is to say, second phase arise, which can result from the recklessness and irresponsibility of the state leaders and local authorities, because the majority of all safety requirements are lifted and everything is rescinded. However, this recklessness and irresponsibility also prevails in that part of the population which does not care about any safety and caution, therefore the coronavirus practically continues to find further victims in all countries and a second acute continuation of the rampantly spreading disease can occur, which will only be a matter of time.

2) It is urgently necessary to explain that – based on intellect and rationality – it is advisable to continue to wear suitable protective masks and to keep a distance of 2 meters while dealing with persons not living in one’s own household because only therethrough a certain degree of safety can be achieved in order to prevent infection by the coronavirus.

3) The wearing of protection masks corresponds to an effective safety precaution only if they are suitable for the intended purpose and are therefore multi-layered in their manufacture and their non-woven material is of corresponding value. However, this is not the case for self-made fabric masks, namely contrary to other confused assertions, because the propaganda for the manufacture of such masks is wrong and paradoxical, because only multi-layer masks with non- woven fabric and so forth of the FFP2 quality offer some protection. Non-woven fabric corresponds to a structure of fibers of limited length, whereby continuous fibers or cut yarns of any kind and origin are joined together in some form and bonded together to form a fleece.


I want to say something about this: fleece, also called non-woven fabric – I will probably find a detailed explanation about this on the internet, which I will append to my explanations – corresponds to a fiber layer, that is to say, fiber gauze that is not ‘crossed’, that is to say, not interlaced in any form. Fleece corresponds to a material that is usually inserted into good protective masks in several layers and forms a good seal due to its quality and density. As a result, no expiratory droplets, that is to say, aerosols, can escape to the outside from a person wearing a fleece mask, nor can any get in through the mask from other persons.

Therefore simple paper or other single-use disposable masks as well as other masks unsuitable for viruses do not correspond to suitable and valuable protection masks. By rights only professional protection mask products of the FFP2 quality should be used. Such protection masks provide good protection against aerosols, that is to say, expiratory droplets, bacteria, fungi and parasites, but not against viruses.

The best protection against viruses is provided only by professional protection mask styles of the FFP3 quality, which are designed to be 94 to 96 percent resistant to viruses; consequently, in any case there is always a certain form of risk of infection, namely even with such specialist protection masks, wherefore at any rate caution is always recommended and the necessary distance to other persons ought to be maintained.

The highest possible level of safety is therefore only offered by professional, safety, full face masks of the quality FFP3, which practically seal the face hermetically up to the forehead, for which also an appropriate all-insulating head and full body clothing (epidemic suits and overalls) must be worn, which, as I have informed myself, re- quires one to have a disinfection shower after use. It was also explained to me that such protective clothing, for example, one with the designation EN 14126, is such a suit that during rampantly spreading diseases offers good protection against infectious pathogens and that these coveralls are distributed by the company © 2017 MEDPRODUKT, Hartmut Kreutz. However, such coveralls for rampantly spreading diseases are not the same as other coveralls designed for purposes other than protection against infectious pathogens. Such coveralls, which is perhaps important to explain, are equipped with a 3-part hood, with arm, leg and waist elastic, double zipper cover, 3- part crotch insert, with thumb loop, antistatic, microporous film membranes and red, taped seams. This type of protective clothing should therefore not be confused with other coveralls that are used for other purposes. In this respect there is, for ex- ample, the coverall CE CAT. III, type 4B, 5B+6B, mist-tight, dust-tight and limited spray-tight, suitable for clean room ISO class 7 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1. Furthermore, there are coveralls such as follows:

EN 465/EN14605 type 4 EN 13982-1
EN 13034
EN 1149-1

EN 14126 Protection against infectious pathogens EN 1073-2 Protection against radioactive particles EN 369 Protection against oils and lubricants

Color: White: Typical applications

  • ·   Handling of agricultural chemicals
  • ·   Asbestos Disposal
  • ·   Automotive Industry
  • ·   Chemical industry
  • ·   Clean room applications
  • ·   Remediation of contaminated sites
  • ·   Electronics
  • ·   Emergency teams
  • ·   Food industry
  • ·   Decontamination of contaminated soil and production sites
  • ·   Control of rampantly spreading diseases
  •  Disposal of hazardous substances
  •  Industrial cleaning and maintenance
  •  Medical applications and exposure to biological hazardous substances
  •  Nuclear Industry
  •  Pharmaceutical industry
  •  Criminal investigation work for rescue organizations such as fire brigades, technical relief organization, emergency medical services, police, civil protection units
  •  Airport authorities
  •  Customs organizations

This is the information for protective clothing, that is to say coveralls, for rampantly spreading dis- eases, which I was able to put together, whereby this information can be of interest to some people.

(Wikipedia: A nonwoven fabric (English nonwoven; French nontissé; Russian нетканый материал) is a structure made of fibres of limited length, continuous fibres (filaments) or cut yarns of any kind and of any origin, which have been combined in any form to produce a nonwoven fabric (a fibre layer, a fibre gauze) and are connected in some form; excluded from that is the crossing or interlacing of yarns, as it happens with weaving, knitting, lace-making, braiding and the manufacture of tufted products. Foils and papers are not included in nonwoven fabrics.

Nonwoven fabrics are largely flexible textile sheet materials, which means they are slightly pliable, their main structural elements are textile fibers and they are comparatively thin compared to their length and width. However, also nonwoven materials are produced which have a relatively large thickness that must be assigned to spatial structures (for example, nonwoven materials for insulation and upholstery materials). Also, non-woven materials exist which, due to the fibers being used (for example, non-spinnable short fibers) or due to the bonding process, resemble papers, films or fiber-reinforced plastics rather than textiles.

Nonwoven fabrics represent a material group with a large variety of properties which can be specifically adapted to a wide range of application requirements due to the large number of usable raw materials and manufacturing variants).


Interesting – also for me, because I have never concerned myself with that before. However, now I want to get back to that which I have spoken about.

4) When dealing with strangers not living in one’s own household, a strict distance of 2 meters is to be maintained everywhere, both during conversations as well as during free contact with passersby on public roads and paths.

5) While running errands in department stores, at open sales stands and during transactions at bank counters, post office counters and shops and so forth, the wearing of protective masks ought to be obligatory, as well as the keeping of distance within the appropriate frame, depending on whether or not separation panes offer protection.

6) During appointments with doctors and clinics or while visiting aged care homes and nursing homes and so forth, the wearing of protective masks and spacing ought to be strictly mandatory throughout.

Close groups of persons and mass gatherings of persons ought to be avoided at all cost, just as much as crowded public transport, airplanes, coaches, ships and other means of transport which do not offer any possibility of avoidance or distance.

7) While using appropriate, reasonable and sparsely occupied public transport, which offers the possibility to avoid others and keep a distance, wearing suitable protective masks ought to be obligatory and be observed.

8) The wearing of protective masks when being alone on roads and paths outdoors, as well as during recreational activities, personal sports and outdoor work ought to be avoided.

When dealing with family members not living in one’s own household, friends or otherwise connected or related persons, who in their own environment and in dealings with other close or unknown persons strictly observe the safety rules given in the advice, namely both with regard to the wearing of protective masks as well as keeping the appropriate distance, a distance of approximately one (1) metre to one and a half (1.5) meters can be sufficient and provide the necessary safety under some circumstances.

9)  For persons not living in one’s own house- hold, who in their own environment strictly adhere to the necessary safety precautions when dealing with close or other persons and strangers, so that an infection by the coronavirus can be largely ruled out, allowing them to enter one’s own home and so forth can be largely permitted if a distance of 1-1.5 meters is maintained on the premises and a protective mask is worn under some circum- stances.

10)  When dealing with acquaintances not living in one’s own household, physical contact of any kind ought to be avoided without exception.

Those, Eduard, are the explanations I still had to give.


Thank you, but I also have something further to say about this, which I consider to be important and which is the statement of an expert who knows what he is talking about, and that is the following:

A few days ago, I looked around to inform myself more about the possibilities of using protective masks in order to protect oneself against the rampantly spreading coronavirus disease and so forth. Thereby I ascertained that there are currently many open questions in the public in this regard, which are not being explained to the citizens by the scientists, epidemiologists, virologists, immunologists, doctors and so forth. And this is largely the case because all these experts themselves do not really know where they are at with the rampantly spreading corona disease, because they are effectively largely in the dark and therefore do not have enough knowledge; consequently, they also cannot give exact instructions and advice regarding respiratory protection masks. Therefore, they also advocate the private production of unsuitable face masks, which then give the wearers a false sense of security, because they assume that they could protect themselves from the corona-virus through their home-made sewn masks, which, however, is not the case. Such face masks in truth do not even protect against the fact that one’s own expiratory droplets, that is to say, aerosols are really not held back while speaking or sneezing, because they actually penetrate through such self-made fabric masks and spread outwards, consequently they can be inhaled by other human beings. If these persons also wear such self-made face masks, which are not protective masks, then the whole process also happens in reverse.

If the respiratory protection masks are looked at more closely, there are several different ones, and it is necessary to know which are suitable for what. The industrially produced protection masks have certain protection levels, are professionally tested and approved and are therefore marked as FFP masks with EN 149. About the breathing protection norm, DIN EN 149, it is to be said that my statements are not information that is binding. If classes of protection for the various areas of application are specified on the market, then in each case these always only correspond to the minimum requirements and only serve as guidelines. It is therefore always the responsibility of the users of protection masks to check before use whether the respiratory protection mask meets the requirements regarding the safety, that is to say, whether it meets the purpose of the application. It is therefore the responsibility of the users of respiratory protection masks to select the correct protection mask.

With regard to the quality in relation to the respiratory protection masks there are three levels of protection:




There are different models of each type, which are also produced by different companies and sold at different prices, which drives many money- greedy sellers of protection masks to tremendous rip-off methods, especially in today’s corona time, by selling the protection masks – which have become rare as a result of the rampantly spreading disease – consciencelessly and money-hungrily at horrendously inflated prices, actually quite often at 10 times or 15 times inflated prices.

It is to be considered that there are various types of respiratory protection masks on the market, not all of which are suitable for the purpose of protection against pathogens, especially not against the coronavirus, because only high-quality protection masks of the protection class FFP3 can be used against viruses, which additionally are especially made for it and are correspondingly expensive.

Normal respiratory protection masks, as a rule, are not designed explicitly to protect against rampantly spreading diseases, because such protection masks correspond to special designs and types, as is also the case for hospital masks and operating theatre masks and so forth. Nevertheless, normal respiratory protection masks, however, can also be used against pathogens and infectious germs to provide a certain degree of protection against the spreading or being hit by expiratory droplets, that is to say aerosols, which means that a certain degree of protection is provided if pathogens are present – algae, bacteria, para- sites, fungi, prions, protists, viruses or viroids – that cause infections.

Protection masks only protect if they are used, cared for and maintained correctly.

Simple hygiene masks, hospital masks and simple protection masks correspond to different requirements and modes of wearing than industrial safety masks do, which means that there is no complete, that is to say, hermetic seal around the face. Such protection masks normally serve to protect against expiratory droplets, that is to say, aerosols that are expelled while speaking or sneezing.

Good quality protection masks of the quality FFP2 and FFP3, which also include hygiene masks and hospital masks, are – depending on the model – designed to combat pathogens such as algae, bacteria, parasites, fungi, prions, protists, viruses or viroids and prevent such infections.

Occupational respiratory protection masks, on the other hand, must be adjusted to the individual face shape, in which case there must be no gap be- tween the face and mask.

Respiratory protection masks must be used when technical and organizational measures are not possible or not sufficient enough, in which case care must also be taken to ensure that the masks guarantee good breathing, because if that is not the case, it can pose a serious risk to one’s health.

Respiratory protection masks are of great importance during the performance of a wide variety of tasks, which is why they are worn especially during work activities. Respiratory protection masks protect against dusts, gases, vapors or mists that contain substances or micro-organisms that are harmful to health. An explanation states the following about that:

‘Dangerous particles can be carcinogenic or radio- active, others damage the respiratory system of the body over decades and lead to the long-term development of serious diseases. At best, workers only have to deal with unpleasant odors. Respiratory protection masks, in three classes, protect against aqueous and oily aerosols, smoke and fine dust at work; their protective function is standardized throughout Europe according to EN 149. They are referred to as particle-filtering half masks or fine dust masks and are divided into protection classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

How does a respiratory protection mask function?

Respiratory protection masks protect against respirable dust, smoke and liquid mist (aerosol), but not against vapor and gas. The classification system is divided into three FFP classes, the abbreviation FFP stands for ‘filtering face piece’. A respiratory protection mask covers the nose and mouth and consists of various filter materials and the mask itself. They are prescribed at workplaces where the occupational exposure limit (OEL) is exceeded. This is the maximum permissible con- centration of dusts, smoke and aerosols in the breathable air that does not lead to health dam- age. If it is exceeded, respiratory protection masks are mandatory.

What do respiratory protection masks protect against?

The protection classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 of- fer – depending on the total leakage and the filtering of particle sizes – up to 0.6 μm respiratory protection for different concentrations of pollutants. The total leakage comes about due to the filter permeability and leaks around the face and nose, which Uvex respiratory protection masks avoid to the greatest extent because they conform to the human anatomy. Due to innovative filter technology, the breathing resistance also remains low and breathing is not made difficult by trapped particles in the filter, even if the respiratory protection mask is used several times.’

Hygiene masks, medicinal masks, hospital masks, surgical masks or nose-mouth-protection masks conforming to standard EN 14683 protect against the penetration of liquid splashes and aerosols in the exhaled air of the wearer as well as against the inhalation of such aerosols.

At the time of the rampantly spreading corona disease (as in other identical or similar cases), such protection masks of the FFP2 and FFP3 quality are especially recommended in places where there are many human beings and the minimum distance of 2 meters is not or cannot be maintained.

If respiratory protection masks of the quality FFP2 and FFP3 are worn in today’s corona time, then they primarily serve the protection of the persons from infections.

If wearing of protective masks of FFP2 or FFP3 quality and keeping a distance of 2 meters is maintained then, as a rule, one is sufficiently protected.

The responsible wearing of protection masks applies to both health care personnel or care workers in hospitals, aged care facilities and nursing homes, to teachers in schools and as well as workplaces. Equally the responsible wearing of protection masks also applies to all private persons who come together with other persons who do not live in their own household, because there is never any certainty about their state of health.

Protection masks of FFP2 and FFP3 quality are required especially for professional exposure to patients in care institutions and similar situations, because in such institutions, expiratory droplets, that is to say, aerosol-generating activities are performed on patients. However, protection can only be guaranteed by that if a purposive and face-sealing protection mask is used, which is worn correctly and thus also adapted to the shape of the face and the correct donning and doffing and so forth is observed, which is absolutely unsuitable for bearded persons of all kinds, including three-day beards, because with a beard gaps are unavoidable with masks which must fit tightly.

The Robert Koch Institute and the WHO recommend protection masks for the medical sector that correspond at least to the level 2 protection. The factor is also be mentioned that the use and current availability of respiratory protection masks plays a central role, namely because huge numbers of protection masks are being used in response to the outbreak of the rampantly spreading corona disease, wherefore they are all sold out and production cannot cope with the thousand-million-fold demand for supplies.

The wearing of protection masks of the quality FFP2 and FFP3 to protect against infection is fundamentally sensible, which is why directives and regulations in this regard ought to be followed, be- cause as with any other rampantly spreading dis- ease, also the rampantly spreading corona disease is a very life-threatening and serious matter which must not be under-estimated. This is contrary to the simple-minded claims of liars and conspiracy theorists with regard to the rampantly spreading corona disease as well as of the majority of the people who are of low intelligence and are simple-minded and who demonstrate against the wearing of masks, the keeping of a safe distance and the ban on going out and so forth, in a riotous and dstructive form and who act with Gewalt1 against the police and other security forces.

Right advice and guidelines from people who are able to think logically and assess the matter of rampantly spreading corona disease correctly and can cite worthwhile behaviors should be followed. This also applies regarding the wearing of protection masks and to keeping a distance of 2 meters from person to person. And this should be heeded and followed, even though the lax and, in my opinion, inept World Health Organization (WHO) has not issued a recommendation for the use of respiratory protection masks for the general population.

However, while wearing respiratory protection masks hazards can arise that must be considered, namely that masks can be a major burden and thus pose an additional risk along with the rampantly spreading corona disease, especially for persons with underlying conditions, for example, for asthmatics. Therefore it makes much more sense for persons with pre-existing health problems to consistently observe the 2-metre distance rule and the other necessary hygiene rules, which include careful hand and body hygiene.

The use of respiratory protection masks is recommended for all persons who come into direct or close contact with strangers who do not live in their own household, because there can never be any certainty about whether strangers are free of the coronavirus and therefore not infected, or whether they are infected by the rampantly spreading disease, as can also be the case with regard to doctors and nursing staff and in the personal environment and with family members, relatives and acquaintances who do not live in one’s own household and with persons who are friends.

It is to be understood that, as a rule, all masks are referred to as protection masks, however, it should be considered that a distinction must be made between surgical masks, that is to say, OP masks, which are mouth-nose protection masks, and respiratory protection masks. Basically, it should be understood that surgical masks especially serve to protect the environment from germs that are spread by the mask wearers through breathing or sneezing and could thereby infect other per-sons, that is to say, patients. However, actual respiratory protection masks used during work processes, on the other hand, serve to protect against dust, gases, vapors or mist, as well as against substances or microorganisms that are harmful to health, while, on the other hand, persons wearing masks prevent their own aerosols from escaping and being spread, as well as are protected from inhaling expiratory droplets, that is to say aerosols from other persons and from airborne pollutants, as with regard to bacilli and other pathogens. This depends on the circumstances, because there are again different types of respiratory protection masks, also for protection against viruses and microorganisms, which, as I explained, are basically equipped with a particle filter and are suitable. These include, among others, the so-called particle-filtering half-masks, which are referred to as FFP masks.

Respiratory protection masks are only effective if they are donned correctly and are not put under the nose. Before a mask is donned, hands should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water; or a suitable but not chemical disinfectant can also be used for that. Thereby a mask should always be donned according to the instructions supplied with it and should cover the mouth and nose completely.

Some expert advice explains: If there is a risk of a rampantly spreading disease, it must always be ensured that there are no gaps between the face and the mask while wearing a mask. Persons wearing a beard cannot achieve a tight fit around their face with any mask. Once the respiratory protection mask has to be removed, this must be done in an area free of danger. It is important that the mask is re- moved from the face at an angle downwards, slightly bent forward, after which it should be disposed of immediately in a closed container. Following this it is necessary to clean one’s hands with disinfectant or with soap and water.

FFP masks can be recognized by this:

FFP masks are tested and approved in Eu- rope according to EN 149. The mask also bears a reference to this standard, namely together with the designation of the corresponding protection level FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3 and the CE mark, followed by a 4-digit number.

How long a FFP mask can be worn:
FFP masks can basically be worn until they are dirty or damaged, or until it becomes harder to breathe. Statements such as those often read in the media, for example, that the filter basically loses its function after 20 minutes of use, are factually wrong

Respiratory protection masks ought to be worn only when necessary.


Those explanations were actually important. But now, dear friend, I want to ask you once again to build a small information board to make it clear who the originators of the air-brushing and copperwork are, so that voices do not continue to be raised that you would immortalize yourself with your likeness, as has been maliciously claimed several times.


That will be done soon.


Good. Then I have to go now. Goodbye, Eduard, dear friend.


Ciao, farewell and goodbye.

1 Gewalt is the brutal execution of elemental might and force, but it is far above all might and all force.


















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Shiva balu
Shiva balu
Blog Member
July 1, 2020 6:37 am

CR 740 ptaah says pulmonary symptom caused by covid is just one of the disease while others are sequelae which would lead to lifelong infirmity and death or new type if suffering. *
All happening in one lifetime.
Better not catch it folks.

Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
Reply to  Shiva balu
July 2, 2020 2:20 am

Also Shiva I heard about heart attacks and pulmonary embolism top.

Sean Kane
Sean Kane
Blog Member
July 1, 2020 6:12 pm

Wait so I’m confused because BEAM said the number is 10 times higher than the reported cases.

So do we actually have 100 million cases or 10 million? Also how many actual deaths?

The contact reports are confusing in that regard.

Melissa Osaki
Melissa Osaki
Reply to  Sean Kane
July 1, 2020 6:48 pm

Hi Sean,

Ptaah is telling us what the publicly reported numbers will be. We should then estimate based on what he says are the actual numbers. If I look at China alone with their 1.3 or 1.4 billion residents, I can’t accept that the cases there have basically stopped.

Sean Kane
Sean Kane
Blog Member
July 1, 2020 6:24 pm

Did BEAM say anything about how many people are actually infected?

Melissa Osaki
Melissa Osaki
Reply to  Sean Kane
July 1, 2020 7:01 pm

There was an article the other day that said that the real numbers were probably 10 times higher than the reported numbers. I think someone posted it to the blog, but here is one I just found.

Chuck Torbyn
Chuck Torbyn
Blog Member
July 1, 2020 7:55 pm

Can a Rife Machine counteract the impulse frequency in a virus?

Blog Member
Reply to  Chuck Torbyn
July 1, 2020 10:00 pm


Chuck, I have the complete but older RIFE frequency chart which of course does not have CV19. Each aliment has 3-5 frequencies, which is applied by have 2 hands each hold a metal tube which is connected to the device and turned on for a short time, and then, resting is needed as toxins are eliminated. It’s seen on

Its a darn good quest to undertake at your caution and expense, but seems to be not harmful, but I do not know how to answer this.

Peace in Wisdom

Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
July 2, 2020 6:05 am

I just heard something very very ominous and terrible: There are some doctors in hospitals who see “normal healthy people walk into a hospital complaining they feel ill possibly COVID 19 etc but end up”DEAD” “Unless you are realy realy very very ill with COVID or have a real emergency please DO NOT go to any hospital,otherwise you ar putting your life at risk and “DYING” on that very same day hours later!” Hospitals are just so very very bad right now due to the COVID 19 etc! “You DON`T EVER want to get sick in a hospital AT ALL because before you know it “YOU WILL BE DYING AND EVEN BE DEAD RIGHT ON THE SPO!!”

Al Jedd
Al Jedd
Blog Member
July 2, 2020 2:01 pm

Hi Michael
Although this is not exactly what has been discussed in the blog, it indicates that some patients, that have “recovered” from the covid19 virus, are still experiencing symptoms. The article comes from the so called promised land.

david gustafson
david gustafson
Blog Member
July 2, 2020 9:22 pm

Some time ago you posted “Are Americans too stupid to survive”

People down south of the 49th parallel think that COVID19 is not real and seems to a some sort of practical joke to reduce line ups at your favorite Apple Store, Starbucks, or just to grab a 24 pack of Budweiser to head off to where the COVID 19 parties are in Alabama.

What ?
Yes you heard me right.

And if that is not enough to convince someone to be even more stupid in these times, why give them a cash bonus for showing proof they came to the party where people whom have tested positive for COVID 19 wait for the crowds to show up and deliberately cough or infect alcohol drinks.

Clearly, People in the State of Alabama are too stupid to survive