The Unstoppable Deadlier 2nd Global COVID Wave Is Here Now

Even some virologists and physicians etc., are unteachable, trivialize, fail to grasp the facts, or are followers of conspiracy theories

The 2nd wave of the corona pandemic is becoming a global wildfire – and about the suitability of various masks

Extract from the 754th contact report of September 23, 2020

(This is an unofficial, unauthorized translation by Joseph Darmanin and may contain errors. It will be replaced by the official, approved translation when available.)

Billy: Hello, Ptaah, dear friend. I just heard your call, be welcome – and anyway, hello. I am a little surprised that you are coming today, because you did not want to come again for a few days.

Ptaah: Greetings, Eduard, dear friend, and thanks for letting me come here, because I am moved by something I want to talk to you about. It is correct that I did not want to come back until later, but I have delved a little more into my father’s annals and have gained knowledge from them, which I had neither a clue nor a knowledge of. That is what I would like to talk to you about.

Billy: Well, your father probably also kept some things to himself, which he either had to hide or simply did not want to tell his son for some reason or something.

Ptaah: That was probably the way many human beings are or need to be, but I am not talking about such things, I am talking about where and at what times in the past and in the future you and my father Sfath have been together and what partly resulted from that, which has had effects up to the present day.

Billy: And that bothers you?

Ptaah: Not only that, because since my last being here two days ago I also read from the annals that you were together for more than 82 years in other times. And as it seems to me, it will probably be even more years once I go deeper into my father’s annals, which are extremely detailed and reveal things about you and my father that really astonish me. That is what I would like to talk about with you.

Billy: We can, but I am sure there’s information underneath that probably should not be open and therefore needs to be kept quiet.

Ptaah: Yes, that is as I have already stated, but then you have to omit these special parts of our conversation in your notes as usual.

Billy: Of course, but can we talk about other things first before we turn to your desire?

Ptaah: I have no objection to that.

Good, then this: Bernadette has found something from my earlier writings or something, something that refers to a letter I wrote to our Swiss Federal Council when I was a boy. Unfortunately, I do not remember when that was, but I remember that the letter was just an introduction to which I then added one of my first prophecies, as well as predictions. In addition to this, I wonder if you could look in the annals of Sfath to see if you could find this thing?

Ptaah: If you know when you wrote this letter and the other one, then I can do that, but it might be difficult if you cannot name a specific time, because my father’s records are immeasurable.

Billy: No, I cannot give you a time, because I do not remember when I wrote it and when I wrote it. It is also a long time ago, not only the time I spent in the present. But I do remember that I was still a boy when I first wrote to our Federal Council. But I will ask Bernadette if she can find any information about when that might have been.

Ptaah: Then it should be possible to find something, but it is still the case that it takes a lot of time, which I do not always have available to me because of my obligations.

Billy: Of course, I understand, because that is also the case with me, which is why I will stop the Zeitzeichen-Periodika from January next year and have time again to devote myself to my actual work. It was high time to write my next book, but I did not get around to it because of too many other things. On the one hand, this was due to working with the Zeitzeichen, on the other hand, it was due to an unusually large number of time-consuming, unavoidable private conversations, faxes, e-mails and also telephone calls, as well as the fact that I had to spend a lot of time outdoors doing outdoor work, where I had to be present on the spot, which unfortunately still happens, especially now at the beginning of autumn. I am also responsible for buying food for the Community, so I always have a lot to do in this respect.Now, the telephone calls I have mentioned, they always refer to the Corona epidemic, and questions keep coming up, which I can only answer according to your explanations, such as whether you are also engaged in research for an antidote, in order to possibly … well, you know.

Ptaah:No, we are not engaged in such research, because we do not need such medical means, because we are not exposed to any kind of danger to come into contact with this disease. We are also not allowed to pass on or even mention such knowledge according to our directives, if you want to address with your question that you might have been asked about it.

Billy: Exactly, that’s what I meant, but effectively no one has ever asked me what it might be, but then I could only give the answer that I have always had to give since Sfath told me that you must comply with the directives without reservation and you must not interfere in any way.

Ptaah: Which corresponds to far-reaching and necessary safety precautions, because only in this way can manifold infectious misfortunes be avoided.  

Billy: I am well aware of this, but while we are on the subject, I would like to talk about the pandemic again, although we did not actually want to talk about this disease any more, although we have already failed to talk about it two or three times, because new requests keep coming in from all over the world. The human beings are afraid, worried and have problems because the people in power are too stupid to take the right steps and devise, implement and enforce the correct measures. This, while about 15% of the population are also stupid, because they are not capable of logical thinking due to their lack of intelligence, and therefore do not comply with the necessary security measures. If stupidity reigns, because the cognitive ability is missing and therefore understanding and reason cannot be used, also due to stupidity, which results from an inability to think, then there can be no capacity for cognition. But this lack of intellectual strength and lack of intellect – I have to say pathological or pathological deficiency – leads to the fact that the entire rationality is switched off and not recognised, which is an effective fact. In addition to this, the human beings, the stupid earthlings, are still clinging to the brain-damaged conspiracy theorists like bait on a hook, who, through their conspiracy nonsense, are rocking the stupid earthlings in their non-thinking and irresponsible actions and behaviour. The intellectually weak – the conspiracy theorists and their followers and followers – is almost at a state of subzero, because their inability to use their consciousness has so handicapped and limited their ability to think that they are not able to develop any cognitive faculty with regard to effective reality.

Ptaah: You always amaze me what apt turns of phrase you manage to make any facts clear without unnecessary objections.

Billy: If you say so! But somehow, if something is to be explained, you have to make the whole thing sensible. But something else: Recently you said that at the end of this month and the beginning of October the second wave of the Corona epidemic will break out, which I think you should explain a little more about.

Ptaah: Yes, because it will probably be important to explain some more important things about it, even if we did not want to talk about it anymore. However, now that the 2nd Corona wave is already underway, I think it will be necessary to explain some more about it, and that is After a thorough examination of our directives, we have been given permission, as I explained to you on the 2nd of January, to test all the various products of all the respirators that you have procured for us through lengthy tests and investigations, which have produced some very remarkable expert opinions and sometimes astonishing results, the essence of which I will mention later. But first I have a few more things to explain, starting with this:

  1. The great unreasonableness and incapacity of the state leaders with regard to the necessary measures to combat the corona epidemic will continue to be, as in the past, ill-considered and inappropriate – as we have already established – and will consequently also fail to adopt and implement protective, preventive and containment measures against the further spread of the corona epidemic, and as a result all the necessary protective, safety and precautionary measures will not be drawn up and the epidemic will now spread worldwide.
  2. The failure of public leaders has the unstoppable consequence, as I said earlier, that the second wave of the disease is now beginning to spread and is spreading catastrophically across the whole Earth, claiming many victims, against which nothing can be done effectively for the time being. All those leaders who should be in the front line and responsible for the creation, regulation and implementation of the necessary measures will fail. Measures which would be absolutely essential to protect and ensure the health of the people, but which the state leaders are incapable of and totally failing to do because of their inability to govern. So there will not be one country on Earth which will not suffer from the corona pandemic and will not have many infected and dead as a result of the inability of its leaders and state health officials. All those responsible for this, those leaders who are incapable of their offices and who, all together and in general, make themselves important but profoundly ridiculous through loudness, are not able, as a result of their inability to lead, to devise necessary measures or to educate their peoples against the Corona epidemic. They are also unable to assess, devise or implement the necessary and correct measures in the current situation of a pandemic which is degenerating into a conflagration and is beginning to spread throughout the world. By failing to recognise in their incapacity all the dangers of the pandemic, they are only doing the wrong thing, and are therefore unable to prevent or even mitigate the second wave or the worldwide conflagration that is now beginning. And before you ask what is and will happen to your country, I can also not give you a better prediction, because the Swiss leaders responsible for the Corona epidemic are no different in their ridiculousness and their conceit of being important than any other of the world’s leaders. And this concerns mainly the special leaders at the highest level, who unfortunately have to be judged in the same way as all other state leaders of all countries in the same positions.
  3. The incapacity of the political parties at the head of the state leadership, as well as the political parties equally responsible for the same tasks, will fail, as will the most incompetent state leaders, who, through the parties in their mindless and irrational actions and behaviour, which promote the corona epidemic, will now let the corona pandemic, which is soaring as a second wave, degenerate into a great disaster.
  4. Various jurisdictions and authorities are also being run in a dangerous and corona-plague-promoting manner by irresponsible and incompetent officials and judges who, once they have been issued and decreed by the state or local authorities, adopt half or good regulations concerning safety precautions created to prevent the disease by irrational authorisations and court decisions. This can be done by irresponsibly nullifying and repealing bans and regulations, such as those concerning the closure of restaurants, bars, hotels and fitness centres, restrictions on training facilities of all kinds, the operation of public transport, and also all public sports and entertainment events.
  5. Irresponsibility with regard to the operation and use of irresponsible workplaces also contributes to the spread of the corona epidemic. Consequently, such places of work would have to be prohibited if too many people had to carry out work activities in a space too close together and without respiratory masks, such as butcher’s shops, offices, training rooms, offices, officer’s rooms, official offices, as well as business premises, offices and secretariats, etc. Such places of work should be equipped and appropriate behaviours should be followed, such as:

1. Respiratory masks should be worn.

2. There should be an intermediate distance of at least 2 metres between workplaces or from person to person.

3. Sufficient window ventilation, possibly door ventilation is necessary.

4. An air cleaning device that extracts and filters the air would be necessary.

5. Partition disks between the workplaces are indispensable.

6. Changes to the work area or necessary adjustments, changes to the work area are necessary if necessary precautions cannot be guaranteed.

7. Homeworking should be considered if possible if important points cannot be guaranteed.

  1. In further consequence, with regard to nonsensical views, opinions and behaviours, also those who are addicted to stupidity and irrationality should be mentioned who suffer from a pathological lack of intelligence and reveal this state as a weakness of consciousness of those parts of the population by not adhering to necessary safety rules. This is because their personality stupidity has led them to a profound lack of intelligence or to a total lack of intelligence, thus depriving them of all cognitive faculties, which means that they cannot perceive, grasp or understand, let alone reasonably implement the transformation of information carried out by their behaviour control system. Their lack of understanding and reason does not allow them to grasp the effective reality and truth of the corona epidemic, nor are they capable of realising the pathological delusion of the conspiracy theorists they join and advocate their nonsense.
  2. As I have already explained several times since last February, also by wearing simple respiratory masks of the FFP1 form no protective function against pathogens of any kind can be guaranteed. FFP2 and FFP3 respiratory masks, on the other hand, may prevent infection by fungal spores, micro-organisms, bacteria and parasites, but they are also not suitable against viruses. Against these, special safety suits or closed protective suit systems with corresponding masks and breathing apparatus are required, which are hermetically sealed from the outside as far as possible. Such protective suits can be reused several times, but must be disinfected after each use by chemical cleaning showers before taking them off. Even the best breathing masks do not offer complete protection against infection by viruses, so even such masks cannot guarantee against viruses, because in the best case, wearing the best protective masks always leaves a residual risk of 4-6 percent. Effective protective masks that offer protection against infection to a large extent, but never 100%, are masks of the quality FFP2 and FFP3 according to the terrestrial standard, although these must be products that have been tested for suitability by specialist institutes etc. Unfortunately, it is a fact that a lot of junk goods of so-called respiratory masks are on the open market, which are neither tested nor of any value, because these worthless and extremely unsuitable products are only for profit, but in no way for health safety.It must be explained that even the best commercially available FFP2 and FFP3 respirators offer no protection whatsoever against viruses of any kind, as this is only possible with completely hermetically sealed whole-body protection systems which are also equipped with their own breathing air supply. In general, such systems must be cleaned with strong chemical acids etc. after each use.FFP2 and FFP3 quality protective masks for sale to the general public, which are tested by specialist bodies, comply with certain standards, are labelled with a quality seal and are therefore also traded at a correspondingly high price, which, however, usually also corresponds to the value of the product and the reliability of the product. To this end, with your help, we have examined, tested and evaluated some of the 4 types of respirators you have given us, and found the following types acceptable, provided they are professionally tested protective masks, which are also marked as such and can be considered good, although caution is advised, as a CE mark does not necessarily mean a guarantee quality mark, as there is a lot of fraud in this respect. Precise clarification and enquiry is therefore necessary when buying protective masks.Purely self-manufactured fabric masks of all kinds are equally unworthy, just as fabric masks are absolutely useless in the trade and are products of irresponsible profiteers. Consequently, only purchasable respiratory masks should be used for a specific purpose and their origin and effectiveness should be questioned and clarified, as with all protective masks in general.It should be noted that the CE marking and CN 95 on mask products declares that EU manufacturers guarantee that their product complies with the applicable requirements laid down in harmonisation legislation, which provides evidence of this by means of the appropriate CE marking conformity assessment procedure, the purpose of this CE marking being to guarantee that the products bearing it can be traded without restriction within the EU or the EEA area and to ensure safety for the consumer within this area and to provide uniform protection in terms of health, safety and environmental concerns. It should be noted, however, that these CE and KN 95 marks must nevertheless be questioned, as they are also used by fraudulent companies which circulate inferior or totally unsuitable goods of all kinds, and therefore also respiratory masks which are worthless and a danger to health. Questioning the origin of the goods should therefore be the rule. As far as I know, Switzerland does not require CE marking because this country does not provide for sector-specific conformity marking, but it can be affixed as an alternative to the Swiss conformity mark.

The manufacturer or his authorised person or the producer is responsible for affixing the CE and KN 95 marking to the sales product. As I have made clear several times since the beginning of our Corona conversations, fabric masks of all types of fabric, whether self-produced, given as a gift or purchased, are in every respect effective against viruses, bacteria, parasites, micro-organisms, fungal spores, liquid, non-volatile aerosols and thus also expiratory droplets, as well as against organic gases and vapours, not only absolutely useless, but even dangerous to health.Fabric masks, if they are made of tightly woven materials, as well as handkerchiefs or neckerchiefs etc., held in front of the mouth and nose, can be useful only as short-term protection and emergency remedies – but not for longer than two minutes at the most – against bacteria, parasites, micro-organisms, fungal spores, liquid and non-volatile aerosols and expiratory droplets, as well as against organic gases and vapours, but never against viruses.FFP1 hygiene masks of inferior quality only correspond to masks that are only used as emergency protection masks and therefore only as disposable masks, which in no way correspond to a medical product, but are only made of special types of paper and other cheap materials. Such masks, which are absolutely unsuitable against infections, are only designed for material foreign bodies and can only be used for a short time. They are therefore only designed to repel or prevent the inhalation of material and partly liquid foreign substances. These masks have an adjustable nasal bridge, whereby they adapt to the contours of the face to a certain extent, but they can only be used for a short time, after which they must be disposed of properly.FFP1 masks of better quality are made of lightweight non-woven material with an elastic band and a mouldable nose clip, whereby no paper materials etc. are used, but only non-woven material. These masks are also effective against all non-toxic and inert dust particles of 0.4 micron and larger, but not against viruses.FFP1 masks of special quality are made of high-quality non-woven material and can be used for a short period of time if they correspond to a good product, and can also be slightly disinfected from time to time with 70% alcohol spray, after which, however, if they are made of suitable non-woven material, they can be washed hot at 60 degrees after one day’s use at the latest and then disinfected again with 70% alcohol spray. Such FFP1 masks can be washed up to 100 times or more by hand – not by machine – with a suitable detergent and then reused.FFP2 Respirators 3M FFP2 of good quality are recommended for use in normal daily life, but not when dealing with large groups of people.

These respirators usually consist of a hydrophobic treated fabric in their outer layer, which serves as an expiratory droplet and aerosol protection.The middle layer of these masks corresponds to a 3-layer high performance filter system called FFP2, which is professionally tested, while the inner layer is made of an antibacterially treated fabric.Good and tested FFP2 protective masks are innovative filter media that provide a certain degree of protection and safety against material contaminants as well as against aerosols and expiratory droplets, fungal spores, micro-organisms, bacteria and parasites, but are not suitable against viruses and are also designed for low breathing resistance.These masks are good safety masks which are treated with dolomite dust and can therefore also be used and reused several times. These masks have an enlarged filter surface and guarantee a longer service life, while also offering an extra wide, skin-friendly face seal, good wearing comfort and relatively high safety. They are equipped with an adjustable, extra-wide strap that guarantees individual adjustment. A cool-flow exhalation valve prevents heat build-up in the mask, making it easier to breathe, while a padded nose clip also ensures optimal adaptation to the shape of the face.FFP3 respirators 3M FFP3 respirators are made of a lightweight non-woven material, are equipped with adjustable retaining straps, a mouldable nose piece and a very good exhalation valve. These masks comply with a high level of safety against material foreign matter or solid particles as well as against bacteria, micro-organisms, fungal spores, parasites, liquid and non-volatile aerosols and thus also expiratory droplets, but also against organic gases and vapours. According to earthly designations and values, our test results have shown that really good masks of this type offer protection that can be measured up to 10 times the MAK value.These breathable protective masks are 3-layer mask products that provide very good protection for the wearer himself as well as for people in the immediate vicinity, making them the most recommendable masks in strict contact with large numbers of people and in large groups of people, etc.The FFP3 quality respirators that we have thoroughly tested provide effective protection against infections and thus against illness. These masks are designed for multiple use, can necessarily also be sprayed lightly with a little 70% alcohol if necessary and thus disinfected from time to time, while safely retaining their effectiveness over five wash cycles. These masks, like all the other respiratory masks mentioned above, are not intended for medical use, just as they, like all the other masks mentioned, do not provide any protection against viruses. These masks correspond to products which meet all the necessary requirements as generally good-quality respiratory protection masks and can be recommended according to our knowledge and test results.All 17 different respirator masks tested by us, which you have procured for us and which we have examined very carefully to the best of our ability by means of lengthy examinations and tests etc., have produced extremely different findings and results, which are to be assessed as absolutely unsuitable and highly hazardous to health – such as fabric masks of all kinds, both self-made and purchased, which are also to be assessed as absolutely harmful to health – up to partly halfway useful products, such as FFP1 masks of various types. However, masks of higher quality have also proved to be more valuable, namely protective masks of the quality FFP2 and FFP3. Unfortunately, it has proved to be a disadvantage that extreme caution must be exercised when purchasing such products, because the majority of such masks correspond to very inferior or even absolutely unsuitable productions.The 2nd wave of the corona epidemic, which is already on the horizon, will break out openly in a few days and spread worldwide in such a rapid and precarious manner that it will far surpass the now expired 1st wave. The second wave, which is now spreading, will be much more than the harmless term ‘2nd wave’, because it is spreading very quickly into a global conflagration which will now also affect the whole of Europe and claim a great many victims. The two countries Italy and Spain will also be badly affected, as well as all countries worldwide, which so far have been relatively unscathed or have escaped without serious consequences. And, as I told you, Switzerland will not be spared either, because in your homeland too, unfortunately, there are the two factors which fuel the disaster, namely the incompetence and stupidity of those leaders and politicians who would be responsible in their own jurisdiction for the measures to be taken and enforced against the Corona epidemic. But they are absolutely incapable of doing this, presenting themselves to the public in a self-glorious, pompous, complacent and stupid way, usually without any sense or purpose. Then there is the grouping of the – as you say in each case – cross-bean straw dummies, whose – as you always say – brain-damaged intellect and underdeveloped intelligence and howling unreasonableness is hilarious. That, dear friend, is what I had to say, because your way of expressing yourself is always much more appropriate than mine, so I have yet to learn it at my old age.Well, this second outbreak of the epidemic will also affect all the countries of Europe this time, including Switzerland. Overall, there will be a very high increase in infections and deaths on all continents and in all countries outside Europe, although, as I said, the whole of Europe will not be spared either. Those countries in Europe, as in the whole of the world, which have hitherto been less affected by the disease or which have survived the first wave and live on the false assumption that everything is over for them, will now also be affected by the second wave, and in a more widespread way than was sometimes the case with the first wave of the disease. The official figure – which does not include the large number of unreported cases – of 40 million people infected with Corona disease worldwide will be reached around 20 October, while by then the official figure – again without the number of unreported cases – will be over 1.2 million dead worldwide, but this figure will then rise even further in every respect. The first end of the corona epidemic will not be the last, because the virus will spread far into the future. This is because in all countries of the whole Earth the necessary and correct measures will not be recognised by those responsible for the state and consequently cannot be implemented in the people to bring about an effective end to the epidemic. A further problem arises in this respect as a result of the stupidity of the worldwide incorrigible and irresponsible part of the population, which, as a result of its devotion, is tied to harmful conspiracy theories, whereby – because all precautionary and protective measures are disregarded – the corona epidemic is further spread. But this will be to the detriment and harm of many of those who refuse to take precautions, and may even lead to their death.It is also important to reiterate that there can be no certainty of immunity for those affected by the disease who have recovered, because our findings show that once infected and recovered, they remain susceptible to infection for the rest of their lives and can therefore be re-infected at any time. Such a second infection can be more life-threatening than an initial infection with a subsequent recovery, which can lead to more deaths in the case of such new infections.As we can see, even among specialists, such as virologists and doctors, etc., there are unteachable elements who trivialise the whole thing, fail to grasp the facts or are even followers of conspiracy theories.Furthermore, as has been explained several times in previous conversations, once a corona infection has been overcome, and after recovery, impulses are deposited in the entire organism by the virus – this fact of a disease impulse deposit in the organism is unknown to the earthly virologists and physicians – which, as a result of various circumstances, cause other diseases and illnesses unrelated to the corona epidemic, which in the long term can prove to be a wasting away and also fatal. Earthly medicine will not be able to counteract this fact for very long centuries, because the mass production and mass births of the growing overpopulation will carry the whole thing far into the future by heredity, which started months ago and cannot be stopped or stopped anymore. Earth human beings will or can lead to a very bad end with regard to the enormous mass of overpopulation which slowly threatens all life on Earth.Furthermore, it is to be said – as far as I am allowed to explain something in this respect according to our directives – that the entire terrestrial medical science should not simply concentrate on working out a certain vaccine, but should at the same time also concentrate on the different blood groups. This is because they are important, because they determine from the outset – and this is something to which special attention should be paid – the level of the infection factor. In this respect I have to explain – and I will use the terrestrial medical terms to explain this – that the erythrocytes or red blood cells, which consist of different structures such as proteins and lipid compounds on their surface, must be influenced by appropriate vaccines. The term lipids corresponds to a term which is to be understood as accumulation, whereby the lipid compounds mentioned on the erythrocytes are mostly composed of water-insoluble natural substances. Due to their low polarity, lipids can be easily dissolved in hydrophobic or waterless solvents. Lipids are similar to blood groups, whereby each human being possesses a certain type of such antigens which, as foreign proteins, cause the formation of antibodies against themselves in the body and thus form a certain blood group. The most important blood group systems of Earth human beings are first and foremost the subscription system, then the rhesus system and the Kell system, which I must explain a few things to help people who are not medically educated.Blood groups in the narrower sense are all genetically determined erythrocyte characteristics or disc-shaped, 8.4 micrometre tiny cells without nuclei, which are slightly dented in the middle. Such erythrocytes or blood cells have a lifespan of about 4 months and can be calculated at about 26,000 billion in an adult human being.Normally, every structure or organism of the human being develops an antibody on the surface of a cell, which represents a separate blood group property. This blood group determination has a comprehensive practical significance in itself, which prevents negative transfusion reactions, e.g. when a blood transfusion is necessary. This is also of importance in clarifying transfusion incidents, in prenatal care, as well as in organ transplantation, all of which are of great importance on Earth in forensic medicine.If the human being receives blood of an incompatible blood group, this can lead to a dissolution of erythrocytes by destroying the cell membrane with the transfer of haemoglobin into the plasma, which destroys the blood components, which can be fatal. This is because each blood group antigen also has a specific blood group antibody, and this antibody can recognise the antigen and clump with it. So it is clear that blood group antibodies are floating in the blood of every human being, fighting against those antigens that do not belong to the human being. This prevents the body’s own immune system from acting against its own erythrocytes. If, however, a blood transfusion is carried out with the wrong blood of a different blood group, the foreign erythrocytes are fought in the blood system. The determination of the blood group is therefore of immense practical importance in a blood transfusion, especially in an organ transplant. And finally, it is important to note that blood groups of ethnic populations are usually different and also unequally distributed. Just as the various blood groups are, of course, fundamentally different in terms of their susceptibility to infection, depending on their ethnic origin, and also in terms of susceptibility to the corona virus, to which blood group zero is the least susceptible because it has a certain better immunity stability than the other blood groups. These are the facts to be explained.
Billy: Thanks. Your explanations say a lot more than all our earthlings-virologists etc. have so far been able to tell.

Ptaah Because they probably don’t know any better. …

Ptaah: Because they probably do not know any better. But if I may now address something and ask a question about information from my father Sfath Annalen? I am interested in why you and my father in 1782 concerning an Anna Gö… (NOTE: Seeöldi MH)

Billy: Please do not, I do not want to talk about that.

Ptaah: I am sorry, I didn’t know that you …

Billy: I am sorry too, but some things, etc. from earlier times …, it is because there are some things, well, you understand.

Ptaah: Yes, I understand. I am sorry, because I did not know that your memory hits you that way. It was not my intention.

Billy: Of course, I know that, but I guess it’s not important to reveal everything, also the judicial murder of Anna.

Ptaah: It is …

Billy: All right, but some things from my past… you know. But let’s not go there. Let’s not get carried away.

Ptaah: I am sorry, I did not know that you …

Billy: Really.

Ptaah: It’s okay. We do not have to talk about it any further.

Billy: It’s fine with me

Ptaah: Sorry, Eduard, all right. It is also written in the annals that you and my father together in your past times have visited and talked to those heralds several times and gained insights that are unknown to me. As far as earthly religions and sects are concerned, I read in my father’s annals that you must have a more extensive knowledge of these facts than I know, because you have never spoken to me about them.

Ptaah: It is written in the annals that you and my father together in past times have visited and talked to those heralds several times and gained knowledge that I am not aware of. As far as earthly religions and sects are concerned, I read in my father’s annals that you must have a more extensive knowledge of these facts than I have, because you have never spoken to me about them. However, what you two have experienced and learned, and what insights you were able to gain that are unknown to me, that would interest me. With regard to earthly religions and sects, I read in my father’s annals, you must have a more extensive knowledge of these facts than I know, because you have never spoken to me about them.

Billy: Maybe, because I do not know to what extent your knowledge goes? On the other hand, you have also never asked me about it.

Ptaah: You have heard from the mouth of the heralds themselves what the truth and their stories were, and I would like to know and hear from you. From their teaching – which, as my father noted, was the same for all of them – shameful, malicious and irresponsible falsifications were made, which I know very well myself, what world religions are made of, but I do not know any closer connections. But I would like to know more about it, because I have not really dealt with this subject, therefore I do have some knowledge about it, but not everything that interests me further and only you can explain it to me, because you talked to the cancelers yourself. I am particularly interested in the crucial aspect of Buddhism, of which my father wrote that it had been falsified in the same way as the teachings of the preachers, from which Christianity, Islam and Judaism emerged through enormous falsifications.

Billy: Correct, but to explain what I have been told by proclaimers themselves, that would be going too far, so I will only go into Buddhism in some detail, which obviously interests you the most, although I can also say a few of the other religions etc., which should actually be common knowledge.

Ptaah: Religions and sectarianism, as they exist in Earth human beings, correspond to a variety of infectious, evil doom.

Billy: You are saying exactly what Sfath also said in the same words, ‘manifold infectious evil’. When I asked about the meaning, he explained that he was expressing everything that was primarily related to religious indoctrination and thus to delusional belief in God. This is because the belief in God is the most dangerous and deadly poison, and it destroys all peace, all humanity, all love, all compassion, all righteousness and harmony, as well as the mental faculties and thus the intellect, reason and intelligence of human beings. The delusional belief in God, he explained, and I can remember this very well, impairs the human being’s free will to such an extent that even as a child, through a sectarian religious delusional education, he becomes absolutely incapable of grasping the reality of reality and its truth in his delusional belief. As a result, he said – and I have experienced this during my life in contact with innumerable people and have learned that this is indeed the case – the human beings become largely incapable of grasping and accepting real reality and its truth through pathological delusions when they have fallen into a belief. It does not matter whether this faith is delusional or whether it is related to something worldly or to anything else. My life-long experiences in this respect have actually proven that it is as Sfath said, and also that the human being is usually so irredeemably addicted to his delusion of faith that his intelligence is completely blocked, so that he has no chance of recognising reality and truth. As Sfath explained, this also results in the fact that the delusional belief in God, like all other beliefs of human beings, stalls understanding and reason, and thus also reduces the human being’s intelligence so drastically that he wages wars for his delusional belief, practises and spreads terror, commits murder and manslaughter in hatred of those of other faiths, tortures, rapes, massacres pregnant women, babies, children and people in general, and pillages, destroys and destroys everything. This, while on the one hand goodness, love, peace and humanity are preached, while on the other hand punishment, death, war, revenge and destruction are talked about. Paradoxically and contradictory to this is the cowardly fear of God’s punishment, which is deeply rooted in the human being who believes in God, and which has been preached from time immemorial in a deliberately indoctrinating and completely irresponsible manner by fanatics of all kinds of faith. This is contrary to the fact that God stands by his believers, loves and protects them and punishes and destroys their enemies, which leads to the fact that the believers in God think that they are also entitled to punish their fellow human beings for evil deeds etc., as well as for other faiths and all kinds of things that are not to their liking and do not fit in with their faith. For this reason, since ancient times, malicious, torturing and murderous criminal courts and armies have been set up for the alleged exercise of justice, in order to take degenerative revenge through death penalty and wars as well as through sheer terror. People of different faiths, enemies, adversaries, unsympathetic, foreign, uncomfortable and dissenting people etc. were therefore murdered at an early stage out of hatred, greed and delusional belief in God, a practice which has survived to this day. Innumerable human beings were and still are exploited in the name of God, robbed of their possessions, driven out, fought or exterminated etc. And this delusion of God prevails in the overgrowth of the overpopulation destroying the Earth, all ecosystems, nature and its fauna and flora as well as the climate, and among the rulers and governors and politicians of all states, who as a rule, as a result of their parties, are always in disagreement and dispute with one another. And it is a fact that the majority of these rulers and parties are usually believers in God, with parties being called sects by the Latins in early times, but this term was used for ‘school’ or ‘teaching’ etc.When dealing with sects, the problem of the comprehensibility of this far-reaching phenomenon arises. On the one hand, the term ‘sect’ is actually known, because it is usually associated with a very clear idea that ‘sect’ is a well-known phenomenon which should be known to all earthlings, but which it is not, so it needs to be explained. Although there are no generally officially or scientifically recognised definitions of the term, it can still be explained in a comprehensible way, even if many false claims and attempts at explanation can be found, as well as numerous stupid sect ‘experts’ who call themselves theologians or religious scientists. These, along with others who arrogantly and megalomaniacally praise themselves as ‘specialists in sectarian issues’ by overestimating their own sectarian opinion as a means of saving the world and Earth human beings, and who do not realise that they themselves represent a sectarian group which not only tends to missionise anti-sectarianism but is also effectively active in a strict sectarian manner.For these would-be combatants of sectarianism, the phenomenon of a ‘sect’ is difficult and impossible to grasp in terms of a conclusive definitional struggle. Caught up in their pathological sectarianism, their thinking, their actions and their fear of possible punishment by God are exactly the same as for theologians, who are also affected by it, as well as sect believers. As a result, they are also equally at odds with each other – as in politics and in governments – and make absurd decisions. And these are such that they are founded in fear of divine punishment – which is logically denied by all those who believe in God, but which motivates deep within them – and are conceived and created in threatening ‘clarifications’ and ‘threatening good advice’, demonstrations and ‘well-meant’ decrees, decrees and possible laws, in order to then, if necessary, set up security elites ready to use violence, if necessary, to take malicious action against sect members and also against the population itself. If these security forces, theologians, religious scholars, preachers of religion, even the Pope, etc., and the ‘specialists’ of the ‘office for sectarian affairs’ were to get rid of them, they would behave in the same way as any other general rabble, whether rightly or wrongly quarrelsome, primitive, violent, or peaceful, reasonable and correct in defending themselves against feeble-minded, good and reasonable or evil and wrong governmental orders, or in organising terror. It is exactly the same thing when governments create military units, armies or terrorist units that threaten, fight, wage war or terror against their own populations or against other states and peoples, often also to assist their own populations or other countries as alleged aid workers, but in reality to chastise and control them, to invade other states and bring them under the yoke of the alleged ‘protecting power’.Today, sects are also judged or condemned as religious, philosophical, atheist and ideological groups, tendencies and followers, etc. And if we look at it in more detail, the term sect today primarily stands for a religious community which has split off from a mother religion.Today, however, every mother religion is also called a sect, and its male and female followers are called sectarians, as are its believers in general, religious scientists, theologians of all kinds, preachers and Christianity experts, testament and Bible experts, Islam and Koran experts, religious representatives and religionists, Religious leaders, bishops, clergymen, parish workers, monks, pastors, priests, fathers, rabbis, Tanakh experts, Talmud experts, clergymen, chaplains, popes, pastoral workers, priesthood shamans, people of God, temple people, mosque people, imams, synagogue people, clergymen, divine servants, soul shepherds, Lord servants and blackcoats, as they are all called.When the subject of sects, sects, sectarians is raised, which is increasingly the case, there is always a serious problem. On the one hand, this is because these terms are not usually used to refer to and understand the subject of sects, sects, sectarians as such, but rather an insulting attack on one or more human beings. This is because hardly any human being thinks about it and therefore also does not know what is actually behind and within these terms when they are used.When I, for my part, speak and rant about sectarianism and about the sectarianism, sectarianism, the sectarian faith of the people who believe in God’s plan – and I want to and must make this clear as an absolute fact – then I never attack a believing human being as such, nor individually in his personality, nor in relation to his character in any way. Throughout, I respect and accept the individuality of the human being, including all physical manifestations, the nature of correct and proper behaviour, as well as ‘non-sectarian’ thought patterns and attitudes, emotions, values and individuality. The distinctive character traits and temperament, life experiences as well as the psychological characteristics of each individual human being are also taboo for me and never an object for attack and criticism, because for me every human being is absolutely unassailable as an individual. What I attack, however, and rage about it, is on the one hand false, incorrect and for the human being himself, as well as for theThis is primarily caused by sects and sectarianism, which as a rule has already been irresponsibly hammered in by parents etc. during childhood upbringing as a belief in God, which is fundamentally wrong and amounts to a pathological illness. And this delusion of faith, which prevents the human being from perceiving and recognising and from experiencing real reality and its truth, should be fought by every believing person within himself, so that he can consciously and openly go along with it in life and experience and live it as real reality and truth.Fundamentally, what I am now clarifying in interpreting and explaining the term sect in relation to a main religion or mother religion from which small or large groups have become independent and formed – or increasingly often form – separate religious communities of human beings, are effective facts. These act with their own new doctrines, modified from the main doctrine, which are often missionised in the same way or even more aggressively, lying and indoctrinatingly than the main or mother sects. However, small, split-off groups are mainly called sects, and believers in the main religions or mother religions are called sectarians. However, in other areas, small and large groups are also referred to as sects, and this is extremely malicious and reprehensible, especially by so-called theologians or alleged ‘scholars’ who pretend to be self-opinionated ‘religious scholars’. In reality, however, these are absolutely stupid, because they are unable to think in terms of reality, reality and truth due to a lack of understanding and reason, because they live in a delusion of God and in a delusion of arrogance and think they have the right to insult any group and the human beings in it as sectarians, if they have other beliefs, other views or are against the entire sectarianism of the mother religions and their sects etc. For some of these ‘poor’ theologians or religious scientists, as well as for sectarian ‘enlightenment groups’ and ‘enlightenment organisations’, it is enough to call other groups blasphemers, unbelievers, cheats and liars, apostates, etc., if they refuse to accept the influences and machinations of the religious sects of the mother religions and their separate sects.As already mentioned, the terms sect, sects, sectarian are used for various fields, such as all religious organisations and groups, etc, In this respect, the theologians of Christianity, so-called religious scientists, and especially so-called Christian sect commissioners and ‘Infosekta Fachstellen’ (Infosecta Specialist Services) are of particular importance, who not only insult religiously degenerated religious communities as sects, but also all small and larger associations and communities defame and slander as sects which simply want nothing to do with religion and sectarianism, as is the case with our FIGU, which is defamatory denigrated as a sect by the ‘Fachstelle infoSekta Zürich’ and the Oberland theologian.However, what is commonly called a sect, sects and sectarians, even though many of these all-round insulters belong to one or the other guild, such sects, as believers themselves, I would like to mention some of these religious communities and groups etc., whose human beings are attacked again and again, which is fundamentally not correct and infamous. Basically, every human being should believe what he wants and should not be condemned, not treated badly, not cursed and also not murdered, as it has always been and is still practised today. And this happens especially in Islam, where religious madmen and other religious madmen are racing around the world and murdering people of different faiths, their own family members, especially sisters, nieces, friends and mothers etc., as I have witnessed myself. And in this respect, it is not just degenerate Islamists, but effectively simple but fanatically devout Muslims – fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends – who reach for knives, pistols, guns, rifles, ropes, scarves and other things in order to murder innocent human beings for the sake of the damn delusion of faith.As I said before, every human being should believe what he wants to believe, even if every belief in every respect is false and sheer nonsense and therefore nonsense and reveals crazy stupidity, but that is exactly the reason why no human being should be insulted, endangered, attacked or murdered for the sake of his faith. Only faith, wrong thinking, wrong feelings and misunderstanding of reality and its truth are to be clarified in an explanatory way, but not the human being himself is to be attacked, because he must always remain taboo, and also when his wrong thinking or his delusion of faith is attacked and objected to or possibly has to be shouted down. This person can be attacked with hard and clear words, but never the human being who has faithfully fallen for him. And once again it must be said: Every human being believes what he wants to believe, and in any case, in any case, because he alone is solely responsible for his false faith, for his sectarianism and sectarianism. And only that alone can and may be attacked and condemned, because every faith is wrong and harmful, causes mischief, creates discord and hatred, resulting in wars and terror, and murder and manslaughter. But now I want to say and explain in the following some things about what I have learned about religions, sects, God, Goddesses, faith, sectarianism and religious groups etc. First of all, I will list what is commonly called sects, whereby some believers often act hatefully and murderously against other believers of other religions and sects, as Christianity has done since ancient times, as well as Islam and Judaism, etc., with the exception of the original Hinduism, which I will explain some more about when I talk about Hinduism. Through Christianity and its missionary work, which is still practised worldwide today, millions of human beings were murdered, and also today Christian missionary work continues to claim victims among the missionaries and missionaries in the ‘name of the Lord’. The same happened with Islam, as with all other religions, sects and faith communities, whereby today, especially the completely degenerated Islamism is murdering people of other faiths and also people of the same faith, as it is also done by cross-criminal Islamic laws, e.g. in Persia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt etc. This, whereby these murderous lying and punishing laws and all resulting murders, floggings, tortures, blindness, mutilations and death penalties etc. are justified by the Sharia and are derived from it. the ‘totality of all religious and (in)legal norms, mechanisms for the (in)finding of norms and (false) interpretation rules of Islam’, and which are lyingly and slanderously attributed to Mohammed because he is said to have taught them, which, however, corresponds to an impudent, shameful and malicious lying and slander of unscrupulous criminally equal scribblers.Now, however, I will mention the various religions, sects and denominations, etc., as they come to my mind, and I will probably also mention some of their characteristics, at least as far as I know them.1. the main religions or mother religions, which are said to have deceitfully and lyingly dictated certain beliefs as allegedly God-given ‘truth teachings’.2. Sectarian communities that have split off as religious sects from the main or mother religions, separate themselves and as a rule create and practise their own doctrines of faith and rituals by laying down essential new basic principles as a new order for the performance of mostly ceremonial and especially liturgical acts.3. Atheism, this corresponds to a non-belief in a god or gods. The term atheism encompasses a wide range of meanings, on the one hand expressing an existence without faith in God, and on the other hand also corresponding ways of life, including vehement justifications, which are also cited with corresponding terms such as antitheism and non-theism. Narrow and strong arguments and meanings are also used, which reject and advocate every assertion of God, possibly also militantly or with counter-evidence.4. Deism has a view of religion which, according to it, only reasons of reason count, but not the authority of a revelation which could serve to legitimise theological statements. The deistic conceptions of God are all oriented towards the Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries, which according to God created the world, but no longer exerts any influence on it.5. 5…? theism as delusional belief is fixed on a doctrine concerning a personal God, who is oriented as creator and ruler of the world, whereas the latter as monotheism advocates the belief in only one God in such a way that he created everything and cherishes everything, and that consequently nothing happens without his will.6. Christianity is a religion that today has about 2.3 billion believers, about 31% of the world’s population, but this in itself is a completely hypocritical religion that claims to be monotheistic but is also a religion that is somehow based on polytheism, on polytheism, on polytheism, because Christianity does not only have ‘God the Father’ but also a ‘Son of God’ or ‘Son of God’. Christianity does not only have ‘God the Father’, but also a ‘Son of God’ or ‘Incarnate Son of God’, as well as a Holy Spirit = God the Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, which corresponds to a threefold person, a Trinity. And this absurdity as such is also worshipped gloriously by the faithful, whereby the alleged ‘Son of God’ is adored and worshipped in even deeper form than his alleged Father ‘God the Father’ and the ‘Holy Spirit’. The whole of the Christian faith does not correspond to a monotheism, but to a form of the triune divinity or Trinity and thus to a polytheistic form, which, however, is neither recognised nor understood due to the impossibility of thinking about it and thus due to the stupidity of Christian theologians, religious scholars and believers. The sheer stupidity of Christian theologians and believers, i.e. the impossibility of using reason and intellect through thought and reflection, does not allow the real reality and its truth to recognise that a God-Son-Spirit-trinity is absolutely impossible, and this would also not be the case if there were divine miracles. The whole of such a Trinity, Trinity or Trinity, which in Christian theology describes the imagined unity of God in three persons or hypostases, ‘God the Father, God the Son of God, Holy Spirit’ in three substances and as an indissoluble unity, is so absurd, nonsensical, crazy, confused and completely feeble-minded that even the last monkey in the jungle would laugh himself to death at such an imaginative claim. Since, however, theologians and believers in God’s delusion are obviously not powerful, but rather very strongly impaired in their mental level as a result of their faith, which in this way also refers to their intellect and intelligence, because understanding and reason do not function, not only is hop and malt lost, but also the possibility of ever finding access to understanding, reason and the reality and truth of reality is inaccessible to the human beings with regard to the recognition and understanding of real reality and its truth. And since this is undoubtedly and unquestionably so, it is no longer a question why the believing overpopulation of Earth human beings has fallen prey to a delusional belief in God and has been consciously ailing since time immemorial, is peaceless, destructive, hate-spreading and violent, wages murderous wars, practises terror, is quarrelsome, murders, kills and allows all evil to rampage. This freely according to the ‘Holy Scriptures’, especially the Bible and the Christian Testament, but also the Islamic Koran, the Jewish ‘Bible’ Torah and the Zoroastrian Avesta, etc., which more or less openly or covertly point out a great number of such malignancies, which cry out for revenge, punishment, murder and manslaughter, as these are presented here from the ‘Holy’ Bible, which I recently collected for someone who wanted to talk about it. To show him what the supposed ‘love’ and ‘good’ gods are like, especially the ‘love’, ‘merciful’, ‘good’, ‘just’, ‘peaceful’ and ‘forgiving’ God of Christianity, who is in reality nothing more than a malignant fantasy figure who knows nothing but punishment, revenge, death and ruin and destruction, etc, I have given him the following biblical sayings, which I began with Genesis 32:35, where it is written about the ‘love’, ‘good’ and ‘merciful’ revenge, murder and manslaughter as well as punishment and retribution of the triple-polytheistic Christian God
Do not avenge yourselves, dear ones, but give room to the wrath of God, for it is written: ‘Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says the Lord’.

1. Genesis 4:15: Then Yahweh said to him, “Ebendarum, he who slays Cain shall have sevenfold vengeance.
1. Genesis 27:42: And it came to pass, when Rebekah had received such words from Esau her elder son, she sent for Jacob her younger son, and said unto him, Hear, thy brother Esau seeketh vengeance against thee, and will slay thee.
3. Genesis 26:25: … and will bring a sword upon you, that shall take vengeance for the breaking of the covenant. And when you have gone back to your cities, I will send the plague among you, and you shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy.
4. Genesis 31:2: Avenge the children of Israel on the Midianites, that afterward thou mayest gather thyself unto thy people.
4. Genesis 31:3: And Moses spake unto the people, saying, Prepare ye men of your company to go forth to battle against the Midianites, to execute the vengeance of Yahweh against the Midianites.
5. Genesis 32:35: “The vengeance is mine; I will repay. In his time their foot shall slip: for the time of their calamity is near, and whatsoever shall come upon them shall hasten.
5. Genesis 32:41: “When I have sharpened my lightning sword, and my hand hastens to judgment, then I will take vengeance on those who oppress me, and will repay those who hate me.
5. Genesis 32:43: Praise, you nations, his people! For he avenges the blood of his servants. He takes vengeance on his oppressors and stains the land of his people.
Joshua 10:13: Then the sun stood still and the moon stood still until the people took vengeance on their enemies. This is written in the book of the righteous. Then the sun stood still in the middle of the sky and did not hasten to go down for almost a whole day.
Judges 9:24: … that the iniquity committed against the seventy sons of Jerubbaal might be avenged, and that he might bring their blood upon Abimelech their brother who had killed them, and upon the citizens of Shechem who had helped him kill his brothers.
Judges 15:7: And Samson said to them If you do this, I will not rest until I have taken vengeance on you.
Judge 16:28: And Samson called upon the LORD and said, “Remember me, O LORD God, and strengthen me, O LORD God, this time, that I may avenge myself on the Philistines for the sight of both of them.
1. Samuel 14:24: And it came to pass, when the men of Israel were weary that day, that Saul sware unto the people, saying, Cursed be every man that eateth meat at even, that I will take vengeance on mine enemies. And all the people did not eat.
1. Samuel 18:25 And Saul said, Thus saith unto David, The king desireth no morning gift, but an hundred foreskins of the Philistines, to take vengeance on the king’s enemies. For Saul sought to cut down David by the hand of the Philistines.
1. Samuel 20:16: … let not the name of Jonathan be taken away from the house of David, and let Yahweh take vengeance on the enemies of David.
2. Samuel 3:27: Now when Abner was returned to Hebron, Joab took him aside into a corner of the gate to speak to him in private, and thrust him into the body here, that he died, to avenge the blood of Asahel his brother.
2. Samuel 4:8: … and brought Esbaal’s head to David in Hebron, speaking to the king: Here is the head of Esbaal the son of Saul, your enemy who sought to kill you; but Yahweh has given my lord the king vengeance this day on Saul and his descendants.
2. Samuel 22:48: … the God who gives me vengeance and throws the nations among me.
2. Kings 9:7: And thou shalt smite the house of Ahab thy master, that I may avenge the blood of the prophets, my servants, and the blood of all the servants of the LORD, which the hand of Jezebel shed,
Job 24:12: The dying groan out of the cities, the soul of the slain crying out for vengeance; but God does not respect inconsistency.
Psalms 18:47: … the God who gives me vengeance and forces the nations among me;
Psalms 18:48: … the God who gives me vengeance and compels the nations under me,
Psalms 58:10: The righteous will rejoice when he sees such vengeance, and will bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked,
Psalms 58:11: The righteous man will rejoice when he sees such vengeance and will bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked,
Psalms 79:10: Why do you let the Gentiles say, “Where is their God now?” Let the vengeance of the blood of thy servants, which is shed, be manifested among the Gentiles before our eyes.
Psalms 94:1: Let the LORD God who is vengeance, the God who is vengeance, appear!
Psalms 149:7: … that they take vengeance among the Gentiles, punishment among the nations;
Proverbs 6:34: For the fury of man is fierce, and will not spare in the time of vengeance
Proverbs 31:9: Open your mouth and judge rightly and avenge the wretched and the poor.
Isaiah 34:8: For this is the day of the LORD’s vengeance and the year of vengeance, to avenge Zion.
Isaiah 35:4: Say to the despondent hearts, “Be of good cheer, do not fear. Behold your God, he is coming for vengeance; God who will repay you will come and help you.
Isaiah 47:3: Your nakedness shall be revealed, and your shame shall be seen. I will take vengeance and will not make intercession, says
Isaiah 59:17: For he puts on righteousness as a coat of armour, and puts on an helmet of salvation upon his head, and puts on vengeance, and clothe himself with zeal as with a skirt,
Isaiah 61:2: … to proclaim a gracious year of the Lord and a day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who are sad,
Isaiah 63:4: For I have planned a day of vengeance for myself; the year to redeem my own is come.
Jeremiah 11:20: But you, O LORD of hosts, you righteous judge, who test the kidneys and the heart, let me see your vengeance on them; for I have commanded you my cause.
Jeremiah 15:15: O LORD , you know it; remember me and take care of me and avenge me on those who persecuted me. Receive me and do not forgive thy wrath against them, for thou knowest that I am reviled for thy sake.
Jeremiah 20:10: Yes, I have heard the hostile speech of many – horror all around! – ‘Report him’! and ‘We will report him’! Even all those with whom I have had friendship are waiting for me to make a mistake: ‘Perhaps he will let himself be led to believe that we will come to him and take revenge on him’!
Jeremiah 20:12: And now, O LORD of hosts, who tests the righteous, who sees the kidneys and the heart, let me see your vengeance on them; for I have commanded you my cause.
Jeremiah 46:10: For this is the day of the LORD of hosts, a day of vengeance, that he will take vengeance on his enemies, when the sword shall devour, and be filled with their blood and drunk. For they shall be a sacrifice unto the LORD of hosts in the land by the waters of the river Euphrates at midnight.
Jeremiah 50:15: “Rejoice over them round about and round about. She must surrender, her foundations are broken down, her walls are broken down; for this is the LORD’s vengeance. Take revenge on her, do as she has done.
Jeremiah 50:28: There is a cry of the fugitives and of those who have escaped from the land of Babylon, that they may proclaim in Zion the vengeance of the LORD our God, the vengeance of his temple.
Jeremiah 51:6: Flee from Babylon, that every man may save his soul, that ye may not perish in their iniquity. For this is the time of vengeance of the LORD, who is a rewarder and will pay them.
Jeremiah 51:11: “Sharpen your arrows well and put up your shields. The LORD has stirred up the courage of kings in Media: for his thoughts are against Babylon, that he might destroy them. For this is the revenge of the LORD, the vengeance of his temple.
Jeremiah 51:36: Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will execute thy cause, and take vengeance for thee: I will make his river dry up, and his fountain dry up.
Jeremiah 51:56: For the destroyer is come upon Babylon, and her mighty men are captured, and her bows are broken: for the LORD God of vengeance will pay you.
Lamentations 3:60: You see all their vengeance and all their thoughts against me.
Ezekiel 24:8: To bring up wrath, to take vengeance, I have put their blood on the bare rock so that it will not be covered.
Ezekiel 25:14: … and I will avenge myself on Edom through my people Israel, and they shall deal with Edom according to my wrath and my fury, that they may know my vengeance,” declares the LORD LORD .
Ezekiel 25:15: Thus saith the LORD Yahweh; Because the Philistines acted vengefully, and took vengeance with a contempt of heart, intent on destroying in endless enmity,
Ezekiel 25:17: … and I will take great vengeance upon them, and will punish them with fury, that they may know that I am the LORD, when I have taken vengeance upon them.
Micah 5:14: And I will take vengeance with fury and wrath on all the nations that will not obey.
Micah 5:15: And I will take vengeance with wrath and anger against all the nations that will not obey.
Luke 21:22: For these are the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.
Acts 28:4: And when the people saw the beast hanging by his hand, they said one to another, “This human being must be a murderer, whom vengeance will not let live, though he has escaped from the sea.
Romans 12:19: Do not avenge yourselves, my beloved, but give way to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay,” says the LORD.
2. Corinthians 7:11: See that you have been grieved divinely, what diligence has this worked in you, plus responsibility, anger, fear, desire, zeal, vengeance! You have proved to yourselves in all things that you are pure in matter.
2 Thessalonians 1:8: … and with flames of fire, to take vengeance on those who do not know God, and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Hebrews 10:30: For we know him who said, ‘Revenge is mine, I will repay’, and again, ‘The LORD will judge his people’.
1 Peter 2:14: … or the captains, as those sent by him to avenge the wicked and to praise the pious.
This, then, is the Christian God, as he was imagined by the forebears some 4,500 years ago, although everything written in all religious books – be it Torah, Bible, Koran, etc. – all of which circulate among the faithful as ‘Holy Books’, but were never taught, brought or written by preachers and prophets, but only centuries after their death by some scribblers. All of these fell back on traditional legends, fairy tales, stories and teachings, which have been falsified, reinterpreted and interspersed with unparalleled falsehoods over and over again, and stylized up to the point of a mere religious rendition of lies. And out of this emerged ‘holy’ books of lies, which were brought as ‘holy scriptures’ to the human beings of the Earth, through which they fell into the habit of being obedient to the faith. As a result, the vast majority of the entire catastrophic overpopulation became thoughtless robots of deceit, lies and imagined deceptions, almost banning the faith. And this overabundance of believers in God is and will be unscrupulously and unscrupulously trimmed by all malice and violence, as these are misconstrued by the ‘Holy Scriptures’, as a malicious drug which is hatred all around, The following are given and mediated: strife, jealousy, fraud, lies and slander, murder, torture, injustice, manslaughter, the death penalty, violence, rape, degeneration, child abuse, extermination and destruction, war and terror. And this through the ‘Holy Books’, which are supposed to have been brought and taught to the earthlings by proclaimers and prophets or supposed ‘God’s messengers’, a ‘Son of God’ or other feeble-mindedly invented supposedly by ‘strange creatures commissioned by God’. Totally crazy, confused and feeble-minded heresies of an unparalleled kind, which have been presented and preached in a pathologically stupid way since time immemorial, and which haunt the minds of those who believe in God, and thus also those who believe in Christ. And that Christianity is presented as a monotheistic religion or religion of one God and the Christian God as kind, merciful and loving, but otherwise as malicious, vindictive and warmongering etc., is something the faithful do not think about, because they too, hidden in their deepest character, also pant for revenge, hatred, malice, war, violence, discord, terror and retribution as soon as an unloved louse crawls over their liver. Just one inappropriate or hurtful word leads to strife, quarrel, murder and manslaughter. The wealth of one’s neighbour leads to envy and hatred, theft, fraud and murder, just as a different skin colour, a different faith leads to racial hatred and hatred of faith, just as a human being becomes an enemy when he already thinks differently.
Now, while the reality and truth of the alleged monotheism as Trinity embodies nothing else but a lie and a deception in relation to a polytheistic trinity, while on the other hand – as my excerpts prove the opposite of goodness, love and mercy – these high values are nonsensically attributed to this fictional fantasy god-monster. An effective fact, which could not be more effective, but which cannot be recognized or understood by Christian theologians and believers, because they lack the necessary intelligence in this respect. This is based on the fact that they do not target their cognitive possibilities with regard to understanding and reason, do not address them and consequently cannot use them. The result is that they simply accept facts as given and true, in roaring stupidity, which they are not able to consider and rethink logically or logically. And they hammer this into their consciousness as a belief until it eats away at their memory in such a way that it uncontrollably becomes a false reality for them and thus, so to speak, a delusion, to which they are completely hopeless, without a chance, helpless, hopeless and without any prospect of rescue. At the same time, they still think they are clever and clever and think they are intelligent, knowledgeable and highly educated, while their intelligence – which they wrongly use the wrong term intelligence, which only corresponds to the intellect-memory – is just as average as that of any other normal human being. That was what was on my stomach and what I once had to say. But what remains to be said now is the continuation of some explanations concerning cults:
7. islam resp. Islām is a verbal noun resp. a noun or a noun formed from a verb, which, if I remember correctly, was formed from the arabic verb ‘aslama’ and means something like ‘surrender’ or ‘to give oneself’, which actually means ‘to surrender to Allah’, which can also be understood as surrender, devotion and submission.
Islam, which comprises about 23% of the world’s population, maintains a confession of faith, the ‘shahada’, which is to be recited honestly and convincingly, thus testifying to the feeling of belonging to Islam.
This confession is spoken in the following form: ‘There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet’, in Arabic ‘La ilaha illa Allah wa Muhammad rasul Allah’.
In contrast to the Christian polytheistic religion of the Trinity, Islam effectively corresponds to a monotheistic religion, which was founded in Arabia in the early 7th century after Jmmanuel (Chr.) by the proclaimer Mohammed. Islam is the second largest world religion after Christianity with over 1.8 billion believers.
The ‘Holy Book’ of Islam is the ‘Koran’, which is said to contain revelations that Mohammed received from God and Allah respectively in 22 years from 610 and 632 AD. As has been customary from time immemorial, these statements were only written down decades and even more after more than 100 years and more – as with the Bible and other ‘Holy Scriptures’ – after Mohammed’s death as ‘traditions’ and repeated reinterpretations, ultimately with x-times more additions – which Mohammed neither said nor misinterpreted – and written in 114 chapters or suras.
8 Judaism corresponds to a religion whose ‘Holy Scripture’ is the ‘Torah’ (signposting) and consists of 5 ‘Books of Moses’ and is actually considered in Christianity as the ‘Old Testament’ and is called ‘Tanach’ by the Jews. The term Torah also refers to the Torah scroll, which to my knowledge is a handwritten scroll made of parchment and is supposed to contain an un-dotted Hebrew text of the 5 books of Moses. Unfortunately, I have not had much insight into the Jewish religion, but I know that in Jewish religious services a Torah scroll is read from after a certain cantillation or in a kind of trilling-singing manner.
The Torah corresponds to the first part of the Tanach, which is also called the ‘Hebrew Bible’, consists of 5 books and is also called the ‘chamischa chumsche tora’, ‘five-fifths of the Torah’ in Judaism. The Talmud given alongside it represents an attempt to understand, reinterpret, reinterpret and adapt the various texts of the Jewish Bible to the centuries and millennia in which these writings were written. And, as in almost everything in Judaism, there are also two different Talmuds, a Jerusalem or Palestinian Talmud and a Babylonian Talmud, which are different in their conclusions or linguistic structures, but identical in their structure.
(Extract from Wikipedia: Tanach [taˈnaχ] or Tenach [təˈnaχ] (Hebrew תנ״ ך TNK) is one of several names for the Hebrew Bible, the collection of Holy Scriptures of Judaism. The Tanach consists (according to Wikipedia) of the three parts Torah ‘signposting’, Nevi’im ‘prophet’ and Ketuvim ‘scriptures’. The Tanach consists of the three parts Torah ‘instruction’, Nevi’im ‘prophet’ and Ketuvim ‘scriptures’).
(Extract from Wikipedia: Kantillation also called Teamim, (Hebrew טעמ יהמקר א ta’amei ha-mikra or short טעמי ם te’amim; Yiddish (also common in English) trope: articulation signs, accents) are signs in the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible (Tanach), which in addition to consonants and vowel signs (= Nikud) determine the musical performance in Jewish worship. Teamim and vowels were established by Masoretic scholars in the early Middle Ages (see Hebrew alphabet). Some of these signs were also used in the medieval manuscripts of the Mishnah. Almost all of the 48 teamim are placed next to the stressed word syllables and thus also indicate the word accent. Teamim originally served as punctuation marks and in this function are also important for understanding the texts. By connecting and separating meaning they indicate the logical (syntactic) relations in the sentence, similar to comma, semicolon and full stop).
9th Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma (note Wikipedia: Sanskrit: सनातन धम ‘ sanātana dharma = the eternal law) is the natural worship of the Hindu, and this includes more than a billion followers. It is the third largest group in the world after Christianity and Islam and comprises about 16% of the world’s population. Hinduism corresponds to a very diverse complex that has its origins in Asia and India, and is actually an exuberant nature worship, but which has three main deities before all gods and goddesses, namely
Brahma: The creator god, who is revered by Hindus as the first being in the world.
Vishnu: The 2nd of the 3 main gods, who is considered the protector of the human beings, as he is also worshipped as the sustainer of the world (also called Narayan or Hari), god of justice, honesty and peace.
Shiva: (Wikipedia: Sanskrit (शव Śiva [ɕɪʋʌ]; ‘Fortunate’) Shiva is one of the main gods of Hinduism. In Shivaism he is considered by believers to be the most important manifestation of the Supreme. … The female power of Shiva is Shakti, who appears among others as his wife Parvati.
The origin of Hinduism was thus in Asia and India, and began some 30,000 years ago. Today it is scientifically known as henotheism and summodeism, which means a special worship of a deity who was selected for a short time from an ethnically distinct world of gods.
The actual and fundamental Hinduism does not know any binding ‘Holy Book’, nor any church, synagogue, chapel or mosque etc., nor any general dogma etc., but there are millions and practically countless gods and goddesses. In the case of original Hinduism there are also other splintering offs or sects, where everything is different, so that they also have temples and practice various rituals of faith.
As the third largest world religion, that is how I have to call Hinduism for general understanding, it is the most mysterious ‘religion’ for the earthly scientists, because there is no founding event, no founder or donor like Abraham, Christ, Mohammed or Zoroaster etc., because Hinduism developed for the human beings more than 30,000 years ago from nature and its fauna and flora and has survived with various changes until today. Then, however, this nature worship was spread in the course of time to Mesopotamia, where it has also been preserved as such for a long time, but then later developed into a form of religion and belief through foreign influences.
About 11 800 years ago, there was a very fertile cultural landscape in the Near East, but the two large river systems of the Euphrates and Tigris are still doing their good work there today. Already at that time everything together with Anatolia, the Levant resp. the countries of the eastern Mediterranean, the Sunrise resp. the Orient, and the Indus valley – which reaches up to the area of Baluchistan in northern Pakistan and the north-west of India – was a fertile huge area. Balochistan is a Pakistani province with the capital Quetta; my daughter Gilgamesha was also born there in 1967. The area forms the eastern part of the Balochistan region, with the western part belonging to Persia and Iran respectively, where I crossed the state borders between Zahedan/Persia and Nokundi/Pakistan. Balochistan is the biggest province of Pakistan and has, as I know, an area of 347 190 km².
The whole thing, however, which was discovered a long time ago, was that in the course of the millennia everything developed into important cultural development centres of the Old Orient, which, however, is still unknown to all researchers of religion, as well as to archaeologists and palaeontologists etc. with regard to the effective origin of the whole thing, where and how everything actually originated in India.
What is certain is that some 30,000 years ago a civilisation flourished in the area of Asia and thus also in India and the Indus valley – thus also in the area of today’s India and Pakistan – whose honour and dignity was directed towards all nature and its fauna and flora and thus also towards all ecosystems. It did not correspond to a denomination or a religion, which, looked at closely, can also not really be called a religion today, but rather a worship of nature, whereby the individual natural phenomena, such as animals, creatures, plants and all living beings in general, are regarded and understood as independent entities and are regarded and worshipped with certain names as deities or as gods and goddesses. This was basically the forerunner of what had preceded modern Hinduism. This type of Hindu behaviour with its adoration or worship, i.e. the veneration of nature, corresponds to a respect for nature, its fauna and flora, all ecosystems, the Earth and the universe. And this happens in the original Hinduism, in which all living things are revered, such as plants, animals and creatures of all genera and species of self-moving creatures on land, in forests, floodplains, meadows, fields, moors, seas, fresh waters, mountains and caves etc. (Note Billy: According to today’s Earth human beings, the terrestrial species and genus diversity of all life-forms is estimated at 1.5 million, whereas the Plejaren Sfath already spoke of a terrestrial species and genus diversity of more than 2.34 million in the 1940s.
Ptaah: Excuse me if I interrupt you in your interesting remarks, but I want to interfere, because you spoke of 11,800 years before today, but concealed that you were with my father in Mesopotamia at that time. This is what I wanted to talk about at the beginning of our conversation, because I read a short note from my father’s annals about this, namely that the two of you stayed in the area for 8 months at that time and lived together with the human beings.
WIKIPEDIA: The following can be found on Wikipedia about Hinduism:
Gods and goddesses in Hinduism – each one shows a special side of Brahman
There are countless gods and goddesses in Hinduism. They are called Devas. Hindus believe that each of them carries the whole world soul within itself, but represents only one of its characteristics in a special way.
The world soul is called Brahman. According to Hindu belief, it permeates and unites the whole universe and everything in it. Some Hindus also call it God.
Brahman is also in each of the millions of Hindu deities. Each of them represents one or more qualities of Brahman in a very special way, for example happiness, beauty, education or energy. So some deities fulfil special wishes, others drive away evil, protect the human beings or give them many children or other wealth. Often their appearance alone betrays their message. So some deities are colourful and look friendly. Others wear skull and crossbones and look gloomy. Still others have many arms, eyes or even a trunk. Each one of them conveys a very specific message and is celebrated with its own feast.
All deities together and all the characteristics of Brahman complement each other like puzzle pieces to form a whole.
Every Hindu worships his own favourite deities. Their characteristics play a particularly important role in his life.
These gods and goddesses are especially important to many Hindus because according to their faith the following should be understood with regard to their deities:

Brahma created the world
Vishnu preserves the world
Shiva dissolves the world at the end of time before it is re-created
Krishna brings divine truths
Lakshmi is the goddess of happiness and beauty
Sarasvati is the goddess of language and literature
Ganesha is the god of happiness with the elephant head.



The difficulties start at the origins: When was Hinduism born? No one can say exactly. A founding event or a founder is missing. The only thing that is certain is that some 4,000 years ago a civilisation flourished in the Indus valley – in the area of today’s India and Pakistan – whose religion was a precursor of today’s Hinduism. The human beings worshipped animals, plants, a kind of mother goddess and other deities, often depicted in large numbers.
The Aryans brought the warlike Gods with them
This colourful pantheon of gods mixed with the beliefs of a Central Asian nomadic people who had invaded northern India around 1800 BC: The Aryans. The equestrian people brought warlike male gods with them, whose stories are told in the four Vedas. These ancient texts still influence Hinduism today; they are the oldest, but not the only religious writings of the Hindus.
Jainas, Sikhs and Christian Missionaries
Many other influences have shaped Hinduism since then. The natural beliefs of the Indian natives mixed with those of the Aryan invaders, as well as Buddhism and Jainism, which also originated in India, left their traces. So did the Muslims, who conquered large parts of India in the 16th and 17th centuries. As a reaction to this, the religion of the Sikhs emerged. And finally the British came and had Christian missionaries in tow. It was also the British who, around 1830, introduced the concept of Hinduism as a religious denomination in the first place. Before that, Hindu was a collective term for followers of Indian but non-Muslim faiths. Originally, the word originated from the Persians, who used it to designate the human beings who lived along the Indus River.
One, several or thousands of Gods
It is controversial to regard Hinduism, which consists of so many different currents, as a single religion. Many Hindus understand their religion more as a worldview. Among them there are those who believe in a pantheon of countless gods. Others worship one supreme god among many or believe that all gods are manifestations of a single deity. Still others deny the existence of gods, but believe in the divine in every living being.
There are at least three main directions of Hinduism: Shivaism, Vishnuism and Shaktism. The first two currents focus on Shiva or Vishnu as the supreme god. Followers of Shaktism worship Shakti, the female elemental force of the universe, which manifests itself in one or more female deities. Shaktism is closely interwoven with Tantrism.
When Hindus pray to Christ
However, as different as the denominations in Hinduism are, each of them is tolerated, none is considered heretical. And what is more, even gods and saints of completely different religions sometimes find their way into the pantheon. Buddha, for example, is seen as the reincarnation of the god Vishnu. It is also not uncommon for Hindus to worship Christ or make a pilgrimage to a Muslim shrine. Although there are also extremists among Hindus, religious wars were never fought by Hindus.
Despite all the differences, Hinduism is not arbitrary. There are certainly characteristics that make it appear as a uniform religion. For example, the great importance of rites and rituals, which completely determine the everyday life of Hindus. The belief in teachers (Gurus) and ascetics (Sadhus). And the idea of the cycle of rebirths of karma and salvation (Moksha). Finally, the caste system is the most important social manifestation of Hinduism.
Without missionary Zeal
An estimated 900 million human beings are today followers of this mysterious, possibly oldest world religion. The Hindus never developed missionary zeal, and so most of them still live in India. They also make up the majority of the population in Nepal and Bali. Larger minorities are found in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the UK, among others. An estimated 90,000 Hindus live in Germany. Most of them are immigrants from South Asia. But there are also Germans who are attracted by mysticism and philosophy – and perhaps also by the fact that Hinduism is fundamentally different.
Followers of Hinduism, which is often perceived as polytheistic and categorised in circles abroad, are called Hindus, although this hyperonym in its summary reflects more a European-colonialist perspective than the historical development or the lines of development of India’s different religions. In contrast to other religions, Hinduism does not have a founder of religion, rather India’s religious systems developed over a period of about 3500 years.
Hinduism thus combines fundamentally different religions, some of which overlap with common traditions and influence each other, but have differences in holy scriptures, religious teachings, the world of gods and rituals. Axel Michaels argues that these different religions and communities usually fulfil five criteria: (a) a spatial reference to South Asia, (b) similar social and marriage regulations (see caste system), (c) dominant Vedic-Brahman values, (d) the worship of certain deities and (e) a mutually identifiable habitus. Wikipedia END.
Yes, but I did not really want to talk about that, because then again antagonists …
You should not take that into account, that would also not be your way. Besides…
OK, I guess that’s it, but I do not really want it to be effective.
It would be significant, because what I know from my father’s notes are only hints so far, but not yet the actual proper notes. So I am particularly interested in what happened at that time, because I don’t know anything detailed about it, because you always keep silent and only tell something when you are asked about it, or when it concerns circumstances that do not concern you or that you are not forbidden to tell.
It is not my way of telling things from my life that I actually keep to myself or that I only want to talk about in a close circle of acquaintances when it seems appropriate. And this circle is only our core-group for me.
This is not a secret to me, but my opinion is that you should tell certain facts in one thing or another, because it would help to clarify what is important for Earth human beings to know, just as it would also take the sting out of false assumptions and assertions. This, as for example now with regard to the origin of Hinduism, which wants to be explained with wild, stupid and speculative hypotheses, and of which nonsense is also claimed in earthly scriptures, which are just as untrue as those of Buddhism, about which you should also make some things clear.
Well, your word in my ear, and so I want to talk for once about what happened in Mesopotamia, which means that I won’t say anything more about Hinduism, but I will also look for and find some more explanations on Wikipedia, which I will then add to this topic at the point where you interrupted me earlier.
But before I tell you something about what you want to hear and know, I want to make the following clear: What has led to supposed cultural encounters and experiences since time immemorial has never actually happened. But only this: That in the old, early times, by which I mean 4,000 to 6,000 years ago, then unfortunately effective religions arose, which as a rule were based on polytheism, whereby the religious worship of a multitude of deities or different gods and goddesses, as well as the spirits of nature and human beings, who were worshipped as deities, which is idiotically still done today in various ways. Most of the religions of antiquity – which, according to what I have experienced and lived through, goes back some 6,000 years – were polytheistic, whereby these beliefs had worlds of gods at their disposal, often with figures from centuries-old traditions of originally living persons. In the course of time, however, these traditions were more and more often adorned with alleged events and fantasies were invented, which were additionally embellished by constantly new additions to fairy tales and also people were beamed up to holy figures. This also happened in sign form, in stone scriptures, stone pictures, sculptures and writings and, and, and, and, what is taken at face value by scientists today and is no longer questioned, which often leads to scientifically ‘proven’ assertions that do not correspond to real reality and truth, such as the lies, deceptions and slander with regard to the alleged and never made statements and teachings of Jmmanuel (Jesus) and Mohammed. Also facts of a purely historical nature, which have been recorded in writing, such as in chronicles etc., are taken at face value by all kinds of historians, religionists, philosophers and other so-called ‘scholars’ and ‘scientists’ and are not questioned as to their real truth. Thus, it is not even considered that all the old and ancient characters, documents, sculptures and descriptions etc. that still exist today, which are carved in stone, on animal skins, tree barks or papyrus etc., and which may go back far beyond the time of antiquity, were created by human beings. This is done by earthlings who, as a whole, have made everything according to their own understanding, evaluation and interpretation, and have consequently recorded and produced a thing and facts in such a way as they have interpreted, understood, imagined and put in order from their own personal point of view. And this has been preserved to this day, so that it is still the case today and will remain so in the future, which can be proved daily in every textbook, in every newspaper article, in every TV and radio programme and everywhere else, because the personal touch of the earthling concerned is completely and indispensably recorded in everything and everyone, and can be recognised as it applies only to him.
This is also what I think is necessary to understand all my remarks, for which there is nothing more to explain. But now to what you want to know:
Buddhism as the teaching of today originated in the original teaching of Siddharta Gautama, which he spread as ‘The Teaching’ or ‘The Dharma’, but his original teaching was of a different nature than that of today’s Buddhism. The original doctrine was absolutely contrary to Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, etc., as it does not correspond to any theistic religion or sect, so it is not in any way centralised in the worship of an almighty God. But if I have to talk about Buddhism, I must also explain it in a longer and more repetitive way, because the whole thing is quite broad, and to explain it in more detail, it is necessary to go to great lengths. But listen to what is to be said and discussed:
In its original form the teaching was neither a belief, a religion nor a philosophy, let alone a sect, for in truth the original teaching was a valuable guide that offered many people reliable ways to find their way to themselves, to control themselves in all imaginable things and to make true independent human beings out of themselves, who could also help themselves, free themselves from evil camps of life and build up their own lives. It was an original teaching that showed reliable ways through which willing people, if they followed the teaching, found inner and outer peace and did everything to free themselves from all outer misery and become true human beings through their own efforts. So the teaching of Siddharta Gautama was also then about – as it is today with the ‘spiritual teaching’ resp. ‘teaching of truth, teaching of the energy of creation, teaching of life’, which the Pleiarin Cladena-Aikarina called the ‘Silent Revolution of Truth’ at the age of 11 – to promote and let mature a development of consciousness in the human beings, so that they could build and use their own true abilities and help themselves. This was the basis of the teaching of Siddharta Gautama, known as ‘Buddha’ by the people, his life story, teaching and work, etc. The teachings of Siddharta Gautama, whose life story, teachings and activities etc. were already completely falsified during his lifetime by antagonists, know-it-alls, misinterpretations and founders of sects, only to be further falsified after his death, which also led to splintering off from the original teachings, which can be called Buddhist sects, for it is in these that the fundamental doctrine of Siddharta Gautama has been so thoroughly altered and falsified, even to the point of hatred against fellow human beings and those of other faiths, that persecution, expulsion, murder, manslaughter, massacre, destruction and war have resulted. The best proof of this is to be found today in Burma, where the anti-Islamic, radical Burmese Buddhist sect of the monk Ashin Wirathu in Myanmar tyrannises and expels the large Islamic community from the country by the military, with murder and manslaughter also commonplace. On the other hand, there is – besides other degenerated Buddhist groups – also Lamaism in Tibet and mainly the form of Buddhism spread in Mongolian and Manchu-Tungusian cultures, but also in Bhutan, Sikkim and Ladakh.
If only the Buddhist sectarianism of Lamaism in Tibet is examined, it reveals just as much malice as in Myanmar, because what the Lamas and Panchen Lamas have achieved there would blow Siddharta Gautama’s hat off his head and he would turn over in his grave in disgust, shame and pain. (Note Wikipedia: Penchen Lama is the title of an important reincarnation line of the Gelug order in Tibetan Buddhism. The Penchen Lama is considered the second highest trülku of the Gelugpa and traditionally the emanation of the ‘Buddha of Immense Light’ Amitabha). If I alone wanted to describe the atrocities of Lamaism in Tibet, I would have to write several books about it, but I can recommend a book that shows some of what has become of Buddhist sects that practice completely false teachings of Buddhism that have absolutely no real connection to the original teachings of Siddharta Gautama. In order to gain a really clear insight into yesterday’s and today’s Buddhist sects, especially Lamaism and its Panchen Lama as well as the equally dishonest Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso (note: today’s Dalai Lama, who is especially adored by women, although he despises and hates them – why?), the book ‘The Shadow of the Dalai Lama’ by Victor and Victoria Trimondi/PATMOS-Verlag/Düsseldorf is recommended.
The real life and work of Siddharta Gautama was effectively quite different from what is known today through completely false, lying and slanderous ‘traditions’. He lived a life in which meditation played a very important role for him, through which he always gained peace and harmony, but many things were different from what was supposedly passed down, because he explained and told many things in a completely different way than the false ‘traditions’ before and since his death. This is exactly the case with Jmmanuel (Chr.) and Mohammed, whose teachings and works etc. were also profoundly falsified in the course of time and already during their lifetime and especially long after their death. Asked about certain alleged ‘true traditions’ that circulated in the 20th century that were read to him, Siddharta Gautama explained that much of it was not true, such as that his life, wisdom and distinctiveness had not been prophesied for him from birth, nor did his family hold a royal position. His family was not royal, but only a small noble family and his father a small regent of the Shakya region. His own family consisted of his wife Yasodhara, a lowly noblewoman, his son Rahula, as well as four daughters named Hasita, Abhaya, Jnana and Gaurima, whom he all loved and respected, although girls and women were considered inferior in his time and were actually treated as bad and worthless goods. This, he said, was an unparalleled abomination and contradicted all the broad beliefs of the universal Hinduism, which he could not get over, because he considered both human genders equally important, but he was even more respectful of the female, because it was the life-giving and life-preserving thing without which life could not be born and exist.
Well, it is a fact that the four daughters of Siddharta Gautama were not and are not mentioned in any traditions, and Siddharta explained that the scribes of the ‘traditions’, who wrote about him and his life, did not mention them, because young girls and women in his time were disregarded and not appreciated, but were often abducted and kept in ‘Veshavasa’ (brothels) and sooner or later murdered. But as it was in Nepal and in India at that time, so it is still today, as I myself experienced in India and Nepal for a long time.
Siddharta often left his family for days or weeks, and for 28 years he wandered around the country like an ascetic as a teacher, teaching the human beings, teaching them to find and understand his meditation method and the meaning of life, and also that no God would help them because there was none, so they had to help only themselves and free themselves from all sickness, suffering, strokes of fate and all evil and misfortune. So he had not been an ascetic for so long, had not left his family as is wrongly ‘handed down’, and according to his explanation he also did not make use of the teachings of other wise men and experienced human beings, but only his own knowledge, experiences and personality, which he expressed clearly and unambiguously. This, just as he also clearly stated that he only practised his own meditation and went his own way with regard to everything and anything, and sought and evaluated the truth of all things himself, and from this he gained detailed knowledge and a far-reaching understanding of all things. He found and recognized alone the connections of all necessary things of life and made himself a knowing and wise man. Through this he became inwardly free from desires and the more than one will than his fellow men. Therefore, it was also not convenient for him and embarrassed him when he was always met with great reverence and devotion by people from different social classes and when he was called the human being with great enlightenment. On the other hand, as he explained embarrassedly, he often had to refuse, but his whole defensive attitude never worked and he could not get rid of his reputation as a ‘Buddha’, which was embarrassing for him and he would be grateful if he could give up this reputation. Furthermore, he had to constantly refuse to create a large community that would extend his teaching as a basis, because that was not in his mind. He may well have a few faithful of both sexes who are constantly around him and who would look after many followers of his doctrine, but he does not want to do anything more in this direction, but to keep the whole thing as an open learning community, because otherwise a movement of believers (note: faith organization or religion) would arise from it, but that does not correspond to his meaning. (Note: Unfortunately, this could not be prevented, just like with Jmmanuel and Mohammed).
Siddhartha did not found a religious community, as it is said to be a lie, because he held his speeches openly and without a faith organisation with individual human beings or small groups, and in this way he was able to win over people from different social classes, which developed into something like a traditional school of teaching, which became for many a ‘teaching of life’, as is also shown by the FIGU with its ‘teaching of truth, teaching of the energy of creation, teaching of life’. However, even during his lifetime, the whole thing provoked envy, enemies and evil adversaries who called him a liar and cheat, falsified the teaching, cursed Siddharta and used him as a conspiracy theory to make his teaching impossible. This, while advocates and know-it-alls glorified his whole work and his personality during his lifetime and even more so after his death, or reinterpreted his original teachings according to their own discretion and understanding in a falsifying way, as the last example proves, or the falsified lie interpretation work, which is today spread worldwide beyond Siddharta and all truth facts and is imputed to all Buddhists as the true original teachings of Buddha and Dharma.
In the course of time, the original teaching of Siddharta Gautama (note Buddha) has been completely changed and no longer corresponds to the original teaching, because it has been very strongly mixed with other and also religious and sectarian false teachings, customs and rites etc., especially with those religions which were native to China, Tibet and Japan and which are largely still present today.
As far as the teachings of Siddharta are concerned, I must also mention that they correspond to a way of life which has various principles, one of which, for example, clearly states that non-violence or Ahimsa should prevail among all human beings. This non-violence was originally also prevalent in Hinduism and Jainism and was also included in Siddharta’s teaching. And this he did, as he explained – which was completely correct, and which is also fundamentally represented and taught by our FIGU with the ‘Teaching of Truth, Teaching of Creation Energy, Teaching of Life’ – because he saw how the human beings and all living beings were abused by the rulers and the people in an evil and violent way against the rules of Hinduism and Jainism, and consequently people were also killed by all kinds of events. And this also happened to many other living beings who were killed senselessly and only for pleasure etc. And this was the reason for him to include in his teaching an ethical action and behaviour, respectively an action and behaviour that distinguishes between good and evil, which is indispensable and must be followed in order to be a just and true human being. And in this important rule to be observed and also to be fulfilled by the human beings – Siddharta emphasised this explicitly, which I still remember well – it is also included that a very special attention and mindfulness with regard to all values has to be paid in order to give satisfaction to the perception of responsibility, integrity as well as sustainability with regard to the necessary respect. Only in this way could justice, transparency and the cooperative coexistence of the human beings be guaranteed, and thus especially the sharing of responsibility for general group-related, public and social concerns and needs etc. The whole was fully and inevitably important, for only in this way could the functioning of all ecosystems, the planet, nature and all its living beings of all genera and species of fauna and flora be guaranteed. Only ethical action makes the functioning of the whole of all living things possible, but it requires compassion, attention and mindfulness, good moral discipline as well as inclination, participation, consideration and familiarity, respect and consideration for the human beings, but also for all that exists.
The teaching of non-violence or Ahimsa, as interpreted and taught by Siddharta Gautama in his original teaching – but also taught here in FIGU through the ‘Teaching of Truth, Teaching of Creation Energy, Teaching of Life’ – is aimed at ensuring that no suffering or coercion, no pain and no violence at all is inflicted on any life-form, neither on human beings nor on animals, creatures or other living beings. Violence in the form of suffering, coercion and pain shall not be inflicted on the human beings by means of punishment such as torture, corporal punishment or death, nor in the natural world of fauna and flora, such as hunting, catching fish, animals and birds, etc., nor by destroying, exterminating and eradicating fauna and flora life-forms. This non-violence doctrine was already held in this way in the first as yet unwritten Hindu behaviours, which were spread, taught and followed by the human beings as far away as Mesopotamia, before a change made everything fall apart, when this principle became less and less respected and finally fell into oblivion. For Buddhists today, too, this vow of non-violence or Ahimsa vow is only a theory – long before the modern age, which began in 1844 – because for many of today’s Buddhists all over the world, following the rule of non-infringement of human beings, animals, creatures and all other living beings of all genera and species is no longer a duty but a voluntary one. Therefore, this ancient rule is broken and no longer observed today, just as the rule that neither injustice is to be done, nor hatred or jealousy ‘nurtured’, nor wars waged, nor terror and violence exercised, nor bad thoughts towards other human beings, nor insults to human beings, nor lies, slander or conspiracy to make them look bad or speak evil of them.
The original teachings of Siddharta Gautama are not only very different from today’s Buddhism, but also from the great religions of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism, as well as from all other small and larger god sects worldwide. But also today’s still acceptable Buddhism, which to a certain extent is still part of the original teachings of Siddharta and corresponds neither to a religious doctrine nor to a sectarian doctrine, can still be accepted to a certain extent, because it does not correspond in any way to a God’s error doctrine, a value system doctrine, a philosophical doctrine or any other similar brainless, faith-related doctrinal structures. Consequently, the very true original doctrine from which Buddhism originated, in its effective origin – just as Siddharta created and taught it – is not a matter of faith or belief, but a ‘doctrine of the correct way of life’, ‘doctrine of self-knowledge’, ‘doctrine of experience’ and ‘doctrine of self-development’, with the aim of mental evolution and the use of mind, reason and the correct handling of life in every respect.
(Note: Siddharta Gautama was born as a Hindu in Nepal in Lumbini in 563 B.C. in Nepal. Her biological mother Maya (note: in Tibet she is called Gyutrulma, but elsewhere also Mayadevi and Mahamaya) and her biological father was the regent Shuddhodana Gautama. Siddharta himself was married to Yasodhara and had a son with her, whom they called Rahula. Siddharta Gautama died at the age of 80 years anno 483 B.Jmmanuel (Chr.) in Kushinagar in India).
As Siddharta himself said – when he was 63 years old – he realised already as a 14 year old boy through his observations an enormous amount of misery, as among many other things, that very many human beings in all areas suffered far from various diseases as well as from loneliness or from bad blows of fate, lived in abject poverty and starved, which all could only with difficulty cope with. He also said that he had also observed how, in contrast to this, the healthy, well-fed and wealthy rich, against all humanity, exploited the simple people, kept many people in serfdom, abused them and were completely indifferent to all events, health problems, epidemic problems, hunger and the general unworthiness of life. The rich and otherwise well-off were very spoiled human beings who were afflicted with dissatisfaction, hatred, envy or greed, as well as vices, addictions and pleasure-seeking, just as many were also afflicted with ruthlessness and unscrupulousness towards the common people, who treated themselves and did the very best for themselves and brought and spread absolutely nothing but misery for their fellow human beings.
All that Siddhartha told in this regard was indeed so and continued for a long time before minor improvements occurred, but this was only as a result of the fact that parts of the population followed his teaching which he worked out in 7 years and began to spread at the age of 21, after he had pulled himself together by his own strength and the use of his intellect and reason and learned a great deal. His newly created teachings then led to better living conditions for many of the human beings who became his followers, as he said, while others, however, who did not make an effort to follow his teachings, often degenerated, rotted and eked out a miserable existence in slums.
Siddharta explained that he learned to teach and control himself by immersing himself deeply in meditative thoughts, which led him to find the path to himself, which he then called the ‘Buddhist path’ because he was called ‘Buddha’ by his followers. In this way and through his meditation, he was able to find himself and his way to free himself from all suffering, as well as to work out and create his teaching, through which he was also able to extend the possibility of showing the human beings the way to a better life in the same way, so that they too could recognise themselves and their own strength and ability, and find their way out of their suffering and lead a normal life again. At least this was his speech, according to which he also lived and led a modest life, while he also approached his fellow human beings with honest devotion, pleased them, treated them all equally and did them good, without judging them in any way with regard to their religion, faith, appearance, social status, morality or behaviour etc., without despising them or treating them differently from anyone else in their dealings with one another.
The work and behaviour of Siddharta Gautama led him to further knowledge of many things, which is why he was called ‘Buddha’ or ‘the Enlightened One’ by the people, according to the old beliefs and words, as I mentioned earlier.
Siddharta Gautama also told that he taught the human beings in detail about many things, passed on his insights and experiences without any demand for return and taught them his teachings so that they could further educate themselves personally and individually, help themselves and free themselves from their suffering and lead a life worth living. Gratefully, however, he received from his followers, voluntarily and without demand, everything he needed for his livelihood, although he did not need it because he always had enough to live from home.
That was about 2,500 years ago, and because Siddharta was called ‘Buddha’ by the people, as I said, ‘Buddhism’ was born, to which he himself did not willingly contribute anything, but refused to do so without success, as he explained. But what Siddharta said and explained about the allegedly ‘unadulterated’ traditions up to the modern times of the 20th century is nothing but lies, deception and slander compared to all known and alleged facts about his teachings and life. Most of the alleged ‘traditions’ are in truth unparalleled untruths which, as Siddharta himself said, are ‘unforgivable shameful’. This, as also Jmmanuel (Chr.) and Mohammed expressed in a similar way to all that has been fabricated from their teachings through lies, falsifications, deceit, malice, misunderstanding and fanaticism etc. and has led to a delusional religion. Siddharta Gautama was completely shocked when he learned what would result from his original teaching into the future of the 19th century, but decided, after he had learned the truth and also his dying day, to commit himself even more intensively and vehemently to his teaching during the last 17 years of his life, in order to be able to prevent anything disadvantageous from happening. And just as it is with the human beings of the Earth, so it was with Siddharta, because he did not want to accept what was to come and also held on to his opinion that he could still change some or even everything for the good and positive by his increased and more powerful commitment to spreading his teaching. This despite the fact that he said frankly, after he had experienced the facts of the future, that he had experienced in his own life and knew that even during his lifetime falsifications of his teachings had been circulating and that groups of believers had come into being which spread his true teachings in a completely wrong, altered form and even evil teaching. Therefore he could also understand, if in the future so-called ‘true’ traditions would also apply to him and his teaching in the worst way, that they would probably not be more falsified than all the worst delusions.
Buddhism, which first spread to Asia, the Indus Valley and Mesopotamia, and then to other countries, found widespread adherents, and still does, throughout the world, so that it is now also considered the fourth largest religion, although it is not. As explained above, Buddhism originally had nothing to do with religion and sects, which is why today, although it has little in common with the original teachings of Siddharta Gautama, it is wrongly called a religion, although, as with original Hinduism, it was not a matter of faith and therefore not a religion or sect, but a ‘teaching of correct living’. That, however, changed some time ago, which is the work of all the know-it-alls of the sign Religious Studies.
As I have already mentioned and I will repeat again, because it must be made clear: Unfortunately, it is common among earthlings that also in Buddhism, elements who are active in know-it-alls have formed sects and sects which are different views and opinions among themselves and therefore also have different doctrinal views etc.
The true doctrine taught by Siddharta Gautama was, as already explained, unlike the great god and god delusional belief systems of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, not a theistic religion, and consequently it is also in no way directed towards centralising a worship of an almighty God. For this reason alone, Siddharta’s original doctrine – from which Buddhism emerged – differed substantially from the major religions of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism, as well as from all other religions and god sects, both large and small, all over the world. The falsified Buddha doctrine, which is still in circulation today, and which Siddharta did not teach in the way it is wrongly transmitted today, is neither a religious doctrine nor a sectarian doctrine, nor is it a philosophical doctrine or any other similar doctrinal building based on faith. The true primal teaching in its effective origin – as Siddharta created and taught it – was not a matter of faith, as must be clearly stated and emphasised again and again, but a ‘teaching of correct living’, ‘teaching of self-awareness’ and ‘teaching of self-discovery’, with the aim of personal development of the cognitive abilities to use reason, reasoning, self-recognition and correct management of life in any life-correct relationship.
Everything the human being thinks and does creates good or bad effects. The human being simply has to reach enlightenment in order to also gain the right insight in this respect and thereby essentially live in the real reality and its truth, however to make the right decision, to choose the right word, to speak the right speech and give the right answer, not to lie and not to hurt others with wrong words. To observe the right action at all times, to be honest and honourable and worthy, not to steal, not to cheat, not to slander and not to kill, as well as to pursue in all ways a right acquisition of life, not to harm other living beings but to do good, and as said, to strive for enlightenment in the right way, to direct the necessary attention and correct mindfulness of thoughts and feelings, all this corresponds to the correct collection of many necessary values, which should always be kept present through meditation.
The essence of the original teaching of Siddharta Gautama is to be understood as a profound thought-work related to meditation in mindfulness and attention to the qualities of inner peace, as well as to harmony, righteousness and to the respect for life, love, justice, humanity and wisdom.
But what Siddharta did not take into consideration in his meditation method, and also what has not been taught in any Buddhist meditation teachings or elsewhere, or whose further values have not been mentioned since then, is the mother of all meditations, which is the main factor of all learning, namely the actual basic factor of meditation.
Meditation Basic Factor Permanent State Daily Meditation Daytime Awake Consciousness Meditation
Apart from what is given to the whole of the entire meditation practice in terms of meditation and its various methods, this refers to the daily, conscious and unconscious – not subconscious – permanent state daily meditation, which precedes all other meditations, but is also unknown in all earthly meditation teachings since ancient times, according to which it was never taught and not spread.
The Permanent State Daily Meditation corresponds to a Day Awake Consciousness Meditation, which takes place in the course of the whole time of the day in the Day Awake Consciousness, which takes place in lying, sitting, standing, walking as well as in movement and every activity, both in a conscious and unconscious way, whereby the ‘unconscious way’ corresponds to a level placed before the consciousness, which has nothing to do with the subconscious, but corresponds to a recording-processing-processing-switching-change-replaying-level. The first and most important step of the meditation is the day mindfulness-attention-permanent meditation. This is not only of special importance, it is the most important meditation of all. This is because it results in the conscious and controlled cultivation of the constantly arising thoughts and the resulting feelings, which concentrate on everything and everyone, what is currently being thought, feelings created, what is being done, spoken, executed and handled, and what behaviours etc. are being carried out.
Through the continuous state daily meditation of the day-watchful consciousness, everything and anything is thoroughly controlled consciously and unconsciously – provided that this meditation is practised deliberately and consciously – whereby everything that is done, acted, spoken, said and handled is carried out completely or at least to a large extent correctly and without error.
If, in the course of the day or after the day’s work, the permanent state of daily meditation is interrupted in the daytime awake consciousness for a state of rest or a rest meditation, then a thought stop is necessary, whereby a stay in a meditation for rest can take place.
But that, with all that has been said, should be enough, because I have some other things that I should also bring up.
Thanks, your information is very enlightening, and it should also be enough for today. So if you have anything else to talk about, then …
Okay, thanks. Then I would like to say something again about the Corona epidemic, for which I had already written predictions in the 1940s and 1950s and sent them to newspapers, governments and various organisations all over the world, with the tremendous support of Pastor Zimmermann, Professor Gustav Jung and my two teachers Graf and Lehmann.
Yes, I read some new things about this in my father’s notes yesterday, and some short notes also mentioned the Hinterschmidrüti farm, as well as the existence of the core-group and that it will on the one hand ‘decrease’ in the number of members for a longer period of time, and on the other hand will also be purified. Although the connection is fairly clear to me, the notes also referred to mortgages and the structure of the Court, to a ‘money economy’, freedom from debt and a ‘wreath disease’. But what this is all about, I don’t know yet, because I have only skimmed over two or three small notes which point to a longer description in the annals, which are supposed to contain long and detailed records, but which I have not yet been able to find out, so I don’t know what it is really about.
Maybe it’s about the fact that together with Sfath I saw the whole of the future and knew what was coming, so I could act on it?
But what could ‘freedom from debt’ and ‘wreath disease’ mean?
What you found and read some notes about, that might be what refers to our centre and the whole thing of buying the Hinterschmidrüti, its construction, management and the financial aspects of it, and also the mortgages, money that had to be borrowed from the bank to buy the farm. It may also have something to do with the fact – because I knew that the Corona epidemic and a number of other things were coming – that I had to sort everything out before the ‘reduction’ of members on the one hand and the work stoppage on the other came and the epidemic blocked everything. If the FIGU had had any debts and also mortgages, we would not have been able to pay for them financially, because the necessary income would have been missing.
The ‘money management’ and the ‘freedom from debt’ could therefore have had something to do with the fact that the mortgages were cancelled and the Hinterschmidrüti or the centre and the whole of the FIGU association with all the trimmings had to become absolutely debt-free in order to be able to survive the emerging worldwide epidemic crisis financially. This meant that the whole thing had to be done before the number of core-group members could be reduced, the work abroad became precarious and the income decreased. The fact that the mortgage obligations were also such that they could be met by the banks, and also that no debts were ever incurred by any company or otherwise, but invoices were always paid directly on delivery or against prepayment of goods or after receipt of the invoice, at the latest within 2 to 3 days, means that FIGU has remained debt-free. This apart from the 2 mortgages, which could also be released, therefore also in this or any other relationship there are no payment obligations or any financial difficulties, obligations or problems etc.
Your actions and work have borne good fruit, I must say. If I had to do such work, I would fail.
It wouldn’t be a miracle, because you don’t know how to handle money, so you wouldn’t know how to handle such monies and you would have to learn everything first, as I had to do. I started doing this when I was a little boy of about five years old, because we children had to earn our own pocket money during the World War, because our parents were not rich and had to be glad that the money they earned was enough to pay for everything necessary and not to run up debts. Therefore, we children collected glass in the waste pits, which we could sell at the Bülach glassworks for 0.5 centimes per kilo, while we sold the collected scrap metal to scrap metal dealers. Depending on the season, we also collected wild flowers, tied bouquets from them and sold them to households, just as we did with wild blackberries and wild strawberries. We also collected pine cones in the forest, which we sold in the restaurant Waage to Mr. Lieb, who stored them in the cellar and dried them, then used them to heat his inn in cold weather.
What is to be said about the term ‘wreath disease’, however, is that Sfath, your father, believed that the disease, the Corona disease, should be called that because it is a pandemic that will affect the whole Earth and cause millions of deaths, for which, according to earthly burial customs, countless ‘wreaths of mourning’ would be laid on the graves. This according to the earthly Christian custom, because a wreath is a symbol of eternal life, infinity and hope. He also included Buddhism in his work, because a wreath has the shape of a wheel, which in Buddhist belief symbolises the integration of the human being into the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth. Sfath also told me that the whole thing concerning the interpretation of the wreath and the wheel in relation to the human being’s integration into the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth should also be symbolised as a ‘crown’ in addition to the ‘wreath’. And in this way, I think, the Corona Plague can also be called openly in German as ‘Kronen-Seuche’ (Crown Plague) instead of the Latin ‘Corona’.
That would be very possible, but as it is, as I can see again and again, the Latin or ancient Greek language is always used instead of German, so the common people cannot understand what, for example, diseases mean and what medicines are. In this respect, the various earthly sciences are dominated by a mania for arrogance, which is both unnecessary and confusing for the common people. Equally confusing is the stupidity of those leaders who, in the face of the Corona pandemic, do not know what to do, what to order and what to enforce on the population to stop the epidemic. Talk and empty demands, such as that the people should take responsibility for themselves and implement them, are so double-bean-stewed that they are effectively ridiculous, but it also proves that leaders who demand this from their people are unworthy of their office and are also incapable of taking the correct and necessary measures.
This is how it will be. To appeal to the people to take responsibility for themselves and to ask them to accept, bear and fulfil their personal responsibility is pointless for a large part of the people, because they are completely mad in life and blind to the reality of reality and its truth. Just as these human beings are delusional about God, they are also delusional about other crazy delusional conspiracy theories, which they trust and emulate in their boundless stupidity, thus trampling reality and truth underfoot. They do this by demonstratively organising extremist terror and doing it like the degenerate neo-Nazi extremists they follow, but also by imitating and resembling the stupid demonstrators of the ‘Fridays for Future’, who do terror for something and go crazy for something they have no idea about and do not know that it is precisely they who will continue to drive climate destruction further in the future, by witnessing and giving birth to innumerable new earthlings who will drive the overpopulation even higher. And this is due to the machinations of the earthlings regarding their needs, and therefore, in order to fulfil them, they destroy nature, its fauna and flora, all ecosystems and further on the climate, because they produce endlessly all-destroying greenhouse gases, which drive the climate into collapse. And the stupid ones do this until they might even be able to negotiate their death.
Then I would like to go back to the topic of conspiracy theories, which have been circulating among earthlings since time immemorial, and which have persisted for centuries and millennia, as well as the conspiracy theories of the religions and sects with their madness of belief that a God and not the human being himself is the master of his life and fate etc. This has also given rise to the madness of the army and military with its defensive measures and insane armaments, whereby every armament and armament is a crime against humanity, against peace, harmony, humanity and righteousness, and against every single human being. Armies and military forces, like all warlike things, have been born out of the fear and revenge principle of God’s doctrine of ‘an eye for an eye’ and ‘a tooth for a tooth’, and this has led to a situation in which all around the world, from country to country, there is nothing but war mania, discord, spreading of fear, threats and warmongering, with the USA in the forefront in this respect, greedy for world power and malevolent war criminals.
And when I say and disclose all this, it is not I who is important, but what must be said according to the truth, so that the human beings can learn what is really going on in the world. This also includes the fact that the earthlings are unscrupulously robbing the planet completely, so that one day it will be hollow, empty, dead, a complete ruin and absolutely lifeless. And as hollow and empty the thinking of the earthlings becomes more and more, as well as their responsibility for life and their attitude towards life itself, so they become more and more cowardly and catapult themselves out of existence and life, if they fail and are too cowardly to cope with their life with all its ups and downs, so they simply kill themselves, or by in some way buying their own murder with horrendous sums of money, and by any legalised forms of murder with their help by poison etc. because they are viviparous, incapable of judgement and completely irresponsible towards life.
The mighty overgrowth of the earthly overpopulation earthlings has completely forgotten that clear thinking, the thoughts of truth manifest the reality of reality, while thoughts of faith are the unreality of the unreal. And the overpopulation overgrown – first of all the ‘Fridays for Future’ freaks – is so stupid that it does not perceive and does not understand that the destruction of the climate and all the destruction of all ecosystems, and all the destruction and extermination of nature and of the fauna and flora, are only the result of the machinations of the mass overpopulation, therefore this overpopulation of mankind must be reduced enormously and drastically by a worldwide birth stop and by birth control.
When I am harshly attacked in my statements concerning the believers in God’s delusion, as well as when I am attacked by stupid, stupid, stupid earthlings, etc. then it must be understood in every single case, always and absolutely clearly and unambiguously, that I am not attacking a human being in his way, not in his honour and dignity, not in his person, not as a human being, not in any other way or manner in his freedom, not for his faith of free will, not in his personality or otherwise as a human being. What I attack refers solely to that which is wrong and unworthy from the point of view of logical knowledge and damaging to consciousness, but also to pathologically completely absurdly irrational and contradictory factors of thought, feeling, belief, action and behaviour which impair the intellect and reason – nothing more and nothing less.
Everything that I mention under ‘believers in God’s delusion’, ‘delusional believers’ and ‘believers’ etc. or in relation to any other moments, factors, things and things etc., should, can and must never be referred to or misunderstood in relation to the human being as a person, nor directly to a person, nor in relation to the personality etc. This is basically not because: Because such an attack on a human being and on the human being’s person and personality is absolutely NOT in my mind and also does not correspond to my way of thinking. In any case, therefore, in every single case and in EVERY individual case, the only thing that is addressed and meant by every factor – however the form of speech is formulated as a result of the language – is only that aspect, that basic element or that point of view which, as an effective basic moment, clearly and unambiguously turns the annoying factor into an attack.
If, therefore, the belief in God’s delusion itself is called idiotic, feeble-minded, thoughtless or attacked in any other way, even if it seems – or wants to be misunderstood – that I attack the human being as a person or his personality, then this is not in accordance with correctness, but either a misunderstanding, an incomprehension due to a lack of intelligence, or all around an evil and unjustified insult etc.
In the end, it must also be said that I am also not attacking any old true prophet, teacher or proclaimer such as Jmmanuel, Buddha, Abram, Confucius or Mohammed etc., or any founder of a religion or sect, neither as a human being nor in his honour and dignity, nor as a person or in his personality. If I raise my voice in an attacking manner with regard to the founders of a religion or sect, it is not directed against the human being, his person or personality, but only against his wrong actions, deeds and false teachings as well as the spreading of faith.
Real prophets, teachers or proclaimers, such as Jmmanuel (called Jesus in a lie), Buddha, Abram and Mohammed, whose true teachings have unfortunately been maliciously and slanderously falsified and converted into cult religions, are taboo and unassailable for me, just as I also consider these true prophets, teachers or proclaimers
because they deserve all honour and dignity. Unfortunately, however, their true teachings have been misused and so distorted and mutilated that they have been used since time immemorial for discord, hatred, revenge, retaliation, torture, murder, war and terror, etc. In truth, the effective and true, correct teaching they brought and taught was such that it corresponded to the honour and dignity and inviolability of all creative laws, which cannot be reconciled with an imaginary Creator God.
You should put this whole statement as the introduction to the front of the new forum as the opening credits of the discussion reports that are now to be published on the Internet.
Actually a good idea, which we really should realize, because then it will be clear from the beginning how everything is to be understood. But I have a few more things to say, which I mentioned earlier: Religions have invented not only an imaginary God, but also an evil devil and Belzebuèb, and also a hell in which those who believe in God or believe otherwise are roasted and tormented, and who, moreover, are hated, insulted, blasphemed and wished death and the devil on their necks by those who believe in God during their lifetime. And the dear believers in God also have the loving quality of taking revenge on the unbelievers for everything and anything, if something does not suit them. And if the non-believers who are attacked with vengeance defend themselves, then this is taken by the believers as evil retribution and a counter-retaliation is immediately launched, freely according to the principle of faith: retribution against retribution. In this conspiracy theory, the delusional belief in God has eaten its way so deeply into the preached religious delusion of revenge ‘an eye for an eye’ that it moths deep in the character of every believer, in order to break through vehemently and maliciously at the right time and degenerate into enmity, discord, hatred, murder and manslaughter, war and terror. And this does not only occur in the private sphere of the delusional believers, because the weakness of faith also motivates the whole of politics, but especially in the military, which is geared around the world in all countries solely towards murderous, destructive and completely degenerated defence measures in the form of war armament, whereby war is often begged for victory in the name of a delusional God through doglike supplication.
In my opinion the religions and their sects are effectively the most malicious, worst and most powerful and most insidious of all the feeble-minded conspiracy theories, with which the human beings are most addictive, most extensive and most stupid to earthliness, as well as the most dangerous, feeble-minded, evil and ominous conspiracy lies ever invented in the entire universe in a delusional way. And through this mad and pathologically consciousness nodding, feeble-minded, stupidity-promoting, all around religious-sectarian conspiracy chatter, the whole catastrophically overpopulated planetary humanity of the Earth is endlessly further enslaved in the degenerated spell of the all-dominant and every mind and reason stifled God-belief delusion. And in this delusion of belief in God, the entire religious sectarian-believing earthliness has been controlled from time immemorial by the deeply ingrained nonsense that injustice is to be rewarded in a way of ‘an eye for an eye’ and ‘a tooth for a tooth’. This traditional religious sectarian delusional belief in God, which in continuation is also interpreted as ‘if you do not want to be my brother or sister, I will smash your skull in’, however, is neither law, order nor humanity. And since this is the case, there is also no ordering and exercising of an appropriately spoken punishment, as well as fines and liability, which should be humane and exercised, but maliciously only revenge and retribution.
Just as in ancient times the religious sectarian mania for God was based on an ‘eye for an eye’ and a ‘tooth for a tooth’ and thus on revenge and retribution, so this has been practised by the believers in the delusion of God since ancient times until today and also in the future. And this happens without the believers in God ever becoming conscious and clear about it, because the whole thing is deeply hidden in their character and does not penetrate into their consciousness, so that they cannot perceive and realise their underlying disposition for revenge and retribution. As a result of this fact, the believers in God become violent from within their deepest character as soon as anything comes near to them which is against their sense, will, opinion or view etc., and this is because the impulses of revenge and retribution which are mottling deep within their character flare up and flare up uncontrollably to the outside world. If the deepest in her character motting revenge and retaliation impulses are immediately ignited by unpleasant thoughts, feelings and psyche movements, then the deepest negative-evil character content is driven into an uncontrollable chaos within seconds, which combines hatred, revenge, retaliation and thus violence. The whole thing flares up immediately and breaks through maliciously to the outside world, with words, movements and correspondingly violent actions that bring disaster, such as strife, war, terror, lack of freedom, exploitation, crime and criminality, etc.
This fact is the reason why the great majority of the earthlings, who believe in God’s delusion, are afflicted by all evil in their deepest character being, but who neither perceive nor know this, because from time immemorial and up to now all ‘clever people’ – be they philosophers, wise men, professors, psychologists, connoisseurs of human nature, psychiatrists or other knowledgeable people etc. – have been able to fathom, clarify and point out these facts. Therefore, until today it has never been shown to the human beings of the Earth what a belief in God’s delusion causes in every believer, what is going on in its deepest character and what malicious consequences result from it, which in the first place only bring darkness of consciousness to every believer in God, but in the end all evil, discord, violence, war, murder, manslaughter, annihilation and destruction. Through every religious sectarian belief in God, the human beings are driven in every respect into the most evil, worst as well as most inhuman, murderous forms and catastrophes, as this has been conjured up since time immemorial in the most malicious and degenerate manner as disaster upon disaster and dwarfed everything evil in a more bloodthirsty, warmongering, murderous and hateful manner – but can become even worse in the future. In the short sense of my long speech, however, I would like to ask you a brief question: What do you think about this?
I cannot disagree with you on this, although I have to say that I have not yet considered including religions and their sects in the conspiracy theories, but now that you have made the whole thing clear, I see with frightening clarity that your clarification corresponds to the effective and indisputable reality, fact and truth. This, that you recognise religions and their sects as the most malicious and degenerate conspiracy theory ever since time immemorial, reveals to me a new insight and fact, and this is that your statement shows with frightening clarity that this religious-sectarian, insidious infiltration of the minds and reason of Earth human beings can hardly be stopped, but continues endlessly. This is because in the human being, religious sectarianism acts like a drug which forms in the consciousness of every delusional believer as a plague, from which, as a result of his delusion of faith, a dullness to real reality and truth arises which can no longer be recognised. And it is this dullness that no longer allows any rational thought, but rejects everything that is real and true, before it can even consciously enter consciousness.
And that is why the effect of this dullness, the inability to cultivate rational thoughts, is called stupidity.
Then something else: If I remember correctly, you have no political parties whatsoever on Erra, as this nonsense exists on Earth. Can you explain to me how you manage to regulate everything on a global community level?
You are familiar with that.
Yes, but I would like you to explain something so that I can call it up and write it down, so that the whole thing can also be read by interested people.
Of course, I understand. And while I am at it, I would also like to mention what exactly was discussed in the panel and what proposal we came to, which I should present to you and all FIGU core group members.
Aha, interesting. But what is that supposed to be?
I will say what is necessary about that later, because now I want to answer your other question first, the answer to which is not intended for you, because you are informed about how the local regulations are set up in our country. So here’s what I want to say and also explain in detail:
1. Since the entry of peace more than 50,000 years ago, we Plejaren have had no political parties whatsoever, neither on Erra nor on any other of our worlds, as was the case in the past.
Parties of all kinds were then extensively banned from all Plejaren governance provisions, because these led to permanent disagreements, as our state chronicles show. Parties have always required that these proposals and regulations be discussed, negotiated and determined, as well as enacted and implemented, with regard to any communal affairs, laws and regulations, ordinances or other necessities, which, due to disagreements, did not correspond to the will of the people. This was the result of various inaccuracies and deliberate falsifications of election proposals, which came about through lies and deception of the people, because they were not truthfully enlightened, but were misled with false promises and explanations.
In and with parties – whose members are controlled by the personal ideas, conceptions, personal wishes or desires etc. of the party leaders – the party members follow the insidious whispers of their party leaders, which are insidiously deceived by them through lies and deception. And this results on the one hand from the inability to think for themselves due to a lack of rational thought, and on the other hand from the populations called to vote, who are misled by their party leaders according to their wishes and willingly follow them. On the other hand – if it can happen and the party leaders do not stop it – motions and proposals as well as regulations etc. are squabbled through different views, opinions and senseless quarrels, which leads to emotional differences and quarrelling and thus also to wrong decisions. The reason for this is that, as a rule, voting motions that are usually put to the people are formulated inaccurately and in such a way that, as a result of the corresponding underhanded formulations, voters cast their votes for a cause that is contrary to their actual understanding, which means that, as a result of deliberately underhandedly formulated election documents, voters are misled and induced to cast votes that are contrary to their understanding. And this underhandedness, as far as we know, is often as prevalent on Earth as it is also at present with regard to a ‘framework agreement’ based on lies and fraud, which is intended to drive Switzerland and its people underhand into the EU dictatorship and its bondage.
2. Since the abolition of any party system more than 50,000 years ago, our knowledge and experience has shown that since then no disputes, no political differences, no quarrels, no dissatisfaction, no differences of opinion, no disturbances of the peace, no inconsistencies in local, regional or national communities, no wrong decisions have arisen. There have also been no more planetary political threats, uprisings, demonstrations, wars, terrorism, etc., not even in the slightest suggestion, which, as our chronicles tell us, was frequent in the past and a general unease has been constant.
3. Our precise and clear findings and our actions in the suppression of all political parties – as they were in existence more than 50,000 years ago – prove, since their legal abolition, that parties existed before and even when they still existed,
a) political parties have led unreservedly and inevitably to differences of opinion, quarrels and strife as well as to violence, discontent and communal political and also private disagreements, consequently it is clear that political parties lead to erroneous and confused party-imperial legislation, decrees, prohibitions and regulations, through which constantly new and completely unnecessary and morally bad orders, orders, Orders, directives, commands, decrees, commandments, instructions and decrees as well as new rights, injustices, misunderstandings of freedom and claims, as well as injustice, impositions, demands, duties, demands, permissions, permits and privileges are also created, as well as injunctions, authorisations, requirements, measures, duties, powers, authorisations, prohibitions and many other inconsistencies that lead to imperativism. Furthermore, a political party system also determines the moral laws and moral codes in a negative, categorical imperative or fundamentally unethical way, and degrades decency and morality to nullity in a humane and shameful way, for example by allowing fornication by whoremongers to be declared legal and open employment and by taxing the proceeds of whoring in order to shamelessly increase the state’s income.
b) Parties, political or non-political, inevitably lead to differences, as among many other things, also with regard to the ethnicity or origin of the human beings, their appearance, skin colour, eye colour, language, body, morality, education or their habits of life etc., to enmity and hatred. This xenophobic self-image, which is oriented towards an ethnic group or a certain definable social grouping of people, is assigned to it as a certain identity as an ethnic group because of its sense of community as a group of its own. Depending on the case, this gives rise to hatred of religion and belief, as well as political racism or anti-racism, which spreads in corresponding political parties, but also in like-minded family and private spheres, but also in certain groups of the population as well as in security groups and armies as hate-pregnated activism, which inevitably spreads like a malignant plague, only to be expressed through corresponding hate speeches, violent behaviour, insults and actions up to and including murder, war and terror.
c) In other words, for more than 50,000 years now, there has been no party system whatsoever in the Plejaren, and our entire process of electoral determination is geared to our planetary or territorial system of local government or to our planetary communalisation of electronic transmission in relation to the sovereignty of the people as sovereign, who determines the duties of the State and the public tasks of conversion, implementation and execution, so that the local authorities have the national duty incumbent on them to implement the electoral decisions by appropriate forces, etc.
In principle, it is to be repeatedly defined that our entire electoral-determination system is designed to ensure that all electoral facts that arise and are to be dealt with, which emanate from the people on the one hand and from the state bodies on the other hand, are discussed, negotiated, explained, defined and decided upon in a form that is thorough, detailed and comprehensible in a question-and-answer manner over the entire planetary expanse by remote communication with the people. All facts arising and put to the election will be made known to the population of a region or the whole Plejaren area 30 days before the election date via the corresponding telecommunication channels. Afterwards the people can participate at their own free will at the appropriate time in the election-determination procedure, which is conducted in detail and enlighteningly over a whole day, in which all accruing election-determinants are openly discussed and clarified in detail in the question-answer procedure and finally the election-determination is made.
d) Finally, it must be explained that our committee, which you know is, like all the persons who gather in the great pyramid hall, as you call our great meeting place, will decide at advisory meetings what facts are to be brought forward for the election determination of the population. As you know, there are about 1.5 million people present in the Pyramid Hall, made up of people from all walks of life, who perform this task of their own free will and who therefore do not determine, but rather correspond to voluntary members of the population, who declare themselves ready to do so and who are also made up of other people at each consultation meeting. The persons who appoint themselves as members of parliament also exchange views voluntarily during the meetings, so that several people can give their opinion on a single issue. Once everything has been discussed and clarified thoroughly and beyond any doubt at the end of the deliberations, which may take several days, the final act takes place, in which unanimity is usually achieved for an electoral decision, which is then presented to the people in the above-mentioned manner for their election decision.
That Eduard, is the most basic thing I have to say.
What you have explained, that should be enough, thanks. Then a question: In your country, the function of the committee is to give advice to the people, explain and order everything that is necessary and necessary concerning leadership, etc., as it is the task of those in power here on Earth. But they are not usually in a position to do this because they are incapable of governing, so they have to call in so-called ‘advisers’, such as lawyers, lobbyists, so-called government advisers or ‘external experts for special assignments etc.’, which is an enormous waste of money which the Minister of Finance must reluctantly pay for – whether he wants to or not. This is because others are unable to budget with finances, so they squander them and accumulate huge public debts – because it is not their personality’s money and debts.
What is to be said now about the government advisers or the alleged ‘external experts’ for special assignments etc., who click their advice to the stupid rulers and the incapacitated rulers and the like at expensive prices and recommend what they should determine and do with regard to governmental, national and popular affairs etc., costs the taxpayers millions every year. In Germany alone they had to pay over 1.2 billion euros for this last year. Last year, on the 4th of February 2019, the following was published on ‘’:
Ministry of Finance – 1.2 billion euros for government advisers
Since 2006, the Federal Government has spent at least 1.2 billion euro on more than 6,000 contracts with external consultants.
The expenditure of ministries on external consultants is listed in a statistic, which, however, shows large gaps.
Berlin (dpa) Since 2006, the Federal Government has spent at least 1.2 billion euro on more than 6,000 contracts with external consultants. This is the result of a survey conducted by the Ministry of Finance at the Chancellery and the 14 federal ministries at the request of left-wing Member of Parliament Matthias Höhn and available to the German Press Agency. The highest expenditure on external expertise was reported by the Ministry of Finance itself at 258 million euro and the Ministry of the Interior at 208 million euro. At the bottom of the ranking are the Chancellery with 4.0 million and the Ministry of Health with 6.1 million euros.
In her answer to the question, however, Parliamentary State Secretary Bettina Hagedorn points out that the figures are incomplete and not comparable. The main reason for this is that the relevant files only have to be kept for 5 years according to the applicable administrative regulations. For the years up to 2014, therefore, there would be ‘partially no or only incomplete documents on the facts and circumstances queried’. In addition, the individual ministries define differently what is meant by ‘advisory and support services’.
Extent of consultancy contracts unclear
Thus, the actual extent of the use of external consultants by the German government remains unclear. The opposition criticises that there are no reliable statistics on consultancy services. The billion-euro amount now mentioned by the Ministry of Finance is ‘only the tip of the iceberg’, said left-wing politician Höhn. “With all means and tricks, the Federal Government avoids disclosing the true costs of external consulting and support services”.
In the years from 2014, for which complete files still exist, the expenditure for external government advisers has in any case increased significantly. In 2014, according to the Ministry of Finance, they were still 63 million euros, in 2015 they were already 105 million, in 2016 the number rose to 243 million and in 2017 it was 248 million euros. Not all ministries have yet reported figures for 2018.
The commitment of management consultants and other external experts by the Federal Government is highly controversial. Critics argue that the purchase of expertise is too expensive and also not absolutely necessary in view of the more than 20,000 employees in the ministries. Moreover, there are fears that it would have too great an influence on government work.
Committee of enquiry decided
The use of advisers in the Ministry of Defence will soon be reviewed by a Bundestag committee of enquiry. The Defence Committee took a decision to this effect last week. The allegations range from incorrect awarding of contracts to nepotism.
In the statistics of the Ministry of Finance, however, the Ministry of Defence appears relatively low in the statistics, with expenditures of 34 million euros since 2006 for consulting and support services, including subordinate authorities. At the beginning of December, in another answer to a parliamentary question, the Ministry estimated the volume of current framework and individual contracts at 207 million.
In ZDFheute / Politik, it was said on 31.1.2020, 18:32 hrs:
Money for the expertise of foreign government advisers costs hundreds of millions of euros.
External experts for special assignments or expensive waste of money? Opinions on government advisers differ widely. New figures on the costs fuel the discussion.
Source: DPA
Last year, the Federal Government spent more than half a billion euros on external consultants. According to information provided by the Ministry of Finance at the request of the Left, the Chancellery and the 14 federal ministries together invested at least 548.5 million euros in external expertise. However, five ministries have so far only reported figures for a half-year period. Although the Ministry of Defence is one of them, it ranks first in the list of consultants with expenditure of 154.9 million euro for external experts. It is followed by the Ministry of the Interior with 152.4 million euros for the whole year 2019 and the Ministry of Transport with 110.6 million euros.
Accusations in the consultant affair – Von der Leyens mobile phone data: One, two, away
by Kristina Hofmann
The Chancellery (537,000 euro, only second half of the year), the Ministry of Education (717,000 euro) and the Ministry of Justice (2.4 million euro) have, as things stand at present, purchased the least additional expertise. However, State Secretary for Finance Bettina Hagedorn points out that there is no uniform definition of external consulting and support services in the individual ministries. For this reason, “no interdepartmental comparability of the data can be assumed”, according to her answer, which is available to the German Press Agency. Moreover, the figures were still to be regarded as provisional.
Significant increase in expenditure since 2014
The commitment of management consultants and other external experts by the German government is highly controversial. Critics argue that the purchase of expertise is too expensive and, given the more than 20,000 employees in the ministries, also not absolutely necessary. Moreover, there are fears that it would have too great an influence on government work. Proponents, on the other hand, hope to gain added value in very different areas by having an outside view or by using experts for special tasks for which no permanent staff is needed.
For earlier years, ministries had reported significantly lower consultancy expenses than now for 2019, and in February last year a similar survey by the Ministry of Finance had shown that there was a significant increase between 2014 and 2017. In 2014, the government’s expenditure on consultants was still 63 million euros, in 2015 it was 105 million, in 2016 the number rose to 243 million, and in 2017 it was 248 million euros. At that time, complete figures for 2018 were not yet available.
The left-wing politician Matthias Höhn sharply criticises the level of spending. “You can only shake your head,” he says.
The Federal Government has thousands of competent civil servants in the ministries. First and foremost, they are there to do the substantive work for the government. Everything else makes a government dependent on private companies. That would be unacceptable.
Defence ministry advisor affair overshadows Discussion
Matthias Höhn, The LEFT
FDP defence expert Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann has no objection in principle to external advisors, but she adds: “If, however, this is done in an uncontrolled manner, under cover of the ministry’s leadership, and if, in addition, calls for tenders are passed on illegally underhand, this is unacceptable.
In doing so, she alludes to the investigative committee of the Bundestag, which is currently investigating the consultant affair concerning the deployment of consultants in the Ministry of Defence. The accusations range from incorrect awarding of contracts to nepotism. Ursula von der Leyen, former defence minister and current president of the EU Commission, will be questioned by the committee in mid-February.
Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) was criticised for the use of consultants in the car toll issue and is now spending large sums of money again on setting up a central motorway administration for the federal government.
“I can’t remember” is probably the most frequently heard sentence that former State Secretary Suder says in the U Committee on the consultant affair. An appearance with taste.
Digitisation as justification for external Expertise
Date: 30.01.2020
All three leaders of the consultant ranking – the Ministries of Defence, Interior and Transport – defended the purchase of external expertise on Friday. The ministry of defence pointed out that 109 million euros alone are accounted for by the IT service provider BWI, which manages the 1,200 properties of the Bundeswehr. The ministry had previously stated that the need for action in digitisation went beyond the Bundeswehr’s own personnel capacities ‘both quantitatively and qualitatively’.
A spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior said that the external consultants would be deployed on a project-related basis and that they would also take on overarching tasks for the entire Federal Government. And the Ministry of Transport emphasised that some tasks could hardly be completed on time without external experts. As an example he mentioned the establishment of the motorway administration.
Source: Michael Fischer, dpa
And the taxpaying populations have to pay millions of dollars for this every year, because the people in power are absolute idiots, rivets and zeroes and do not understand the tasks they would have to perform as leaders. This is also the case in Switzerland, although I only see the Finance Minister who can do his job independently, who knows how to do it, and who is correct. But the rivets and zeros in the government, including the relevant figures in the Council of States and the National Council, who in turn function in various parties, torpedo and destroy his good work again through their blind, stupid, silly nonsense, as, for example, in that his millions in budget savings are once again being senselessly and stupidly squandered. And it is precisely for this purpose – only as an example of many other governmental idiocies – that horrendous sums in the millions are paid and squandered, also to government advisers who, in addition to ‘expert consultations’, also think up and propose all kinds of other nonsense, which are then picked up by people who are unfit for government and put into practice in a stupid way. And, effectively, such nonsense is advocated and implemented by the incapable government powers – to the detriment of all taxpayers and those who have done good work in public finance management, such as the Swiss Minister of Finance, who then unintentionally has to forfeit his high-quality budget cuts as a result of boundless stupidity on the part of others and has to pay for the idiotic spending of others or idiots, for which he is then unjustifiably insulted and berated by other idiots, such as hackers of public institutions.
Incompetent rulers not only in Germany and in all other countries on Earth are loud-mouthed at work, but also in Switzerland, and there too, in my own country, there are disgraces which are not in keeping with the rules of the people and which are not in keeping with everything that should be Swiss from the bottom up, Above all, the treachery of those who want to sell our homeland to the EU dictatorship, where the Lisbon Treaty introduced the death penalty, which would also be applied, if the worst came to the worst, to the imbeciles who want to sell our homeland to this despotic Union.
So the EU is opening a back door to the death penalty, as I said earlier when this matter was discussed in 2009:
The underhanded EU Constitution allows for the death penalty and killing by military and security forces, as well as executions in cases of ‘riot’, ‘insurrection’, demonstration and civil disturbance …
Billy Meier: For my part, I think that all the power-hungry people of the EU dictatorship know very well that parts of the populations of the states that belong to it will not be fooled forever and will sooner or later begin to resist the dictatorship. So the EU dictatorship-mighty are, I think, roaringly and cowardly afraid that uprisings and riots will get them by the scruff of the neck, as you mentioned on 5 April, not in this way, but in another way. And the hammer of the fact that the EU dictatorship has reintroduced the death penalty is that the EU dictatorship’s parliamentary gang, which has to vote on laws and regulations, usually does not even know what the EU dictatorship’s supreme dictators are actually voting on. I have found the following on the Internet:
Posted by Honigmann on 11.04.09 in Politik
What many people do not know, and most of all MEPs in the parliaments of EU countries, because they say they have never read the text in detail (we don’t have time to read laws on which we vote, we rely on a summary of government experts) is that the Lisbon Treaty allows the death penalty to be carried out under certain circumstances.
Professor Schachtschneider points out that the Lisbon Treaty can also reintroduce the death penalty, which every EU citizen should know. This is probably not explicitly stated in the text of the Treaty, but hidden in a footnote which says: ‘… except in the event of war, insurrection or civil commotion’, then the death penalty is possible.
Schachtschneider points out that this fact is scandalous, because they have this possibility built into a footnote of a footnote, and you have to read it carefully and be an expert to interpret it correctly.
Well, what I would like to say further is this: the majority of the Swiss government is also not the golden egg for effective state and popular leadership, because this too lives in the delusion – right down to the majority of the political members – that a new ordinance, a new law, a new provision, rule or ban etc. has to be created again and again. Delusions and the like are the order of the day in order to perpetuate themselves through loudmouths and nonsensical speeches with their own name and some freedom-limiting bullshit, because there is no other way for these pathetic lunatics to raise even a tiny iota of their low self-esteem. And these figures are also among those who hire consultants and government advisers, so-called ‘external experts for special assignments’ etc., at the taxpayers’ expense, and this also in Switzerland, whereby the money for paying these ‘external advisers’ is stolen from the people through taxes, whereby then inevitably huge amounts of tax money have to be spent by the Ministry of Finance, which is a heavy burden on the federal treasury. And in order to relieve the burden on the federal treasury, the inevitable rule follows that the whole thing is shifted onto the shoulders of the taxpayers, until they are so overwhelmed by having to pay taxes that it hurts them to lie down.
Of course, there are counter-currents of sensible politicians against this nonsense, but despite constant political pressure, the unfit rulers are also neither fired from their posts nor replaced by capable persons capable of governing, nor is the nonsense of government consultancy prohibited or abolished. Consequently, the cost to the Swiss Confederation of this external advice to incapacitated rulers is also not reduced. And this also shows that Switzerland – which paid 769 million francs last year for such ‘services’ from private providers in respect of external government advisors on this administrative nonsense – is squandering taxpayers’ money, but taxpayers are probably laughing in their faces at the stupidity of incompetent governments.
Then I have another question, namely whether you found out and now know the name of the Ischwish that was assigned to Jmmanuel?
Yes, I know that now. It was Helionon, whose name means ‘the sunlike radiant one’.
Thanks, then the following question: What is it actually like on Erra and on all other planets, do the human beings of the Plejaren even have deadly weapons privately? And what about the military, armies and security forces etc. regarding deadly weapons etc.? On Earth, and especially in the USA, the situation is such that all gun madmen are legally allowed to possess all kinds of lethal firearms, also small children from the age of 4-6 years are allowed to have their own small calibre firearms and to train them to use them against the human beings and to kill. This in the delusional and murderous sense of simply shooting people when they feel threatened or something, regardless of whether or not there is a life-threatening situation. There are also other countries where private individuals also possess deadly weapons, but I do not mean knives or swords, bows and arrows, crossbows, lances, spears and the like, but rather effective short, small and long weapons or weapons of mass destruction. These are effective short, small and long weapons or ‘shooting blasts’, which are fitted with cartridges, which then fire projectiles when the pricker is pulled through and the firing pin strikes the bottom of the cartridge and triggers the explosion, which drives the projectile out of the barrel, then rushes at high speed through the air and into the target.
You know a little bit about this, because you also had to carry and handle firearms as a result of your various activities, so why don’t you explain some of it to me? I am thinking, for example, of the speed of flight etc. of the projectiles, which would interest me and about which you could possibly tell me something?
Some things I know, but it is not much. But if it is enough for you, then can I tell you something about the speed of sharp weapons, for example?
Yes, that interests me.
Ptaah: Billy:
Well, then I will start with what I still know, which is really not much. It is a long time ago, probably more than 30 years ago, when I was still shooting around and I also dealt with the shooting speed of the various weapons and with the weapons themselves and also with the shooting itself.
You are a very exceptionally good shooter, both with long guns and especially with pistols and revolvers, as my daughter Semjase told me. But that was necessary, because you were dependent on it due to your various occupations in different countries and also in Switzerland, because you also had to have a so-called ‘Weapons Carrying Licence’, as you showed me one in 1987, because I wanted to see one.
Yes, I remember that, you took a picture of the Wearing Permit because you wanted to archive it, if I remember correctly. The shooting thing Semjase told you was not that bad, it was just practice, and it was a long time ago. I still have …, but that is not important and also not what you want to know. So -, then I want to start with the firing speed of the air rifles, because they have …
Air rifles? – That is not known to me, what is meant by that?
Air rifles are small-calibre rifles or rifles that use either compressed air or gas. Pure air rifles have a small compressed air moment, which creates compressed air through which a small bullet can be fired. Other similar air rifles can be used in the same way with small gas cartridges. The smallest bullets have a calibre of 4.5 millimetres, which reach a firing speed of about 175 metres per second, while larger air rifles with a calibre of about 5.5 millimetres have a firing speed of, if I remember correctly, about 243 metres per second.
After the air rifles come the small-calibre cartridge rifles, also called KK rifles, which have rimfire cartridges, which means that there is a percussion powder in the cartridge base, which is struck by the hammer or firing pin, which ignites the cartridge powder and causes it to explode, causing the bullet to be ejected from the cartridge case and shoot through the barrel into the open air and then into the target.
Interesting, I would like to learn more about this later.
Can you, of course, but there is a lot more to be said in terms of firing speed while we’re at it, because bigger weapons of course have bigger calibres of bullets, so there are also more immense propulsions caused by the explosion of the bullet explosives. But to explain all this would be too far to go into now, so I will only go into this briefly and say and explain a few more things. I can explain more details on another occasion. Now then this: Pistols, revolvers and rifles are familiar to you, and I can explain that they have different cartridge calibres, of course, and their bullets also have different bullet velocities, which I indicate in meters per second, which is abbreviated as m/s. Then the following for these weapons, which I can show you later on the internet with pictures:

9 Parabellum = Pistol 340 m/s
45 ACP = Automatic Colt pistol 240 m/s
308 Winchester = Rifle 870 m/s
223 Remington = Rifle 950 m/s



The fastest bullet I know is the 17 Remington cartridge with a velocity of 1250 m/s
That’s enough for today, thanks.
Also good, but I would be interested to know what you know about the private armament of the earthlings, because your father Sfath was already involved in finding out how many weapons are in private ownership among the earthlings. Now I would be interested in that and ask you if you know the data for that?
No, but I can retrieve them if you are really interested.
Yes, I am interested, and it would also be interesting to know how the number of weapons in relation to the number of inhabitants is in relation to at least that of the USA, whose private arsenal of weapons is really excessive; here I am thinking in particular of the USA, where a large part of the population has fallen into a catastrophic weapons mania, criminally promoted by the weapons lobby and even more morbidly and irresponsibly encouraged by the crazy and morbidly stupid US presidential clown Tramp-Trump in order to get the weapons supporters on his side in the new presidential election. I would also be interested to know what data is to be calculated for Switzerland.
I can tell you about such data, because they are included in our monthly records, so I can retrieve them for the month of August. And what you say about Trump and the arms lobby is indeed correct.
OK, gladly – thanks.
It just takes a little time … – yes. There you see …
Ptaah, you are good, that is of no use to me, because I cannot decipher that, because for me they are Bohemian villages.
Of course, how can I also … Well then: If I, as I see here, put the number of weapons appearing here in relation to the number of inhabitants, then it turns out that in the United States of America there are many more weapons in the private sector than the population of the USA comprises in terms of inhabitants. In the United States, here in my unit, 2.7 weapons per person are recorded, and it is also recorded here that the total population in all the states of the United States at the end of August was 334.46 million, which is more than 6 million more than the American census at the end of 2019 showed. This majority is due to all the illegal persons from other states around the world who have immigrated to the United States and are living in the country unrecognized as illegals. And as far as the private possession of firearms in the United States of America is concerned, the situation regarding the handling of firearms by criminal and criminal elements is becoming more and more extreme, as well as fearful men and women who are willing to kill human beings immediately without hesitation, even if they feel threatened without justification.
This corresponds exactly to the perfect US-American miserable order, as the United States, through its world wartime terror, exercises in many countries, where it acts as world police, invades foreign countries and brings them under its power. But now you could check what Switzerland has to do with the private possession of weapons, please.
As I can see here, Switzerland has had a population of about 8.6 million since the end of August, of which, according to our records, slightly less than 1/3 or about 2.86 million of the total population of the country are in private possession of various types of firearms. Contrary to the USA, however, it must be explained that in Switzerland – in contrast to the United States, where a tremendous crime rate prevails and many murders with firearms are part of the daily routine, as you always say – there is a strict order with regard to the possession and use of private weapons, despite a free legal system, and misuse of weapons is rare.
My home country is really a country of freedom and democracy, which cannot be said of any other state on Earth, but which all those idiots cannot understand, especially those idiots in the Federal Parliament, the National Council and the Council of States and in those parties and groups of young politicians who, as traitors to their homeland, want to sell Switzerland to the EU dictatorship.
Now, as far as private weapons ownership in Switzerland is concerned, you can see various things here on the Internet, some of which I will quote. Look here, this cannot be compared to the USA, where the gun lobby irresponsibly exercises its power and even allows children and other minors to use and teach them to shoot. And this is also encouraged by the absolute irresponsibility of parents, who buy their children’s weapons and teach them how to use them and possibly kill the human beings being. Something of this kind cannot gain a foothold in Switzerland, even though we have a very liberal weapons law, because there is order in this respect in our country and a sense of responsibility among Swiss people of both sexes, which is perceived and lived.
If you take a look at the Swiss weapons legislation, you will see that it is one of the most liberal in the world, because the possession and acquisition of weapons and ammunition is in principle permitted to all innocent citizens, provided that the law does not contain any special provisions prohibiting the acquisition of weapons. In Switzerland, a firearm can only be acquired by persons who can present a good character reference and a clean criminal record.
But now back to what you want to know, whereby I will also mention small arms, so that you know that there are also such weapons and what is meant by them. These are small arms, such as revolvers and pistols, which can be carried and operated by a single person, either openly or covertly.
This is all very interesting what you are explaining, and certainly the whole subject is very far-reaching.
It is indeed so, and there is also a lot of information about it on the internet, as you can see here, for example, what I have just picked out, if you are interested?
Good, then you can read it yourself. But I would like to say that the Swiss people voted on changes to the weapons law. According to the statistics, there were about 2.3 million small arms in civilian possession in Switzerland until then, but you have stated that there are more. What is to be said about the vote, however, you can read here on the net:
The new weapons ordinance has been in force since the 15th of August. For the purchase of a 90 or 57 assault rifle with a magazine of more than 10 cartridges an exemption is now required.
After losing the vote against the Weapons Act on the 19th of May, the federal government put the new law, which has been adapted in line with the EU Weapons Directive, into force on the 15th of August. Since then, the new Weapons Ordinance has been in force, which regulates the acquisition and possession of semi-automatic weapons, which from now on are generally considered prohibited weapons. 90 and 57 assault rifles with a magazine of more than ten cartridges and semi-automatic pistols with a magazine of more than 20 cartridges can now only be acquired with an exemption permit. Anyone who is in possession of such a weapon, which has not yet been registered in a cantonal weapons register, has three years to report the weapon.
The Fedpol has put the form for the exemption permit and a form for proof of regular shooting online on its website. In addition, various questions on the new firearms ordinance are answered. The weapons ordinance will be presented in detail in the next member magazine ‘Schiessen Schweiz’.
Joel Haefeli, lawyer and master marksman, has analysed the gun ordinance and its effects on shooters. He was kind enough to make his analysis available. It can be downloaded here.
Thanks, I will now read what you have picked out here, but I see right here that these internet details are not correct and therefore also do not correspond with our findings:
… with the absolute number of weapons the USA stands out – and the situation seems to get worse and worse: Between 2006 and 2017 alone, the Americans purchased and imported at least 122 million new weapons.
Data source:
The data set for this article comes from the ‘Small Arms Survey’ of the Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. An international team of experts compiles an annual report on the topic.
The authors assume that of the approximately one billion small arms in existence worldwide, a good 850 million (or 85%) are in private ownership. The remaining weapons are in the possession of the military (around 13%) or law enforcement agencies (2%).
If the figures are put in relation to the number of inhabitants, it becomes clear that there are more private weapons than inhabitants in the United States. Yemen comes in second place, where one in two inhabitants still owns a small weapon (although war is also raging there).

USA: 120.5 weapons per 100 inhabitants
Yemen: 52.8 weapons per 100 inhabitants
Montenegro: 39.1 weapons per 100 inhabitants
Serbia: 39.1 weapons per 100 inhabitants
Canada: 34.7 weapons per 100 inhabitants



Switzerland is further ahead in this respect: with 27.6 weapons per 100 inhabitants we rank 16th.
In the above ranking only includes countries with more than 150,000 inhabitants. Data for all regions covered are shown on the map.
Among the ten most heavily armed countries, five are also European.
1 / 11th The Global Militarisation Index: …
2 / 11th place 10: Azerbaijan. …
3 / 11th place 9: Greece. …
4 / 11th place 8: Jordan. …
5 / 11th place 7: South Korea. …
6 / 11th place 6: Cyprus. …
7 / 11th place 5: Russia…
8 / 11th place 4: Syria.
Switzerland ranks 34th in the global ranking.
Around 850 million small arms are owned by private individuals worldwide.
The most militarily armed countries

USA: 393.3 million weapons
India: 71.1 million weapons
China: 49.7 million weapons
Pakistan: 43.9 million weapons
Russia: 17.6 million weapons
Brazil: 17.55 million weapons
Mexico: 16.8 million weapons


These data do not correspond to the effective facts compared to our findings, because all these values listed here are, according to our very precise clarifications and records, stated at a much lower level than is correct and true.
That will probably be the case, because as I know our earthlings, everywhere and with everything and everyone, there is coiffing, cheating, forging and lying. This is also true, I think, of what is true in terms of instructing children to become instruments of murder, as the unscrupulous parents buy weapons for the adolescent children and teach them to shoot, with the advice to shoot at human beings at the appropriate time and to send them to the afterlife.
This is my orientation, yes, and what is done and allowed in the US-America is not only a criminal but a criminal act, because even small children and young people are effectively trained as instruments of murder. And this criminal behaviour is not only tolerated but even encouraged irresponsibly by criminal legislation and the affirmation of the government. This is just as reprehensible and aimed at a contempt for human lives as all the behaviour of the parents themselves, many adults as well as many security forces and the entire military. The minority of righteous Americans of both sexes is not able to fight against this and does not do anything about it, because in the USA, too, the evil, the thoroughly degenerate and inhuman are just as much and even more depraved than in any other so-called civilised country.
What is done in the USA in terms of fear, cowardice and contempt for human life under the guise of alleged self-protection – not only with children, but in general – is solely aimed at the violent, ruthless and irresponsible criminal killing and murder of fellow human beings. And the fact that the reason for such acts is often also revenge and retribution, after which the murders are justified as self-defence and self-defence and the murderers are acquitted, effectively shows the depravity of these Earth human beings as well as any legislation which uses the death penalty to pronounce state injustice and orders state murder. And state murder is also committed by every executioner when he executes death sentences, as well as mass murders are committed by the military of all armies when acts of war or insurrection take place, which has nothing to do with self-defence, self-protection or state security etc. Effectively, through state-ordered wars and acts of terrorism, criminally ordered, dehumanised, legalised as well as merciless, violent and ruthlessly barbaric murders are committed, for which the guilty leaders give the orders and send whole armies to their death, while they themselves sit in safety and are not held accountable for their crimes.
Every soldier or security person ordered by the state to shoot and kill human beings – be it in terms of security, insurrection or war etc. – becomes an effective murderer, just like every executioner when an order to kill is executed. Those who give such orders, whether they are public officials or judges of the law, must also be condemned as murderers. In this sense, parents are also potential murderers who encourage their children to kill with firearms or other instruments suitable for murder etc. Killing people when the human beings their children actually kill people, whether they are still children or already adults.
As for your direct question about weapons in the Plejaren, or rather, whether we Plejars privately possess weapons, I can explain that this is not the case, just as we do not have any weapons of war, nor any instruments etc. designed for killing human beings. We are equipped only with effective defence instruments which are manufactured in such a way that they cannot cause any killing, but only the temporary incapacitation of the human beings or other living beings of all genera and species without any health impairment or even physical or organic damage.
Thanks, that’s enough for me to explain. Then I have a further question, which relates to Putin, who is in no way defending himself against the attacks of the malicious Nawalny. I also find it strange that this nawalny with his hate speech is not stopped in the West.
For the entire West, as you say, the hate speeches that it makes against Putin and the Russian government in general come in extremely handy. In particular, the incompetent German Chancellor Merkel, her supporters, but also the entire EU dictatorship, as you call this European disaster, as well as the United States of America, have fallen into the delusion that they could profit from it and bring Putin and Russia under their dictatorship delusion. For the Western states as a whole, Nawalny, as a self-proclaimed enemy of Putin and an enemy of Russia’s government, is a welcome object for profiting from his hate speeches. Nawalny’s craving for power is boundless. He hopes to fulfil his own greed for power in the West through his hate speeches against Putin and to move into Moscow as Russian head of state.
The fact that he disguises his true, malignant character and pretends to be different from what he really is, is in keeping with the way it has been peculiar to all those of similar character who have managed to gain state power since time immemorial, only to bring disaster upon their peoples or the entire world thousands and millions of times over. Unfortunately, however, it is as it has always been, that such power-hungry elements as this nawalny, through their lies, slander and promises of lies etc., find a large number of completely clueless, stupid and unjudgmental followers and, as I often say, stupid foot soldiers, turncoats, yes-men and opportunists, who always direct their opinions as a weathervane flutters according to the direction of the wind. There is nothing more to be said about this, except perhaps that the true malicious nature of this man Nawalny is openly written on his face, but this is not seen and not recognised by all those earthlings who do not strive for the ability of character recognition in their physiognomy and therefore cannot recognise or read out any character traits.
But this only applies to simple and uneducated human beings, which I think is understandable, because the so-called ‘normal being’ does not deal with psychology etc.; but what is regrettable is that very often the person who calls himself a psychological ‘specialist’ etc. also considers himself a physiognomy interpreter etc., even though he is a complete failure.
If Nawalny were to actually come to power in Russia, then, over time, disaster would spread, as it did with Stalin, Hitler and many other despots. If such elements do indeed gain governmental power, they first pretend to be good and popular rulers, and then, once they have found their way around the governmental saddle, they slowly turn into dictators, and slowly harass the people and wreak havoc.
What you say is indeed true, and as for Vladimir Putin, who is misjudged by all his enemies and his serenity and calm is misinterpreted by all his enemies, in the near future at least he will at least bring himself to demand proof that Nawalny was indeed poisoned with the nerve poison Novichok. In fact, there is no evidence whatsoever that traces of Novichok were found at Navalny, because, on the one hand, the first immediate and very thorough post-clinic investigations in the Siberian town of Tomsk near Navalny did not find any Novichok residues when you asked us to determine whether there was indeed anything involved with Novichok. In fact, there was no evidence whatsoever of a crime against Alexei Navalny, as we later verified when our interest was aroused. We also looked in his bedroom, but we could not find any traces of the poison, nor on any of the dozens of objects that belonged to him, strangers or the hostel.
What we find extremely strange and suspicious is that after his collapse, which also seems very strange to us, Nawalny was so quickly and easily flown out to the West in Germany and admitted to the Berlin University Hospital, where Nawalny underwent numerous tests and examinations, but whose true results are kept secret.
And these oddities continued to arise when Novichok was suddenly discovered, which was not the case in Tomsk, but which is said to have been the case several times in Germany in recent investigations. What we do know, however, is that this corresponds to extremely unpleasant inconsistencies relating to background machinations which should not be mentioned openly, namely … The German Federal Government also withholds various information and insists on secrecy in the matter of Alexei Nawalny, who has vehemently and maliciously committed himself to deep hatred as a critic of Putin and the Kremlin, and has not ignored any underhandedness in order to make it impossible for Putin to gain state power himself. However, German leaders, above all Chancellor Merkel, are now keeping the results of the diagnosis made on Alexei Nawalny secret. They are also keeping this secret from Russia, even though the Russian public prosecutor’s office has requested legal assistance and the publication of the results of the investigation in order to be able to conduct its own investigations. But that is what the German leadership, and above all Chancellor Merkel, wants to prevent.
So what?
We are not going to deal with it any further because, on the one hand, it is a matter in which we are not interested in any way, because our directives do not allow us to interfere in such matters, and, on the other hand, we have only asked for some information in the short term because you asked us for it as a result of …
Anyway, thanks for your effort, for which also …, but this is something to keep quiet.
And you understand that very well, which reminds me of what I read in my father’s annals when you said something in 1947 at the age of 10, when he asked you to keep quiet about certain things, facts and things.
So, what was it that I said? I don’t remember that.
Your words, which my father wrote down, were: ‘Only rarely can I find words and say something that is more and more important than silence, so I keep silence.
Then another question, maybe also some others, if you have time to answer them, because it is quite late now?
There is no hurry today. So if you have further questions, then …
Okay, thanks. Then here’s the thing: You know that here on Earth there are always and usually idiotic demonstrations for some kind of nonsense, of which the demonstrators usually either don’t understand anything and therefore don’t know their real facts and causes etc. This is the case for example with the stupid climate freaks of the ‘Fridays for Future’ movement, but also with many others who demonstrate for other things and have no idea what they are really doing on the streets and terrorizing.
If people demonstrate with sense, reason and reason for or against something that must be recognised as justified, then there is probably nothing wrong with it, if it does not include violence, terror, murder, manslaughter and destruction etc. But that is not what I want to ask, but whether demonstrations are also known to you on Erra or to you Plejaren?
In all our Plejaren-planetary areas, demonstrations like those on Earth are absolutely unknown, because there is no justification whatsoever that could lead to such behaviour. As you know, in our country, all matters of concern to any individual person are dealt with in depth by our committee, which, in its presidency – together with some 1.5 million voluntary representatives of the people and in the presence of the person of concern – clarifies everything and therefore never leaves anything unresolved. As a result, nothing that cannot be clarified to the satisfaction of the person, group of persons or national community concerned, etc., arises from such discussions, clarifications, findings and negotiations, if such negotiations and clarifications, etc. have to be clarified to the satisfaction of an individual person, a community or a population by all those taking part in them.
I know that and I have experienced it with your father Sfath. I also know that such an event happens very rarely and hardly ever.
That is correct.
Just, I told you. Then there is this, when I am asking questions: Our super-minded people, all those earthlings who boast of being teachers, doctors and professors, but also others who like to shine and distinguish themselves as great knowers and wise men by reciting sayings, words, expressions and wisdom of old thinkers, what is your opinion about them?
The quotations of ancient wisdom, if they are sayings, aphorisms and wisdoms of life, are very valuable in teaching, but this does not apply otherwise to quotations which are used to confirm any statements, remarks, statements and assertions etc., such as that they are intended to confirm and confirm a statement etc. The citation of wisdom, aphorisms and wisdoms shows valuable ways and behaviours which can be used in an evolutionary, progressive and instructive way for the better and for success. Quotations are contrary to this, because a quotation refers to a purely coordinating statement on a particular subject, whereas the quotation or repetition of such a statement in various ways on other subjects or on a particular other subject is nonsensical and is aimed solely at making the speaker who makes the quotation appear literate, educated, important and clever.
There are many such people, and usually there are some people who are such ‘smart’ people, but who usually have a philosophical background or opinion, etc., that they are something like ‘well-born’. And so, Ptaah, dear friend, is it late and time for us to go our ways again, unless you also have something to say or explain?
No, but today’s conversation was particularly enlightening for me and has brought me a lot of new and previously unknown information that has given me new insights.
Well, I will close my office and go to sleep.
Well, then goodbye, Eduard. You need to rest.
I think so. Take care, Ptaah.

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Sheila Clark

Here is a “supposed” leaked email from a person on the Canadian strategic steering committee which is making its way around the internet:
The Canadian government’s website lists a procurement to build Covid-19 isolation centres, which is a fact.

Brigitte de Roch

Sheila – This is quite scary!

It’s quite convenient for these global elites to push this reset agenda which I think is just about reducing government debt.

This is pure greed.

One way to do this is to de-globalize so that all the supply chains that are overseas come back home.

This will increase the unemployment rate and people will be able to live a decent life.

Government don’t produce anything. The only thing they have control over is what they steal from the private sector production.

From 2010 until March 2020 Belgium stayed without a government and a caretaker was in charge of the country. The country did just fine and had no mass movements in the streets. In fact, they saved money because there were no one in the government to steal money. The Eurozone forced them to have a government and because of the virus they did form one.

Since power is heavily decentralized in Belgium (all is done in 3 languages which causes cultural problems), regional and local governments continued to function even without a central government. In addition, people have become detached from politics there and don’t let themselves be bothered by it. They keep going and ignore the elite.

Sometimes what can be seen as a great weakness can sometimes become a great strength.

Maybe this is why Billy said it is imperative that all countries maintain their individual culture and therefore language.

Sheila Clark

Hi Brigitte, wise advice from Billy. Back when there wasn’t such a huge overpopulation every culture had their own place on the planet to evolve at their own pace.
Very interesting information about Belgium, thank you. The less government the better, no doubt that was true pre-pandemic. Usually government has to make work for themselves because there’s not enough “real” work to do.
The leaked email I posted has never been proven to be a real document as it’s come to light the military had (have) been doing a psychological psy-op so that too could have been a part of that email. There is NO proof of its authenticity.
A friend did send me this video from George Gammon who does spell out the elitists end game:

Eusebio Apellido

Never thought to reach the inflection point of the overpopulation curve in such a manner. Have always desired to lower the overpopulation problem by appealing to folk’s intellect and rationality but seeing how our leaders play down the corona pandemic as well as see and observing fellow human beings on the streets of the trench, as well as in YT and FB, hoping for those not familiar to the Meir case to seriously think about overpopulation to the point where one becomes self-responsible will be a long time in coming – where each and everyday the overpopulation problem compounds itself because we on Earth are unknowing and irrational as well as out-right hostile when speaking of lowering the population in a logical, rational, humane and intellect-wise manner. There is so much we don’t know yet about the corona disease and it’s future implications ( of what the disease will mutate into) that it really does make one afraid of the unknown.
However, we do have a chance, or rather those who pay attention and do try to learn about the Meier material in honest kind and wise. For sure, we can’t make, influence, force, or coax another to pay attention to the Meier material, nor tell them that they have to do this or that. Nor can we blame one another for getting us into this mess, since in actuality, if we see things as they are, we can see that we cannot control the events that has transpired so far. What we are in control of is our behaviour towards the negative events that are heading our way. How do we face a pandemic that is on it’s second wave? How do we protect our loved ones when the world is becoming more irrational and more unknowing?
There is a lot to digest in this particular contact that in it’s face is scary and horrible to fathom, but there is a lesson too in that the Creational law of causality is immutable. So search from within one’s self, apply what one has learned so far from the spiritual teaching to help guide one’s path. See with open eyes, thoughts and feelings to understand if one is themselves being irrational, not seeing intellect and is falling-out-of-control of the good human nature. And if so, how does one turn that around, become neutral positive in such dire news? Well, the answer is already there – hunker down from the corona storm, properly mask up with proper protection equipment when going out, and distance from another of at least two meters.
There are still other dangers we are about to face where the inflection point may further lower, since there are still negative disaster points that are pointed out in prophecies and predictions – like civil wars, world conflagrations, climate disasters and the red comet Apophis. So we have a long road ahead of us but it doesn’t have to be so ‘doom and gloom’ since we listen, we are getting to understand and from it develop knowledge and maybe a little wisdom, we are becoming mighty by studying the spiritual teaching. So those who do strive for the creational truth can truly find real hope in the striving for the creational truth.

Tim Thomas
Sheila Clark

Pfizer is using antibodies from infected people in their vaccine which makes me think they are just infecting people with the disease.
It’s a fact that big pharma hides bad results and side effects. I don’t think the study has gone on long enough to determine any long term resistance.