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Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

New ANTI-VIRAL N-95 Surgical Masks!

Special Introductory Discount Prices Available Through This Site Only!

Patented biotechnology, FDA cleared, NIOSH registered!

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During the pandemic, people wear face masks to respect and protect others — not merely to protect themselves, says a team of Northwestern University researchers.

With this in mind, the researchers developed a new concept for a mask that aims to make the wearer less infectious. Anti-viral layer attacks respiratory droplets to make mask wearer less infectious.

Please see the information here regarding these new N95 masks.

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Al Jedd
Al Jedd
Blog Member
November 17, 2020 2:47 pm

Hi Michael

As the minority knows that new and old diseases will emerge:-

Ebola-like virus which causes massive bleeding found to jump from human to human after Bolivia outbreak

New virus passed via tick bites emerges in China, killed seven so far

Clone of previous pandemic which threatened world’s children making ominous resurgence, warn scientists

Much higher death rate than Covid-19: Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan warns of dangerous local pneumonia

Be aware and take care

Screenshot_2020-11-17 ‘Clone’ of previous pandemic which threatened world’s children making ominous resurgence, warn scient[...].png
Brigitte de Roch
Brigitte de Roch
Blog Member
November 19, 2020 6:17 pm

Thank you Michael for this great recommendation. It saves me so much time from talking on which masks are effective against the virus. I also like the additional layers of zink and copper which other brands do not have.