Tgen Corporation Ignored COVID Warnings as Cases Rose from 5 to 790,000

Arizona could’ve been pivotal state for stopping disease; governmental, medical and media officials had ample, impeccably accurate warnings

As of today, the number of COVID-19 cases in Arizona is almost 790,000, with over 14,000 deaths. I’ve been warning, documenting, and compiling the evidence, of the depressingly staggering incompetence at all levels of governmental, medical, educational, journalism and media for almost a year.

When I began sending the life-saving warnings from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, on March 5, there were…five cases in the entire state. Among those I contacted in 2020 were Steve Yozwiak and David Engelthaler of Tgen, in Flagstaff.

Strangely, there hasn’t yet been a response, from Mr. Yozwiak or Mr. Engelthaler, to that information or this little reminder I sent , on February 5,  to their company.

Hi Steve,

You may remember that I contacted you last year, when there were a relatively low number of cases and fatalities.

Actually, when I first sent the information to Mr. Engelthaler, on June 9, there were 28,296 confirmed coronavirus cases in Arizona and 1,070 coronavirus-related deaths. So now, with about 775,000 cases and 14,000 deaths, that means that there are about 27 times the number of cases and 13 times as many deaths.

I guess, like the many other not so receptive people and organizations in Arizona, the information didn’t interest you, or Mr. Engelthaler, either.

No matter, we are working on a documentary, The Arizona COVID Disaster, and the record of how this was handled in Arizona – despite the abundant information we provided since March 5 – will be available for all to see.

I’m including a couple of excerpts of information from our Swiss source. Perhaps you’ll wish to peruse much more of it at I apologize in advance if our source is too “controversial” for Tgen, however, I doubt that would concern the 3/4 million sufferers, their families, friends and the survivors of the disease, as much as its impeccable accuracy…and that we always publish it before the CDC, WHO, etc.

 From CR 762:

“16) What we already know with regard to the new virus versions that will emerge next month – it will not remain with only one, because there will be gradually several – the currently still mutating virus degenerates this time into a much more aggressive form than all the many mutations that have emerged so far from the basic strain, but you have known this for over 70 years. Our latest research now indicates that the next, the newly emerging mutation variation will be much more aggressive than the previous one. Also this new virus does not develop resp. mutate only at one place, as will be assumed erroneously, but worldwide everywhere, however basically in different species, depending on the respective given climatic conditions of the mutation places. So the new emerging Corona viruses will be recognizably different, like e.g. the one emerging in Great Britain and another one in the South African area. This, however, should actually be known to terrestrial virologists. Therefore it will be incomprehensible that, as it will come, a wrong assumption will arise that it must be carried away from the place of the first detection in order to spread. Indeed, this has already resulted after our determinations, but nevertheless the fact of the worldwide mutating remains, that is and remains fact, as that will be generally always sooner or later so. This, because for this most different circumstances in the diverse countries are significantly authoritative.

17) As usually all kinds of viruses change mutatingly, so the Corona virus changed already from the ground up, when it was released for the first time in the 1970s and crept into influenza viruses and could preserve and develop itself in them for more than 20 years. This without the earthly scientists dealing with it becoming aware of it, but only when the virus mutated into its own new species and excreted again and emerged as the SARS epidemic. However, I can consider this as understandable, because such a process, that a virus can bind itself into a foreign virus and develop over long time in this to a new structure, is completely unknown to the earthly specialists of the virology etc., and besides such occurrences occur so extremely rarely that this occurrence has arisen according to our research knowledge during the last 12 million years on the earth only 2 times, but together with the present event it arises now for the 3rd time.”

From CR764:

“But this is also true for the majority of virologists, etc., who are not thoroughly enough behind the investigation of the Corona plague and consequently have not yet recognized that the Corona virus is not the same as the viruses known to them so far, which form from natural processes, become active and spread irremediably. They still do not want to understand that this malignant virus was grown in laboratories, which was, after all, an act of revenge by an American who started the whole thing in China in the 1970s, in order to take revenge if the resulting plague would then spread in the USA.

Well, there are various other things, as also that e.g. the new corona mutations have the property to infect a human being not only with one mutation alone, but that one of their 2 or under certain circumstances even their 3 mutations can be infected, as also that a human being infected and <cured> by one mutation can be infected again by another corona mutation and fall ill.” 

BTW, the online test referred to in this article establishes that we always publish impeccably accurate, error-free, non-theoretical information and always before the WHO, CDC, etc.

Of course, anything that I could do beyond this is freely offered as well.

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Michael Horn

As has been amply demonstrated, humankind is not only at the mercy of the disease, but also the arrogant know-it-alls, for whom the consequences of the ignored forewarnings are simply…unfortunate statistics.

Vaccines: What Are the Side Effects?

We already know that pharmaceutical companies can’t be sued and I don’t mean to be  too picky but with all these vaccines, what are the side effects? You know, a commonly prescribed drug that’s been around for a while, ibuprofen has about 70 side effects. While there are some pretty annoying and uncomfortable ones, there are other drugs and medicines that can be severely damaging and even fatal.

So, regarding side effects, here are some more unfortunate “statistics”, as the “guinea pigs” pay the price:

Doctor dies and 36 others ‘develop rare blood disorder after getting Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccines’

Perhaps there’s something to the importance of considering factors pertaining to blood groups…suggested by our friends from the Plejares.

NOW here!

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Terry Carch

I just phoned urgent messages about the Modrna Phizer COVID 19 vaccines. Watch out for the second booster shot because the second booster is even worse than the first one because my friend thought she was going to die and the NYC 70 year old man who went to the Javits Center took the vaccine came out the front door, collapsed and died!

Brigitte de Roch

The documentary is sure a must Michael and you will mention Propublica (and the loonngg list of others) if you don’t hear from them. With their big’o words they should give you undivided attention immediately:

– investigative journalism with moral force
– Journalism in the Public Interest
– dig deep into important issues
– stick with those issues as long as it takes to hold power to account
– covers a range of topics including government and politics, business, criminal justice, the environment, education, health care, immigration, and technology
– focus on stories with the potential to spur real-world impact
– committed to uncovering the truth
– investigative journalism is critical to our democracy

See more here

Terry Carch

I just added Peopu8blica to my downlooad and favoriets to rea along with Democracy and Thanks Brigitte. Salome

Terry Carch

I just thought of an idea but Im not sure if this is the right idea for cleaning out all the viruses in the earths atmosphere, what about negative ions, would that help get rid of all the virus droplets in the atmosphere help or is this the wrong idea? Or does NASA have a better idea of getting rid of all theses horrible viruses and diseases, dirty air and dirty droplets etc,etc, etc?