Asteroid Day: What Would Happen if We Took It Seriously?

A new film opens the door for awareness of the real threat from asteroid Apophis

We’ve taken the unusual step of partnering to promote Asteroid Day because, despite the overt commercialism, it draws attention to a real threat to the Earth from incoming objects – especially from asteroid Apophis, which Billy Meier’s been warning about since 1981.

Subsequent to our new press release, we are now in conversation with people at SETI and NASA has already corrected their estimate of the size of Apophis to almost exactly what Meier previously published.

To be clear, if scientists worldwide don’t come together, Apophis will impact the Earth between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

While there are elements of a Johnny-come-lately, circus-like approach to this hugely ominous threat, perhaps we can sustain the necessary attention and accomplish something historically unique through a concerted worldwide scientific effort. There is also a petition to sign here.

Science Is Still Silent

Few of the public figures involved have probably heard about the more than 73-year long, still ongoing contacts between the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race and Billy Meier…or are willing to speak publicly about it because of their own selfish concerns.

The unspoken assumption is that no such thing could be possible and that if and when extraterrestrial life is confirmed and contacted it would be through some prominent scientists and accord with some sci-fi fantasy. Like many assumptions, it’s incorrect…as well as inconvenient for proponents of that mythology. It’s obvious that an advanced extraterrestrial race has nothing to gain from meeting us.

If we can get past our egocentric sci-fi wet dream that we’re at the center of any and all existing intelligent life in the universe, with silly scenarios of self-importance where we “discover” extraterrestrial life created according to our own violent, disturbed, primitive consciousness, i.e. created in our own image, we could consider that more advanced life forms may actually wish to assist us in preserving ourselves, in assuring our own very threated future survival.

The overall stakes are extraordinarily high and this may be the best opportunity to bring to everyone’s attention the freely offered advice and recommendations from the Plejaren and Meier on a number of very pressing situations.

I hope that once the immediate enthusiasm has passed, the parties promoting Asteroid Day will take the even bigger step and bring the most important story in all of science – and human history – to the scientists they’ve already involved. It would be far more heroic and effective than what any movie alone can accomplish.



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15 Replies to “Asteroid Day: What Would Happen if We Took It Seriously?”

      1. The universal conciousness knows I suppose and when it glows as it/ Apophis meteor flows towards our eyes and ears the assumption is nobody knows until it blows through the Earth and causes death throes to much live on Earth and her nature that grows in peaceful sows.

  1. Here is an interesting connection I also found on the Asteroid day website. If the producer only new the real story behind the Tunguska event
    Scroll to readers questions

    Billy: It is unceasing, the thoughts begin simply to run
    But before we turn ourselves to the correcting work of Hans-Georg’s book, I want to ask yet something regarding that which you have addressed with the 424th official contact conversations on the 17th of June, namely the arrivals of extraterrestrials in the terrestrial air space

    There was indeed the (Tunguska catastrophe) in which those space travellers suffered a break down and exploded their large ship in the air because it could not be repaired again “Asteroid Day will be held on June 30, 2015, the anniversary of the largest asteroid collision with Earth in recent history, the (1908 Siberian Tunguska impact). What began as a scientifically-minded declaration has captured the popular imagination and is ramping up to be a truly global movement aimed at no less than saving the world from assured destruction”

    1. Yes, the Tunguska info from Meier and the Plejaren is no doubt far more accurate. I didn’t drop the whole package on them though because they haven’t even responded to the info I’ve sent, etc.

      I’m hoping that this isn’t yet another case of people puffed up with self-serving, short-lived and short-sighted enthusiasm. If this director and associates would actually bring the Meier material to the world’s attention they’d be doing something of heroic and historic proportions.

      I hope other people will bring this to their attention.

      1. Hello Michael.

        No I agree. I think it is still very much valuable to back these kinds of things regardless of whether or not they jump on the Meier band wagon. The closer we get to this Apophis event the more people will begin to talk about theses things.

        The google search on this word will sky rocket and at some point in the near future it wouldn’t be a bad idea for someone to dedicate a website to this and All of Meier’s warnings. The website would be another inventive way to help guide people to contemplate the case.

  2. MH, Why not bring this Asteroid Day and Apothis the Red Asteroid up on Coast to Coast with George Noory. That we can really get the public who listens toc2c to not only get the message out but we can also get the listeners who listen to c2c to also sign the petition of which I just igned too.

    1. I certainly would if I’m invited back on the show. It’s more effective when people other than I recommend that I appear on the show.

  3. One good thing to feel good about is our current technology is pretty darn good when it comes to targeting a specific point in space. The Rosetta mission landed a probe on a passing asteroid, snagged a few samples, launch back away from the asteroid, then returned to Earth. I would say that’s a pretty good sign we have the ability to do such a task.
    We can do this. Im leaning more towards there’s more being done to address this threat then we’re being told. We all know how governments operate.

    David AKA Watchdog. USA

  4. ponder yonder , ignore absolut. Endure constant. Life force is in your every day and by the way you can change it and alter it to do good things or bad if that is your outset. Get on board and drive home a mindset of relief, or massive recon saving and promoting a thriving recovery. Its as simple as imagining it in your mind . The might of thoughts is amazing

  5. Hi everyone!
    Did anyone attended the “1st International Asteroid Day”?
    Well, I was there, here in Vienna at the NHM (Naturhistorisches Museum). There was no big (~70-80) audience, mostly pensioners. The speakers where the austrian astronaut Franz Viehböck, Dr. Rudolf Albrecht (ESA) and NHM-Direktor Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Köberl.
    At first we saw the move „51 Degrees North” by Grigorij Richters. Then there was a panel discussion.
    It turned out, that there are some Organisations/Groups (within the UN – Outer Space Affairs – and others) commissioned to deal with NEO’s. But we have a few problems:
    # there is no Money for things like that…
    # it is against international Law to bring weapons of mass destruction in Orbit…
    # especially for Austria: Austria is never going to be affected by an Impact, and therefore we have no Money for such things…. (the political opinion)
    # level of knowledge is very low – the more they learn the more they see what they don’t know actually…
    # and if there will be a programm, lets say to kick Apophis out of his Orbit: who will bear the blame if the undertaking fails…. and so on….
    Also I asked, if there wil be enough time to react after April 2029, when it comes out that Apophis is going to hit the Earth: “nobody can say…”

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