The REAL UFO Films the Pentagon Hid from You

They spent $110 million to NOT find Billy Meier’s UFO films and photos

Here’s a visual follow-up to the previous blog about the Pentagon UFO hoax.

It remains to be seen if the gullible public will come to their senses in time. Not doing so only further assures the fulfillment of Meier’s newest prophecies and predictions.


Michael Horn Live, EP 11

Tuesday, January 9, 7:00PM Pacific Time


  • Questions from the Chat Room
  • The Latest Prophecies and Predictions from Billy Meier
  • The So Epidemic Struck Mercilessly in 2017
  • New Video about Pentagon UFO Hoax
  • There Is No Life Without Striving


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37 Replies to “The REAL UFO Films the Pentagon Hid from You”

  1. Hi Michael, Figu released the ” 40 Jahre” video recently with higher quality digitized versions (of Nippon video) of some of the 8mm and video footage , much better quality than we are used to seeing on YouTube. Do you know if they intend to or can you persuade them to release all the video footage in higher resolution? This would be helpful to us all in approaching others with the information for various reasons. All of the new discoveries in photographic evidence were mainly due to access better resolution copies. Thanks. Tony

  2. Great show Michael – thank you. 🙂 We can do this… but it requires people to get off their backsides and make a true effort Effort is taking action – real action – not just paying lip service. Very few people, as you say, that have the true courage and fortitude to do what must be done. You are one of the few.

    Only a few blooming flowers in the desert… and what s large desert it is.

  3. I think that Billy’s comments about US having 3 forms of government is under appreciated in light of many recents events which has transpired including the indictments handed out from the uranium 1 deal involving many high level officials in the democratic party.
    As everyone knows by now the extremely corrupt disinformation whores at the MSM has close ties with the CIA, pentagon and the rogue factions of the democratic and GOP.
    Now the adnauseous fake news about Trump’s ‘shithole’ comments over the airwaves came in light of the recent indictments regarding uranium one and the possible government shutdown resulting from it.
    So essentially its one big distraction campaign designed to steer people’s attention away from the more important and damning news about the uranium one deal.
    So getting back to my point the insidious sophistry and the proverbial machination of the deep state and the shadow players reveals the array of connections and ties of the military, intelligence, congressional, MSM, corporate industrial complex with the 3 forms of government and as has always been the case with other events such as directed energy weapon used on the California wildfires, falseflag Vegas shootings, lone gunman at comet pizza, the Saudi purge, HAARP directed Hurricane Irma, Harvey and Maria and many others its all events wholly and partly controlled and staged to achieve a secret agendas of the shadowry players who have ties with the 3 forms of US governments .
    So it come as no surprise why the pentagon spent $110 million to never touch the Billy Meier’s case with a 666 feet pole.

  4. Hi MH and Matt that explains why Democracy Now`s paragraph on the Pentagon spending “TRILLONS!” on nuclear weapons to start WW3(WW$) with N.Korea and the Middle East,etc,etc,etc! so by 2020 “WE WILL ALL BE DEAD WITH RADIATION POISON, CANCER, NUCLEAR WINTER I could go on and on and on!!! Between Trump and Kim Jon Un etc, you can bet that is why there is NO money left for anything els save for our very own SHOT LIVED LIVES!!! You can count on that!!!” starppage has the nerv to put these stupid add on top of my pc including msn:-((( Just how to get rid of these annoying add from startpaage is going to be “LIVING HELL!!!”

    1. Terry, can you take a deep breath for me and try to relax? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you have been a little high strung lately. Do you have any girlfriends or guy friends that you can maybe have a cup of tea with and relax? Being stressed out all the time is bad for your health and can shorten your lifespan. Take some deep breaths and count to ten. Think of something really funny and don’t stop thinking about it until you laugh so hard you forget what you were upset about. It’s a great stress reliever. Give it a try.

  5. Thanks guys but I try to meditate when ever I can but due to airborn allergies my breath sometimes is short. As to girlfriends I really don1t have many but the one friend I do have at the moment is home with the flu.

  6. Hi guys thanks. I doi meditate whenever I can but sometimes my breath is shot due to airborn allergies,but lately there have been alot of thing on my mind which makes it hard to concentrate on meditating. I don`t really have many friends but the one friend I do have at the moment is home with the flue.

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