Can YOU Solve The UFO Puzzle?

All you have to do is answer HOW Billy Meier obtained the evidence and/or information


With so much interest in, and conflicting and confusing information about, UFOs how do you determine the truth for yourself?

For decades, the governments of the world have denied the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Now, there’s a seeming flood of  admissions about the existence of both, coming from these same sources.

Of course, UFO enthusiasts uncritically believe that there are literally millions of people being contacted and/or abducted by so-called “aliens”. And there’s a whole industry based on this kind of UFO disinformation, replete with various charlatans, frauds and profiteers trying to extend their proverbial “15 minutes” at the expense of the real truth.

How Did He Do It?

Maybe you can solve the UFO puzzle. All you have to do is answer HOW Billy Meier obtained the evidence and/or prophetically accurate scientific information in each of the puzzle pieces. Once you put the pieces together you will know the truth!

First, here’s the rule for solving the puzzle:

Your answers must be substantiated with actual evidence. That means that you have to provide only fact-based answers and conclusions, not ones that include, or rely on, things such as “it could have been”, “maybe it was”, “it looks like”, or other speculative terms.

The 1964 India UFO Photos: Answer HOW Billy Meier obtained the photos and if they show real UFOs, models, or special effects.

The Moon Bulge Information: Show HOW it was possible that Billy Meier’s information was verifiably published – and translated – before the “official discovery” that confirmed it.

Mars Information: This is pretty much like the puzzle piece above, i.e. show HOW Meier got the scientific information that preceded all of NASA’s “official discoveries”.

Wendelle Stevens and the Pope: Regarding Wendelle Stevens’ narrative from 1991, watch from 49:00 to 57:35 and explain HOW Billy Meier got the information that he told Stevens – in 1978 – describing the events pertaining to the alleged murder of Pope John Paul I…40 years before the revelatory book came out.

WCUFO Do-It-Yourself Test: Do this test and then explain HOW Billy Meier took a picture with pre-digital era equipment, decades ago, that reveals details not seen with the naked eye that are only revealed with PhotoShop.

If you answer these questions correctly, you will solve the UFO puzzle. In order to arrive at the right answers, all you have to do is…think clearly and correctly, which in itself will set you apart from the majority of the world’s population.

Let’s see how well you do.

Thinking clearly and correctly is essential for living a happy, successful, productive life, one based in peace, love, freedom and harmony. The books below can be of enormous assistance.

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28 Replies to “Can YOU Solve The UFO Puzzle?”

  1. Start with the genetic modification, “we’re heavily genetically modified”, then move over to how ‘extraterrestrials’ have known that way back into prehistory, ‘been making notes’, then you can finally move into how we’ve been collecting our information about our history, and then you can side step into religion and into their book burning ceremonies, that way UFO’s are going to be making more sense to a wider diversity of individuals and not just a minority and you’re not beating around the bush with these people if you lay it out like that; 50 years ago those 55 year olds were 5 and now they’re well over the hill, that’s an ancient genetic modification, it’s really that simple.

  2. When one looks over the total content of this blog … much about our sad attachment to religion and politics has been covered … something pertaining to being a ‘normal’ human has been covered … EVERYthing pertaining to rising above ‘normalcy’ has been covered … everything pertaining to all the ufo-related evidence one could ever ask for has been covered … everything pertaining to our destructive relationship with Earth has been covered … and, and, and … so … what’s next? I suppose I could go on, and on …

  3. I hope I win…my own beamship preferably Ptaahs beamship neatly tucked away into the fleet within the great spacer, joking, not joking sorta one can dream.

    Throughout the dawning of Billy’s “day time photos of Beamships. Numerous things have been consistent, such as vantage points and sharpness in clarity. No other source on earth has every provided “countless and consistents “ within their UFO phots or in Billy’s case (Beamships photos) with vantage points and sharpness in clarity. Now, in order to coordinate consistently in vantage points and sharpness in clarity these things have be…orchestrated and arranged in a Mozartian symphony of precision.
    In otherwords, countless day time photos “consistent in vantage points and in sharpness and clarity” are NOT the outcomes of foolish chance but of….symphonic arrangement of photography. Meaning Billy had to communicate the framework of his photos with his subjects, in this case the pilots demonstrationing publicly “intelligent flight” and their Beamships.

    The wedding cake UFO with thermal energy accumulators on the frame for swinging waves (and lenses for either light speed shielding or hot (red) cold (blue) swinging wave inputs or both) which in my option the wedding cake Beamship is like a chassis and drivetrain vehicle without exterior paneling, in otherwords skinless frame and propulsion only. A naked beamship, intentionally and specifically made that way for earth to INSPIRE (read the contact reports).

    This is my opion of the hot and cold of Beamships.

    1. Thanks for providing that CR excerpt in an earlier post, Luis, about the reason for the slightly wavy WCUFO rim, as I was trying to fathom with Toro, which I got wrong, i.e., that heat caused the waviness. Often the simplest explanation is the correct one.

  4. To put it simply theirs always vantage points and areas of perspective in the the first official terrestrial clear daytime beamship photos provided by Billy Meier.

    Moon Bulge, Mars, and the Pope.

    What’s that old saying “History is written by its victors” ….NO “History is written by the truth, and understandable to those that see the truth in all times”

    All the BS centuries of lies couldnt burry the truth and BS ignorance doesn’t have enough shovels to burry the truth.

    1. Very interesting. Very heartening to see Billy walking around and with good colour in his cheeks.

      Here’s a theory no-one has posited in regards to why the Plejaren craft bob about and look unstable: It’s all psychological.

      Think about it: Never before have we seen real ET vehicles caught on film. Part of the defensive, primitive part of the brain, the stand, fight, or, flight responses in us are unconscious brain-stem processes, that we can come to have dominion over, but, that takes effort to master by first experiencing and learning from those situations, real dangers, threats, death, pain, torture, etc., which not many would be willing to do (and hence why on the FIGU forum the question was asked about why Jmmanuel went through the crucifixion).

      I digress… The stand, fight, or, flight responses in us are strong unconscious motivations and can influence our daily choices, our approach to ideas, life, a subject, others and our reactions to situations. Often, we confuse these motivations with who the person is, but, this is not true. The human being is more than what drives them, just as a car is not just the pistons.

      Now imagine if the Plejaren flew dead straight in Billy’s film footage. If they travelled as they normally do, made straight, determined, purposeful, movements, it would look intimidating to the eye, like a predator has us in its sights. Something we would not be comfortable with, associate with an evil, a threat, something bad for us. These kinds of movements, would make them look smarter and more powerful than us, to the eye and the conscious and unconscious. Many, who are not trained in making unconscious responses into conscious choices, would be alarmed by this, including various military organisations, governments, media, etc. By wobbling around as the Plejaren do, they give the impression of being weak, lame, vulnerable, unstable, dippy. When we’re not sure about something, we can indicate this through a flat hand wobbling from side to side. It means we are not sure.

      Our instinct consciousness / consciousness picks these movements up as would predators to a herd of animals where the wobbly one, the limping animal, the one struggling, wobbling around, the easy prey, gives us an unconscious sense of being in control, not being threatened, even, of something good to eat.

      This is why they perform these movements in my view. It is to relay to the unconscious Earth human mind a message that they are not here to threaten us in any way, we remain the dominant observer and hence why so many beta males go nuts over the flight manoeuvres, find it easy to put down, ridicule. In so doing they show their own colours, their inability to control these unconscious drives, which is also wrapped up in images of those who would torture and crucify Jmmanuel, which also happened to place a bookmark in the human subconscious about these powerful instinctive motivations and what they can do if we do not reason them, i.e., the blood lust, calls for his death and revenge, the ones who had a hand in that, because the unconscious is challenged, but, not in a way where the challenged can be harmed, but, put in the position of predator, the superior and therefore their humanity is laid bare, visceral and by that we are all counted.

      This is why it is sometimes necessary to go through pain and why women with their menstrual pains generally have more control over these predatory instinctive motivations than do men, why they are more peaceful as a result. Obviously, not always.

      1. Yes, Matt, thank you for your perceptions. I think you’ve hit some important points bang on! I’m currently involved in the reading of Meier’s MOTT., and it appears he concurs with your thoughts on ‘instinct consciousness.

      2. Solid reasoning, Matt.
        I like the following way of putting it: the freeze, fight, and flight responses.

        I was thinking that The High Cost of Truth Suppression would be irreversibly insurmountable.
        What we have here is an increase of suppression; the 1st suppression occurring ages ago.
        I was also thinking that it would be accurate to say that nearly 85% of action inducing thought is of absolutly no value, as is the action itself; yet is entered into the equation; which is not understood to be at a Universal level, because of the suppression.
        We need less stupid people following the too numerous Tin-Gods of Stupidity and more who are talented at more things that are of value in the equation.

        1. Thanks Andrew (MH and John), I’m sure you’re right re. ‘freeze’. I’ll need to check MOTT book again to verify the correct terms and from where I learned about the 3 instinctual impulses / responses from Billy. This information is a massive step in our general understanding of the libido from Freud.

  5. I think the only thing you can answer is that the case is real, the evidence is concrete and the wisdom imparted from this advanced race so far beyond our thinking it boggles the mind. The mountain of evidence presented by Billy Meier has not changed since 1947 and usually that indicates truth… which NEVER changes.

    Michael is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in this case and you could learn a lot from him as he knows Billy Meier and having been to visit him in Switzerland at his own expense twenty times or more KNOWS this case is real. It is not a belief for him, it is a knowing because as we all know whether consciously or unconsciously: belief is accepting unprovable evidence as proof and he is too intelligent and sensitive for that.

    You either use your mind or lose it… let’s let it be the former rather than the latter.

    We are coming to a time where a beacon in the darkness shines brightly (Billy Meier) never to shine again as a prophet on this planet. Is that because we will destroy ourselves out of ignorance or work to use the four pillars of life: Love, harmony, peace and wisdom? Each cannot exist without the other and are each equally important.

    2020 will tell us if we succeed or fail, live in peace or war or become extinct as the 56.8 percent* of species on this earth, in the past 50 plus years.

    Where I am sitting in my life I have seen Pheasant, Geese, Turkeys, Cayotes, Mountain Lions, huge moths, several different species of butterfly, click beatles, potato bugs, falcons, doves, quail, giant water beatles, dragonflies, wirligig beatles, stickleback, trout, minnows, steelhead, salmon, newts, water dogs, and in the sea water: kelps, anemones, starfish, giant snails, abalone, mudskippers, eels, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, chitons, cockle clams, long neck clams, periwinkles and sadly many I have seen I see no longer.

    Part of the wisdom they impart to us is that Overpopulation is the PRIMARY problem folks. All other problems of this earth will be fixed if we fix that. WORLD WIDE BIRTHSTOP NOW!

    * Data from Plejaren scan given to Billy in October 2019.

    Salome: Be greeted in peace and wisdom.

    The UFO’s are not identifiable since they are from another planet. Billy meets with them on a monthly basis. Take this wise wisdom and advance in consciousness or be exploited by materialists intent on enslaving you for eons. (An eon is a billion years).

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