Coronavirus: No Herd Immunity Possible, Close Outside Childcare

Failed lockdown, infections will exceed 20 million, deaths will exceed one million, first wave not over

Further important recommendations regarding modes of behaviour in view of the still rapidly rising first corona wave

Extract from the 747th Contact Report of 26 July 2020

Billy … And now to the following question, which refers to the coronavirus, because I was asked whether it would be advisable to carry out aqua fitness exercises in an appropriate non-private studio now, during the time of the rampantly spreading corona disease. Regarding that I said that I had to discuss this with you, because I myself could not recommend doing so.

Ptaah It is currently not advisable to do aqua fitness exercises in a non-private studio, therefore in a public or even only partly public studio or swimming pool and so forth, because, as our research and cognitions show, the coronavirus can also survive in such facilities and thus be transmitted to human beings, that is to say, infect them. In that case it is also important, depending on the circumstance, which additives in terms of chemical substances are added to the basins and so forth, because these determine, on the one hand, the duration of the virus’s existence and its effectiveness. Flowing or stagnant waters in nature can also be carriers of the virus, because the virus can survive in all waters for a certain period of time. However, the virus is hardly detectable in water, but our research proves its existence in water as well as in the air, through which the virus spreads under certain conditions, such as indoors and outdoors, by means of the winds which, depending on wind direction and wind strength, can transmit the virus by means of aerosols to persons at certain distances and infect them.

Now the subject of the rampantly spreading corona disease has been raised again, although we did not actually want to talk about it anymore. However, seeing that we are now at it, I have some important things to explain once more, which you are to make public and spread through your FIGU-website, whereby especially the following important points are to be mentioned again and are to be explained:

  1. What I stated earlier and several months ago on several occasions, being that the easing of the otherwise only halfway effective lockdown will result in many millions of coronavirus infected human beings worldwide, as well as hundreds of thousands of corona virus deaths, has now become a sad reality.
  2. The renewed arising of the corona pandemic which is now spreading rampantly further throughout the world, as well as the millions of infections and hundreds of thousands of corona deaths called forth by it, is the fault of the incompetent responsible ones of the state and the populations themselves.

a) Firstly, the irresponsible governments or – as you always call them – those who are incapable of leading the state, are to blame, because they are in fact absolutely incapable of exercising their government office and of deciding, ordering and implementing effective preventive measures that protect the people and are far reaching.

In an irresponsible, incompetent form they also prompt the majority of the populations to resume their old modes of life to a certain extent, namely with minimal or no safety precautions. They do this by dissolving semi-useful precautions which they once decreed and carried out, such as the lockdown, and by encouraging the populations to go out into the streets again, to hold demonstrations and pursue their imaginations in so-called houses of prayer and ‘houses of God’ and so forth, as well as to visit leisure centres, cinemas, public gardens, training and study centres, wellness centres, department stores, libraries, inns, brothels, sports facilities and meeting places. Also the usage of fitness centres, beaches, nightclubs, discotheques and concert halls as well as all kinds of amusement parks and open markets and theatres and so forth, has also been partially allowed again, although all of the above-mentioned, along with various other things, fall within the same framework as companies, and so forth, which are dangerous hotspots for coronavirus infections and which further the rampant spreading of the corona pandemic.

They irresponsibly allow companies, firms and corporations and so forth, to continue or to again let their employees carry out work on a large scale in a form that promotes infection due to them gathering together, instead of carrying out all the correct and infection-preventing divisions and measures in order to therethrough order and enforce all necessary and unavoidable health protection and all precautions in terms of safety and prevention.

They also allow populations to celebrate festivals in small and large groups, as well as to travel and spend holidays in other countries, wherethrough the rampantly spreading corona disease is continually spread around the world and also brought back to countries and brought to new outbreaks where the rampantly spreading disease had already been reasonably contained or even prevented.

Fundamentally, in this regard, various other inconsistencies as well as errors and dangers could be listed, which contradict any logic and, as a result of the inability of the mighty ones of government, bring disadvantages, harm, need, misery, illness, unpeace, Gewalt, destruction as well as war and terror to the populations of all countries.

b) Secondly, with regard to the spreading, the million-fold infections and the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by the coronavirus, the culprits in all countries are also the populations themselves, who, like those who are incapable of governance, act in a completely illogical form.

In a completely wrong and irresponsible form they consider the rampantly spreading corona disease to be harm less and, due to misinformation from alleged but incompetent ‘experts’, equate it to a passing flu. They do this while various doctors, virologists, immunologists and conspiracy theorists, as well as certain mighty ones of the state and so forth, negate the facts and trivialise or vehemently deny the whole of the circumstances of the rampantly spreading disease and the disease itself. At the forefront in this respect is the US American President Trump whose construct of lies we have been recording since he took office, and by yesterday at 5.30 p.m. we had registered an amount of 8,432 lies.

From the very beginning of the emergence of the rampantly spreading corona disease, the populations of all countries have hardly, extremely reluctantly or not at all adhered to the halfway good and correct health precautions as well as precautionary and safety measures which were prescribed by the governments and the authorities. And when all those incapable, arrogant, irresponsible and self-important government officials, who, as a result of their completely wrong assessment of the whole situation of the rampantly spreading corona disease and based on the bullying that has arisen from the various economic sectors, were fooled into relaxing the lock-down, which was otherwise already far too loose, the ununderstanding, the unconcernedness and the irresponsibility of the majority of the populations went overboard; consequently, the pandemic now devastatingly spreads rampantly everywhere.

The lockdown was indeed right and justified, but due to the unintellect and irrationality of the majority of the populations as well as the majority of the fallible mighty ones of the state, which led to a premature relaxation of the lockdown, the number of infections and deaths across the globe has now drastically increased. And this has undoubtedly been the case since the state and government lockdown was irresponsibly relaxed, which has likewise been irresponsibly exploited and lived out in a blatant form by the populations due to their unintellect, irrationality, unconcernedness and disregard for all precautionary measures.

The fact that the majority of the populations live irresponsibly in complete unintellect, irrationality and thoughtlessness and thus in foolishness with regard to the rampantly spreading corona disease, and criminally disregard everything that protects its health, will still bring very much in terms of disaster, suffering, misery and grief to humanity on Earth. This is true with regard to travel and vacation trips, group celebrations, group events, demon- strations and in relation to other ignorant behaviour, through which worldwide further and uncontrollable corona infections will arise in the tens of thousands of and further large numbers of corona deaths will have to be lamented.

It is a fact that for some time now – namely as a result of the relaxation and even extensive lifting of the lockdown by the blameworthy mighty ones of state and authorities – the further blame for the rampantly spreading dis- ease, which has continued to rise and spread since the end of the lockdown, lies with the majority of the populations.

That which is now occurring worldwide to humanity on Earth as a result of the rampantly spreading corona disease is to be blamed on the majority of the simple-minded, uneducated, intellect-less and irrational populations, which are led by simple-minded, irresponsible mighty ones of the state and are led into great need, into misery and into infections and deaths from the rampantly spreading disease.

  1. According to our latest looks into the future, the number of millions of corona infections will exceed the 20 million mark in a considerable amount of time, just as the number of corona deaths will exceed the million mark.
  2. The mighty ones of the states and the authorities, as well as the majority of the simple-minded populations, still do not take and implement the necessary proper health precautions as well as preventative and counter-proliferation measures with regard to preventing the rampantly spreading corona disease, nor do they do anything even halfway right and protective. Accordingly, personal health is also not paid attention to and all advice is thoughtlessly disregarded, which was given by competent and professionally good advisors, such as doctors, virologists, physicians and immunologists and spread through all sources of information to the farthest corners of the Earth. For months you have also contributed something to this by spreading our information on your website, which has been picked up and followed by many persons, including professionals, and has saved them from infection. Also, some of our cognitions have been taken up and partly out of selfishness have been passed off as their own cognitions and spread, which is certainly fraudulent but is not important to us.
    1. However, now it must be mentioned another time that – as was already the case for the first time some time ago – the whole of the current occurrence of the worldwide spread of the corona pandemic is not the result of a so-called second wave, as is widely and misleadingly asserted by various alleged ‘experts’ of virology, immunology and other know-it-alls.                      a)  When there is mention of a spreading wave of the rampantly spreading corona disease, then it is to be understood thus: such a wave surges and spreads out until it reaches its climax and then it either collapses in itself, flattens and runs out in the end, or it finally destroys much in a final push. While the wave is rolling along, however, depending on the elevations of the ground beneath, a flattening and then again a rising of the wave takes place; consequently an up and down and therewith an alternating rising, sinking and rising again occurs until the climax is reached. And this is now also the case with the so-called wave of the rampantly spreading corona disease, which is still rolling along in its first sequence and still rolls towards its climax, only to end when this climax is reached. Only after that is there a standstill, the timing of which is not yet recognisable and can under some circumstances only be months, after which then a second wave can follow. b)  The still ongoing first wave and the current global spreading of the corona pandemic still spreads in a downward and upward direction, which will continue for some time; consequently the actual climax and end of this still expanding initial wave will only be reached after a longer period of time and can only then be considered to be over. This does not mean, however, that the corona virus will be destroyed later on, because another wave can start rolling again any time, because this virus will remain existent for all future and cannot be destroyed; consequently its existence will remain constant and will always contain a certain danger of new infections.
  1. What has until recently arisen in Europe with regard to the fact that, in contrast to other continents and various countries, far fewer Earth human beings were befallen and infected by the corona virus and consequently there were far fewer deaths to be mourned – except initially in Italy and Spain – is due, on the one hand, to the special nature of the European immune system. On the other hand, however, better defence and behavioural measures were taken than in other countries, as well as the fact that the populations initially complied with the lockdown precautions against the rampantly spreading corona disease.
  2. That which results from the lifting of the lockdown with regard to the global spread of the corona pandemic – this is to be said again – fundamentally leads back to the irresponsibility of the incapable mighty ones of the states who have thoughtlessly, and therefore with low intelligence, declared the previous lockdown orders to be over and therewith have shifted their responsibility onto the populations, which are just as incapable of dealing with the rampantly spreading corona disease as the mighty ones of the states themselves.

The majority of the populations has become completely indifferent and irresponsible regarding the rampantly spreading disease in terms of maintaining their own health. This behaviour corresponds to an unparalleled criminal recklessness and shows an absolute inability to think with a sense of responsibility, which means that the human being is ruled by low intelligence and is incapable of using his/her intellect and rationality and is therefore mentally incompetent. This, however, prevents him/her from using his/her cognition, wherethrough a non-consequential, that is to say, illogical chaos of thoughts occurs that is void of all intellect and rationality, which carries out a wrong, confused and irrational transformation of information that is already fundamentally wrong and confused, from which a behavioural disorder results, which leads to equally wrong and behaviourally disturbed confusing action. This, together with the indifferent, careless, distance-less and mask-less dealing with fellow human beings, leads to infection by the corona virus and, under some circumstances, as a final consequence, to death.

  1. Persons who have fallen ill with the corona virus and recovered from it again – as I have already explained several times during the last few months in accordance with our research and cognitions – will not have life- long immunity, just as no herd immunity against this virus is possible; rather immunity will be of limited duration, depending on the case.
  2. All the symptoms of disease called forth by the corona virus that we have mentioned in recent months remain valid and will also not experience a discontinuation due to potential mutations of the virus.
  3. All manifestations and circumstances that have been mentioned by us for months which promote infection by the corona virus, such as immune system weakness, psychical disorders, being overweight, age-related illnesses and all other risk factors mentioned, which lead to a susceptibility to infection, will remain risk factors for all future.
  4. Persons,who have fallen ill with the coronavirus and recovered from it again, will be susceptible to various ailments and diseases for the rest of their lives because, with those corona-afflicted ones who have recovered, a corresponding immune weakness factor has arisen due to the influence of the virus, and from it a susceptibility to infections has come forth.

That which is particularly noteworthy with regard to the corona pandemic, which is constantly still increasing and rampantly spreading worldwide, is that, due to the irresponsibility of the incapable governors, the lockdown has been relaxed and even lifted, that is to say, ended, wherethrough, for the majority of the simple-minded populations, the pathways of the irresponsible modes of behaviour and Ausartungen1 and of the fulfilment of the irrationality were opened, wherethrough the wave that was partly only running flat rolled up again and was able to become a large wave again, which is now rampantly spreading around the globe and claiming millions of infected ones and hundreds of thousands of deaths, the number of which will consequently still surpass the one million mark.

The whole matter of the corona disease that is now spreading rampantly all around, is no longer only the fault of the governors who go around in low intelligence, because the very majority of the populations, due to its low intelligence, has to bear the blame for the pandemic’s now prevailing consequences that have gotten badly out of the control of the good human nature. And this is due in particular to the unintellect, the irrationality, the recklessness, the indifference, irresponsibility, low intelligence and the mental incompetence of this simple- minded majority of the populations.

The entire corona pandemic situation has become much more precarious and dangerous, which is why the protective measures and precautions against an infection by the corona virus must now be adhered to much more strictly, such as the wearing of nose-mouth breathing protection masks. In this respect, there are various important and comprehensive factors to be mentioned, whereby however, I will now, in an advisory form, mention only some of the most important of the various aspects in terms of their necessity:

A)  The wearing of suitable, simple FFP1 or FFP2 nose-mouth respiratory protection masks, with or without breathing valves, should have been ordered and required for some time by all responsible ones in government worldwide in a responsible form against infections by the corona virus for all sections of the populations, namely by means of clear, decisive and binding precautionary measure orders, which should be accompanied by a high financial or custodial threat of punishment in the event of non-compliance by undiscerning ones.

B)  The wearing of suitable simple FFP1 or FFP2 nose-mouth respiratory protection masks, with or without breathing valves, should be mandatory in all places where it is necessary, such as department stores, post offices, banks, doctors’ offices, hospitals, care facilities, workplaces, public transport and so forth.

C)  The wearing of simple FFP1 or FFP2 nose-mouth respiratory protection masks, with or without breathing valves, is also important and necessary for health and safety outdoors, such as on roads, paths and public squares and so forth if encounters with passersby, hikers and other walkers are unavoidable.

D)  Reusable and washable protective masks can be worn for longer periods of time, but must be washed if necessary; if they are to be used for a longer period of time each day, they are to be lightly sprayed several times with disinfectant = no chemicals, but only 70% alcohol disinfectant.

E)  Single use masks, that is to say, disposable masks (usually made of paper pulp), are to be worn only for a short time and disposed of correctly after use.

F)  FFP3 protective masks require two separate protective filters, which are to be fitted to the left and to the right of the shell masks made from plastic and are to be changed after a certain time of usage and are to be replaced by new ones.

G)  The maintenance of a distance of normally 2 metres from person to person must be strictly observed.

H)  It is to be heeded that no close groupings of any kind take place and that such are also not joined.

I)  Celebrations and amusement occasions in close group formations are to be avoided as much as possible.

J)  Gatherings and meetings of any kinds of groups in close grouping arrangements must be avoided, both outdoors and indoors, especially in insufficiently ventilated rooms and halls and so forth, such as school premises, prayer houses, religious buildings, restaurants and places of entertainment and so forth.

K)  Group or individual pleasure trips, holiday trips of all kinds and staying on beaches are to be avoided and refrained from.

L)  Staying in rooms that are not well ventilated is to be avoided.

1 Ausartung (pl. Ausartungen): a very badly getting out of control of the good human nature 025_Weitere_wichtige_Empfehlungen_en.docx 05 August 2020 Page 4 of 6


M)  Touching of persons outside of one’s personal sphere of life shall be refrained from and avoided.

N)  Handshake greetings are to be refrained from and avoided; to greet someone verbally and, for example, the ‘putting of one’s hand on the heart’ corresponds to a gesture of respect.

O)  More frequent hand cleaning with chemical-free soap or disinfecting with a 70% alcohol solution should be the rule.

P)  A good whole-body hygiene and cleanliness is just as important and necessary for the preservation of health as are the correct state, cleanliness and hygiene of the living quarters and their disinfection when the need arises.

As an urgent requirement, new safety and preventive regulations against the risk of infection by the coronavirus must be taken into consideration and implemented, namely, on the one hand, as specific state and official direc- tives, and, on the other hand, the populations themselves must take care to observe the necessary safety precautions and to apply and comply with them responsibly, to which I would like to mention a few necessities as follows:

1)  Publicly accessible establishments and facilities of all kinds that are not essential to life are either to be closed or used only under controllable, strict safety measures.

2)  Personal services of all kinds requiring physical contact are only to be carried out under the strictest safety measures.

3)  Holding public or private events, as well as demonstrations and any group gatherings of any kind shall be prohibited and prevented, just as the use of swimming beaches and the activities of associations with close group gatherings shall not take place.

4)  Bar and restaurant establishments, amusement and entertainment establishments and sporting events of all kinds are not to be visited, nor are brothels, fitness establishments, bathing establishments, sports centres, museums and all other non-essential educational establishments, leisure establishments and entertainment establishments and other premises and so forth.

5)  Public transport is only to be used in compliance with all necessary precautions, such as the wearing of masks and keeping one’s distance.

6)  Visits to large safety-precaution-adhering department stores, pharmacies, drugstores, medical shops and other trading and sales businesses for all kinds of necessary supplies and food, as well as necessary visits to authorities and administrations, post offices, banks, doctors’ practices, hospitals, care facilities and institutions and so forth, are to be carried out only by using all necessary safety precautions, such as wearing masks and keeping a distance.

7)  Small, narrow shops are to be avoided, because rooms that are too narrow and insufficiently ventilated greatly increase the risk of infection.

8)  Open markets are to be avoided, because there is always the risk of group formation and therethrough the risk of infection is greatly increased.

9)  Day care centres are to be avoided because, contrary to false assertions, children of all ages are also at risk of infection; consequently, they too must be included in all safety precautions.

10)  At funeral processions, that is to say, at funerals – only within the family circle – as well as at accidents and work activities and so forth, no groups are to be formed, and the wearing of masks and the keeping of distance are to be dutifully adhered to according to necessity.

11)Postal delivery services and business delivery services are to be regulated such that there is no close contact between the persons delivering the goods and the persons receiving them; the required distance from person to person is maintained and a protective mask is worn if necessary.

12)Childcare is to be carried out only by the parents or by other suitable persons living in one’s own household, which is also the case for nursing care, if no external specialist help is required, in which case, however, all safety precautions such as wearing masks are to be followed.

13)  Trips to coronavirus infested risk countries for work purposes are to be avoided until there is no longer any risk of infection in the country concerned.

14)  Holiday travel, holiday trips and holiday flights as well as holiday stays in foreign countries are to be strictly prohibited and likewise avoided, as well as any reception of visitors from foreign countries, namely especially from high-risk countries, which are to be assessed as such if more than one (1) infected person per 100,000 inhabitants is registered in a country, this being the official amount, while still a number remain undetected as an unreported figure.

15)  There is no doubt that the risk of being infected by the virus is very high in relation to the spreading of the rampantly spreading corona disease and the danger arising from it when one moves about among fellow human beings without nose-mouth protection masks and without maintaining the necessary distance from person to person – except for family members or other household members living in one’s own household.

16) Testing for infection can indeed be sensible, but it is not sufficient because under some circumstances the incubation period can be delayed by up to one month, wherefore a further test should be done after 14 days and a third after one month.

These, Eduard, are the most important explanations that I still had to give. However, a greater number of them would be necessary to explain as well, but, on the one hand, we have probably disclosed enough in the past months up to now, and on the other hand, I now have to follow a duty again which I can no longer postpone, which is why I have to go now. Farewell, Eduard, dear friend – goodbye.

Translation by Vibka Wallder; corrections by Vivienne Legg and Christian Frehner.

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Patty Fletcher

Oh boy! We are in some very, very bad times! This virus is wicked and the human beings are out of control! Now here in Arkansas, we have students in three different schools that are in athletic programs that have been tested positive for COVID-19 this week! One school is where my grandchildren are/where going…my daughter is keeping them at home and letting them do the online schooling…thank goodness for that!

Melissa Osaki

Isn’t is crazy, Patty? Here in California, they still have the casinos open. They are the worst breeding grounds for germs, bacteria and viruses. It’s one giant Petri dish.

This planet is so insanely stupid and has fallen into the abyss. Our Governor goes on Twitter almost everyday scolding people about wearing masks and threatening to fine them, but he allows protesters and casinos to do their thing.

The brain amputees have greatly outnumbered us.

Greg Dougall

Remember that time a few months ago when Michael Horn wrote to local child care centers urging them to remain closed, and got a nasty response from the Goddard School franchisee?

I remember.

Melissa Osaki

I wanted to mention that I’ve added a 5 star rating option to the bottom of each blog article. We can push these extremely important Corona articles further up in Google’s search results if we all give the article a 5 star rating.

So, if you think it’s important enough and want to help, please remember to rate the article on your way down to the comment section. Thanks.

Jim Portillo

Appreciate the continuous scolding of Ptaah and BEAM for the majority of Earthlings stupidity. They care more about us than the large portion of of inhabitants of Earth though Mother Earth (#1 priority in the end). Seems as the pandemic will only get worse as time passes which may be prolonged for a future year or two (pandemic) IMO (depending on who’s doing the leading).

Luis Sanchez

Good advice as always but again just for the record. I would rather recover an ancient plejaren beamship at the long shore bottom level of an Erra shore, by recovering the craft from the submerged waters with only a robotic craft named fast skipper that’s older then the sunken ship itself and radio potassium carbine dating the craft through a pair of wet precipitated foggy goggles on and using an old Swiss Army knife . Then ponder any thoughts or notions of doing backstrokes in a pool under a west pacific crescent moon pandemic summer night. Just saying.

Tony Vasquez

Firstly, a very important warning! As I have mentioned before, the paper and cloth masks that most people are wearing, including doctors on TV, the President and Congress, WILL NOT PROTECT YOU FROM THIS PANDEMIC. Those useless mask are actually greatly helping to spread this disease. I know two people who got infected wearing those masks. They are both very sick presently, one is near death. This bioweapon disease passes right through those masks very easily. You must wear a respirator mask when out. I know they are expensive. I paid $180 + tax for mine. But how much is your life worth?

Secondly, YOU MUST AVOID ALL STRANGERS AND LARGE GATHERINGS. Anyone can be infected with it, and many people are asymptomatic carriers. This is a very contagious, very deadly bioweapon that you can contract very easily, even if you casually come in contact with it.

Thirdly, be careful with Amazon packages and other mail coming to your home. They could have Covid on them. Open the packages outside your home, wash your hands, then take the contents inside. Leave the packages outside and dispose of them carefully.

As I have been saying since December, when I immediately recognized this disease as a bioweapon, by watching the videos coming from China, where people were falling down dead in the streets, and 100s of bodies were piled up in hospital corridors. I said – that’s no flu, that’s a bioweapon at work. And in my opinion no cure or vaccine is coming, ever. Read my other comments on this blog for the explanations about that.

Ptaah said:

b) “Secondly, the people themselves are to blame in all countries for the spread of the corona virus, the millions of infections and the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by it, and they are also to blame for the people themselves, who, like those who are incapable of governance, are acting in a completely wrong way.
In a completely false and irresponsible way, they consider the corona epidemic to be harmless and equate it to a temporary flu due to misinformation from alleged but incompetent <professionals>. This, as various doctors, virologists, immunologists and conspiracy theorists, as well as certain governmental authorities etc. negate the facts and trivialize or vehemently deny the whole circumstances of the epidemic. In this respect, the US President Trump is at the forefront, whose work of lies we have been recording since the beginning of his term of office and who, until yesterday at 5.30 p.m., had registered a mass of 8,432 lies.”

I mainly blame liar idiot Trump for the spread of this pandemic in the USA and in the world. His incompetent, extremely stupid, mindless “handling” of it from the beginning caused it to be, and also caused the economic depression we are now in, which is a direct continuing result of it.

For a very long time I/we have been warning that a U.S. economic collapse, one way or another, was inevitably coming, and now it is here. Fear of COVID-19 and unprecedented civil unrest in our major cities have combined to plunge the USA into a historic economic depression, and nobody has a solution for it. As long as this pandemic rages on, and it will for a very long time, years, the economy will severely decline. On Thursday, we learned that the US GDP was down 32.9 percent on an annualized basis last quarter. That officially makes last quarter the worst quarter in all of US history, and many people believe that this new economic depression is just getting started! 

Every state was hit hard last quarter, though ones that rely heavily on travel and tourism, such as Hawaii, Florida, and Nevada, were hit hardest by the downturn. Michigan, the heart of the nation’s auto industry, was slammed as consumers put off car purchases. And densely populated Northeast states struck by the most severe pandemic outbreaks – like New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts – absorbed among the heaviest economic losses as governors shut down earlier and residents stayed home.

Blathering, stumbling, bumbling, fumbling, idiot Trump and his gang of blathering idiots continue to tell us that the U.S. economy will come surging back to life during the third quarter, don’t believe them, we continue to get more clear signs and numbers that indicate that the economy is crashing even further.

Ok, here’s the correct logic – the pandemic will continue to rage on in the nation – no cure or vaccine is coming, that’s impossible – therefore, the US economy will be totally destroyed and never come back to normal. Already, 54 million Americans have lost their jobs in the last 5 months, most of them are permanently lost, and that’s just the beginning. It’s a nightmare people, of the worst kind. Prepare for the worst case scenario.

And as Billy and Ptaah have said, and I completely agree, Trump is incapable of handling any of this correctly. It’s impossible for him to do anything correctly. He is mentally ill, a sociopath, a psychopath, very unintelligent, and an extreme danger to the USA and the world. If you vote for him in November, you will be making a very foolish mistake.

Tony Vasquez

On last Tuesday, Trump said “Nobody likes me,” (I wonder why? LOL) He said that looking confused at how his administration’s health experts are well liked, while he is accused of ignoring, denying, and downplaying this raging pandemic.

He continued, “It can only be my personality. That’s all.”

He is such a damn idiot.

He is so out of touch with reality – psychotic – that he is very dangerous to the USA and the world.

His incredibly stupid blunders and statements would be hilarious, if they weren’t so tragic and dangerous. He is still a laughing stock to me. LOL

Tony Vasquez

Billy said that the USA will destroy itself. I have been thinking about that for a long time. How will it destroy itself?

No one knows more than 50% of the future. Freewill decisions do determine 50% of it. So, where do we go from here. We have a bioweapon pandemic raging throughout the nation, killing 1000s everyday, and we have an economy that is on its death bed, with no hope for a recovery. Can anything be done to slow down or stop either one? In my opinion, the presidential election in November will decide that.

If Trump is re-elected we will have more of the same ineffective, disastrous, catastrophic, undermining, and divisive policies and actions. Trump is actually acting like a saboteur who wants the pandemic to escalate and the economy to crash. His words and actions are disastrous for the nation. The USA will destroy its self under his “leadership”. There’s no doubt about that.

Maybe Biden and the Demos can fix things, they seem a bit smarter and more caring than Trump and the Repubs. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, but I don’t see how the Demos could do any worse. I would give them a chance.

Plus, if Trump is re-elected, many millions of people will say the Russians stole the election again, and they will riot, loot, and burn many cities to the ground. That won’t be good for the nation.

As far as this pandemic, which idiot Trump caused, and is helping along everyday, is concerned, two very important points were made.

Ptaah said:

15) “There is no doubt that the spread of corona disease and the resulting risk of infection by the virus is very high when people move from person to person, except for family members or members of the community living in their own households, without nose and mouth masks and without maintaining the necessary distance.
16) An infection test can be useful, but it is not sufficient because the incubation period can be delayed up to one month, so another test should be done after 14 days and a third after one month.”

Correct respirator masks must be worn when out, and social distancing from strangers must be exercised. Also, testing must be done correctly, which is presently not being done. If not, this pandemic will escalate to millions of deaths, and keep the economy from ever coming back, which could lead to civil war and the destruction of the USA.

So, mentally ill, incompetent, incapable, extremely dangerous Trump must be removed from office, and the correct measures and actions must be done regarding the pandemic, if the USA will have any chance of surviving.

David Wessel

I came across this well documented information regarding the Origin for SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This information reinforces Ptaah’s information regarding the origin of SARS-CoV-2 and current pandemic.
Please read this article and become informed.