Taken Over by the Pod People They Succumb

The poor, stupid people of earth watch helplessly as the population is decimated, despite warnings from…6 months ago

Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Turn Back, Save Yourselves!

They didn’t come from outer space, they came from amongst us, because of apathy, ignorance, arrogance and greed, and they came for…you. Like an old sci-fi movie, the Pod People snatched the minds and bodies of what were, formerly, human beings.

We may as well blame them. because it couldn’t be any clearer, or…sadder. Relying on the inept, incompetent “authorities” at the CDC and WHO, or confused by conspiracy theories and bad advice, the American public has been rendered impotent and vulnerable.

The invisible enemy picks them off, the stupid people of earth*, one by one, or in groups who boisterously and boastfully defied all reason – and respect for their lives and that of others – who gathered to meet and party, confusing their “right to be free” with license to infect others…on their road to suicide.

The latest news tells us that:

Pathologist found blood clots in ‘almost every organ’ during autopsies on COVID-19 patients

So, once again, we refer to the Plejaren information, from February 3, 2020:

Ptaah: … …along with the rampantly spreading corona disease’s occurring symptoms, which I have so far mentioned since the 20th of November 2019, such as fever, speech difficulties, breathing difficulties, loss of smell, headaches, discolouration of fingers or toes, shortness of breath, movement problems, visual difficulties, dry cough, kidney problems, conjunctivitis, constant fatigue as well as diarrhoea, skin rashes, loss of taste, sore throat, pressure in the chest area, allergy attacks, pain in the limbs, loss of orientation, loss of concentration and control and so forth, there are other important points to mention, which I still want to explain as follows:

1)  The coronavirus corresponds to a multi-organ virus, which can attack all organs and, as a multi-pathogen, can call forth manifold forms of suffering and disease.

2)  The coronavirus corresponds to a mutating virus species, which can emerge in typical and atypical corona-forms, therefore, in atypical forms it is difficult to recognise it as a corona species.

3)  The coronavirus is unpredictable and can infect any human being of any age, namely already the fruit in the womb as well as from infancy to old age, and indeed both woman and man.

4)  In its type of mutation, the coronavirus is particularly dangerous with regard to the full blood count, which, due to the virus, shows serious changes in all measurement parameters of the leukocytes, erythrocytes, haemoglobin, haematocrit, MCH and MCHC measurements; just as the virus also brings about blood clotting disorders.

5)  To have been infected by the rampantly spreading corona disease once and to have been cured, depending on the case, does not mean absolute immunity against the virus for human beings, because, after some time, that is to say, indefinite time, a new infection through external influences can be always probable, which can persist for life.

6)  The coronavirus can never be finally eliminated, rather it will remain existent under the surface for a very long time, namely for many millennia, thousands of centuries or even millions of years, just as other viruses can continue to exist likewise and depending on their type.

7)  A corona affection can cause life-threatening forms of thromboses in all organs of human beings of any age.

8)  A corona affection can trigger existing epilepsies, but can also call forth new epilepsies of various kinds.

9)  A corona affection can bring forth heart disease and heart failure in a human being at any age, which can end fatally, of which even children can be befallen.

10)  Even after a recovery, a corona affection can lead to possible life-long health disorders and various organic afflictions and illnesses.

11)  A corona affection can quickly or over the course of time call forth a susceptibility to allergies, which can apply to manifold kinds and also persist for life.

12)  Due to a corona affection, long term effects can develop in relation to various health-damaging, permanent impairments, which can occur in different organs.

13)  Our latest cognitions show that a corona affection can, under some circumstances and after convalescence, cause partial or total blindness or, equally, a partial or total loss of hearing, as a result of long-term effects.

14)  Further research cognitions show that immunities, which used to be present after recovery from previous diseases, can be reversed after an illness from the corona virus and consequently old ailments and diseases can reappear again.

15)  A corona affection can let each organ collapse independently of another and also have a deadly effect in this form, because the virus as such corresponds to a multi-organ virus and therefore can attack any organ.

16)  In a corona affection, the multi-organ virus can call forth a sequential failure, that is to say, multi-organ failure that corresponds to a severe functional impairment of various vital organ systems of the body, in addition to the ‘simple’ symptoms of the disease that are also known to terrestrial medical professionals.

The Casualties Mount

For those who know of the travesty and outrage going on in Arizona, the latest irony is that this headline was carried by the Arizona Daily Sun:

Arizona reports more than 4,000 new confirmed virus cases

This is the same, utterly useless, suppressed “newspaper” that received the information and warnings I began publishing on March 5thwhen there were five cases in the state.

As of this writing, with those 4,000 new cases, Arizona approaches 120,000 cases.

Gross negligence, avoidance and suppression permeates Arizona officialdom, the pathetic media, the puny-minded people who opposed the shutdown because of the politicking about “economy”, etc. Maybe they once stood something. Now too weak to stand up for anything of substance.

It may actually be the same in…your state but you don’t know, or recognize it yet because, well, they look like the people you thought you knew. That’s the thing about the Pod People, now just mere shells of their former selves, replicating like the same insidious…virus that is threatening us all.

*See this article:

Billy Then it’s probably because all the morons in the world are going crazy and don’t care about the security measures against the Corona epidemic anymore.

See also:

Disappearance of Antibodies Confirms Information from Plejaren

Thanks to Norm DeCindis for the news about blood clots.

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Erik Van Der Geest
Chuck Torbyn

Why so sad? It’s all part of Creation. Either humans will be able to live with this virus or totally be eradicated by it. In the overall scheme of things, does it really matter? Apparently the only thing that matters is Creation. Who are we to question?

JIm Portillo

You reap what you sow, while other civilizations elsewhere prosper and evolve within their own environments.

Tim Thomas

True about the reaping what is sowed.

But how many of those other civilizations that are prospering and evolving have been genetically changed to have shortened lifespans and to be aggressive?

From what I can gather from the Contact Reports, we’re not the only planet with some severely screwed up human beings.
Some much more advanced civilizations are making some pretty stupid mistakes out there also.

And it seems to me most of the civilizations prospering within their environment have humans with much older spirit-forms.
That have made grave mistakes in their past; seemingly even worse than ours on this planet because of the higher levels of technology they possess.
According to the Contact Reports.

Not letting us off the hook here on this planet, but for the sake of balance…

Shiva Balu

We are terribly disadvantaged people because of the aggression Gene and the the Ageing Gene defects.Who knew about this until an advanced civilization brought this information to us?
I would only blame the benevolent ancestors from Sirius who saved these cannibals and brought them to this solar system.
This act was not neutral positive.. It is like showing benevolence to mosquitoes,ticks,fleas,mites etc.Advanced civilizations can make mistakes too. Another advanced civilization (the Ps) are helping us to get out of this mess by informing us the truth so that we can save ourselves.

Jim Portillo

Agree to an extent,

Even with the Plejaren having tried to advance civilization sooner – greedy leaders and the corporate world have screwed this up for everyone. We should be way more advanced than we are today but Tesla’s and others technological advancements were downplayed as well as seen as economically threatening by the corporate world + government leaders . Free energy and technological advances that would’ve advanced all of civilization (aside of literally minimized the reliance of natural resources) would’ve led us to be in the first phases of space travel as humans (as opposed to being controlled by undisclosed government sectors). IMO, inept greedy government/corporate leaders who do not see the long-term effects of their past/current actions don’t care about anything except profits for themselves and shareholders. These inept leaders who were given the authority to make decisions impact all society of which the consequences (mostly negative in today’s times) will impact everyone while they these stupid leaders aren’t held liable for their actions while continuing to negatively impact their environments.

Even with the Nokodemian BEAM mankind has managed to screw this up for some time. Can’t say what impact Billy may have had elsewhere (reincarnated) in more spiritual worlds but time will tell for those who remain around 3999 (Earth). Either Billy will move on to his next mission elsewhere or be taken to a place where he can start the process of evolution to reach his prior spiritual level form prior to choosing to return to the physical world to complete his mission or missions (which is not on Earth longterm). Earth man will need to evolve on their own (just like all other planetary civilizations) of which though there may be peace on Earth IMO they’ll still be differences opinions/views which may present a problem given the differences of cultures and thinking as it always has of which having the right leaders will be the key to prosperity and evolution for growth and future advancement. If correct, the Plejaren have prospered for 50+ thoudand years now of which was only attainable by following the advice/guadance of the High Council (some of the wisest high spiritual forms) of which can’t say if the Plejaren would’ve been able to attain the type of peace they prosper in without guidance. They say the Dal Universe is more spiritually advanced as opposed to our Dern Universe of which many civilizations still experience conflicts in their worlds.

Shiva Balu

Greed, jealousy ,anger,being power hungry, are I believe manifestations of the aggression gene defect. All these qualities exist in politicians ,corporates and the so called religious groups. Because of this gene defect, we value ,admire and celebrate aggression.
That is why we put these people in power. How can there be progress with such leaders?
In cr 251 Ptaah says ‘you can never live the life of a true human being until this gene defect is reversed.’ The bright side is, against all odds we will progress technically and spiritually
Prophet jeremia : By the yr 2800 ‘human beings will live according to the creational law, so nothing will be prevented for them.’
The secret of success/progress lies in following the creational laws which is very difficult for most of us only because of the aggression gene defect.

Jim Portillo

The aggressive gene will not be solved around the year 2800 while living in accordance to the laws. It’ll take longer to modify the gene but it also applies to placing the right people in power and holding them accountable as by then the population on Earth likely have decreased substantially given the upcoming prophecies.

We may not be the only ones with the aggressive gene issue as other planetary beings may encounter a similar issue but if the Dern Universe has issues in relation major conflicts then there are also other factors causing major conflicts outthere. Makes one think what was the major factor to the Plejarens 180 reversal when they were involved in various conflicts in their past time.

IMO, during that time I would say they were the more technologically scientifically advanced civilization prior to abiding by the High Council advice which resulted in them being more evolved spiritually as they continue their path.

Shiva Balu

It is a fact that aggression gene issue will not be resolved by ,2800.But we will make a conscious effort to overcome aggression and move forward in the right path. Cosmic factors viz, earth receiving light from
the central sun will influence this change.
My point here is when progress could happen in decades ,it would take centuries because of the aggression perpetrated by overpopulation , religion caste and politics
. I too wonder if there can be conflicts without aggression gene issues.

Diego Abascal

I am not bragging or anything but I have been committed to meditation for a few years now. While in a deep state of relaxation you can really oberseve how we automatically operate in a mindless predatory ‘hyper aggresion’ state. And oh boy, the aggresive gene would explain it all and how easy is to tap into that ‘aggresive nature’.

Any one having trouble and difficulty with meditation give yourself a break, we are talking of going against genetics here so it is gonna be difficult but oh boy, it is so worth it!

Luis Sanchez

Creating a primordial like virus in modern times by means of a biological chemical weapon, doesn’t seem like a good plan. On the other hand, it’s unfortunate the magnitude of the sheer effects of the current circumstances of the world. I’m certain and confident they’ll be some type of progress, but things do look bleak for the time being, naturally it’ll run it’s course and as always life goes forward. The circumstances can certainly be far worse as anyone who’s read the CR’s could suggest just from the perspective of what’s probable and specified from the detailed descriptions of other events in time courses that pertain to the future. But you know, I would rather use my shoe to dig out a beam ship from the muddy waters of Argentina, while a telemeter disk watches the whole thing from afar. Clean off the console with an over sweated bandana and jump start it with a leaking battery. Then be in 5pm traffic on earth. But I would definitely rather be deep sea fishing in the ocean and see a metal disk from afar (2 nots away) with a grin of mercy gracing my face and quickly putting up my hitchhiking thumb in the salted sea air sky very willingly ready start my guide through the universe. Just saying

Norm Smith

@Diego Abascal,

Chris Martenson suggests the following as daily immune boosters:

Quercetin, Zinc Picolinate, D3, Selenium, NAC, Vitamin-C (Sodium Ascorbate).

If have cold symptoms, take Elderberry Syrup.

All should be available over the counter.


We want to avoid health advice for any type of prescription medication. There’s no issue with vitamins and supplements, but please post these topics in the appropriate blog article and stay on topic.


Melissa O

Erik Van Der Geest

Why doesnt my replies show here?
Im a blocked again?

Brent McIntosh

I came across your how can I help page. It list 20 names and phone numbers from east to west coast. 4 are 30 miles from me. I don’t like calling somebody blind. Do they all understand what’s going on? Ive told everyone I know. Some wont talk to me anymore. I’m moving on. Meditation brings the heart and brain to work as one. Lower heart feel change start to happen inside you. I’m not there yet. It sure helps if you have others around for guidance and focusing. I live alone and never believed in a god. Just an energy field that is intelligent. Pan-Spermia is part of the creation instance in the bang. In the English language “Big Bang” does give creation of this universe a just description.

Diego Abascal

First of all, thank very much to everyone for their suggestions and recommedations!

As mention above by Brent, meditation is a key and fundamental part. I was really falling into the abyss of full negativity and pessimism but meditation brought me back.

Before I got sick I was meditating for +2 hours per day but stopped just before getting sick. I remember how I was indulging in negativity just before.

I am doing so much better now. Changes in my diet (chewing properly) and the reintroduction of meditation are a life saver.

The only thing we are so madly craving for does not cost any money, it is free and can be done by anyone at any time. Go figure.

Diego Abascal

I agree with you all! It is such a massive disadvantage. We could be living in a peaceful and prosperous world together.

Today I vomited again just one meal full of saliva with no pain whatsoever. This thing has never happened to me. I eat so healthy and exercise, no smoking, no drugs, no casual sex, no nothing, just meditation.

If I have COVID I am starting to think it is like a kryptonite stone that attacks the weakness of us so the symptoms might vary from one another.

I have managed all my emotions in my stomach so I could say it is my weakness. If this thing is unconventional, I am recurring now to none conventional method like magnetic healing.

Diego Abascal

I just used it once and it did produce, at least, a placebo feeling of wellness. It is such an unconventional illness from my own experience. I have a swiss friend stuck in Bolivia who all the persons including him got the virus. They report similar symptoms including a mild fever detectable only by you knowing your body.

I would say it is like the perfect predator waiting for you to get sick of something else and then it strikes. That would explain the incubation period of 3 months. IMO.

I am not sharing my experience to create fear or anything like that, I just do it so everyone can have a point of comparison.

I have been following your blog for a while now (first time commenting). I went to visit the center in December just before the pandemic. And I thank you for what you are doing and everyone else who are responsible enough to believe we can do better.

John Webster

Generally speaking, even if there’s a citizen consensus of satisfaction re: COVID-19 management by our health services [?professionals?] here in B.C. Canada, the services still fall short, as I continue to prove, in responding to other vital information as laid out by the P’s, and on this blog. After sending ample information, I continue to await further response from our health minister, Adrian Dix, and our chief health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry. And, just for fun, I looked up the Arizona health services website today. I made note of several phone & fax numbers to contact, assigned to at least seven different offices. I was interested in obtaining email addresses, so after listening to a lengthy voice recording, I finally spoke to a ‘real person’ and she asked, “how may I direct your call?” I responded, “hello, I’m actually calling from B.C. Canada, which seemed to raise a vocal tone of interest. I asked if any of the health services offices had email addy’s because I was, by now, very familiar with recorded messages. So I now have an email addy for the [assistant director] of Arizona dept. of health services. As a minor note of interest, the tone of the voice of the ‘real person’ dramatically changed when I answered her inquiry as to, what is the nature of my call. So … to the efforts of Andrew Dilts, I eagerly wish him all the best in breaking through the WALL!

John Webster

Right MH … I was given the name, Wendy Snyder, as assistant to the director, Cara Christ, of the Arizona dept. of health services. Wendy Snyder’s email address is wendy.snyder@azdhs.gov

Melissa Osaki

Thanks John.