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Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

CENSORED in Amerika: Billy Meier & Possible Help with COVID

The fearful, small-minded and greedy contribute greatly to their own suffering


I was just informed by EIN Presswire that:

“We don’t want to run your releases due to their content.”

The content they refer to is in this press release, which they have:


There’s more to the story, such as the recorded conversation I had with one of their arrogant little editors, David, who told me he wouldn’t approve the release because, as he said, “I don’t believe in UFOs and we have to also be very careful about COVID information”.

I’ll have more to share about that in upcoming blogs and videos. Of course the irony – or just plain hypocrisy – is that EIN Presswire has released numerous press releases about UFOs. And, if they were really being careful about COVID info…they’d certainly promote Billy Meier’s more accurate information above that of the CDC and WHO, which frequently have to revise, correct their information, etc.!

More Things that Disappear

Speaking of making things go away:

Trump Says Surging Virus ‘Will Go Away Like Things Go Away’

So, does Trump consider his own …thingness?

And then there are those good folks in Georgia, bless their sweet little hearts, who are experimenting with something they certainly have never endorsed before…very late term abortions:

Images of student crowds raise questions in Georgia schools

More Cherokee County Students Test Positive For Coronavirus

Next, a predictable reversal of the premise that the summer heat will slow down or eliminate this climate-and-temperature-independent disease:

Health experts say extreme heat in Arizona could increase coronavirus risks


Another word about censorship. The fact is that the Billy Meier information, evidence, etc., has long been under a severe form of censorship, with the various vested interests doing everything they can to prevent the public from learning about it, including numerous attempts on his life, etc.

So the petty, cowardly actions of people like David, and companies like EIN Presswire, aren’t really all that surprising, especially considering how the American public has become so numb and indifferent to most things of importance.

We will see huge incursions on the remaining rights and freedoms of people, made easier by the misdirected concerns and crazy conspiracy theories about having to wear masks and act like…responsible adults. There are fewer and fewer of those kinds of people around, so the fulfillment of the prophecies and the predictions, with the very long term miseries that will accompany them, is a foregone conclusion.

Still, the most productive thing we can do is to focus on our study of the spiritual teaching and let ourselves be pleasantly surprised by the improvement in all facets of our own lives,

The Might of the Thoughts


Salome Peace Meditation

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Terry Carch
Terry Carch
Blog Member
August 13, 2020 2:35 am

Here is an article I just read from for Wednesday August 12th, 2020 The Improbability of CO2 Removal from the Atmosphere by Manual Garcia This points to why I think the Plejarens may have the technology to fix and clean up the environment which might help find a cure for all these diseases and viruses and clean up Planet Earth in general too includinga birth stop and birth check etc. Insistently ” I also think the best way to request permission to join the Plejaren Federation is through the UN because the UN has all or at least most of all the nations of Planet Earth as we present ourselves and represent Planet Earth to the Plejaen Federation as the newest and youngest world to join and fianlly become members once and for allt times for ever and for all good times.”

Jim Portillo
Jim Portillo
Blog Member
Reply to  Terry Carch
August 14, 2020 4:43 am


From the wise words from Sfath to young Billy pretty much sums up the future ’cause & effect’ catastrophes/disasters that are set to take place. Even with the interference of the Plejaren today the primary issues/evils that have hampered Earth terrestrial evolution would not be addressed. Like the saying goes ‘mother knows best’ for Earth humans to evolve various factors would have needed to be addressed decades back. You reap what you sow. #futurecleansing