America Will Destroy Itself, Part 2

There’s now an army of proud me-firsters who can’t wait to help COVID-19 hitchhike across America

Many people in this country are very confused about what constitutes one’s “rights”, “freedoms”, etc.

While the left is busy demonstrating its “right” to tear things down without a clue, or concern, about how to build things up, during this pandemic it’s popular among many on the right, to defy the lockdown and wearing a mask, because they’re seen as part of a huge, conspiratorial plot to infringe on their rights and freedoms.

True to form, in this all-about-me country, there is zero thought, consideration, regard, etc., for the rights of others, the great danger of spreading a deadly disease to your fellow citizens, and/or of contracting and spreading it to one’s own family, friends, etc.

A Red Letter Day

So, when a quarter-of-a-million selfish, short-sighted, over-revved folks come to a small town – from all over the country – in defiance of common sense, one should be reasonably concerned about the potential disaster that may result, especially when they return to their homes.

If, by some strange chance, .01% of these 250,000 supposed attendees contract, or already have the disease, and spread it during the…10-day event, some 2,500 potential carriers will then, unknowingly let themselves loose on any and everyone they encounter during and after their return trip to their homes.

Going My Way?

Along with long-standing US policies of aggression, violence, terrorism, exploitation of others, etc., the deterioration of personal self-responsibility, values, ethics, morals, reason and a…genuine concern for others, are huge factors in bringing about the destruction of the country.

Not only is there an invisible enemy that “loves crowds“, and that our misspent trillions of dollars on weaponry is impotent to destroy, there’s also now an army of proud me-firsters who can’t wait to help it hitchhike across America.

As Billy Meier said:

“America will destroy itself.”

COVID-19: The Illusion of Recovery

There are aspects of COVID-19 still not known, nor understood, by medical authorities…but long explained by the Plejaren and Billy Meier. One great concern is that the disease never really leaves the body and may account for sudden, severe, unexpected complications, and even death, such as recently occurred:

Former Florida State center dies during training in Serbia after recovering from coronavirus

Again, this was spelled out in specific, ignored and suppressed warnings:

February 3, 2020:

10)  Even after a recovery, a corona affection can lead to possible life-long health disorders and various organic afflictions and illnesses.

14)  Further research cognitions show that immunities, which used to be present after recovery from previous diseases, can be reversed after an illness from the corona virus and consequently old ailments and diseases can reappear again.

May 30:

Furthermore it has to be said, as I explained earlier, that the corona virus results in a form of illness which allows a recovery but no effective cure, because the virus continues to exist unrecognizable by medical-virological examinations purely on impulse and can become acutely effective again sooner or later, depending on the circumstances. This is not the condition that arises when a recovery takes place and then after a certain time a reactivation takes place, because in such a case the effect of the virus continues to exist despite recovery, namely through the inclusion of a viral deposit in antibodies, although this possibility is still unknown to terrestrial medicine and cannot be researched by it.

June 13:

“With that which can be left behind by the virus in the human organism – be it after a recovery or during an infectious state in which no infection can be detected – the virus can form and maintain undetectable long-term damage, which in the course of time can develop into long lasting and new kinds of diseases and illnesses, also diverse kinds of cancer as well as body and genital deformations, the cause of which will not be able to be determined.”

There didn’t appear to be any mention of the known health status of his teammates which, considering the enormously contagious nature of this disease, should also be a matter of concern.

And, with the big push on to reopen schools, by those who focus primarily on “economic issues”, of great concern is the lack of understanding that…

Sacrificing the Children Leads to the Death of Society

…which also reminds us that…

The Stupid Is Rising Faster Than We Can Bail

And a new interview:

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AJ Fleming

Trump is old school. My grandfather’s generation was very much into stereotypes and jokes regarding different groups. I do not think Trump is responsible for “promoting” racism. Trump is being Trump. If anyone feels the need to point fingers, it would be more productive to point it at yourselves, your family, your friends, and your community. Children are not born racist. They are influenced. They notice when you whisper, crack a joke, act funny around people of another color, another nationality, another community. They hear how you and your friends react, then they tend to adopt the same attitudes because you are their community. They see you when you scoot away or keep your interactions curt with members of groups different than your own. It’s not just about color. In my city, there are Bulgarians who will only be friends with other Bulgarians… actually driving almost 2 hours into Michigan just to be around Bulgarians and their celebrations. I see Muslims and Indians here who do the same. They won’t let their kids join a lot of the school activities. They won’t let them buy lunch in the schools. They absolutely insist they pack their lunch to stay true to their native cuisines. They try to remain close knit to each other, but in the process they short change the other kids the opportunities to meet someone from other cultures. Why come here if you continue to live as if you’re still in your respective country? I don’t understand that. If I chose to pick up and move abroad, of course I would have to learn the language, eat the food, and participate. Each person has the ability to choose how they will behave and treat others. The problem you see today is due to lack of self-control and intelligence. So many people cannot control their basic drives or their emotions.

AJ Fleming

I should also clarify I do not refer to mental intelligence, alone. I mean to include emotional intelligence, knowing how to read others, having the ability to exercise empathy, patience, how to use reasonable discernment, and how to properly interact with others. This last bit I find lacking tremendously amongst today’s population because they like to stay holed up in their homes with their technology. If anyone is interested in my race, I am half white and half Asian, but born in the U.S. I grew up next to a black family, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans in a lower middle class neighborhood. However, my community was primarily made up of white, blue collar workers. If it had not been for where specifically I grew up, I know without a doubt I would have fear of other groups due to the divide. You want to combat division? Then don’t be divisive. Some cases of racist attitudes against blacks or Mexicans today, from my perspective is due to the calloused, angry, disrespectful, hatred of authority and rules, etc vibes that many of these individuals portray. If you and your child were out and encountered some jerk from another country or of color, you know without a doubt that gets filed in the back of your head as a generalization of some sort. First, a red flag goes up because you detect danger or something you don’t like, then it gets filed visually and emotionally. So the next time you are out and encounter someone who reminds you of that experience, you are already sensitive and hyper-alert. Encounter several similar experiences with a particular group, and you may eventually form your own pre-judgments and stereotypes. If we as individuals don’t like this, then change it first in yourself. It will ripple out. People scare me because they don’t realize what kind of power they possess no matter what your station is in life. Why choose to promote the negative. Be brave and move forward to produce positive influence. Screaming and yelling, using foul words and name calling does nothing but attack your own character. It attacks the character of your group… whether it be color, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

AJ Fleming

As far as the pandemic goes, I do not blame Trump particularly for this. How many other viruses have spread and you know yourself, you did not think you would be affected from things like Ebola? What did the WHO and CDC do? What about your local news stations? How many of you ever really watched the news anyway on your tv or phone or computer? Trump relies on other people to inform him. Did he drop the ball… yes at a certain degree when he downplayed the seriousness. However, majority of people would NOT have listened anyway. Even now, people are still not listening or following the guidelines. It doesn’t matter if he sounded the alarm in Fall of 2019. Is it his fault this virus was in Europe? Mexico? Global? No, absolutely not. People love to tout how other countries aren’t as affected. Well, how big are those countries compared to the U.S.? Of those, which ones rely on the majority of their supplies and ingredients to come from China? Would you also not say that the citizens here also felt the need to fight for the freedoms to not wear a mask or to the right to go back to work? To travel? To congregate? If the incubation period was just on average 5-14 days, and everyone cooperated at the same time, we could’ve knocked this out in maybe 2 months or 3. No man or woman leader has the power to control literally millions of people to act responsibly and at the exact same time. For instance, my own spouse goes to the bar every week and gets completely trashed and comes home and touches everything. Do you think he washed his hands each time he used the restroom at the bar? Do you think they disinfect every beer bottle and glass that is served? Let’s not forget the walk between the table and the restroom. Do you think he really had the sense to reapply his mask correctly? To not joke and shout to his buddies as they became more drunk? If there was any virus on the mask, and you just grab it or throw it on the table, which people do… what will happen? Is that Trump’s fault? No. But apparently I don’t have the choice but to follow my spouse around and nag him to wash up and I have to clean everything. So people want to say it’s Trump’s fault the economy tanked during this pandemic because they closed things down. No. People would’ve still gotten sick and spread it around. A lot are down and out 2 weeks minimum. I caught this from my spouse in March and despite getting past the fever at 3 weeks, the cough persisted through 8 weeks. I still am losing hair, my eyesight has been deteriorating rapidly and I still have chest pain that I will have to get checked out because I think it may have done something to my heart (and it’s now 6 months past my initial symptoms). It was China who knew of this virus and worried more about their reputation than they did about people. They are brilliant. They gradually invaded America through her economy and education. They got us from the inside out and it started long before Trump. Pin the blame on our previous leaders, our businesses, ourselves. You continue to buy their products. You don’t have much of a choice still to buy their products or support China. The artificial sweetener in our sodas is made in China. Antibiotics, ingredients for cleaners, too. I can’t even get fabric or elastic to make masks because it has to be imported from China. The masks you see in the store and the internet… made in China. What a kick in the teeth. They tried to stay hush about the virus, let it spread, and then they sell you masks, hand sanitizer, thermometers, and medicine. Weaken the U.S. from the inside out & Americans want to cry foul because we supported it when we decided to buy it and buy it now. Then no one wants to go through the discomfort and pain of restructuring ourselves… the pain of taxes… lower wages so the companies can afford to operate. A problem with America is we want freedom and no rules… like a toddler. Perhaps if we were more self-regulated and responsible… united in the support and growth of our communities, then government wouldn’t have grown so large. Then people complain they want government to solve the problem when the problem is already too big. So radicals burn the cities down and say not my problem, I will just find somewhere else to go. Congrats, they just raised our taxes and prices. They say not my problem, I won’t work so I don’t have to pay taxes and then things continue to deteriorate because the structures fall apart. As your community hits bottom, your citizens will also get sicker and weaker. Then they will be trapped just like low income neighborhoods. The people who can get out will. The ones who cannot suffer. Eventually, there will be nowhere to run to. The companies are out of business now because they are bankrupt or in some places, like Portland, burnt down. The jobs have been shipped abroad. Why do people blame Trump? Because he possesses characteristics you don’t like. So many people are shouting why did people vote for an “idiot” president? He was voted in because he was the one who had the balls to say let’s turn this ship around and separate our dependence on China. I don’t know why people think the state of our country is all Trump’s fault. It requires all citizens in this country to UNITE and do the work. Wear the mask. Don’t put yourself into situations where 100s of people gather and RISK spreading the virus. Don’t buy up all the toilet paper and cleaning supplies, which creates a shortage, so other people can attain something to clean themselves and their homes to help stop the virus from being spread. Be cognizant. You were the frog in the pot of warm water that eventually boiled and cooked you. Admit that and then make changes, but violence is not the answer. Throwing tantrums or being aggressive is not the answer. That is divisive to the point where people will just shut critics out and not care what they have to say. So then because they are not heard or respected, they get angrier and kill them because they feel less than? Ok, now you just decreased manpower and skills that could’ve improved your community. You just decreased the amount being paid into medicare for your future use which by the way, you might need if you have been unable to save any earnings for your elder years. For example, despite my parents living frugally… like rewashing ziploc bags and aluminum foil and reusing them, diluting dishsoap, reusing laundry water, my mom’s medication for one prescription is $600 a month. Her stay in rehab after a brain hemorrhage in a facility with nursing was $38,000. Her helicopter ride over $100,000. Don’t tell me people don’t need the government. You can argue it’s the healthcare system’s fault. It’s the education system’s fault that doctors graduate with enormous debt that they don’t start profiting until they are 50 years old. No. That is a consequence of capitalism and freedom. There is a reason regulations are made, and what can you do if they have to be continually be made to the point where you feel choked out by it and can’t get ahead in life? Take responsibility for yourself, your community, not gaming the system, not using the loopholes, etc and maybe if everyone did that, everything would be alright. Tank the greed. Raise your children to be upright. Weed out the exploitation on person at a time… not promote hatred and murder. You’re just teaching the young to do the same when you don’t get what you want. Help a neighbor. Share your skills. Why does everything have to have a high price? America is not Trump’s fault and even if he was a stellar human example, people wouldn’t listen unless he was a half nude woman rockstar or sports idol or something. The change starts with you, your family, your community. Put the structure in place. Destruction of the family and moral values helped to create this mess. Trump is human just like the rest of us and so he is not perfect, he is not a saint. We heard the tapes, the comments about the women, the rape. Should we have voted on his character alone vs Hilary? He’s a little more open about it. He didn’t try to hide it all. What other choice was there? And now? I refuse to put a woman into office as some kind of consolation prize because Biden is mentally shaky. As of now, not sure what I will do, maybe vote for a third party… if I really wanted to stay true to my ego. But I am thinking about our country, and right now it really needs to become more self-sufficient. Is he an awesome human? Is he gross? Is he truely successful? Because he ran for president and not some other person, I should be angry? Lots of people in high places are not upright. Many are there because they got there in unsavory ways. Good luck bringing them all down. They support each other. It’s their club. Not enough people vote for the other parties. And even the good ones that get in quickly find out they can’t effect change. They have to cooperate, then they get sucked into the dynamics, and ultimately become like them or fail. So, there’s that.