The ongoing, deliberate cover-up and concealment of the Billy Meier UFO case keeps SETI in business

“If some day we receive an information-rich signal
from another star, no one expects it to be written in English,
Chinese, or Swahili. Instead, researchers engaged in the Search
for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) often suggest that mutual
comprehension will come through the language of math.”

Thus spoke SETI’s resident prophet, Douglas Vakoch, who in the most unscientific of terms confidently declared how an extraterrestrial race would make contact with us, while also leaving out German, the actual language in which the Billy Meier contacts have been conducted for the past 73 ½ years. Vakoch’s prognostication has also proved to be further incorrect because thousands of pages of the information have already been translated into English and other languages.

Why do clueless people like Vakoch presume to speak for extraterrestrials – who already made it clear that they chose not to communicate with him – or is that rhetorical?

Jill Tarter, Vakoch and Seth Shostak (who’s apparently very busy…at cocktail parties) are quite aware of the inconvenient reality of Billy Meier contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrials. In order to avoid drawing any attention to it – which would put them out of business – they don’t even dare to publicly call the case a hoax. In their so-called “Search for Extra-Terrestrial” Intelligence they’re like the hierarchy at MUFON, who also avoid the Meier caseand collect their salaries for not finding what they say they’re looking for.

Jill Tarter even said, “I wish that TED would empower Earthlings everywhere to become active participants in the search for cosmic company.” So how can one not regard SETI as a fraud when they call for assistance from the public…and then refuse to look at, or acknowledge that they have, it?

It’s the Salaries Stupid

It’s nice to know that the salaries at SETI “…are competitive with comparable work environments in the Bay Area.” But it doesn’t cost anything to look through the proverbial telescope. Maybe they forgot that not so very long ago they were students who were being taught to be scientists, to suspend prejudices and preconceptions, to test claims and evidence using the scientific method, logic and reason in pursuit of…the truth.

Did Shostak, Tarter, Vakoch, etc., simply keep the Meier case from the rest of SETI over all these many years? How do their fellow scientists feel about being part of this farce, the cover-up and concealment of the Meier case?

Granted, this may be an ego buster for those nice folks listed below* who, somehow, seem to have been kept out of the loop on the most important discovery in all of science and human history, one that their organization is supposedly dedicated to discovering…as millions of people worldwide already have.

Regarding Vakoch’s question, “What would you say to an extraterrestrial?”, the answer from anyone who’s studied the Meier material might be, “Thank you for coming here and caring enough to try to assist us to assure our own future survival, despite our belligerence, arrogance and suicidal stupidity.”

The odds that any of these people – including those at the equally pointless NExSS – will rise to the occasion is very low, simply because their first considerations appear to be their funding, tenure, so-called reputations, etc.

When know-nothing “scientists” (science fiction writers) decide just how an extraterrestrial race will contact us, it only shows that they’re deliberately ignorant of the Billy Meier contacts…and more interested in perpetuating their careers.

It also shows how people are easily fooled when they put their faith and trust in outside authorities and don’t do their thinking for themselves.

The Billy Meier UFO case is what the cover-up is really about. And SETI is complicit in that cover-up.

Asteroid Apophis

It is no different of course in regards to the danger posed by asteroid Apophis. As we pointed out before, despite the feel good fanfare and promotional fervor over movies and T-shirts having died down…Apophis is still coming.

Having failed to elicit even one response from any of those parties, scientists included, we are left to consider what Meier said, on May 27, 2015, about the likelihood scientists coming together to do something about this very real threat.

Let’s hope that real intellectual honesty, scientific curiosity and the search for truth can be revived at SETI, which otherwise seems to be a very badly misnamed enterprise, to say the very least.

(For more information from the Meier contacts on outer space related topics click here.)

Please see today’s video here!

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* SETI personnel…do they really not know about the Billy Meier Contacts? Feel free to ask them, that’s what they’re paid for:



200 comments on “The Cynical Fraud that Is SETI

  • I had discovered Meier long before I even heard of SETI. I am really glad that I am not distracted by those noises intended to obscure his contacts.
    Thanks MH for your dedication to bring the light of Meier case to the world. Its must be terribly difficult but you got the staying power just like the late Wendelle Stevens. Thanks

  • Wrote to almost everyone on the list also and have not gotten a response from any of them? Tweaked my email to Margie a bit as per bellow. Has been almost a full day and still not one response. Probably like some here, to good in their precious careers and beliefs to see what they are supposedly looking for at the end of their nose.

    As a regular of most things worthy of attention within the so called field of ‘ufology’, It strikes me as odd that Billy Meier’s ‘case’ is not considered by those within SETI? Or am I wrong?
    If in fact Billy Meier is in contact with humans from the depths of the cosmos, would it not entail one of the most, if not the most compelling story in all of memorable history? And yes, obviously there are some things within this case that have become focal points of speculation for many whom have not looked closer. This ‘case’ is fraught with people trying to bend the truth of it at every angle and corner, with as minimal amount of time and effort put in!
    As someone whom has independently investigated it for over ten years, I just don’t see what is so threatening? Is it the length of these encounters of Billy Meier’s, 70+years and still going? The physical evidence, a thousand+ pictures, 20+ videos, crop-light-snow circles, finger-foot prints, hundreds of eyewitnesses, private investigators that DID go to Switzerland in the 70’s to present and found no evidence of a hoax from the one armed, rural Swiss family man driving around on his moped. Taking pictures and videos of things only possible with technology available decades later? Lest I regress into only a small fraction of the evidence beyond the many thousands of pages of information that also reflects the reality of our world, the world we most definitely call home.
    One would think, non the less, that SETI would be more willing to look into things with time, evidence, witnesses to back it up, for ones. How can an organization(be it non profit or not) ignore and suppress something it apparently is looking forward to investigating? So again as much as I don’t understand I just wonder why an organization apparently looking for evidence and cases to propel the entire reason for its existence, would ignore one such as Billy Meier’s? Or is the search for intelligent life to ‘complicated’ to not be potentially found right here on our planet?
    How would intelligent benevolent life from the depths of the cosmos make ‘contact’ with earth humanity? Is SETI so sure that we have not already been contacted for the sake of our own comprehension and motivation to change for the good, better, best, all on our own? What good would ‘finding’ intelligent life do us if we cannot even find a small fraction of true peace, love, harmony, wisdom, truth, on our own world?

    Thank you,
    Phil B.

    • There is today much pressure on the working individual than 50 years ago, many are unable even to basically think, if that is even not normally been an issue historically.

      So we have to study the history of the time after the war and that special bracket of time when the population growth was at a dull roar inconsistently, and then look at those middle aged men and the decisions or lack of decisions that were made at that time, in order to develop any sort of cognitions of the human condition, and even why things are the way they are today, the decisions that were made and the directions that were taken.

      • It seems as our technology gains momentum on our world, our ability to think logically, independently goes the other direction. On this scale and trajectory it will be easier than ever in the not so distant future for people to line up around the block, beg for their implants. Most will fall prey to the entire thing without even knowing or really caring how enslaved they really are…. mentally and physically.
        As Billy himself says in Michael’s short video, ‘It is chaos on this world’. His body language alone, one can feel the thoughts. Truly it is in so many regards. In many ways is seems we must become the change we want to see. If our parents, parents parents did nothing than it is up to us at this time to make the correct changes…. even if on just a personal level. Not so easy to do I will also admit but we have to start somewhere, and the self is a better place than any.

      • Thank you Sheila,
        Many times my feelings within the swing of positive and negative get to me when writing. Sometimes, as everyone one time or another, peer emotions come out within writing as well. Yet, life is partially about the positive- negative and as I am sure many know we have to deal within both aspects of our material consciousness. To neutrally positively see things as they are and think things through as much as possible in this regard.
        Have tried more and more to keep it neutral in as much as not falling prey, or sinking to the seemingly pubescent level portrayed by the many shills, know it all’s, scarred, wanna be arm chair experts. Opponents to anything that might just be good for OUR world, no matter where it is coming from! Lest they have to break their bondage of beliefs, profit, and utter ‘human’ made chaos that rules the day. Though it is a stretch these days to think they would listen to anyone beyond our world, as it seems they cant and wont listen to logic and reason here on ours.
        Work in progress, got to keep moving forward and try and change oneself to all the things that represent the best in being human. Not an easy task, yet we have very few truly good role models this day and age. I for one am glad that I can be here with some of those, in my thoughts at least.

  • What people at SETI want to achieve: they want to be the first to receive signal from ETs, to win Nobel Prize for this, and historical record in human history. They want to be celebrated by whole world, be famous, etc… So they are searching and searching and searching with their radiotelescopes, looking into Cosmos for their imaginary signal, like religious people for their imaginary gods…

    And they do not want to see, hear about Billy Meier, because he is in real contact with extraterrestrial human beings, which makes him “special”, and this is very bad for their own egos…

    • Actually, despite the fact that any signal beyond 2 lightyears would be indecipherable noise, SETI actually received a signal, the “Wow! Signal”, back in 1977. It was probably generated by Ashtar Sheran’s group or some other pseudo-“extraterrestrial” group, however. Yet they act like they have never found any evidence of extraterrestrial life to this day. And then there was the Chilbolton Reply to the Arecibo-message, which was also likely made by an intelligence based on Earth.

  • When Nikola Tesla told J.P. Morgan, ” we can supply every home and business with electricity for free because it is all around us”, J.P. Morgan said, ” great, where do I put the meters”? It’s the same thing over and over again, the freely available information Michael and others have made available will never draw the attention that it deserves from these frauds and charlatans because liars will never tell the truth as there is no profit in the truth and there is no profit in free, but if there were a charge attached to the information, they would certainly speak up about the profit seeking prophet so they could then create some worthy, in their minds, controversy about the last Herald to walk the face of Earth. No matter how clear the truth can be seen, the fog created by those with the most to gain from the continual obfuscation of the truth, will continue to hide the truth to the best of their abilities. The truth will not take hold with these nefarious ones, the average citizens of the world MUST stand up and be heard. This is why it may take another 800 years, as the people must re-learn to think and act for themselves in order to save themselves.

  • When he eventuallly gets round to making a credible point and taking a decisive stance, “The Cynical Fraud that Is MOSHE” may start picking up some some intelligent signals himself, but, alas I fear he may too SETI ‘n’ his ways.

    • I really feel passionately that the SETI employees have committed an injustice against they’re fellow countrymen by narrowing they’re bandwidth of perspective, what say you Matt Knight?

      • Well, they’ve definitely got the information now so let’s see but I wont be holding my breath. The interesting thing about reading info from Meier & getting it is that it makes the absurd things in life really obvious – it’s like an evolutive step in the right direction.

    • Zinger comes from outta nowhere! I take plenty of stands, but if you’re asking about me taking a stand on whether Meier is a fraud and liar, I can’t prove my stance so expressing it is outside the parameters MH has set for me on this site.

      Now how am I a fraud?

      • Well, for one you just said that you have a stance that you believe in but can’t prove. That’s pretty questionable.

        • Matthew Deagle-you asked me to take a stance. A stance is an opinion. It is by definition not provable. Do you want me to state facts or opinions? MH has censored me in the past for providing opinions because I can’t prove them, and he’s censored me for providing facts because I’ve repeated them too often or they were not from my own original research. (A double standard, I know-no one else’s research here has to be done completely themselves.)

      • When people make accusations against someone, when they impugn their character, honesty, etc., all without substantiation, it’s known as slander/libel. Is there some reason you’d like to engage in that?

      • Moshe – Sorry I was getting on board with your whole calling-someone-a-fraud-without-having-to-provide-any-evidence thing that you were doing. I just thought I’d check out all the “more likely explanations” for your apparent stupidity before deciding either way.

          • What apology? Interesting that you don’t disagree with me that I was doing what you are doing, but, you expect and accept an apology for that. At the very least you are a hypocrite and therefore very likely a fraud, or, just not as smart as you think you are (fraud too).

          • Matt Knight-“What apology?” You said you were sorry so I was accepting your apology.

            I think every phrase in your comment was wrong other than the apology. I didn’t state that I know Meier is a fraud but I’ve provided plenty of evidence that points in that direction. I haven’t seen your name before so you may not have read previous comments of mine. No one has tried to refute any fact I’ve presented. But, if I present my evidence again, MH will likely block my comment. So you’ll have to look at my past comments. And if you care to refute my facts, I’d love to hear about it. You’d be the first.

          • Here’s the deal, any time some know-it-all snot nose has nothing better to do they decide to call Meier a fraud. After all, they don’t have to get up, show themselves, stand up like a real person, just hurl some stupid unsubstantiated comment.

            So enough is enough. Do it somewhere else. Get lost.

          • MH, suit yourself but I think your site is a lot more interesting when you let me comment.

            One final thought: your blog posts are sometimes cynical and angry. It’s really no wonder when your world-view is that a vast conspiracy exists to keep you and Meier down. If you come to grips with the reality that people just don’t believe the existing evidence for completely rational reasons, then you can engage in the more constructive pursuit of getting Meier to provide you with evidence that can actually convince people (film of Meier getting in a craft and having it take off and showing the interior, providing a metal sample to a neutral lab selected by a truly neutral third party, written works that predicted events before they happen rather than adding it in later editions of the book after the event, etc.).

            I’d love to have strong evidence that this Meier stuff is true, but it hasn’t been produced yet. Fifty pieces of weak evidence do not equal one piece of strong evidence. Produce that one piece of strong evidence and you’ll convince a lot of rational people and you’ll be less cynical and angry.

          • Sure, post here so long as you substantiate any claims that the case is a fraud, etc.

            You are free to express your opinion, state that you don’t accept the evidence, aren’t convinced, etc. But make a claim that it’s a fraud, etc., and unless you provide actual substantiation your post won’t be approved.

            As far as believing anything, apparently you haven’t yet realized that it doesn’t apply And there are obviously very rational, knowledgeable people with scientific understanding and backgrounds who’ve REASONED their way to knowing the case is authentic. I know many personally. Perhaps you need to get out more.

            As far as “cynical and angry”, perhaps when you’ve lived long enough to realize the squandered opportunity you had to actually do something to change the outcomes in the world that you’ll be forced to deal with – and survive – you’ll rise out of indifference and depression to something resembling a bit of passion and determination to try to contribute to the positive change that you’ve helped to delay unnecessarily.

          • P.S. Since you posted in this topic, and you’re so sure that the evidence is insufficient, why don’t you write to all the phonies at SETI and see if they share your opinion? After all they’re supposed to be scientists so certainly they wouldn’t be afraid to address the issue, share their perspectives…right?

            Imagine that you contacted/went to any other business and they failed to deliver on what they say they do. You could go to a restaurant that supposedly serves a specific kind of cuisine but, for some reason, when you order it…it never comes. How long would you be doing business with them?

            Or someone puts up a website saying that they’re looking for a certain brand of car, made around a certain time, and you contacted them and told them you had such a car and they never responded…but they kept on asking for those cars?

            You seem to know just how good the evidence is/isn’t so let’s see what response you get when you contact those “experts”. Any bets on what there answers will be…or if they’ll even dare to express their opinions?

          • Its never good enough!
            Is hard to always get involved with this argument but in some ways over the years its seems to help solidify ones own. So if I may add a little to this for my own sanity:)
            This is also like certain foods that are never as good as when they are fresh, and freshly cooked. Another analogy that most can never get past is that this is decades old! The best evidence is not new, shiny, ready for integration into today’s belief driven, techno brat diet. It isn’t served on a silver platter ready to eat fresh, by a master chef in these regards. It is aged and because of its lack of taste for so many within the fantasy of instant, techno phantasmagoria belief driven satisfaction, think it smells and tastes like ‘horse apples’. Well mainly the physical evidence, as most I hope would in many ways agree with the spiritual teachings, if they could get past a few hiccups within some of the other less obvious writings!!!? To always ask for bigger and better things makes one always seem to never understand how good, what they do have is. Or to truly understand it in some, many ways? Especially for those stuck in a warp of time consisting of things that could not be farther from truly being rational human beings!
            It seems for all to many, for the bulk of humanity at this time, a space ship could land in their back yard, smash ones foot and they would still believe it to not be good enough, just a sign from god:) The line between belief, profit, and self satisfaction, less self responsibility have all but vanished in the eyes of true rationality, for so many on our blue world. It just wont be good enough it seems, to me, until we cultivate the proper technique in deciphering old recipes and learning to cook the things we need and yearn to on our own. As it seems the recipes are here for us to understand and we each have to find our way in preparing the dish we desire, to lead us back to the true taste and texture it was intended to represent, in the first place.

          • To be clear (and I admit I haven’t been), I can’t demonstrate that Meier is a fraud, just like you can’t demonstrate that people working at SETI are. To do that, we have to prove what their motives are. You and I can have very strong evidence in one direction or another, but unless we’re in the brain of the people we’re discussing, we can’t be 100 percent sure.

            I know you have a very hard time admitting when you’re incorrect (that’s one of the things that makes this site interesting), but I can’t imagine how you’ll justify that double standard.

            It reminds me of your diatribe against anonymous posting and your subsequent admission that you’ve done it yourself (without acknowledging the inconsistency). That stubbornness (or perseverance) is what makes you a great leader and a poor philosopher.

          • I see that you have difficulty with things like reasonable standards, etc. Perhaps you should present an argument in favor of an organization claiming that it has singular purpose, and that asks for the public’s support in achieving it, that REF– — USES to acknowledge ANY of the submissions of documented,authenticated information and evidence presented to it…over the time span of a decade.

            Since several people have informed me that they too have submitted polite, information packed emails to this effect – but haven’t received any responses – let’s see your arguments/apologies for a professional SCIENTIFIC organization suddenly, consistently actually, being completely non-responsive to those who provide what they say they’re looking for.

            I think I’m probably not the only one who’d like to see you demonstrate the kind of thinking that you were taught as a means to navigate the world.

            And either you have great difficulty in understanding the explanation about how and why I posted under a screen name when I tried to respond to informational and personal attacks, or it’s another example of a kind of passive-aggressive baiting that bespeaks what I think is referred to as…trolling.

          • I can’t speak for SETI, obviously, but it’s a safe bet that the emails you guys are sending don’t provide compelling evidence.

            Example: one of the main arguments raised as evidence is that Meier wrote about scientific discoveries before they were covered in local newspapers in Switzerland. When the choice is between Meier having somehow gotten ahold of a scientific publication or that he’s in contact with aliens, most people would lean toward that Meier read it.

          • I’ve asked you several times to contact SETI and share your own “compelling evidence” that “Meier hoaxed it” claims with them. Since you’ve never actually shared it with us. And again this post of yours implies that Meier had “somehow gotten ahold” of the information in ways other than he stated, which means you’re effectively calling him a liar without substantiating your attack on him.

            Now, in your next post provide the actual evidence for your assertions. It’s a “safe bet” that unless you do there’ll be no need to give you further space here for continuing to make these claims.

          • I think I owe everyone the following explanation of my position. Moshe is among those people who, for reasons unknown to me, seem to give SETI recognition as some kind of “experts” in things pertaining to extraterrestrials and the authenticity of the Meier case. So it’s time for me to pull rank on the no-shows at SETI, since I have 36 years of experience researching the case…and I’m one of the more than 100 eyewitnesses to the craft. The SETI fraud is deserving of much more exposure and I will be pursuing it in a few days.

            Beyond that, Moshe makes assertions that contradict my own experiences in researching the case, which go back to 1988 when I saw the first “new discovery” (pertaining to A-bomb testing and the ozone damage) that initiated my focus on the scientific information in the case. He has neglected to notice or consider that there is plenty of substantiation for Meier’s claims, some of which are shown here:


            Of course Moshe’s repeatedly ignored my requests to support his innuendos and underhanded sniping and continued to try to slide around it…while effectively endorsing Mahesh’s enormously flawed and inaccurate attacks, SETI’s presumed authority, etc.

            So for people who may find the blog and want to offer the same kind of failed, inept and nasty attacks on Meier’s honesty and the solidity of the evidence, don’t bother, it won’t be posted here. And this does also apply to Moshe, who’s now, for the last time asked to actually substantiate his claims.

      • What I find deplorable about the Billy Meier case is that because it deals with UFO’s and UFO’s has not been set out properly on our world by the responsible people yet, namely because our evolution has not reached that stage yet (absolutely understandable under every possible circumstance, evolution undermining and we dont even have UFO’s yet). That we get all sorts of weird crazy individuals come along, and personally speaking I find that incredibly distasteful. In my normal offline life I would NEVER under any circumstances initiate any kind of open honest discussion, never let those individual in and hand out all the answers to anyone who is distasteful, so its perfectly understandable that I keep a proper arms length from the community, because I have to protect my family from any distasteful disturbances, I have to protect my own personal life from any distasteful crazy buggers, to keep my peace, relaxation, my ability to control and moderate calmly.

        So I dont even care if you can’t see that this information is directly referencing the much wider reality Moshe, actually. I am only entertaining here online, I support Michael Horn and others, and especially support the FIGU, but because of that open endedness it will forever been at a full solid arm’s length, though I do realise that there are around a thousand individuals worldwide that have in all sincerity realised the nature of the information presented and I have utmost respect for them, again I just can’t risk any unnecessary disturbances. Perhaps when there is a more official governmental stance on many of these situations, I may then step forward properly.

    • For the record, as of 15 August 2015, not a single one of these SETI-people has replied to my e-mail about the prediction of the entropic theory of gravity by an extraterrestrial contactee. They may either be uninterested due to a priori assumption that this is “impossible” and so they don’t need to look any deeper into the evidence, or are knowing and conscious disinformation-agents. The former however would not surprise me. Most scientists on this planet are pusillanimous pea-brains, and even “alien searchers” are apparently unconscious of the true size of the universe.

  • Hey ,I got it …. lets pay a guy, and a huge support team to sit and wait for a radio signal to prove to mankind that ET does not exist , UNTIL we have a reason to use this crisis and not waste it . How perfect . Its a giant slush fund if you ask me . I would like to always see someone follow the money. In fact would that not be the best TV series ? Call it ‘Follow the Money’ and have a team of investigators just follow the trail capturing all the facts and then towards the ends show up and ask the real questions. Epic . Second thing is aren’t we so much smarter than this ‘wait for the signa’ idea ? Its obviously so stupid I laugh so hard it makes me cry and my stomach hurts. Such a bunch of clowns man. If and I say if anyone was intelligent the one question of why ‘they’ or UFO s are seen here and what in the world are they doing . The one answer is to keep an eye on us crazy ass humans . We are so insane and at the same time so increadibly DANGEROUS TO ALL LIFE IN THE ENTIRE GALAXY , as Billy eloquently writes about speaking of the destroyer comet. If anyone that is intelligent does feels he is a fraud, In that story alone you can find a wealth of intellect displayed so well . And the thing is , his stories are depictions of things that are intensely unique and fascinating and so obviously based in reality. Just sayin . Because obviously the Plejaran showed up at the exact time we were insane ass humans now capable of blowing up the entire planet and a certain threat to their way of life. Oh and everyone else in space , so it does stand to reason they were not the only ones eating popcorn , watching the shitshow here on earth shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. Their probably is no better ‘show’ in the universe than watching these crazy ass humans do crazy insane stuff . That’s probably the most popular form of entertainment in the universe , watching the ‘Stupid Humans show’ after dinner every night. As the world Burns…..

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