When a Skeptic Gets It Right

Cheers for Michael Shermer, and more frantic fears from Ben Davidson

I recently took long overdue action against failed skeptic Derek Bartholomaus, who had crossed the line of factuality, as well as decency, in his vain and libelous attacks on Billy Meier.

Cheers for Michael Shermer

And while I’ve often faulted skeptics like Michael Shermer for their ridiculously prejudicial, unscientific attempts to debunk the Billy Meier UFO contacts, instead of actually investigate them, I’ve pointed out my agreement with, and respect for Shermer on previous occasions and I’m glad to do so again.

I thoroughly enjoyed and agreed with his rebuttal to the frighteningly irrationality of the ever-arrogant, religiously-deluded radio host, Dennis Prager. My own attempts to reach and reason with Prager, including as a call-in guest on his show, were futile.

Agreeing with Michael Shermer in this case is easy. In fact, maybe Shermer isn’t aware that the blessed God of the OT did indeed call for murder, lots of it, and was nothing short of a genocidal terrorist.

I’ve also both agreed and disagreed with skeptical professor, Peter Boghossian, regarding the Meier case. As I mentioned, I think his approach of asking religious believers how they arrived at their beliefs, rather than attacking them for having them, is a wise and respectful thing to do…absent his efforts to convert them to his beliefs in atheism.

The Skeptical Twitch

The problem is that the skeptics have their own spastic, knee-jerk, blindly religious  reactions to the mere mention of Meier’s name, so conditioned are they by their own presumptions and beliefs about it.

However, if skeptics like Michael Shermer behaved as rationally and scientifically when investigating the Billy Meier UFO case, as they do when confronting religion, then progress would certainly be made.

Update on Ben Davidson


I can report to you that once Ben Davidson read my blog pertaining to him and his over-the-top hit man, he suddenly became very communicative, if not exactly rational and self-responsible, as well as more threatening.

In his numerous, clumsy and inept attempts to intimidate me with a lawsuit, he even mentioned that he had gone to law school. I replied that I noticed that he also…played golf. Based on the rambling, frantic and disorganized nature of his comments, I think there’s a good chance that he’s better at golf. And that would also apply to his ridiculously mangled science pertaining to climate change, global warming, etc., which appear to be in support of the party line of corporate climate deniers. Hmmm.

Also, for a scientist’s shredding of Davidson’s nonsensical blaming climate change, etc., sol-ely on the sun, see Dr. Strong’s channel. Certainly, the impeccably, prophetically accurate environmental and scientific information, from Billy Meier*, that both Greg Dougall and I offered Davidson, who said he welcomed comments and information, exceeds even Dr. Strong’s knowledge. Having also informed him of Meier’s information, I do look forward to his comments as well.

Regarding the angry homophobe, hater and lunatic, Trevor Toler, Ben said:

“…he is an outside contributor and attempts to fraudulently harm my reputation my picking the most-offensive person in the community and proclaiming he speaks for me or is ‘authorized’.”

One could innocently ask a few questions like, “So, why is he still listed as a contributor on your site?”

Additionally, Davidson proudly stated that Toler is only one of…930 people to whom they’ve given a company email account – without any vetting. Davidson was emphatic in stating that  he has absolutely no responsibility for what they say while using their company accounts and likens them to Yahoo or Gmail accounts…seriously.


Speaking of Skeptics Again

I will be having a segment on my new Tuesday night show for skeptics to pose their questions in the chat room. Hopefully, we’ll do phone-ins later at some point also. The rules for this will be to pose a question, or challenge, and be prepared, if making claims about some kind of hoax, etc., to factually substantiate them. Any kinds of gratuitous attacks, instead of questions, etc., will be dismissed and deleted. So, for those skeptics who think they have some smoking gun, etc., let’s take a look at and address your concerns.

Some Very Good News

I’m glad to announce that there are two new YT channels supporting Meier-related information, etc.:

Nature’s Way

The Strange, Frustrating, And Bending Case Of Billy Meier

Please enjoy and support their work.

Also, Greg Dougall, who has the great distinction of introducing us to Ben Davidson and his skewed science (among other things) has a great blog here.


*As sent to Ben Davidson, for his education:

Billy Meier’s Environmental Warnings

Dr. Cornish, Billy Meier Revealed It 30 Years Ago

Scientists Confirm Billy Meier’s Space Travel Information

Alien Life? Look Through the Telescope, Prof. Wright

It’s 1964 All Over Again

Billy Meier UFO Case: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt 

Skepticism Bears Good Fruit When Truth Prevails 

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15 Replies to “When a Skeptic Gets It Right”

  1. Well MH “Skeptics Be Warned We Will Prevail!” Tthose wet noodles won`t cut it WE WILL CUT IT and chase them out and join those other wet noodles who insist on “Lights in the Sky” and that “Big Sky Daddy with a white goatee and white robe and white chair!” After all it`s Christmas! Better to look at the lights on the Christmas tree rather than look up in the sky for UFOs which are nothing more than Military aircraft spying on unsuspecting UFO Lights in the Sky hunters looking for little grey men who are really the CIA operatives trying to get any information out of UFO Lights in the Sky hunters, Eh:-)

  2. http://forum.figu.org/us/messages/12/3728.html?1090044830

    In the above link of Q&A ….

    Hi Billy !

    J am intersting about Sri Sathya Sai Baba
    ( http://www.sathyasai.org/ ) He has very big influence in the India, and many folowers in the West … the question is, is he a true or false spiritual teacher ? Sometimes J don`t feel good under his influence.




    He’s a conjurer who exploits everything in a religious way.


    Here zoran asked about Sathya Sai Baba …. and someone answered him …. Is it BM that answered him …. if not then who …. And is the answer true & given by a member on behalf of BM ….

    And is it mentioned in any Contact report ….. ?

  3. Unfortunately not many things are told about Indian God’s like who were Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva etc …. In case they existed in real ….

  4. Hi MH how can I convince my other organization Wespac about showing and wearing the peace sign correctly? How can convince and show them or anyone else for that matter do something to correct the peace sign correctly as Billy and the Ps suggested?

  5. I watched the first video of Curtis Louthan. It was great to see a young person “get it’. Like I always say, it takes about 6 months to 1 year for a new person to really wrap their head around the scope of the case, and that is if they look at it a little bit every day. Curtis is 1.5 years in. He has made some profound discoveries, but only because he has been looking at all the evidence himself and because he is thinking for himself and not letting others do the thinking for him. This young man gives me hope for the future.

  6. I think I remember Semjase saying that WWIV would start in a November. Is that still relevant? Because if it is we have another year up our sleeves, at least, on that prophecy/prediction if it is!

    1. Hi Andrew, yes November was mentioned, as was ” at the latest by 2020 if nothing changes ” (Billy~ refering to usa ) The tell tale sign (one of a few) will be the death of 4 important heads of state in the relevant year prior to November.

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