Does Michael Shermer Have the Courage of His Convictions?

Or is he content to hide behind derision and pseudoscientific skepticism?

During our recent interview, the host Michael Decon suggested that a discussion, or debate, about the Billy Meier UFO contacts with skeptic Michael Shermer would make for a very interesting show. Of course, I expressed my willingness to do so.

Ad Hominem – Subtract Credibility

However, as has become the standard default among people who define themselves as Skeptics – a statement of prejudice by those who have not yet achieved the level of professionalism, competence and objectivity of real scientists – Shermer ran from the opportunity.

Further diminishing his own credibility, he said that the Billy Meier UFO photos “are so risibly ridiculous that I cannot imagine devoting more than 10 seconds to the topic”. Apparently, he missed the opportunity to also laugh at Sotheby’s – and the person(s) who paid $16,500 for a number of Meier’s UFO photos at auction.

Shermer added some disparaging words about me, as well. Put those two responses together and we have ad hominem and cowardice instead of credibility.

Fair Is Fair

It’s a matter of record that while I’ve been critical of the various skeptics, including Michael Shermer,  I’ve had no trouble being fair in my assessment of him. There are always things about other people with which we may agree or disagree.

Let’s Hear It for Michael Shermer

When a Skeptic Gets It Right

Unfortunately, from a professional standpoint, Shermer doesn’t seem to possess the depth and breadth of critical thinking, nor the intellectual honesty necessary to objectively evaluate the evidence he prematurely attacked and dismissed.

Skeptic or SCIENTIST?

Shermer, a supposedly “former” religious devotee, gives further credence to the claim that Skepticism is an anti-scientific religion, a pseudoscience at best, promoted by agenda-driven true believers in their own narrow world view.

Assuming he’d like his legacy to be that of a scientist, here’s a defining moment, the opportunity to apply whatever scientific experience and excellence he presumes himself to possess, to make his case in a mature, credible and well-substantiated manner.

Shermer obviously has a real reluctance to discussing this with me, probably  because he fears that the evidence, and my ability to deliver it, would result in his humiliation…which would only happen if he remained in denial when presented with it.

But would it really be worse than the cloud of questions about his professionalism and competence that otherwise hang over his head? Could he allow himself the opportunity to learn, acknowledge the facts and be appreciated for demonstrating scientific and intellectual honesty and exemplary integrity?


Recently, I was compiling some of my previous blogs that include the topic of MMO (means, motive and opportunity). Dating back about 9 years, each of them includes a reference to the application of MMO in trying to determine if Meier’s evidence is genuine or somehow, magically, hoaxed.

While it has yet to happen, I would very much like to see credible scientists apply these standard protocols to all of the evidence in the Meier contacts.

Perhaps Michael Shermer would like to review and address the information and conclusions in these articles…in preparation for what I’m sure would be a very engaging and informative discussion:

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Icing the Skeptics

12 Replies to “Does Michael Shermer Have the Courage of His Convictions?”

  1. Michael Shermer wrote a whole book about Darwinism “Why Darwin Matters” (basically a religion) I say Darwinism is a religion because the plejarens have debunked Darwinism stating Darwin filed and glued human skulls with ape skulls together to shape and support his atrocious falseness. (see Contact Report 217, 251). In otherwords Michael Shermer doesn’t understand the depth of matters that the Meier material encompasses.

    1. There are people who have risen to a certain level of mediocrity, not only quite content to stay there, but easily angered when made aware of things far beyond their understanding that threaten their propped up self-importance.

      1. In that Decon interview you discuss the Asket and Nera photos. One critical point that you could mention in future, Michael, is that we know Meier’s camera was stuck on infinitely focus and when setting a camera up in front of a 1970s TV screen it will need to be less than two meters away in order to catch the whole screen in the picture frame, and at two meters everything is completely out of focus. Moving far enough away to get the screen in focus makes the screen so small that the zoom in necessary in processing results in the film grain becoming very noticeable and the image lacking in clarity, which we do not see in the photos. This underscores the high level of ignorance of those suggesting Meier took the photo off a TV screen. That idea is patently absurd.

  2. There is nothing wrong on being skeptical about such unique and incredible amount of evidence, in fact, it is indeed encouraged to do so. But when a person is just skeptical and not curious (at least not in public) about the same subject they are so willingly ready to dismiss, them they are reduced to just an arrogant person; trying to hide certain deeply suppressed vulnerabilities and fears – or perhaps he is just shielding is bread and butter from the real truth.
    Let’s hope it does happens…

  3. I feel that ones are making this to difficult. I just ask if they have even read just one of the BEAM books. If not, I say let me know when you have. Note: I already read thier nonsense.

  4. Well, on another note. While many will be counting down the New Years, from The depths of outerspace a federation beamship will conduct its bioscan for the overpopulation count. Below from last year.

    *​The latest population scan of the Earth as given to us from JHWH Ptaah of Erra/ Plejaren was on 31st of December 2018, midnight CET and amounted to 8,953,851,418 human beings!

    I sincerely hope that coming year more people of the earth take into reliability for one another and for all on the planet
    for a multiple year world wide birth ban with equal birth control measures. As well as true and honest interest spread throughout the world for the spiritual teachings, the doctrine of the truth, the doctrine of the spirit, the doctrine of life

  5. EXCLUSIVE: UFO activist Stephen Bassett thinks “full disclosure” about the presence of extraterrestrials could happen in 2020 if the US political situation cools down and said if Donald Trump had never been elected we would already be in a post-disclosure world.

    A political activist and alien researcher who thinks the US has been hiding the truth about alien activity and UFO sightings has said it is likely “full disclosure” will happen in 2020.

    “Disclosure is getting very close,” he said.

    “In fact, had it not been for the extraordinary events of the last election in the United States we would already be a couple of years into the post-disclosure world.”

    1. Well, Bassett hounds everyone about “disclosure” but he’s one of the biggest suppressors of the truth, a bold-faced liar and a world class phony:

      And there’s this from 9 years ago, regarding a squandered opportunity to take the right path by a former UFO investigator:

    1. Hi Sheila…and anyone interested in being a bit proactive,

      Please feel free to write a COURTEOUS note to Michael Shermer requesting him to substantiate his glib dismissal of evidence he’s never researched and analyzed.

      Since he considers himself a scientist, etc., you can also send him links such as:

      And yes, I’d be delighted to PUBLICLY debate him and his skeptical cronies ANYTIME.

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