The Secret Previously Unknown Origin of Corona Pandemic

The real truth you won’t ever learn from any other sources

Explanations of Ptaah on the background of the Corona-pandemic and on its real origin 

728th Contact Excerpt 

November 30, 2019 

Explanations by Ptaah about the Background of the Corona Pandemic and its True Origin

Excerpt from the 728th contact report from the 30th November 2019

Ptaah: Therefore, in the same form, all US state officials are to be named state criminals against humanity and in this regard they are to be put on the same level as the NAZI-empire in the 20th century. In China too the same principle has always prevailed and continues to do so, … (FIGU note: The origin of the criminal secret research on the coronavirus was a decision that leads back to the 1970s. At that time, the leader of China, Mao Zedong, met with a vengeful American citizen who presented the Chinese party leader with the idea of developing a viral bioweapon, which Mao Zedong then took up and had implemented as a secret matter, which is still being worked on today and from which the coronavirus has now emerged. This, however, without the current Chinese government being involved in the project in any form or even having the slightest knowledge of it.) In the 1970s, a decision made between the Chinese state power Mao and an American, for secret research in laboratories, was implemented and has been maintained to this day and is still continued, because hate literally outlasts generations. However, silence must be maintained about this, which must remain so today and in the future, as you know, because … … …

But now I have to again mention some things that arose in connection with the secret laboratory experiments and led to Mao taking up the motives of the American, although he did not like him and revilingly called him a vengeful gǒuzázhǒng, but he nevertheless agreed with him, so he secretly arranged the laboratory research. With the help of a few like-minded persons on both sides, everything could ensue in the end so that the secret laboratory work could come forth and the research could be started and carried out. However, Mao then died, after which, however, the secret laboratory work continued to be carried out regardless, and indeed until today.

Billy If the Americans and the Chinese leadership today knew that – man, oh, man. But it is now quite hot when we two talk about it like this, which is why I will not write anything down when I recall the report and will leave out everything that is of particular importance. This is also because I am not allowed to mention the basics anyway and therefore also no names. Thus I will at least leave out the basic facts and …

Ptaah Of course you have to, because what is hidden in everything must remain hidden; therefore it has to be that you omit the exact explanations, although this does not change the facts. If we were to reveal everything with regard to the actual connections, then the whole thing would be very serious and quite dangerous. The fact that the origin of this reprehensible research that has come about leads back to an idea of an American – that I think can well be mentioned, but nothing more. And if everything now happens and certain people in the USA try to claim that the rampantly spreading disease is of natural origin, then such attempts will come from persons who know about the matter, who know some or all of it, but who will as usual try to cover it up, as is customary.

China will not do what it should do; namely to prohibit all international traffic and shut off the infected places, districts, factories and businesses and so forth, as well as shut down public life and arrange all necessary quarantines. And since this will not be done, China is guilty of the arising pandemic, which is fundamentally the result of a pact between two confused vengeful persons – one full of political hatred and the other full of personal hatred of the United States, because … … …
But how China becomes guilty because of concealing the rampantly spreading disease – which has been costing many human lives as an epidemic for quite some time now, but which will only become public in the next few days of the coming month – so this will also apply totally to all the other states of Earth, because they will act negligently and criminally in the same frame and therethrough open all ways for the pandemic, which will cost the lives of several hundred thousand human beings. In addition to all this, various new types of diseases will also arise with the spread of the rampantly spreading disease, up to and including severe suffering in newborn babies, wherethrough consequences can eventuate that are not yet foreseeable. And this because all responsible leaders of all countries are irresponsible and undiscerning and incapable of foresight, and therefore they will all likewise carry the blame for the deaths of thousands of human beings in their own countries and hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Ptaah This is truly so. You are right with that, but that requires that the current and future global happenings and occurrences will have to be closely observed and perceived in terms of what is happening all over the world and what needs to be acted upon, especially with regard to health factors. In this respect, it will have to be considered that the happening surrounding SARS disease is repeated in a more serious form, of which I already spoke on the 3rd of February 1995; namely that it will spread widely in China from the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, as then also actually happened. That this SARS, that is to say, lung disease pathogen, was artificially created as the so-called coronavirus in a secret laboratory in 2002, as a special germ for the purpose of … … … which, of course, was also denied by China and suppressed and concealed by all means, as is also currently the case, because since the month of June a further and newly mutated form of the SARS virus has been spreading, from which already a large number of human beings has died. However, the fact that these deaths lead back to the new pathogen, indeed also to a decision from the 1970s … … …, – all that is not known to the current Chinese state leadership. And they will also not know it when, in six to eight days’ time it is recognised for the first time that the new virus is a deadly rampantly spreading disease which will spread throughout the world and cause a pandemic, although the Chinese public and the world will not be aware that the virus has already been claiming lives since June. And also there will be no mention of the fact that, through carelessness, the virus has escaped from a laboratory to the outside world and has already been spreading for five months to human beings and various wild animals, because this fact is not yet known, not even to the Chinese Government, which has no knowledge of the whole thing and therefore cannot be blamed for the pandemic. The escape was unintentional, as was the case already with SARS, but nevertheless the secret laboratory work with this mutated coronavirus was continued; consequently the same carelessness was able to happen again now and, as a result, in the new year, 2020, a great deal of misery will be caused, with many deaths in a number of hundreds of thousands, and the rampantly spreading disease will also be spread to various other countries, especially by air travellers and cruise ship tourists and business representatives and so forth. Therefore a continuation of the mutating SARS coronavirus will occur, however, no longer in Guangdong, because the secret laboratory work has been moved to another secret laboratory in a city called Wuhan, where another epidemic arises due to a new coronavirus which will spread far across the world and claim many deaths when, in a month’s time, the disaster officially begins, which cannot be avoided. The baleful newly changed, that is to say, mutated virus, the … … …, will not yet correspond to what … … … …, therefore it will not yet … … Fundamentally, with the mutation of the virus that has arisen so far, it is already … … … … But that which will ultimately come out of that in the future with regard to … … … is not yet exactly clear. For the time being, many human beings will die who have weakened primary and secondary immune systems, and that is unchangeable, while the virus will mutate several times and produce dangerous mutations. These new genetic variations will, on the one hand, bring forth a new type of disease which will affect children, just as other new diseases will emerge; for example, vascular inflammations, and so forth, which will also particularly affect children and young persons with stronger primary immune systems, but still underdeveloped, secondary immune systems. However, on the other hand, human beings of all ages will also not be spared the effects of newly arising diseases, just as several hundred thousand human beings will fall victim to the pandemic worldwide. It is and remains a fact that the actual origin of the SARS virus, as well as the new coronavirus, leads back to secret experiments and research with Chinese horseshoe-nose avian mammals (note Billy/Wikipedia: lat. Rhino-lophus ferrumequinum), as we have undoubtedly been able to research. These flying mammals carry the coronavirus in them, but are themselves immune to it. According to our research, this is still being worked on secretly in China today – secretly in laboratories, and indeed … without the knowledge of the Chinese government.

Translation: Vibka Wallder; corrections: Vivienne Legg and Christian Frehner.


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JIm S Portillo

Where’s the logic…


Canada reports 1,131 new Corona Virus cases, including 122 more deaths.

John Webster

“Scientists have found a close relative of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in bats along with so-called insertion events, or mutations into genomes, that show the virus’ make-up can change naturally.”

“Since the discovery of SARS-CoV-2 there have been a number of unfounded suggestions that the virus has a laboratory origin,” Shandong First Medical University microbiologist Weifeng Shi says in an article about the report , published on the ScienceAlert news website. ”

Luis Sanchez

So if hatred literally outlast generations. Then how can the earth protect itself from the negative energies of the desires of creating criminal biological chemical weapons that causes mass murder in which these sadist so desperately want to compound?

Al Jedd

Hi Michael
If I voted I would vote for this lady, she has the right idea.


Miroslav Stanko
Coronavirus: Satellite traffic images may suggest virus hit Wuhan earlier

An apparent surge in traffic outside Wuhan hospitals from August 2019 may suggest the coronavirus hit the area earlier than reported, a study says.

– Ptaah: …because since the month of June a further and newly mutated form of the SARS virus has been spreading, from which already a large number of human beings has died.

Miroslav Stanko

728 Contact Excerpt on this blog post page 🙂

Tyler Rutland

I would be interested to hear what denotes the primary and secondary immune systems, has anyone heard anything?

I have studied a fair amount regarding immunology, just enough to call myself a novice, but various things have come up that are interesting.

For instance, according to my research, human beings should consume around 50 mcg of selenium per day for the advantages this imparts to their immune system.

It leads me to speculate that the “primary immune system” may be talking about the simple structure of the immune system itself, which can be built up for instance by consuming milk, or which can also be built up from consuming moringa oleifera.

I have an idea that the “secondary immune system” may then refer to a more nuanced ability of the primary immune system to work, namely when the body is supplied with these numerous trace minerals and elements on a daily basis, which may then … “arm” the immune system so to speak?

Tyler Rutland

Sorry, I should have tracked down the information about milk first.

I read from

“Conjugated linoleic acids are found only in milk, dairy products and meat from ruminants. They have the characteristic of lowering cholesterol and preventing atherosclerosis, where they strengthen the immune system and also support the building of muscle tissue and the formation of bone. On the basis of their many valuable ingredients, milk and dairy products belong in a healthy diet, whereby, for those human beings who suffer from milk and dairy intolerance, special observances apply which must be followed.”