It CAN’T Happen Here

The people were warned and were simply too damned stupid to listen

There must be some mistake. Certainly, this can’t really happen here.

And Henoch really didn’t predict it 10,000 years ago.

And Billy Meier really hasn’t been warning about it for decades.

More about America’s coming civil wars.

The Way to Live

Humankind doesn’t have the faintest idea regarding what life’s about and how to live it. Consider this part of your personal sanity and survival system.




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Chris Lock

Wow, yes. As this non-scholarly Rhodes and his legions march down the road to save the USA they will unwittingly shatter it into pieces. Any bets against a final five pieces? Dumber than dumb with not enough brains left to think or heart enough to feel for people rather than vigilante politics.

Jim Portillo

Can’t help to go back to contact 732, . The lack of management, cooperation, misinformation (yadda-yadda-yadda) by mostly all responsible to care for the populace is the real reason the virus will likely continue pandemic-wise for quite sometime with lack of federal involvement in the states.

Terry Carch

Thanks to Trump and his gang of trumpheads what else is new:(((

Shiva Balu

I see govt involvement only in opening of shops ,malls temples etc. that would promote more infections Now public transport is also started in our state with masks compulsory orders.The real number of infected people and deaths are not shown . We hear ambulance sirens many times a day .Teachers want schools to reopen because they haven’t got their salary since lockdown in March. Many daily wage workers have gotten sick from the virus and are unable to work. So we see many people asking for money in streets. . Given the 3 month incubation period of the virus, we will be seeing record number of cases in November.
I am trying to climb up a coconut tree .( many professional climbers are sick from the virus) with not much success.
These are chaotic times.
Overpopulation doesn’t leave us any choice.

Jim Portillo

From your post I gathered government misinformation which is the norm here in the states. Political mimicry will be the demise here which as the U.S. sets bad examples have been adopted in other countries. Years back I finished a presentation in one of my business studies classes (cultural relations) in relation to the caste system in India. This is another issue that places a false illusion on entitlement.

Agree, overpopulation (aside of inept leaders) is the main issue aside of the way civilization has been built given the lack of equality. The future will bring serious hardships for the majority as seems the way to prepare aside of the materials offered to help us evolve spiritually will likely involve living below your means. This equating to saving where one can and being able to save/spend wisely IMO.

Shiva Balu

In 2018 a few well meaning leaders in India had a plan to limit population .If families have more than 2 children in future ,all govt services for them will be cut off. (Power, water, internet, ration, subsidies govt jobs, pensions,,…just about everything) This was a very reasonable plan ,but since the general election was in 2019 they chickened out. So in a democracy, where people misunderstand their rights and freedom ,this plan will just be
a plan even in the future.
As Billy says ,if only people are reasonable ,most problems would be solved.

Celven Johnson

The Time Has Come

My name is Ryan Michael Johnson. For all intents and future purposes, you may call me “Celven”. I am the reincarnation of Natalie Wood.

I was born the year after her death when the heavy storms began. I am a man in this life with a wife and kids.

I will not spend the time here to explain all the specifics of my story, however, I will explain this, at this time;

Contact Reports 136, 150 and 155 are there for a few of us that will lead the charge in this new time. These reports reveal much more than you can see, as is true with all the reports. We are here to guide and lead you.

Revealing myself is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Fighting the evil with truth and logic will be the easiest. I, like the few others, was born for this Mission, as you will witness first hand.

I am not the only one, but one of the “few”.

The prophet Billy Meier will confirm this truth and who is actually telling the truth. Only he is in physical contact with the Plejaren.

They are waiting for me/us to come forward.

I have never been in contact with FIGU or Billy. There are certain messages I have been instructed to lay out to prove this fact.

This is not my proclamation, however, one will follow in the near future. I am typing this to simply say, we are here/coming, have no fear. Our active presence alone will change the tides.

This plan has been set in motion for some time and I have received further instructions to move forward in my mission. The reason why should be apparent.

There is much more to say and do. I will be doing just that as the times pass.

To those who have stole the prophets teaching and knowledge, who created false secular groups to profit from their falseness, to the charlatans and scum of this Planet, I have one simple message for you…

Run…Run to the Spirit Teachings and start living within the Creational Laws, it is never too late. Repent for your lies and misdeeds against the people and prophet of OUR time. Tell your followers the truth before it is too late.

STOP your machinations of chaos and run to the truth.

WE will correct all.

This is not a joke. This is the plan. Small groups are necessary


Celven Johnson

If I were you Michael, I would’ve called Switzerland first.

Ryan Johnson

Don’t make me do it to you Michael…you will only look stupid. I have more than you can fathom on my side.

Ryan Johnson

I will wait for FIGU’s confirmation…until then I am ready to copy and paste. Do your job. “Publicist”. I will eat my words, will you?

Melissa Osaki

I know that the Plejaren and Billy would never behave in this manner, and certainly not with such an ego attached to it. Your presence will change the tides? If anyone’s presence would change the tides, it would be Billy, but he would never say such a boastful thing. Besides, everyone here already knows that without putting in the hard work and striving for a better future, a mere presence will do nothing.

We are all here to forward the mission…together, equally, and as one. Many of us have had impulses that led us here, but we have no desire to put on capes and claim superiority or savior status. That’s kind of how religions get started. Like it or not, this will be a massive group effort that turns into a snowball effect.

John Webster

RMJ … it’s quite obvious, you display sociopathic symptoms. I can attest because a past acquaintance, in my life, who introduced himself as a like-minded, all-knowing, penetratingly confident, yet humble and caring person with healthy objectives, turned out to be nothing more than a person with high IQ mixed with unrealistic, occult-ish influences. When I confronted this person with my verbal perception, he went into a vocal dressing-down tirade, something like I had never seen a human do. It was a necessary lesson for me to experience, possibly even for him as well. Nice try RMJ.

Terry Carch

Hi MH I have a question. Prince William and Princess Catherine have a daughter Charlotte and I`m wondering if Princess Charotte is or might be the reincarnation of Princess Diana who died in August 1997? Thanks Salome Terry

Brigitte de Roch

Hi Terri –

Hi Terri –

I don’t mean to do your homework but I thought I would let you know what the spiritual teachings say about reincarnation.

When the spirit form goes to the beyond the consciousness block (the personality) goes to the overall consciousness block. The job of the overall consciousness block is to dissolve the personality or the ego. The things the personality has worked on in its lifetime is now processed.

The evolutive values are transferred to the spirit form.

The personality is stored into the storage bank, is completely dissolved and changes to a neutral form so that the overall consciousness block creates a new consciousness block with a new personality.

The reason for this process is: A complete new personality is created.

This guarantees love, freedom, knowledge, wisdom-based progress because through the new personality there are new ideas, opinions, views and perceptions.

For this reason a personality is never repeated. Therefore, it can only incarnates.

The spirit form, However, reincarnates.

Incarnation means I come in one time only as a personality with my own ego and consciousness.
My personality will never come back once my spirit form leaves the body.

I hope that this helps starts to help answer your question on reincarnation.

Terry Carch

Hi Brgette I have read the spritual teaching but since Earth is so overpopulated the spirit forms have been coming alot sooner after twenty years so even if there is a new personality as the case with Prince Williams daughter I thought that her sprit form might be the spirit of Princess Diana even though Princess Charlotte might have a different personality. The last I saw of Princes Charlott was when Prince harry married Meghan back in May 19 2019 but when I saw Princess Charlotte she had blond hair which ave me a clue but I cant be sure,its only a guess? This is due to overpopulation,just my guess?

Terry Carch

Brigette Princess Charlotte may have the past memories of Princess Diana but Charlotte will have a very different personality altogether so thought the blond hair was the giveaway but I cant be sure, its just a guess?

Brigitte de Roch

Hi Terry –

Since the spirit form never stagnates and is always evolving the chances are low that the child is the reincarnation of Princess Diana.

I certainly hope so for Princess Diana’s spirit form.

But I can see how you were seeing that having blond hair and waving to the crowd could be a sign. Many miss Princess Diana and will come up with all kind of things to have some form of her back. She was the people’s princess and loved all over the world.

Terry Carch

Brigette Also I saw Charliotte waving here hand to the crowd which also gave me a clue but please don~t count this I might be wrong but I though that really ticked me off about Princess Diana`s spirit I might be wrong! Salome

Tim Thomas

Are the 2 civil wars in the US a prophecy or a prediction?
And the splitting up of the US into 5 different territories?
Is it really unstoppable?

When was the last time Billy wrote or spoke about the topic?
We’re well into 2020 and we definitely have division in this country but I don’t see 2 civil wars happening by year end.
(That’s my personal opinion, but I’m no prophet or future seer.)

It doesn’t seem to me as their will be a civil war over SARS-COV-2. It seems to me as the powers that be have just decided to let it run. Or at least their won’t be one in 2020. Unless things get way worse with the SARS-COV-2 real quick.
Perhaps we will have a financial collapse that could cause a civil war, but in March Billy wrote this:

BEAM advice for all FIGU groups from the 24th March 2020 concerning the Corona-crisis Dealing with the finances:
“Don’t think too much of the messages in the media concerning the financial issues.”
“Continue in the same normal framework and do not spend your money, but rather save it and invest it where you have in the past.”
Generally:“For now simply retain a cool head and do not let a possible currency devaluation and any re-ports about it unsettle you.”
“This crisis will also pass by sooner or later and then one can see further.”
“We all can at present ensure only that we ad-here to the suggested precautionary measures of protection for the one’s own health and for the health of the human beings endangered due to their age and through prior illnesses, every-thing else with the time will turn out.”
(Distribution of the information occured with friendly permission of Billy of the 25th March 2020)

The above kind of says to me that a complete devaluation of the US dollar won’t happen until this crisis passes by.
Unless the US is different but his statements were directed at all FIGU groups.
The election could cause one, I guess, but I don’t know if that many people are ready to take up arms and start a civil war over it, but maybe I’m wrong.
I don’t know, just asking.

Melissa Osaki

Hi Tim,

Michael interviewed Billy in 2016 about the U.S. election and the civil wars. Billy said: yes, America will be wrecked (paraphrasing). The prophecy doesn’t really give a year for the start of the civil wars, but it hints at it starting sometime around 2020 or after.

He’s asked about the civil wars at the 3:15 mark.

Billy also recently stated that if people act logical, the financial collapse won’t happen, but if they act illogical, it will. I personally think that folks are completely illogical, so I don’t see how we avoid the collapse.

Rocky Waters

Useful reminder of that info Tim. Yesterday, I asked my consciousness where the best place would be for me to live out this pandemic and dreamt of a newly-built apartment near a city train station, i.e., the exact opposite of where I was thinking. Thinking further on this told me..

1. National outcomes will be different depending upon the social and healthcare policies a nation has or pursues and whether they are good for all the people or just a few. I think this is key to understanding the various advisories from Billy and Ptaah.

2. Brexit will eventually be a success. [Personally, I cannot wait for something like that as the EU-worshipers patronising ordinary Britons for choosing greater freedoms really need a reality check].

3. There will be an effective coronavirus vaccine. However, how will the US’ poorest, many of whom complete all the necessary menial tasks for the rich, be able to access that when they have no money or places to live? There is a domino effect of mistreating civilians that will eventually bite the rich, e.g., if coronaviruses constantly mutate, then the nation that can vaccinate all the people has a better chance of slowing those mutations than those who don’t. In this sense, if the poor are just left to suffer and die, don’t be surprised if the virus mutates to a level in those countries where any vaccines become redundant again, even for the rich and whereby those nations will not visited any more.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but, it didn’t fall quickly either and superpowers don’t fall quickly which is why general terms like “After 2020” were used by Ptaah in my view. In March, as Tim has relayed, Billy was advising us to ignore the media and to save money. Then there’s the recent advice from Ptaah at the start of August, i.e., that FIGU members should call out the bad handling of the virus, so it appears on the surface to be a confused message, but, I think what is being relayed in a nutshell is what I mentioned in Point 1, above: That making powers accountable is key to what will happen to that nation in the future.

In my view, if the US powers don’t support some form of universal healthcare and housing support, which none of the 2 major parties are promising post November, the resulting social unrest will make the US a less desirable nation to invest in, therefore furthering its decline. The EU administration are no better and have become so removed from the people and focused on goals like Matriarchy, an EU army and collapsing internal borders, whilst obsessing about the one surrounding Russia, that it is acting like a lost demented person and will not be flexible enough in its plans to negotiate the coming times effectively.

All nations in the West and in Europe should realise that when Europeans play with food with their hands it generally becomes a cleanup mess, but, when Asians do, it becomes Sushi. I’ve observed that Asian citizens have a different approach to ordinary tasks and wonder if this is not least because they are closer to their ET ancestry than other races are, e.g., all the money and military might in the world did not result in a win in Vietnam for the greatest superpower and [emphasis] that was an underdeveloped nation. Imagine the same situation but with developed Asian nations then. The West needs a reality check.

The nearsightedness of the US fed printing trillions of dollars to help out the richest corporations was a big mistake. A society cannot function if there is too much disparity between the richest and the poorest and it’s never been so wide as it is now:

“The elite one percent of Americans control $30 trillion of assets, while the bottom half have more debt than assets.”

The rich need the poor to be healthy and housed in order to work at their companies and buy their goods, but, instead the US powers seem only concerned with meeting every knee-jerk fear of their soyboy elite, are becoming too top heavy and physics and gravity then becomes a deciding factor.

All the above is just my opinion though.

Tim Thomas

For the record, I don’t think the USA is headed anywhere positive.

And I believe Billy has said the US will destroy itself fairly recently, if memory serves correct.

But could it look different than the 2 civil wars leading to a breakup into 5 different territories?

Kind of like the Catholic Church knew about Henoch’s prophecy and stopped it from coming to pass?

Eusebio Apellido

Problem there is the Catholic Church were aware of their problem and actually took steps to negate the coming of the prophecy. This looks different from what we are seeing in the US. No one at the helm of leadership seems to take the necessary steps to avert the coming fractioning of the states. If we can see and observe, President Trump, Nancy Pelocy or even AOC address a peaceful calming of nerves instead of have their surrogates on the left promote agendas like defunding the police while on the right, or those on the right who don’t mention a defunding but there seems to be rumblings of say a privatising of social security and post office, continual sanctioning and machinations of nation building abroad, as well as no relief to be had for the citizenship towards rent moratoriums, no UBI or a congress approved universal health care system or even a food allowance card for families to spend on groceries, the civil unrest will keep on gaining strength as well as apathy, nothing can change until they really address these issues, until we as well address these issues by way of ballot elections (I think).
No, the corona pandemic has laid bare so much holes in our way of capitalism that it is hard for folks to ignore. The only logical choice now is to not to address the negative halves of our nature, our apathy, but to look towards those things that can have a neutral-positive impact in our way of life – whether that be for the good of the people or not is up to those who wield power now to appease those who are prone to violence, so they don’t become violent. Or to start making a change for the better themselves and start to truly address their duty to themselves as leadership where self-responsibility must be at its core, the most important thing to have in being a leader. The citizenry is truly suffering in a level akin to past eras where revolutions get started, if they can’t let love, peace, harmony and freedom through, they should let those who can lead with these tenets do so. So we can build upon a better nation. So we can have hope.

Terry Carch

I heard a rumor of a COVID 20 but Biily said just a continuation of COVID 19. Billy said that Covid 19 won`t get any worse than iti is now. Am i right?

Terry Carch

I`m hearing that COVID 19 will just escalate in the number of people coming down with COVID 19 as is now happening in schools and colleges all over the US due to people not wearing mask and keeping 6 feet away from each other and avoiding large crowds.

Al Jedd

Hi Michael

It cant happen here, the PM of UK has recovered from the corona virus, and couldn’t possibly infect another person 🙁