It should because we published the actual facts over a month ago!

Kids Largely Spared by Virus, Making Them ‘Covert’ Spreaders

WHAT? Children Hidden Spreaders of COVID-19? WE TOLD YOU SO.

As you can easily confirm, on February 25th, I published ALL of the specific, essential, vitally important and 100% ACCURATE FACTS about COVID-19 that every doctor,  hospital administrator and bureaucrat should’ve learned.

On March 2nd, I published the following information containing the specific warning from the Plejaren about the children:

“Further, while Australian doctors are baffled by children’s resistance to the virus, amidst the increasing numbers of confirmed cases, the reality is that infected children are also the main “hidden spreaders” of the rampantly spreading disease, as stated by the Plejaren. So, while children may not come down with the disease, they can carry it and infect others.”

Each of the articles below also contain the same warnings about children*.

It must also be noted that the information linked from this article, also proven correct, explains that children’s immunity will diminish and ultimately give way to the mutations of the virus, proving fatal to many of them as well.

billy meier right again

Of course, all of this information was provided to, and originally published by, Billy Meier. And, in addition to the information about children spreading the disease, virtually every one of the points published on February 25th has now proved to be true…even if the “authorities” have been far behind in “discovering” or acknowledging them.

still unheeded

However, the greatest threat to this country (and perhaps others) remains because  of this still unheeded warning about how hospitals are becoming breeding and spreading grounds for this incredibly deadly disease!

While you’ve already seen how daunting it can be to try  to communicate with the mediocre minds of the so-called media, I urge you to  bypass them and get this information directly to every doctor, nurse, medical professional, hospital and care facility, local officials, etc., because…



*Oldest to newest:

Seattle Research Confirms Billy Meier Info on COVID19 Spread

CDC/DOH Guidelines Hampering COVID-19 Containment Progress

What the Italy Quarantine Means to You

COVID-19 Touches Home Again




COVID-19: A Step Closer

BREAKING: Must Read from Medical Whistleblower About the Surge

They Wouldn’t Listen – More People Died


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David Hurlburt

Correct Barry !

Hmmm…some far out humor…..After the 1865 USA vrs USA Play-offs, do we expect bad civil behavior from the East and West – between the Haves and the Have-Nuts? No, There will be no War of the Whirled.

But until then, We the Collective Unconference, guess there Will Be Sponsors:

– From Virus, with Glove
– 5G and the Internet of Things Nobody Wants
– New World Odor – Mens After-Shaved
– The Fungus Among Us
– GeoEngineering Cloud Backups
– Lost in the Ozone GPS

– Overpop! by Trojan Brands
– The Military – Industrial Guilt Complex
– What, Me Scurry? Robotic Insects
– Religions, Incorporated
– Gurus, Non-Incorporated
– Here Ya Glow – Fukushima Throttled Water

– Asteroids for Paranoids
– Poly-tics (Voted, most bloodsucking creatures)
– Hey – that’s Mine! Survival Bunkers

thanks to MSM – Maimed Stricken Media, as seen on TV

Folks, Let us be balanced and look to the Spiritual Teaching for the NEW and send less time Drudging thru the Reports; there is peace to be found in Nature; look at the trees of life.


PS: Turn in Contact Reports – tune out news reports.

Jim S Portillo

David Hurlburt:
BLUF: (Bottom Line Up Front) : H2O2 removes viruses on surfaces, and has been used for lungs aliments.

Good info to know, read (page 5) in the March 16, 2020 Covid19 translations that washing clothes in over 140+ degree water will kill the virus as virologists also state viruses can be killed at over 140+ degree temps. I use a heavy duty steam cleaner to help disinfect clothes, door knobs etc. The better steamers will produce steam at over 200+ degrees (can be purchased at Amazon etc).

Don’t hear much about in the news while healthcare providers concerns go unanswered by the administrators and federal governments.

Terry Carch

“Try Trump the biggest fereaking lier of ALL times!!!”