Demise and Destruction by Default

How America passed the point of no return and didn’t notice

Beginning in 2013, I started to emphasize Billy Meier’s warnings on my blog about the two coming US civil wars, knowing that human beings are notoriously slow learners, especially since our brains have been polluted by the relentless indulgence in politics and religion, endless entertainment, celebrity worship, sports and narcissism, along with the strenuous avoidance of complete self-responsibility for our own lives.

Consider this a refresher course in…cause and effect, a practical review of what happens when human beings willfully neglect, ignore and/or suppress the eternally valid truth, and all efforts by those far wiser than us to teach it to us.

I have now authored over 865 articles on my blog. Below are excerpts from about half the articles that mention the two coming US civil wars, and various other aspects of the prophetic information from Billy Meier, regarding America:

“So, while it seemed preposterous when, in 1987, Meier warned about two coming civil wars, the year 2020 may give new meaning to that old saying about…hindsight. Perhaps many will be rereading Meier’s words by candlelight – in their bunkers – here in the good ol’, formerly United States of America.”

Obama and the Drone Dilemma: Caught between Iraq and a hard Place, 2013

 “It’s ironic that we would seek  any comfort in the Henoch Prophecies, which predict two coming civil wars in the US. But that would mean that eventually this diabolic control agenda from a centralized government may also be doomed to failure. The price of that failure, if the prophecies are correct, is rather high in itself too. And then there’s the information about anarchy reigning in the US by 2020.”

Crisis Actors in the new Police State, 2014

 “He also clearly shows the consequences and increasing social erosion due to mass immigration and overpopulation. One only has to read the comments from “conservative” Jeb Bush to see how easily these cynical sociopathic wannabe rulers show their hand. Couple this with events unfolding in Nevada and we may well be seeing the warm up to the two coming civil wars in the USA warned about in the Henoch Prophecies.”

Dictatorship, 2014

“I have mentioned before that, in 1986, I first saw the book of prophecies that was called the Prophetien and later called Prophecies from ‘Talmud Jmmanuel’. As a matter of fact, I referred to this earlier version of the HP back in 2011 and I recently mentioned this document again. I recalled that the copyright date of 1981 for information pertaining to America having two future civil wars jumped out at me. I’ve often said that I laughed when first reading it because it seemed so improbable.”

Ironclad, 2014

“While many of the foretold events continue to unfold, and societal breakdown is seemingly inevitable (including the possibly coming two US civil wars and anarchy around 2020) the answers remain the same, i.e. the individual and collective study of the spiritual teaching and the coming together of like-minded people to form interdependent connections, communities, etc.”

Back to Basics, 2014

“With the results of the recent elections in America some people may sense the further unfolding of long foretold events, such as what is said in the Henoch Prophecies pertaining to coming civil wars and the breakdown into five separate territories here. The probabilities regarding the end of American superpower status around 2020, expressed to Meier by the Plejaren, in 1975, are not looking so improbable anymore either. So there’s 2020 and there’s…20-20 hindsight.”

Faint Hearted and Without Direction, 2014

“A few years ago I also pointed out how trying to outsmart the prophecies, instead of grasping that self-responsibility and an understanding of, and respect for, the law of causality were essential for our survival. Mention was made of the two civil wars coming to the US. And in the 544th Contact we are even specifically warned that our country will be in anarchy around 2020 – only a few years from now – if this sleepy, trendy, overly entertained, distracted and disinformed populace doesn’t awaken and change this dead-end course.”

NASA’s “New” Mars Report Published by Billy Meier DECADES Ago, 2015

“This is also the contact in which Meier discusses the probable breakdown of the US, by 2020, which he was first advised about in 1975. We may wish to also refer to his first warnings, in 1981 and 1987, about the two coming civil wars. While it’s said that hindsight is 20/20 vision, this vision of 2020 should offer foresight sufficient to awaken at least some people out of their stupor.”

Who You Gonna Call When It Breaks?, 2015

“And the events in Baltimore remind us not only about the two coming civil wars in the US and anarchy but also what’s been forecast for this country by around 2020.”

Change the Inside, Change the Outside, 2015

“It’s no secret that there have long been not only the disaffected here at home but dedicated sleeper cells such as give concern to intelligence and police agencies. It doesn’t help that the kind of organized military action at home looks like it’s more to prepare for the two coming civil wars and breakdown of the US also foretold by Meier. One doesn’t have to be conspiratorially mined to wonder just why such exercises are being done here when we’ve already failed to seal our own borders, use appropriate military force against the ever-encroaching drug traffickers, etc.”

The Dangerous Arrogance and Ignorance of Pamela Geller, 2016

 “In comparison, Meier has seemingly been somewhat of an optimist (as Quetzal indicates in the HP). But now, already having drawn our attention specifically to 2020 and the “civil wars and anarchy in America” foretold in the HP, he is confronting us with more of the why of what is coming upon us, which will forever change this country and the world.”

The Truth They Dare Not Speak, 2015

“Regarding the prophecies about two coming civil wars in America, what was once a laughable notion is no longer so funny. With the influence of utterly delusional, religious hysterics like Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck and Shawn Hannity (“The only person I put on a pedestal is Jesus Christ.”) it can be seen that no matter who wins the coming US election, the numbers of people who belong to ancient blood cults that worship imaginary, fearful, supernatural beings is staggeringly large.”

As the World Begins to Quake, 2016

A few days ago Hodges even had an article about civil war coming to America, also foretold by Meier in 1981 and 1987. And, like others now suddenly realizing that there’s a big financial collapse underway that will affect the US, Meier casually mentioned it in 2006.”

Is Dave Hodges Plagiarizing Billy Meier?, 2016

Here in the US, the community minded Open Borders folks want to do their part to fulfill this grim stuff:

219. With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

…and also help to bring about the two civil wars in America, previously viewed as at least as improbable China wiping out what amounts to the combined populations of several of the world’s largest cities. Hey, isn’t New Delhi among them?”

Some Light Weekend Reading, 2016

He causally foretold the coming collapse of our financial system, which I reported in 2006, and the Henoch Prophecieswarn of two coming, bloody civil wars in the US. The likely collapse of the country as a superpower around 2020 now seems all too possible, foretelling anarchy, strife and many more problems extending far into the future.”

Now Right-Wing Radio Host Echoes Billy Meier’s Prophecies, 2016

In 1958, Meier not only specifically warned about the two US-Iraq Gulf Wars – and the exact president that would lead them – but also about the coming dangers of worldwide bio-chipping…and irrepressible, worldwide fundamentalist Islamist terrorism. In 1987, he specifically foretold not only the current Russian military movements and the Ebola epidemic but also the WTC attack and subsequent US push for globalization and the phony war on terrorism – as well as two coming US civil wars, etc. Meier may have also scooped Edward Snowden regarding the NSA-Microsoft connection…in 2007.”

Have the Whistleblowers Run out of Air?, 2016

Unfortunately, we’ve passed the point of no return in terms of the effect of our own causes. The pendulums are swinging back, in many cases quite wildly, and our country will eventually have the civil wars, long predicted by those who actually understand cause and effect and who’ve tried to warn us, largely to no avail.”

An Open Letter to a Friend about Illegal Immigration, 2016

While there are three more pages of articles that make specific mention of the coming US civil wars that you can read, I’ll stop with this one, which seems particularly relevant after the events of this weekend in August 2019:

“As the breakdown in the US proceeds, we may well see the proliferation of desperate, pseudo “patriots” and Ramboesque, Mad Max mayhem, the demonizing of people of different races, religions and belief systems, the flag-waving and religious hysteria, etc. The long foretold, two coming civil wars may prove to be also be inevitable.”

The Scapegoat, 2016

The Remedy

Both politics and religion require that you turn over responsibility for your life to outside forces. They promote blind dependence on others. Look around and see how well that has worked. The remedy is to be found in the evolutive, reality-based thinking that encourages self-responsibility through the right use of the might of our thoughts.

While we can’t change what many other people are thinking and doing, which is resulting in demise and destruction by default, we…can change how we think and thereby make our own lives better.

A long time from now, there will be multitudes of people who, having learned to control how they think, feel and act, will bring about a healed and renewed world.

This kind of thinking, how it works and what results you can expect from it in your life now, are clearly taught in books like:

The Might of the Thoughts

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24 Replies to “Demise and Destruction by Default”

  1. Yes, it would certainly appear by all accounts we are rapidly approaching the first of the two civil wars here in the good old USA. I have given up any reasonable possibility of this being avoided along with the inevitable financial collapse (WORLDWIDE) or repairing the past the point no return now “ABRUPT” world climate change in progress and accelerating. Oh, how about Fukushima too. That nightmare, largely seems to be forgotten to all but about who live there, NO surprise, is still spewing out loads of radioactive poison to the planet. I could go on and on. Frankly, to me, it is pointless. Trying to “wake up” the needed BILLIONS of other mind dumbed down, religious and political enslaved, ignorant to the truth people on the planet earth to change / improve any of this anytime soon is frankly, before things get DRAMATICALLY FAR WORSE, impossible. At times I still find it hard to fathom that “800 years” from now we finally will (earth humans) will come to reason and logic in mass and finally see all the past ways of mind enslaving religions and politics, etc for what they are GARBAGE! And only then start to pick up the pieces and live in harmony with nature and the creation. The reason I find it hard is I truly at times wonder how we can survive that long given the mess we have already accumulated and the state of of our only current life sustaining critical resource, PLANET EARTH! That all said MH is, of course, correct when he states in the REMEDY “While we can’t change what many other people are thinking and doing, which is resulting in demise and destruction by default, we…can change how we think and thereby make our own lives better.” I personally have long said to those VERY FEW around me who will listen to any reason “you can change only one person, YOURSELF.” I try to live each day now, improving myself in what ever way I can, even if tiny. I try to enjoy my life and I have especially come to appreciate nature. I live in an area that while it is not unaffected or damaged too in some way(s) by us humans, is still, RELATIVELY speaking, quite nice almost pristine in many areas. We are all here in our lives, current personalities, to learn and grow in knowledge. Even mistakes can be turned into a positive if one only learns from the mistake. MOST SEEM NEVER TO DO ANYMORE by what I see now almost daily. Anyway I wish everyone nothing but the best. That is about all I can do for anyone other than myself.


    Michael Basal

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